Monday, December 29, 2014

You are confused

I know by now the world is curious. The LelandBChapman page was looking around Duck's and my Twitter pages so I know you are. You are confused Leland and I am sorry but I just couldn't stay quiet anymore. You appear to be self destructing and I couldn't let time pass and not try to save you. You were too good of a man to not try. You need to start listening to the most important person in your life, and that is YOURSELF. You are the only one that holds the answers to the confusion in your life. You are the one that can heal whats broken, but you have to try.

I know how Beth can be and I get you pushing her away. I do. Right now, you don't need someone yelling in your ear. You need a whisper. You need a loving touch, not aggression. You need to be hugged not shaken. Your heart has been hurting for a long time and you don't think anyone listens. You need to listen to yourself. Leland needs to decide what Leland wants. You can't do that where you are now. You need some peace and quiet away from the world. You need to think about what you want. It is the most important thing after all. You deserve to be happy and loved completely. Dakota does love you don't push him completely away. Listen to the voice of reason and that is within yourself.

You need to pull yourself away from everyone including Myk and just think. Go and hide out somewhere where you know you can't be found. Let one person you trust know where you are hiding and just hide. Peace can heal a wounded heart. You need to find your way again. You have been so lost for so long, and just need to find your way home. It is time for my Leland to find his way home again. You will be happier that way.

I am going to echo what you have been hearing and your heart has been telling you. YOU need to lose Myk. She loves your wallet not you. I think you know this in your heart, but are afraid to admit it. You need to be loved and treated like the real man that I know you can be. She doesn't do that for you. You need to be a hero again. Love like that is more than just sex. It is a connection and friendship too. I thought we had that connection once. I don't know if that is remotely possible now. You just need to be you again. Take control of things. Change the password on your Twitter and Instagram and do not give it to Myk EVER. Make it yours again. Make your life yours again. I'm still here wishing, but that's not the point. The point is I don't care if I ever speak to you again as long as you're happy. If Myk really loves you (which she doesn't) she won't have a problem giving you YOUR life back. 

That's right, Myk. A TRUE lover and woman wouldn't hijack her boyfriends social media and life and sabotage it. And the said boyfriends family wouldn't sit back and encourage it. 



Sunday, December 28, 2014

Leland Chapman

I sit here at my computer and look at what Leland has become, shaking my head. It looks like he is falling apart at the seams. There are times where he looks tired, bloated and just old. He's not an old man at 38, but he has allowed himself to get that way. It is a scary thing to watch. A man with such a beautiful soul should not have to be destroyed by his life. He needs to live it his way, in his own time. He deserves to be happy and it's very clear that he is not.

For those of you that don't know him like I do, you have missed out on something special. I know I have mentioned his big heart but it is so true. Just talking to him for a few minutes was a gift. He made you feel like you and him were the only ones in the entire world. I never wanted to leave that world though. Leland has this way of making you feel special with just a word. He is a good man somewhere in his head, and he must feel trapped with no way out. He knows how to get out if he has no hope, but I do not think he will even try. His sense of family loyalty runs way too deep. He would rather everyone else around him be happy than he himself be happy. Its sad to watch him give up his own life like this.

People have asked me what the real Leland is like and I would honestly tell them a hero. He is a man that makes you feel safe and loved when you are with him. He is protective and once you have his attention you don't lose it. It is the quality that makes him a good hunter too. He grabs on to something he wants and doesn't let go. It is a trait that gets him into trouble too. Leland always pushes his limits in everything, including women. He likes to push the envelope to see how far he can get. The problem is it hurts him. It has lost him a marriage with Maui and a life with Lynette. Sometimes you have to know your limits and stop it or you learn the hard way. Leland hasn't learned either. He needs a woman that can hold his attention and keep it. He needs his equal and Myk is far from it. I thought I was at one point, I don't know about it now. His heart has been dealt a lot of damage

He hasn't learned yet, because he is now with Myk. A person can't heal you. You  have to be willing to heal yourself first. It takes a good woman to love you and support you to heal. Myk doesn't do that because she trashes your fans and blocks them. SHE IS RUINING YOU! The only way you are going to heal is by getting the new life you wanted so badly. You were so hungry for real love once. I think you could be again if you chose it, but you are not going to find that with Myk. I only see pain for you there. I just wish I could make you see that somehow. It just seems that you have become so blind to your passion and all you see or feel is lust. It's funny, I feel the exact same way about myself. 

