Friday, January 30, 2015

Finally some peace

I guess certain people finally got the hint and decided to STFU. It's been a peaceful few days without any big mouthed idiots. If they start up again, we'll be ready. But you all will be happy to hear that with the peace and quiet we can plan for my partner to write another blog. 

I know how much you all look forward to her posts, she has so much to share. As for me personally, I've learned a lot about the hobbit during this. Some things are very shocking and would be a tabloids front page dream. But unfortunately we can't post everything we get, no matter how much we want to. 

The thing about Leland that I've learned is that he 'loves' everybody he dates. He 'falls in love' immediately. Without even really getting to know the person. It's a bar whores dream and he has scared some girls off. 

Another thing I've learned is that he's a hypocrite. He expects his girl to stay home, stay loyal and faithful. However he is entitled to screw around, go out and do as he pleases. And he does just that. All of his posts about how he likes it when girls 'keep their asses home' is so he can go play without being caught.

This does not make Myk a victim. She's a lying, cheating, gold digger herself. If anything it should make you look back at his past relationships and feel sorry for them.

Such as Maui. Loyal wife and mother to Cobie. Stood by him for years. And she left him over other women. He has gone back to Maui numerous times. He still tells her that he loves her and he sends her love notes. Look at Bree. She loved Leland and waited for him, since she lived far away from him. She has said that he treated her like a year long one night stand. I don't even have to explain Lynette, as you already know about what he's done to her.

He's a worthless father. Even Dakota has said that Leland didn't raise him. His mother did. He's been estranged in his relationship with Cobie. Probably because of his ongoing side fling with Maui. The only reason he tries with Leiah is for his image. He tried to conceal her pregnancy and now that his fucked up life is being put on blast he needs to look good however he can. 

I don't like Leland. I never did. Nobody should like that moron. At least not until he gets psychiatric help for his issues. I don't like Alice. I never did. Just listening to her talk makes me want to weld my fucking ears shut. I don't know hows Dog stands her ass, although you can tell he has a low IQ so maybe he's just too stupid to care. 

These are the kind of people the Dog Pound stalk and threaten to appease. They remind me of a bunch of little runt piglets fighting for the teat of a big ole dirty sow. Hate to be the one to tell you but her teat is dry. Wean yourselves off that nasty shit and get some self respect for crying out loud.

That is all.

Crazy people everywhere

It's no secret dog fans are certifiably nuts. But sometimes one comes along and surprises even us. This is going to be short, because crazy fans aren't worth my time, but I am asking all of our fans to block and ignore Ana L Phoenix. She's beyond nuts and is so lonely she'll say anything for attention. Her friends have come forward telling us just how crazy she is. Her last name isn't even Phoenix, it's Padin. 

Block. Ignore. And let her go back to sulking in her own lonely misery.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Our old twitters and our contact info

We've been asked a few times about our old accounts Duckfaceparody and LBCparody. Those accounts will not be coming back. Twitter agreed to give us one account back but by then we had already established our new accounts so we decided not to pursue having one of our old accounts unsuspended. 

We're on FB, Instagram and Twitter. You can find us on twitter at Quackingwhore and LBCmanhoparody and on Instagram at Unofficialdognews. Do a FB search for Unofficial Dog News and you'll find us. 

Our email addresses are and 

Here at our blog really is your best one stop spot to get the up to date scoop on anything new. John and Alice have a nasty habit of illegally posting anyone's private information on a public forum to get their pathetic Dog Pound to harass and threaten you if you're seen talking to us. So we highly recommend reading here anonymously or emailing us privately. 

Your safety is or priority, unlike them.

Lies lies and more lies

I've spent some time on the blog that is written by the Dog puppets, John, or whoever. It's really quite entertaining. What I find interesting is Tami's face is plastered on it with a little paragraph about how she went after Arvie. Again, they keep yapping and yapping about how we're Tami. Which we're not. 

Here's that:

I wouldn't usually put someone on this blog if they had nothing to do with us or the Chapmans but this time it's necessary. 

What I find the most comical is the last sentence. 'We saw her picking on Dakota's girlfriend, a minor child'. Let's correct your lie, shall we? We weren't the ones who had Arvie in tears wanting to break up with Dakota because of the hate. That was ALICE. We weren't the ones who told her who she could/couldn't talk to and invaded her privacy monitoring her personal correspondence. Again, that was ALICE. 

ALICE hated on Arvie, called her names and even tried to pressure Dakota to cheat on her in a pathetic attempt to sabotage the relationship. All to benefit her own selfish self. She feels that more girls will watch the show and swoon over her new cash cow (Dakota) if he's single. Dakota's happiness means jack shit to Alice. Show ratings are her priority, not her family. 

