Monday, February 23, 2015

Blog removal

We removed a certain blog several days ago and people have been speculating as to why. It's simple. We did it to protect the young lady. People were guessing (some correctly and some incorrectly) as to who it was. If that really did happen (remember, it was only ALLEGED) she deserved some privacy. 

We made it a point to make it VERY clear that we had no proof and didn't know weather it really happened or didn't, as only 2 people in this world know that. 

We will not be making any further statements regarding this ALLEGED situation unless a police report is made, even if proof is provided. This decision is being made in the best interest of the alleged victim. 

No police report means one of 2 things: either nothing did happen or something did happen and the family has decided to deal with it privately. Either way, we will not be pursuing the issue any further at this time.

Leland is to be assumed innocent until proven otherwise. 

Myk and Leland back on

She went back to her sugar daddy. We called it, didn't we? LOL

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Ridiculous attempt to throw people off

It was over 24 hours ago we released the blog regarding Leland and the underage girl. Leland couldn't just sit quietly. 

Around 12 hours ago Myk's friend posted this on her PRIVATE IG:

And all of a sudden that picture is popping up as 'proof' Myk and Leland are still together. You morons didn't think this one through, did you? LMAO! 

Our source is very reliable. We have confirmed they are split. 

But just for fun, let's pretend this 'proof' is really true. What would it prove? That Myk supports a guy who takes advantage of young, underage girls.

This picture was posted on a private IG for a purpose. That purpose was to throw people off. Leland and Dog/Beth would do ANYTHING to try to get people to disbelieve yesterday's blog. A random fan couldn't get their hands on a post from a private friend of Myk's. Especially friend with less than a 150 followers.

I'll be the first to say that I believe Myk will go back to him despite the underage sex. She has no morals. But she's not there yet. When she is, we'll announce it.

There is a lot going on inside that family right now. Some pretty serious and major things, other than this. We cannot post details at this time. We will post when the time is right. But they don't know how much we know and that we're going to fuck up their 'plan'.

Stay tuned, folks. This is going to get VERY crazy before it's over. Enjoy this season of the show, it'll probably be the last. Grab your popcorn!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Myk and Leland have officially split

Our inside family source has informed us that as of a couple days ago, Myk and Leland are over. I don't think it will last. Never does.

The reason for the split is something HUGE and pretty morally disgusting. But we don't have permission to share that reason yet. But as soon as we have the green light we will post it here. The blog is already written and saved and will be published as soon as we can. 

I am in shock all around upon learning the information and you will be too. 

Leland, as soon as the media catches wind of this, your life is over. SMH

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Leland Chapman partying it up

We stumbled upon this beauty today:

Leland partying with young girls in a bar. His favorite thing to do besides watch porn. What are you going to do now, Myk? Going to hunt these girls down and email them some threats from Leland's email account like you did to other people who we cannot name? You know what we're talking about. ;-) 

Keep in mind he was in a relationship when this was filmed. I'm sure Myk's head will explode upon seeing this. Dumb ho. LMAO

Monday, February 16, 2015

Don't put yourself in danger

The Chapman family simply does not care about anyone but themselves. I have said it once, I'll say it again, if you're going to correspond with us I advise you do it privately or under an alias. 

The Chapman family is ruthless. They are big on fear mongering. They will post your personal information on a public forum and encourage people to harass and stalk you. They will endanger you and your family just to get people to stop talking to us. 

Many people have made the decision to block us on Twitter and then talk to us privately. We have no problem with that, as we don't want any of our friends in danger. 

We've had a couple friends 'switch sides' to talk shit about us to other 'friends' just so we can weed out stooges. Works wonderfully. LMAO and the great part is we still act the same towards them. It's all a game to us. So keep playing!

But in all seriousness, please don't join us on Twitter or IG using your real identity. Assume an alias. They can't touch you if they don't know who you are, just like they can't touch us.