We all feel so lost at times. It is all about finding your way back to where you belong. With Leland, that is finding a place where he is loved passionately and yet can be free, not monitored by a prison guard. He needs someone who can run with him, not lag behind asking for gifts, money or affection. He just deserves to be loved so he can be the one person he screams to be. That would be himself.

A real woman wouldn't create mess after mess after mess and expect you to clean it up. A real woman stands on her own 2 feet and is capable of being independent and willing to allow YOU to be independent. A real woman is by your side helping you succeed in life, not holding you back. A real woman is confident and secure in herself, you, and your relationship. 

Myk is none of these things. I honestly can't say if Lynette was, because I don't know. What I do know is there are plenty out there that fit that mold. I encourage you to embark on a journey to find one of them. Quit tv, and live a mediocre life for a while and see how long Myk sticks around. Your brother, DL, HAS found a real woman. One who loves him without the fame or money. You have not. 

Even through this bullshit I can take the time to focus on your good qualities and wish for you to have a happy existence. Doesn't that mean anything to you? And I can guarantee you that what fans you have left feel the exact same way. Are you willing to allow someone who doesn't truly love you continue to disrespect them? Leave her at the curb and your life will improve drastically, I promise you.


I thought it might be a good idea to post some shots we have of people who USED to be fans of the Chapmans complaining about the blocking and Myk being a crybaby regarding any mention of Lynette. We have so much information and shots I didn't have the patience to go through everything to get them all and it goes without saying thanks to those of you who are our eyes and ears when we aren't around and send us things we might have otherwise missed. These are in no particular order. Enjoy!


Keep in mind, as previously stated in a prior blog that Leland himself isn't doing the blocking or disrespecting. It's all Myk. 


I (@LBCmanhoparody) have done my best to stay quiet when it comes to Myk because I always thought she was a symptom of a large problem, but I have changed my mind. You are a sick, crazy, trash bag whore that is not worthy of Leland. He was (and still could be) a good man and deserves a good woman. You are far from it. Your issues are dragging him down to the depths of your personal hell and it's not right. You need to take your money grubbing wannabe self out of his life and away from his daughter before you do anymore damage to the both of them.

Let us begin with his fans. Here is a piece of advice you do not seem to understand about the fans that watch the show. Do you think that they are going to watch the show if you have blocked them for saying Lynnette's name? If you do, your head has hit the headboard a few too many times. Leland is the reason many women watch the show and you blocking them on his Twitter and Instagram for saying something you don't like shows you are IGNORANT. People who are turned off like that stop watching the show, do not buy t-shirts or join fan clubs. Leland should have never given you access to it. He should have had the sense to not do it, but I will credit that to alcohol. We all have those moments of stupidity sometimes, especially when trapped by a fatal attraction.

It is clear you had issues as a little girl with your father. You must have been neglected or abused by your dad as a small child. Your daddy issues prove that. Your 3 boyfriends before Leland had a 10 to 15 year age difference. Try dating someone your own age. After all you have been drinking since you were 18. You are drowning your sorrows in booze and sex, also as a result of daddy since he put beer in your bottles and cigarettes in your mouth as a baby. You can't solve them that way. You need some mental help along with REHAB. Seriously, get with the program. You're an adult now. ACT LIKE IT!

Ever wonder why ALL your boyfriends cheat on you? Because you treat them like children or dogs. You monitor their every move on their cell phone, computer and time with friends and family. You're a spoiled brat. You expect extravagant gifts, and demand everything to be your way or the highway. You physically attacked Eddie and we can assume you have Leland as well.