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Reality check time

I am sitting here watching everything going on and have to shake my head. Beth Chapman and that whole family are hypocrites. She needs to learn that people in glass houses shouldn't be throwing stones. I mean seriously Beth, you are the biggest piece of garbage I have ever seen. YOU are doing what you have accused us of doing.

I am not stupid. You, on the other hand are evidently. You need to look up something. You have told the Dog Pound to attack certain former fans. I refuse to name names but you know who they are. I know of at least one that has gotten death threats because of you doing it. Let us say something happened to that fan and they ended up murdered by a Dog Pound member. 'Its Beth Chapman who told me to do it' is the defense. How fast do you think a DA would drag you into court? I'd say pretty quick considering the fan collected all the BS you have spewed. You need to remember, they have convicted many killers on less than that. Your mouth is your biggest problem. YOU DON'T KNOW WHEN TO SHUT THE HELL UP! You seem to think you can do what you want, but you can't. Threatening people like you have is against the law. You are far from above it. You should get them to stop before something seriously happens to someone or have you forgotten what being a real human being is about? Do you want someone elses blood on your hands?

I know for fact you (and John) are behind the TamiTroll and Lisa Troll sites on Twitter. I called you on it for a fact, bitch, and you ran like a rabbit from a wolf. I know your games and how you play. You seem to think we are Tami, but WE AREN'T. You have no proof as to who we are. I have put up so many barriers so you can't figure it out. Again, I am far from stupid but evidently you are. My list of your haters are as long as Santa's Christmas list. You keep saying Tami Tami Tami. The sad thing is I know you can't prove it. You just put that out and hope you're right. Tami, whoever she is could be floating in the background collecting evidence of your BS. There's plenty to be found LOL.

You have called us bullies? Well, what the hell do you think you are? You have been behind 2 fake pages being made and the wordpress postings. Having Dog pounders make threats against former fans? Oh you need to leave Patty alone. I have no idea who she is and you have been giving her grief too. You persecute the innocent. That is not defending yourself, you are a bully. It's no wonder Duane Lee left. He wanted to leave rather than have to deal with you. I know I would. Going legally deaf would be more pleasurable than hearing your voice. It just amazes me that you haven't figured out after all these years that threats make people go not stay. SMH, you just keep on proving your stupidity.

Frankly Beth, you are the worst thing that ever happened to Dog. I wish he would just tell you to be quiet, but that will never happen. He loves you for some reason, why I don't know but he does. You need to seriously look at yourself and contemplate one thing. We point out in others what we hate in ourselves. You should look at what your own crew is saying about others. After all, it is a reflection on you.

This will probably be my last not Leland blog for awhile. I'll go back to him and his brain dead girlfriend next. Beth, you simply are not worth the attention that we are giving you on this blog. You are sad and pathetic. Get some real mental help. You need it!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Something for you to think about....

With all this talk of John Buffam from my partner, I felt like this story from deep inside the Chapman Camp did deserve some sunlight. Everyone seems to think that The Chapmans are so good and innocent because they help people, it is COMPLETE bs. They only do it when it benefits themselves, which is beyond pathetic. You idiots need to learn, you help people because you WANT TO not for your own benefit.

Yes, if you are wondering this story came from an actual Chapman insider that is STILL THERE. She was there when this happened. Beth, you seriously need to purge your ranks. They all have really big mouths and are more than willing to chat LOL.

Once upon a time an idea floated by one of Beth's former assistants to have an Ebay auction to benefit Hurricane Katrina victims. They decided the prize would be an autographed picture of Duane Lee and Leland.I know what everyone is thinking. It was a great idea and probably helped a lot of people. Well, it didn't help who you think...To me, it led to my disappointment in the whole family.

The auction went off without a hitch. A very happy fan got an autographed picture that is probably still in their collection that they paid good money for with the thought they were helping people in need. Not so fast, this is NOT a warm fuzzy Chapman story. Don't get it twisted. The idea was a good one. It was the aftermath of it that changed what I thought, not the auction itself.

Beth got wind that the money had not been donated and that Duane Lee had it. She decided a call to DL was in order. She had her beliefs as to what really was going on. My guess has always been she was calling for confirmation. Beth did one of her infamous 3 way phone call attacks that she is famous for. She always has to have a witness one way or another. After a few minutes on the phone with DL, she asks about the money for the auction. DL tried to talk his way out of it, but there was no way out. She finally told him to cut the crap and asked where the money was. It was a simple answer. DL had it. Duane Lee told them that he was laughing all the way to the bank. It made me realize how bad the entire family was that day and I never looked back. The way I thought about them was clear. They were all a bunch of hypocrites.

For the record, it was the assistant that took the hit for the missing money. Let's just say Beth got rid of her for good. The only thing I ever wondered about was Leland's involvement. It was a nagging question. It was one of the factors that led to me telling him no. I have more respect for myself than that. He would've used me and tossed me away. It seems to be a pattern with all of them. People are disposable.

