Friday, May 30, 2014


Today was a good one indeed. We've spoken all day with a friend of Myk's. We won't name this person. Everything at this point is ALLEGED because we have no proof yet.

First, let's discuss Dale. An ex boyfriend of Myk's. He spoke publicly on social media about Myk. He said she was a drunk (which we already knew) but a violent and obnoxious one. He said she was loud, vulgar, and violent.....having attacked him on one occasion (that we know of) and threw things at him. He also stated that her jealousy and insecurities were a major problem in the relationship. She wanted a baby with him, and he didn't want the same. Again I state that this info is alleged, as it's coming from an informant.

Next we have Jarome, another ex of Myk's. He was a military man. We don't have much dirt on him yet, other than she rode on his coat tail to travel.....just like she's doing with Leland!

Now we move on to Eddie. Ah, Eddie. Eddie has a baby mama, Maile. He paid for her boob job. After bitching and moaning about it, Eddie paid for Myk's boob job in June. Eddie cheated on Myk with Maile, and Myk cheated on him with Leland. Even score, except Myk ranted and raved about it on Facebook as if she was the victim. That isn't alleged, it's still on Facebook for all to see.

Sexual harassment. Let's discuss that. Myk dresses and acts sexually and flirtacious all the time. No secret there. But she sued her previous employer (prior to FI) and won a sexual harassment lawsuit. Poor guy.

The gold digger theory isn't an unfounded one. All of these men including her current one (Leland) all had the ability so soil her. For example, a 4 runner that she totalled (probably intoxicated) with some kind of cliff accident.

The age factor. All of these men and Leland are all older than her. At least 10 years older. She likes them older and financial secure.

Education? Our source says she doesn't have a high school diploma and she's insecure with educated women who can support themselves. Myk was a dental assistant so we assume she has a GED.

I'm sure more dirt will come. We will update as we can!
Alright, this is hilarious.

Notice the similarities in Leland's relationship with Bree and Myk.

Now look at Myk's relationship with Leland and Eddie.

I guess she likes her men surrounded by her 'bitches' as she puts it. Either way, neither of them are original.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

HELLO TO ALL! Why are we here you ask? To expose the truth. We're tired of Dog and crew and they're phony goody 2 shoes mask. Time for the mask to come off.

We started out on Twitter. Dog and crew (mainly Official Dog News) were less than amused and continually have tried shutting us down. Unsuccessfully, though! still there and going strong and aren't going anywhere anytime soon. Actually, we're branching out. OBVIOUSLY!!

If you're interested in viewing our Twitter accounts;


We have several friends who are our 'assistants' as I like to call them. We work together and have fun broadcasting the REAL Dog news, not just what they want you to know. If you want the dirt, you're in the right place!
Negative remarks about Koreans when Leland's ex girlfriend and daughter are Korean. Unbelievable! What's worse is Leland and the Chapmans approve of this!

Not to mention her remarks about boob jobs when she has a HORRIBLE boob job. Myk thinks all of this is funny. She needs some serious help.