You log into LELAND'S accounts, verbally disrespect and block HIS friends, family and fans. And you expect people to kiss your ass and respect you? You make racially charged statements towards the mother of his child and his daughter and you expect people to believe you love her? Your entire existence is a lie and a show. You parade poor little Leiah around on social media to make people think you love her and really care when your real motivation is to show off to the fans you disrespect that you're with him and have control of him.

Everything and I mean EVERYTHING is a show to you. You create a private 'Jersey' twitter for pictures so people will think you TRULY want privacy and to be left alone. But then what do you turn around and do? Post several dozen pictures of you, Leiah and Leland on your PUBLIC twitter, which is something you never used to do. As well as your PUBLIC facebook. You're taunting the very fans you disrespect and you wonder why we're so popular? 

Needless to say, the fans will mark the day he finally dumps you for good as an unofficial holiday. They all hate you. And you're the only girlfriend he's had who has gotten this kind of reaction from his friends and fans. Congratulations.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Leland Chapman, the floor is yours

This is your opportunity to reach out to me again. I already know you're hating your life. I know you know who I am. Alice made a point to inform us you'd never contact us because your IP would be shown in the header. There's a way around that. 

Get a Hushmail account and test it out with your wicked stepmother. Hushmail is encrypted and your IP will not be shown, all emails sent from Hushmail trace back to Canada. Why do you think we only use Hushmail?

I understand the choke collar your overbearing mother-like girlfriend has on you might make it hard to do this but the man I used to know and talk to every single day would find a way. I'd probably never trust you enough to let you back in my life the way you were before but I can see how miserable you are and I'm told how miserable you are and you need help finding your way. I've done it before for you, I can do it again.

So this is your one and only chance to talk to me again. No bullshit, no drama, no whore breathing down your neck. The ball is in your court. 

Get it right

After the reaction from my last blog, I decided that some things needed to be set straight. The twitter account @quackingwhore is not my account. Duck does write on the blog but now it is my turn. I am @LBCmanhoParody on twitter. If you are going to send the @LelandBChapman account to look at our pages, pick the right one. I mean seriously, get it right here people.

You seem to be stuck on the assumption that there is only one of us running both pages. There are 2 of us and there's no way around that. One person with different personalities? Come on, it's not like we're Alice here. There are a LOT of people that hate anything Chapman, but I can't say I hate all of you. Mostly I feel sorry for you all. Fame has gone to all of your heads and you have lost where you came from. You have lost your souls to a television set and cash.

Leland is very different. I believe he wants to walk away from it all and be just Leland. He wants a new life and could have it if he chose it. He would have to walk away from his Dad and Myk, the 1 dollar whore. He'd walk away from both if he had a place to go where he could be far away from you crazies. The man I knew had such a big heart. It's so sad to see what he has become.

The other thing I want to make clear is that we are not Lynette and Maui either. Be real dude, do you honestly think your exes would have something nice to say? Leland knows who I am and he's the only one who does. 

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Will the real Leland Chapman please stand up

I'm sure you're all are wondering why this all started. It's simple. Leland. For the record, Leland knows exactly who we are and I knew Leland, or I thought I did at one time. He is no longer the person I got to know so well. The man that is in his place does not have the strength to be anyone's hero, despite him wanting to be the hero.

The Leland that everyone is seeing today is not the man I knew. The man I knew was a good man. He pushed himself to the limit and NEVER let a woman take control of his life. He was the one that cared about what other people thought of him, especially his fans. He would never allow what is going on right now to happen. He would never let a woman like Myk take control of his life and ruin it. He took control of his own life as much as he could, and hated his life the way it was. He wanted a new life, one without the cameras. The biggest difference is that he would NEVER allow a woman to parade herself half naked in front of his children. He would want a good role model for his daughter. He would want someone that is a strong and powerful woman for her to look up to. 