So next time you start talking about how great they are remember this story. DL and Leland were so close I can almost guarantee he was involved too. And next time you talk about how great he and Myk are remember this; Leland was married once, and cheated numerous times. He had a baby with an awesome woman, and cheated. He's cheated on Myk over and over and over and although I believe she deserves it, he will never change. The only difference between the others and Myk is that they walked away from him. Myk will not. She's dependent on his money. 

The entire family is pure garbage. Period.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Back to basics

We've made our point to John aka Official Dog News and will continue to do so since he likes to play. Privacy is a privilege he lost. But outside of the occasional post on him, we need to get back to our cause. So our focus needs to go back to the hobbit, his trash ass girlfriend and his trash ass family.

We've found out that Cecily is participating in the fake profiles. Hate to say it but I'm not surprised. She's her mother's clone after all. Just another fat ass mouth without the balls to back it up. 

None of you are true bounty hunters. None of you. If you were you'd know exactly who we are. Go ahead. Make my day. Find us. YOU CAN'T!! HA!

The fact is, you're all more worried about us than your own failing business and acting careers. What's that tell you? You're so scared of the truth. 

All you have is to repeat over and over that I'm jealous. Of WHAT???!!!! Lopsided buoy boobs and a girly boy who is shorter than I am? HA.

Anyway, the bottom line here is that if Chapman and clan want to continue to harass innocent people, we will do the same. Someone with the initials CJMB. And outside of that, I'm going to give my partner the floor again because she knows far more about the hobbit than I do. 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

John Buffam AKA Official Dog News

As I said.........

Don't underestimate me. Please note in the first blog I posted something from your IG and your FB profile picture. And you continued to run mouth. Your criminal record will be next. Have a great day, my friend!

Monday, January 19, 2015

You wanna play a game?

Let's play a game called Name That Troll. The constant harassing towards people who disapprove of you is getting old. And your 'investigation' as to who we are is really pathetic. I bet I can out do you. So........Official Dog News, Austin, Michael, whoever you are today, do you think your identity is secure?

I bet not.

Note that I used a screen shot of your OLD Instagram. You change ID's on all social media sites frequently to try to cover your ass. Why is your priority playing musical ID's instead of your teenage daughter? She likes soccer and is a Beiber fan. She met him too! You see, unlike you we actually have an inside and RELIABLE source to your petty bullshit. 

We didn't want to do this. But you never stop. You help that trash ass family in their constant stalking and harassing of people. This makes you trash too. You harass them, we expose you. 

How you act towards others directly dictates our moves. Have a great evening, John B.

Why I never said anything.....

There is a really simple answer as to why I never said anything about me knowing Leland. I didn't want the drama and garbage it would cause.  Frankly, his name brings every psycho and nutjob out of the woodwork. It goes with who he is and really his entire family. I just didn't want to deal with it. It became clear to me that I didn't have a choice but say it when I did because of situations that were going on at the time. I wanted the message of the truth about him and his family to come through, not that I knew him or my identity. If you don't like that, frankly you can go fuck yourself. I don't care what you or anyone else think. I protect my identity fiercely and I REFUSE to reveal it. If you can't take that as an answer, you can kiss my ass.

Look at that girl Jenni AKA Sammi on Twitter. She's a religious fruit loop that is making fake profiles to get attention from Myk and anyone else she can. Yes, I now know about your Mia profile as well as your MANY others. I know about you and your antics. You really need to just go away and be quiet. It is amazing what happens when people get pissed off. They LOVE to talk. Just go be quiet Sammi before someone drops a house on ya LOL. It wasn't that long ago that you were running for your life because of your mouth. Just be quiet, frankly you just bore me. I don't give attention to people like you.....I just don't care what you or anyone else think. I have NOTHING to prove. If you don't like my attitude, again go fuck yourself. You are not worth my time.

I want the message we are trying to get out to be the most important thing, not who my partner and I are. We are here to let you know the truth about the Chapman family, without the pretty packaging. They are who they are and not what you see on TV. You will get the sweet and the sour from me. I do still have feelings for Leland and a lot of this had brought up a lot of old memories. I miss him and who he was. I am learning again to let that go, but it's hard. He is not the man he used to be. And I'm beginning to think he's gone forever.

One more thing, I know people are trying to find out who we are, this would include Beth, her cronies, and Leland. I know how to play the game. I can hide like you hunt so don't even bother trying. I know you have sent a few spies in to try to talk to us and I know who they are. You both are slipping. Just quit trying, we are here to stay.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Lets get something straight

There's been some talk lately about the variation in our posts. The reasoning is quite simple. There's more than one person who writes here. Different people with different thoughts, feelings and opinions. 

