Sunday, November 16, 2014

More scandal

Dog is no stranger to scandal, especially racist ones. Leland's 'girlfriend', Myk, has made it perfectly clear she hates Lynette. Especially because she's Korean. It's no secret that putting that information in the right hands would cause a big problem for Dog and crew. With Myk's behavior not improving and her constant lack of regard for anyone but herself and her mockery of Dog fans.....we decided to pass the information along.

In October, after several weeks of conversation with an editor of the National Enquirer, this little piece of paper gold came out in the magazine.

It didn't slow motor mouth down, though. It lit a fire under her flat ass to talk more. Which is fine with us, the more she talks the dumber they all look and the more we get to use against them later.

It's all speculation, but it appears as if CMT has canned them due to this paper gold. Alice and cronies are petitioning A&E to bring them back. Keep in mind that they originally were slamming A&E big time for cancelling Dog The Bounty Hunter. They're avoiding questions regarding a new season of Dog And Beth On The Hunt and CMT hasn't even breathed anything about them.

With all the scandal, most likely no network will take them in the future. We can hope this trash stays off the tv. Nobody should be forced to see it. So if it's really true, you're welcome and Merry Christmas early! The trash has been taken out!