The man I see now in pictures is not the man I knew. He is an empty shell. It's as if everything has drained the life out of him. Fame may have gone to his head, but I doubt that. My belief is that Myk is draining every last ounce of energy from him. I would bet between fighting with her to get her to act presentable and trying to keep up with her is killing him. He's clearly unhappy.

So why have you let it get this far, Leland? I know you were happy with Myk in the beginning. And I know she's taken control of your entire life and sucked it dry since then. I know all about her jealous rage and ultimatums. She sold you a disguise. She sucked you in and changed. If you're waiting for her to leave you, it won't happen. She hasn't for her other boyfriends. Not only is she hooked on your fame and money, but she isn't exactly known for leaving relationships willingly.

Leland used to be a good strong man and I think he could be that way again if he wanted to. He needs to stand up and tell the world what HE WANTS. It's clear you don't want fans or a show anymore. Tell them. Tell them what you want. Be the man that I know you can be. Be the hero for your daughter and show the world the real Leland again. 

Anyway, we focus a lot on the attacking the person Leland has become but in all fairness we needed to shed some light on who he used to be. And this is why we go after Myk so aggressively. 

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Fake profiles ID'd

It's taken some time, but we finally have the person behind the Tami/Lisa profiles and other profiles used to threaten our fans ID'd. This person does not live in the United States so our harassment laws don't apply to them. We were told by a family member of the Chapmans who has given us correct information previously and that's how we're certain this source is reliable.

We've also had our hunch that Alice participates in all of it confirmed. These are profiles that are both new and old. Sitting in the storage shed waiting in the wings just in case they need them and altered accordingly when needed. Alice isn't the only one participating with this person. It really is a family affair.

We're here to speak the truth everyone else is afraid to speak. Shinning attention to someone outside the family who has nothing to do with the Leland/Myk melodrama isn't our intention. So this person won't be publicly ID'd.

Inappropriate stepmothering

This blog will be short and to the point. Myk, you're nuts. And Leland, you're a psychopath. Myk, you're not related to Leiah, and the fact you find a mouth to mouth kiss with an unrelated child appropriate is certifiable. And Leland, you're an unfit parent for allowing it. That is all. :-) 

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Getting blocked by Leland

Getting blocked by Leland has been the number 1 complaint by people since Myk has been in the picture. He isn't the one doing the blocking, per se. Not saying he's innocent because he allows this nonsense to continue, he even defends it. It goes without saying but we're going to say it anyway. It's Myk.

The number one offense that will get you blocked is saying the word 'Lynette'. Doesn't matter the context, just the word. We've seen fans upset about being blocked for saying something as innocent as "oh wow I didn't know you and Lynette weren't together anymore but Myk is beautiful!".

It's a close second, but the second offense that will get you blocked is by correcting an incorrect fan regarding little Leiah. A lot of people who don't know the score will incorrectly assume Myk is Leiah's mother. All you have to do is correct them and BOOM. Blocked. Even if done in a polite way, such as "Leiah's not her daughter but they still look cute together!" Doesn't matter. Blocked.

If you're a fan or a random female that looks good and Leland follows you or comments on you. Blocked. The only exception to this rule is Mandy. And she's only an exception because Leland kept unblocking and talking to her anyway so Myk just befriended her in an attempt to monitor the situation and called it. 

If you disagree with Myk on ANYTHING. You guessed it. Blocked. Myk could post that the sky is purple and if you remind her it's still blue, no matter how polite you are, you're going to find yourself blocked. 

And in most scenarios, you'll only be blocked by Leland. In a state of confusion or hurt feelings you might attempt to contact Myk to see what you did to deserve it, as you have been a loyal fan since the beginning of time. This is a waste of time, don't bother. Leland most likely wasn't the one who did the blocking. Myk did, she has access to ALL and I repeat ALL of his accounts and is usually the one running it. Or should I say ruining it. 