In regards to my partner and her complimentary blogs about the hobbit (Leland), she really did know him. None of what she's revealed about them is false. Yes she turned him down. Yes they cared for each other greatly and she said no because she knew. She knew how he was and STILL is.

It takes a lot to walk away from someone you care about. My partner sill cared but hated him at the same time for making her walk away. This mission we're on to spread the TRUTH about him and his family has obviously opened some old wounds. I'm sure you all can relate in some way.

I wish my partner would stop caring about the little bastard to be honest. He's a pathetic excuse for a human being. He uses women and is a lousy father. He's no victim. 

My take on his 'relationship' with Myk is simple. He's not in love but he definitely thinks he is. Myk is a girl who will NOT leave him. He's always cheating or trying to cheat. He's middle aged and probably going through a midlife crisis. He's insecure and uses his status to get young girls (in their 20's) because they make him feel young and good. Myk will put up with his cheating because she's struck gold. And he knows it. He can do as he pleases (and he does) and all he has to do is buy her something fancy or take her on another vacation. 

My partner feels how she feels and that's something I've accepted. I wish she wouldn't but it's understandable. Just don't let her feelings deter you from the fact that he is a shameful person. 

Monday, January 12, 2015

Come on Leland, seriously

When are you going to learn Leland? When are you going to learn?! You deserve so much more than what Myk can give you. She's not your match, Leland. She never has been and never will be. She doesn't make you happy! It is why she gets on your nerves so badly. She is driving you NUTS and you don't let it show because you want everyone else happy. Here is the problem with that, YOU aren't happy. You are thinking you can convince yourself that you are happy, but you can't. You are either happy or you are not. There is nothing you can do to make yourself believe it!

Who cares if your family likes Myk? Who cares what she has accepted? The most important thing is are you happyy. Are you really happy beyond all belief? I highly doubt it. You are usually so busy pleasing everyone else that you do not care about yourself. You can try to say I am not right, but you know I am. YOU are the last person that matters in your own life. Seriously Leland, that is beyond fucked up. You are the only person that matters to yourself. Didn't they teach you in elementary school the only one that matters is yourself? You are a damned doormat! Do you want your daughter to be that way! Grow a damned spine and some testicles and stand up for yourself! What are you a man or a mouse?!? There must be a lot of cheese in the fridge for you LOL.

A heart doesn't heal unless you allow yourself to soar with the eagles. You don't let that happen. You let Myk take screwed up picture after screwed up picture of you to prove she is with you. Well, why does she have to prove it? It is because she wants every girl to see you are with her. You aren't a boyfriend. You are a pawn in Myk's little game that she's playing. The Leland that I knew had more self respect than that. He would never let himself be used and abused. He was the man and in charge. He was the one in control in every way, and you know exactly what I mean. :) If she thought you mattered, she'd put clothes on and be respectable for your little girl. You know by now, your opinion doesn't matter to her. There wouldn't be so much fighting if it did. You need to stop it all. Stop the pain. Stop hurting yourself.

I know she calls you and her Bonnie and Clyde. Maybe there is something you need to remember about them. Their two year crime spree ended in a hail of bullets from law enforcement, with both of them dead and 13 bodies left in their path. I think that's something for you to think about. You and her are Bonnie and Clyde after all.

One more thing, there are apps where you can monitor her cell phone use. You may want to consider utilizing that. Myk still talk to Eddie quite frequently. She has the intention of going back to him when she's done with you. 

Sunday, January 11, 2015


Ya know bitch, I usually keep my mouth shut about you because you aren't worth talking about. You are nothing, but I am at the point that I can't help myself. You make me physically ill and I cannot hide my disgust. It is really clear to me that YOU are Leland's problem. If you honestly loved him you would leave him. You do nothing but damage to his fragile ego. Get the hell out of his life before he self destructs.

Myk honey, did you ever think about the fact that the fans have never had any issues with Leland's girlfriends with the exception of you? I know you don't give a rat's ass about it, but it is a fact. The fans hate you. They think that you are the worst thing that Leland has ever done to himself. If you were smart, you would APOLOGIZE to them, but you won't. You don't like them because they see you for what you are. You are nothing but a cheap dollar whore using Leland for a meal ticket. After all he bought you the iPhone 6 as a present to make up for whatever fight you and he are having now. If it was love bitch, you dont need a present to make it all better.

I wonder if Leland knows you are keeping Eddie as a backup boyfriend. Don't think I don't hear about you still texting him. He's your boyfriend in a glass. Break glass if needed. Why don't you go back to Eddie, Myk? He paid for your botched boob job. Maybe he'd pay to fix em, if you showed him a good time? We all know you know how to do that since you are the whore that you are.

Pictures on an instagram don't prove love either, bitch. Where are the pictures taken by Leland? Where is the affection, and why does he always look drunk in a picture with you? It's simple. HE DOESN'T WANT TO DO IT! He knows you are pathetic and peeing on him like a dog so he deals. LEAVE HIM ALONE!

