Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Fan base growing!

Our twitter accounts have 40-50 followers but our fan base has more than tripled that! Our email account as well as our facebook inbox is booming! The Dog and crew have people so scared to openly disapprove of them, they won't talk publicly.

One fan's story was chilling. Beth declared war on her on twitter. This woman was harassed non stop, and had to involve the police when "The Dog Pound" (their band of psycho followers) even showed up at her house, after Beth posted her information publicly.

Its abundantly clear that Dog and crew are unhinged. They're so insecure in their careers they have to go into psycho mode at every critique.

I want to ensure all of our fans that we will never name a source if you ask to be kept anonymous and we will never treat our fans like dirt. So basically, we will be the opposite of Dog and crew. We love and appreciate you all and we take the time to read every email. So keep them coming!
Everybody knows that Beth is medicated. Xanax. But she needs more. She's known as the mouth of the crew, but she's not just mouthy, she's ridiculously insane. All she does is rant and bitch. Even online. But damn, the way they treat their 'fans' is downright dirty.

A fan of ours wrote us and said they went to an event to meet Dog and crew. It was at a bookstore and disabled fans were allowed to enter first. She and her disabled husband (retired military with severe PTSD) entered early. Dog made comments to staff saying "he doesn't f*ck*ng look disabled to me" and when she finally got her turn to meet them, she explained to Dog his situation, but Dog scoffed and shoved her book at her. Maybe Dog needs a few of those zanies, Beth. We know all you guys experiment illegally, but how about a few prescriptions to help you crazies act normal?

Leland is looking rough. He looks bloated, pale, tired and seemingly unhappy. He's said before that he hates his life. Is his depression taking a toll or is it the booze and drugs? You be the judge.

Friday, June 6, 2014

What's going on with Leland lately? We've been told on more than one occasion that he and Myk hang out with Cocaine users and they both are users, but we never wanted to believe it. You can see a difference in him. He seems unhappy, unhealthy and has some mood problems. He's said before that he hates his life. Is it drugs, depression or both?

The picture above seems to be a trend lately. Unhappy and body language being away from Myk. He's much happier in the picture featured below, with a fan......not Myk.

What's the problem, Lee?

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Bad Dog!

 Dakota's HS graduation. A happy event, right? Wrong. Dog and Beth go to the VIP seating area without VIP admission. When turned away, Beth caused a huge scene. They felt they were 'above' general seating, stating they're famous. Famous for what? Dysfuncion?

The local media did a piece on it. Look it up if you need a good laugh! They ended up watching from behind the fence. Worse seats than the general seating they scoffed. Karma.

Mission accomplished!

Every golddigger's dream is to land a rich man. Myk accomplished that to a degree.....Leland is only worth around $500,000. Myk sure hit the mother load! Quit her job to follow Leland and crew around. They're in Tennesse now for the CMA's. They've rented a mansion and gone on shopping spree's.....tacky purchases, but it's the principal of the matter.