Sometimes she replies to your question, sometimes not. But the response is always the same. "If you're following any of the parody accounts, you're blocked." and that, my friends, is what we call the bullshit dip n twirl. I can tell you for a FACT that every person she's said that to has never followed us, nor have we followed them, and they've never even spoken to us.

Leland is NO angel in this, nor is anyone in that family. They know it's happening and don't care. As it says in the first paragraph, they even defend it. 

Matter of fact:

Alice has joined this circus full time now! She's taken it to a whole new level. If you know someone who dislikes them or their show, you're getting the boot and blocked. We've just entered junior high again! Susie doesn't like me so Sally can't sit with us at lunch because she talks to her on the bus! Oh Alice, thank you! I can't even type this with a straight face! 

Grow up, Alice. You're not some powerful dictator. This is the United States. Land of the free. Stop trying to control everyone else when you can't even control that gold digger living with Leland. Worry about muzzling her dumb ass instead of worrying about who doesn't like you dipshits. And if you must care, try caring about the fact that lopsided ho is ruining what little fanbase you had left. Is this what your life has come to? Junior high locker room tedious nonsense? LMAO, dumb ass........

Monday, December 22, 2014

Duane Lee

We've had many people ask for the true story behind Duane Lee leaving. He met a woman and fell in love. For privacy reasons we won't name her. Alice didn't like her. Alice typically doesn't like many women who come into the boys' lives.

There had been a lot of hostility between DL and Alice for years. This was the straw that broke the camel's back. He stood up to her, arguments were had and Alice fired him. It didn't end there. Alice harassed his love nonstop on twitter and publicly attacked her. DL told her to grow up. Keep dreaming, DL! Alice will NEVER grow up. In typical Chapman style, Duane Dog Chapman stayed out of it, letting his girl run the show regardless of how preposterous she was being. 

As for Leland, a side had to be taken. He agreed with his brother, having the same feelings towards Alice DL had. They started Chap Bros and started making plans for moving forward without Dog and Alice. But it didn't last. Leland sold DL out, abandoning him and running back to Dog.

Since then DL has gone to Florida to live with his woman out of the public eye and away form the people who betrayed him. He does have his own successful bail bonds business in Florida. It just goes to show that DL is probably the only Chapman with common sense and the work ethic to be able to stand successfully on his own 2 feet without the tv cameras.

On a side note, DL's love isn't the only victim. Granted she'll never get a chance at DL's anymore, Leland is still around. She's pissed fits about every girl he's been with. When (I said WHEN not if) he dumps Myk, she will rant about the next one too. She'll rant to anyone who will listen and has even been kicked out of public places for doing just that. Not many people know that, but now you do. 

Sunday, December 21, 2014


Ah, more lies, greed and scandal. Go figure! Let's start with the most recent event. Justin Bihag. Suing Dog and A&E. He wasn't paid appropriately and Alice and the clan used his car accident to promote themselves. Justin will win this case most likely, and it's another notch on the Chapman scandal pole. 

Next up is Bobby Brown. Lies and non payment. He wasn't paid appropriately and was lied to by the Chapmans. They continually told him they'd meet him after they offered him a full time spot on the show. And they never followed through. Lies. Empty promises. I'm positive he's going to win the case. And another notch on the pole.

There's more. Go ahead and Google it. Don't take our word for it. 

The Chapmans don't have a good track record when it comes to treating people with kindness dignity, and respect, do they? Sure, they do good deeds sometimes, such as Alice's recent bragging about buying things for a family in need. But it doesn't count when you do it for alternative reasons......such as trying to deflect from their skeletons being exposed. 


We've mentioned numerous times that Alice and her Scooby gang has about 100 profiles for playing mind games. We're not blind to the fact that most likely some of the people on our twitter are stooges. We play off it.

Yesterday we had an interesting stooge. One trying to discredit us because of the emails from Lynette and Mandy. Here's the thing.....there's a big difference between the Chapman clan and us. They hide their shit like they're the mafia trying to hide their illegal activities. We face our shit head on and don't hide.