You need to stay away from Dakota. I mean seriously. Helping Alice set him up to cheat on Arvie in Colorado is DISGUSTING. You bitch need to stay out of his damned life. HE ISNT YOUR FAMILY. GET A GRIP WHORE! Leave him alone and let him be happy. If he is happy with Arvie, so damned be it. Maybe he can have a normal life unlike his father?

Myk, I'm going to say what EVERY fan has said or wanted to say. GET THE HELL AWAY FROM LELAND! Let him be the man he can be. Let him out of his own little world and give him a chance to actually heal and have true love in his life. He needs to be his own man. Just face the facts whore, you are not good for him. Somewhere out there is a real woman who will treat him well. You're holding him back from that. 

Oh and one more thing. Stop sending his friends hate mail from his email. Yes we have copies. And yes you're Leland's own little version of Mommy Dearest. 


 I really am beginning to wonder why you are still with Myk. She doesn't know you like I do.  I knew you, because you let me know you. You let me see the real you because I felt safe enough. Somehow I doubt that you feel that way now. You look so lost, even when you are with her. The pain in your eyes is so clear to me. I think some part of your heart knows you aren't safe with her. You don't let your guard down so that she can see the real man hiding inside your heart. I wish you would let him resurface if even for a little while. Hiding is crushing your spirit, and that can't keep going forever. It will destroy you.

You can still find your way back. I was able to help you back to your path before. I want you to find your way there again. Be the man you know that you can be. Just remembering who you really are is half the battle. I know you can do it. I have complete faith in you.

I know by now you're curious as to who I am. Some have said you know who I am and are protecting me. I don't know but I wish I did.  Maybe then, you would find me and let me help you. I'd still be there for you since you walked away.

You aren't my Leland now. Life has beaten you up, and you have forgotten the most important thing. You don't love yourself and haven't for quite a  long time. If you did, you wouldn't be doing what we all are seeing. The fans you cared about would matter. You wouldn't be tossing away Dakota and Cobie like they were nothing. Most importantly, you would never ever be dating a cheap whore like Myk. You would be with a good woman that loved you for you. I wish you could see this for yourself. I still shake my head on how you let yourself get this far down.

I know you could be my Leland again, but it doesn't seem to matter. I'm here talking and you are in your own world thinking you are happy. We all see that you aren't. I don't know how to make you see that. I wish I could since I am the only one that seems to care about YOU.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Eat shit, Beth Chapman

This is probably going to be a blog like no other. 

Alice, Beth, whatever. Who do you think you are? You are one fucked up bitch. How dare you meddle and hurt your own grandson. You're psychotic. 

Let's give our fans a little back story, shall we? 

As you all know, Arvie was our friend. You also know she sold us out but her actions were completely understandable. We didn't know at the time, though. As for me personally, my feelings were hurt. I didn't know why and I wish I had. It would have prevented my original blog on her, which was written out of hurt feelings. 

What I didn't know was that Alice had her cornered. And it's beyond ridiculous. She demanded Arvie stop talking to us and even resorted to monitoring her PRIVATE correspondence to ensure it. Bitch, you aren't the feds. You have no right. 

Oh, Alice. You and your fear mongering. You almost won too. Let's get something straight. I want to cause no problems for Arvie or Dakota so I will have no contact with her or him. But that doesn't mean I won't adamantly defend them. 

They have a love that none of you know of. It's because it's real. How sick and twisted do you have to be to try to ruin his happiness so he can be single to boost your ratings? It worked with Leland because Leland is weak. You had Leland hiding his relationships and tried getting Dakota to do the same. Dakota is more of a man at 19 than any of the other Chapman guys combined.

All you're doing is guaranteeing that Dakota will eventually get sick of your shit and walk like Duane Lee did. Dakota, Duane Lee has a successful business in Florida. He would actually treat you like family. Leave these fools, take Arvie and go once she's old enough. Don't look back. These idiots are nothing but poison. Your dad's current taste in relationships doesn't even qualify him for relationship advice on Jerry Springer. 

Dakota, I'm proud of you. You've stood your ground. You're an amazing young man. I wish I had known what was going on before I posted that first blog. I can't talk to Arvie because I don't want to cause her any psycho Alice drama but I hope she knows how sorry I am. 

Alice, do you even care about anyone but yourself? Is the word 'sorry' even in your vocabulary? Can you not admit fault on anything? Let me let you in on a little secret, that's why people like us more than you. We admit fault. You sweep it under the rug. 

I invite everyone to show your support for Arvie and Dakota. Kudos and love to you both.

And Alice........suck a fat one.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Chapmans really are scum

Just when you think the Chapmans have hit the bottom of the scum bucket, you're shown the underground storage. You all know about Dakota and Arvie. I'm sure you've read our previous blog regarding her. We were wrong.

Here's the thing, she sold us out to them. But we're only now finding out why. It turns out that Alice, Leland and the family have hated on Arvie from day one. Before even knowing or meeting her. They've been putting a LOT of pressure on Dakota to dump her. They've gone to great lengths to try to push her away. 

Arvie has been verbally attacked by the Chapmans and told she has to keep her relationship with him a secret. Dakota has been told the same thing along with being told to dump her and date a lot more girls and a lot more older girls. He's being coached to be a man ho. 

We're talking about a family who is verbally attacking a 16 year old girl who is actually in love with her boyfriend for more than his money and fame......but adamantly defends Myk. Myk. MYK. Let that sink in for a second. They defend the girl who racially slurs their granddaughter, trashes their fan base, drinks and drives, mooches money, and is almost 15 years younger than Leland. 

Arvie is 16, Dakota is going to be 20 in March. You're purposely trying to sabotage a relationship because of a 3-4 year age difference but encourage the HUGE age gap between the other couple? And let's face it, Arvie isn't a wrecking ball like Myk is either.

Your priorities are severely fucked up. This is undeniable PROOF of how fucked up you all are. It's proof you love the scandal and drama. It's proof you trained Leland to be the man ho that he is and are trying to do the same to Dakota. You'd do anything to benefit your scripted show including play with your own grandson's mind and emotions. You're all pieces of shit.

You all will be happy to know that Dakota has resisted his so called 'family's' brainwashing and has remained faithful to Arvie and true to himself. But their bullshit has taken it's toll on Arvie.

Arvie was our friend and she sold us out to impress the Chapmans and to try and get them to accept her. And unfortunately for her she learned the hard way that they don't care about anyone or anything other than themselves and covering their own asses.

Stay true to yourselves, Arvie and Dakota. Don't sell your souls to those sick fucks. 

Monday, January 5, 2015

Think LELAND think

I get it Leland. I really do. You don't care what you look like to the world or your family. I know you don't like people telling you what to do. I learned that really fast. If you want Leland Chapman to do something, you have to go around the back way to succeed in getting what you want. It was an easy thing to accomplish once you figured out how. Myk has got that down in spades now. Frankly, you are a gullible idiot who will do anything for a blow job. Myk has so much 'experience' at it, I'd bet you have no complaints LOL.

I would tell people when they asked me about you that you were a wonderful guy. Ok, I lied. I still say you were at one point. It wasn't an act put on so you can get laid frequently. You let your huge heart be your guide till it got you hurt by so many women. I want you to think about this and I mean really think. You have been burned so many times so you say. How many times have you done it to yourself? Bree called her relationship with you a year long one night stand. It tells me you treated her like a piece of meat. You used her till you got bored or your fill and cut ties tossing her away like a piece of trash. She was in love with you. Who's the one that did the burning? THIS would be YOU LELAND. You did it. You wounded a lot of women including me. You OWE some apologies!

You have done that a lot. It is your MO. Now, you don't have the balls to do it yourself, so you let Myk do it. Have you thought about your friends that no longer talk to you? Myk has gotten into all your emails and social media and BLOCKED them. Check your emails. Every email account. yahoo, hotmail, and gmail have lists of who you blocked so you can unblock them. Go look I DARE you. Go through your outbox and trash bins. A lot of interesting finds in there if she wasn't smart enough to cover her tracks. I know what's in there. No point in posting it though. You probably don't care. You really need to stop being naive, baby boy. Pick one of your friends on Twitter that you don't get messages from and look to see if it shows blocked. Go on your real Facebook page and check the list of blocked friends. If you look, you will see all the evidence in front of you. Use your brain Leland, if it still works. I am beginning to doubt that it does. You haven't used it in a very long time.

This is the one thing I ask of you, and I know it is difficult because it is a big request. I know you have your issues with your Dad and Beth, and I know how big they can get from time to time.  I also know Beth has checked Myk out from top to bottom, inside and out.  If you go to Beth with an open mind, she will show you what she found. She can be an adult when it comes to your sanity. She will show you Myk's dark side. I know Beth can be nice when she realizes it is important. I just ask that you listen. It's not that hard. She will show you the proof that you need. I know she has something that will make you think. It is all I ask Leland, you just need to THINK. With your brain, not your boner.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Grow a pair, Leland Chapman

I'm not my partner. I have no feelings or attachment to you, therefore I can tell it like it is. Grow a pair. You're a grown man and a father and it's time you start acting like it. You act like a 16 year old boy who just saw his first pair of big ole' fake, crooked tittes. Sure, Myk does her bullshit with your websites, friends, family and life but you allow it. YOU allow it. You know it's wrong and YOU don't stop it.