As for this stooges accusations regarding those emails, they were right to a degree. Those emails were given to us by someone a while ago. They were from the time frame of August if I remember correctly. This person came to us saying they were leaving twitter a long while ago. We've had no contact with her since then and had no way of contacting her to verify permission to share those emails. 

So we went ahead and posted them. And I'm glad we did. It caused a lot of issues for Myk and Leland considering he had to scramble for excuses as to why he propositioned Mandy for sex. 

If this person is upset and needs to speak to us about it, she knows how to contact us. But I can guarantee you, stooge, that your pathetic attempt to discredit us was a waste of time. We've built up a lot of 'clientele' (for lack of a better word) considering we've talked to many, many people. They've sent us some pretty detrimental information regarding your trashy ass family. I'd give anything to be able to post it, but don't because we're asked not to. 

So yes, the Mandy and Lynette emails were technically posted without permission. And until you Chapman idiots start facing and acknowledging your mistakes, you'll never be worth a damn. You'll never be on our level. 

I don't see you acknowledging jack shit! What do us and your 'fans' see? Your fear mongering. You're threatening 'fans' to try to hide and sweep your scandals under the rug. 

Why is that? It's obviously a question we'll never know the answer to. Hurry up, Alice! Get the broom! Time to sweep more shit under the rug!

Saturday, December 20, 2014


We are wanting to get in touch with Tami. Alice and crew have made a parody twitter of her using this twitter id: @TamiTroll and anyone with information about how to get in contact with the REAL Tami please email us at or with that information. You should also give her our contact information 

We are really wanting to speak with her. Please tell her we're on her side.


We love twitter! Seriously. Even though our original accounts were suspended (twitter has agreed to give back LBCparody at some point), we love them! We were informed that they have been harassed nonstop about us! They never elaborated as to who was doing the nonstop complaints, but we can safely assume that Alice Chapman's cronie (the one behind the Austin, Rufus profiles, etc) is involved. This person is responsible for 100's of profiles.....all used for stalking, threatening and harassing people.....lots of people. Basically anyone they don't like. Twitter isn't even safe apparently. LMAO

You know you're a fucked up stalker when twitter starts bitching about you! Thanks for the laugh, Chapmans!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Dakota's girlfriend, Arvie

In the beginning we had no issue with Dakota or Arvie. We defended her when people attacked her and spoke to her frequently in private. We agreed to continue to have her back. So why the change? In the beginning they were on our side:

This continued for a while. But then that turned into this:

Which, again, we had no problem with this. The problem came when she began kissing Myk's ass and throwing us under the bus. We're all about the truth, not about what's convenient. And this just proves how easy it is for that family to brainwash someone. 

I'm disappointed we're forced to post this. It's a disappointment that we're no longer going to be in defense of Arvie. You're a good kid, Arvie. It's a shame you're under a spell. Good luck to you in the future.

Chapman greed

Before we were suspended on twitter, we shared this:

And we feel the need to reshare it now. Because after we posted this, they began damage control. They began tweeting all about 'supporting the troops'. What a crock of shit. Sure they'll support the troops for the right price. They'll do anything for the right price except get a brain or tact. 

Big bad Alice thought she won

Our original twitter accounts were suspended (@duckfaceparody and @lbcparody) and twitter hasn't gotten back to us about it yet. So we don't know if or when those accounts will be back. We aren't sore losers and where credit is earned, credit will be given. The white trash queen got us on those accounts.......but although she won a battle, she's losing the war.

WE'RE BACK!!!! And for the record, will always come back. Doesn't matter how many times she gets us taken down, we'll always come back. 

And that pisses off the white trash queen. As it should. She should fear us. We will not rest until those classless fools are off tv for good, and even then, we won't go away.

MILESTONE!! Almost 5k blog views. Thank you for everyone's support! The word of mouth is what has gotten us this far, keep it up!

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