You aren't the victim here. Maybe you were in the beginning when you were too blind and too 'engorged' to see it but you're not there anymore. You know WTF is up and you make no attempt to do anything about it......except for maybe try to play Houdini on social media to make it look like you're broken up.

You're wasting all your energy in a LITTLE GIRL who puts all of her energy into making you and your family look stupider than usual, who isolates you from your friends, family and fans, who is openly racist against your child and her mother, who acts and dresses inappropriately in front of your children, who drinks like Linsdsay Lohan on NYE 24/7, who drinks and drives and drives on a revoked license while on bond with YOU as her bondsman.

You're supposed to uphold the law, not tip toe around it to benefit your alcoholic girlfriend. You're supposed to be a good father, not a horny, selfish boy more worried about the said alcoholic girlfriend than his children. You want out of show business? Quit boo hooing about it and do it. You want out of that ridiculous relationship with the drunken whore? Quit bitching to people about it and just do it. You want real love with a real woman? Quit looking for it in young, dumb, drunken, classless whores. 

Do you think we're lying when we say that you're your own worst enemy? You do this to yourself. Do you not see that Myk is provoking this situation just to turn around and cry about it? Can you not see that nobody had a problem with you or your life choices until this ho came around? Can you not see how this whore is dragging you and your family down? Or do you just not care?

Grow up, Leland. Do it for Leiah. Hawaii is full of decent women. Go find one. I'll be the first to blog about it if you do ever get it right. But truth be told, you're almost 40 years old and still haven't....... so I highly doubt you ever will.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Dumbfuckery of epic proportions

Pretty strong language, I know. But the ho has truly crossed that line of being crazy to purposely being insane just for fun. Just for us and for you. LMAO 

Let's look at what's happened. We put Myk on blast for her disrespect and blatant mockery of pretty much everyone. So she deletes her twitter immediately after to prove a point. Chapmans (i.e. Cecily) change captions of pictures with Myk in them on Instagram and remove tags. They all start unfollowing each other, again to prove a point. We call them out on it and they refollow each other, probably because they realized how dumb they look because people all know their game. But that's not all.

Myk responds to us on FB, again, PUBLICLY

Then she makes a PUBLIC appearance on her mykdiane Instagram with several posts

And she's not done yet. After trying to appear as if she wants privacy, then PUBLICLY broadcasting her life of constant partying yet AGAIN, she has the audacity to tell a fan she can't add her to her jersey Instagram because she wants privacy and no drama. Of course this is said after she creates that drama.

LMAO can you be anymore desperate, Myk? I'm going to use one of your old FB posts against you now. 

You should just upload some porn of you and Leland with a caption 'I love drama and attention. Leland is mine and I hate all of his fans.I'm a jealous and controlling girl because my bored and frustrated boyfriend is a serial cheater. I'm a freeloading gold digger dating someone old enough to be my dad. I can't support myself in the real world.' Just own it. Then STFU. 


Friday, January 2, 2015

Reality on Myk

I can't pull any punches when it comes to Myk anymore. She is a cheap trash bag booze soaked whore. The fans HATE her. Hell, I hate her. She stays drunk and can't act her age. She has no sense and does not even want to improve herself and where she is in life. She would rather be a leech to her boyfriend's wallet than stand up on her own 2 feet and work like the rest of us.

Bitch, let's get something straight. You aren't privileged. You don't deserve a free ride in life. You dress like you are worth. You look like a dollar hooker on a street corner. I'd say you paid about 2.50 for your wardrobe at the closest Goodwill. Grow up whore. You wonder why no one takes you seriously? WELL HELLO!!!!! You have no confidence and are extremely insecure. What are you gonna do when Leland FINALLY dumps your sorry ass like he has been telling people he wants to do. And he HAS stated numerous times he's sick of you. You would be sleeping on a beach. What a DUMBASS!!! I hope he leaves you on a damned street corner someplace. You would at least be able to find work then

Here's another tip, your booze soaked brain dead self cannot seem to figure out. FANS ARE A FACT OF LELAND'S LIFE. What do you do peabrain? You block them. They do anything you don't like, you block them. You are so damned insecure about your relationship with Leland that you keep anyone you judge a rival away from him. Bitch, YOUR FRIENDS have told us how you have run any female friends away from your previous boyfriends. Dumbass, you cannot do that with Leland. His fans are the way he makes money. You are damaging the very wallet you LEECH off of. You need to think before you do something, you stupid little girl. The fans we have talked to want to personally kick you out of Leland's life, and frankly they are right. They want to know what your problem is. They love Leland. YOU DON'T. I'd say that is the problem RIGHT THERE that you can't seem to grasp.

Grow up Myk. After all, most of the money that The Chapman's have is put in Dog's name. Don't think that it will last forever. The show won't last forever either. You better get a working on yourself before it falls apart. Your life of luxury has a stop watch on it. Just get out of Leland's life and let him have the normal life that he deserves. And you can move onto a guy more that's more your style, like Charlie Sheen. I mean, since you are a train wreck and have a fetish for men old enough to be your father.


Thursday, January 1, 2015

New show being put on

In a prior blog there was a reference to a show being put on. Let's discuss that. After our blog trashing Myk for disrespecting fans, blocking and mocking them on her public profiles there was a sudden change. 

Her twitter disappeared and suddenly there were changes on all of the Chapman family's 'follow' list. Captions on family pictures were changed and tags were removed. Can you say Deja Vu? This is the same show always put on when they wanted to save face by making it look like Myk was out of the picture when she wasn't.

If this was a worthy relationship, you wouldn't have to hide it. Stop assuming what few fans you have left are stupid. Have you locked Myk out of your accounts yet? Have you apologized to your fans for allowing her to disrespect them? Have you apologized to Lynette for allowing Myk to publicly slander her and HER child? 

You owe people an apology. And by 'you' I mean the entire Chapman family. But we won't hold our breath. We know it'll never happen. You all think you're too good to admit fault. And people are finally starting to see it. Prove us wrong. Surprise us. I challenge you. 

His Soul

The human soul is something that we spend our whole lives trying to figure out. I did figure out a little of Leland's with the small glimpse that he let me have. He is truly a stubborn man, but when he lets you in you see something truly amazing. If he could be himself, and not what everyone has made him be, you could all see what I saw. I miss it a lot sometimes and sometimes just a little. I still miss it though. It's something I probably always will.

His reputation with women goes without saying. We all know it and it is not anything that can be alleged anymore. The thing is men like him are not born that way, they are created. Leland was burned by women many times, with each one it left a scar on his heart that never totally healed. He just protects it, never letting anyone get close enough to see the truth about him. This way he knows he is safe from pain and hurt. The problem is Leland never truly gives himself to anyone, and relationships stop working. He walks away thinking that it just didn't work. It was her. It wasn't me. It wasn't the right girl this time. The next one will be better.

This is where the alcohol comes in. You see if Leland was really true to himself, he would see that he really was hurting when he walked away. He slips into a dark depression and self medicates with alcohol. Alcohol takes away the part of our soul that is reasonable and sane. This is why he ends up with women like Myk. He is drunk and makes bad decisions. He met Myk long before he bailed her out. Sadly, he ran to her because he knew her for so long and gave into that urge for something he felt he was missing. Leland, you are trying to find the one thing that you are missing.

You want to have a woman that lets you be the man. You told me you liked being in control. I think in your heart, you craved it. You could then control something in your life. You want to feel like a real man, and I thought I gave you that feeling. I don't know anymore. I knew when I talked to you my heart surrendered and I was at peace. Are you that person with that soul? I don't know. I don't see him anymore

I want to see the good man I knew again. The smile and that twinkle that showed how much he loved life. Where did he go? I just know I won't see him as long as he is with Myk. I do miss you and I want you to find happiness. And that happiness can be found in a true woman and lover of your heart and soul, not your fame and wallet.

Was I wrong?

In all this time, I have realized words are something we can never change. The words we say do hurt each other in so many ways. They also can heal someones broken heart. It is indeed not hatred.

I can still remember the first time I talked to him. I was scared to death, actually terrified. I was nudged to do it anyways, so I did. I was glad that I did too. He got me to drop my guard and we actually talked. It was wonderful and he had my heart at that moment. I realized then he was a just a guy, just like any other guy. The only difference was that he was on TV. I think a lot of people forget that. He is just a man and not an object.

To me, he was just Leland and it was all that mattered. I think he liked that too. He acted like I was new and different to him. I thought I was special, but I guess not. It is the one thing that bothers me about the entire Myk situation. I thought he would never want a woman that wanted him for a TV show and money. He wanted women that wanted him or so I thought. I guess I was wrong about him. He wanted someone like Myk that only cared about his wallet and didn't care what his fans thought about him. Am I wrong? Did he not want a woman that he had an actual connection with? Was sex the only thing that actually mattered to him?

I still say he wanted a woman with substance and a brain in her head. Myk does not have either. She has big fake boobs and likes country. A woman of substance stays home, Leland. And she is appropriate around your children. I could sit here and call Myk what we have in the past, but that hasn't solved anything at all. I won't do that when I am talking about him. I refuse to tarnish good memories.

I just don't think I was wrong. Some how Leland was turned down the wrong path and is looking for his way back. We make a lot of mistakes on our personal journeys through life. He just needs someone to show him the way again. I can do that. I just wish that he would listen to someone so he could find his way back to the person he can be.

Or was it all a show? Just like the show being put on now with Myk leaving twitter and everyone unfollowing everyone else in the family. Only time will tell.