We knew going into this how important it would be to keep our identities anonymous and we've succeeded. They are very adamant about us being Tami and it makes them look stupid. But where we went wrong was underestimating how far they'd go. We never expected them to endanger people for simply talking to us. Unfortunately for them, there's an ongoing investigation regarding the issue and it hasn't deterred people from us. Unfortunately for us, we feel very badly about our friends having to go through this.

Your safety might not mean jack shit to them, but it means a great deal to us. I am begging you, please hide your identities before talking to us publicly. We do not EVER ask for real names. EVER. We will never reveal our real names, therefore we will NEVER ask for yours. 

You will NEVER beat us, Chapmans. Never. And I think you know it, too. And THAT is why your actions are showing desperation. Dangerous desperation. Please stop. Have some decency. 


There's been a few complaints about Lynette blocking people on IG. People who have done nothing wrong, except for talk to us. Keep in mind that she has been accused of being a part of this numerous times. And that she's trying to keep her enemies (Leland and Myk) close. Blocking any accounts associated with us isn't an attack on you, it's for her own peace of mind. 

Lynette has no association with this. She also has more class and poise than the entire Chapman family put together, which is a bad comparison because that family has zero. So let's just say that she's as classy as the queen of England. We do not speak to Lynette in regards to this. We absolutely do NOT. So stop accusing her, Boobsie. Same goes for Maui. 

Thursday, February 12, 2015

We weren't born yesterday

We've been quiet lately. No reason in particular, just busy with real life. We actually have jobs, unlike Myk. But apparently, Myk and her short bus crew don't like it when we're quiet. And we aim to please so here we are. LMAO

Myk's 'friend' graced us with her annoying presence this morning. Another moron trying to run a game. She tried to convince us that Myk and Leland are no longer together and that she's back with her ex. We already knew that Myk and Eddie are in a relationship on the sly, however, Leland is still in the picture. To be honest, I'm kind of insulted this person didn't take the time to come up with a better game to try to run on us.

She also tried to convince us that Maui and Lynette are friends with Myk now. LMAO! Let's get something straight, Maui is friends with Myk on FB, but Lynette is not. Neither Lynette or Maui are stupid. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Being cordial doesn't mean being friends. 

Don't be fooled by the short bus crew. If Myk and Leland ever do break up, we'll announce it. But don't count on that. They truly are a perfect match. He's a ho and she doesn't care. She's a gold digging ho and he doesn't care. Both are morons. LMAO

I just have one question for Beth, though. Why do you attack Arvie and try to sabotage her relationship with Dakota but kiss Myk's ass? It's the million dollar question everyone is wanting to know. I have a feeling the answer will be very interesting. LMAO

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Clarification on Arvie

I am gonna make this short, straight and to the damned point because I am sick of hearing it. I DID NOT ATTACK ARVIE on Twitter. I told her to shut up because she was making it worse for herself. Only one name should answer that question and THATS Beth, Alice, Boobsie whatever I choose to call her this week. If anyone choses to attack her its HER not me. One thing I would hope our fans had figured out by now is that we don't give up or back down. I refuse to.

Boobs was checking Arvie's twitter, instagram and anything else she could find. Boobs also hates public displays unless she does them herself. Remember Beth, you were the one that got your dumbass thrown out of the Salon on Queen Emma Street making public displays about Lynette and Michelle. Any type of public running off at the mouth would have sent Boobs at Arvie. So I UM told her to shut up to protect her. You don't like that? Frankly, I could give a fuck. I know how Boobs can be. It was not worth Arvie being crucified. SIMPLE AS THAT.

So John kiss my ass and drop that OLD TIRED broken record. Try something better than saying I picked on a 16 year old brat who doesn't know how to keep her trap shut. Oh yeah, YOU HAVE NOTHING LMFAO and since John has been smart enough to leave us alone, that's all I have to say about him at this time.

Don't underestimate us, Boobs. We have plenty more skeletons to free from the closet. All will be revealed when the time is right.

Saturday, February 7, 2015


Well, Leland all I have to say is that if they had a Nobel Prize for Stupidity you took it HANDS down. Have you ever heard of a condom? You can't even treat your older children correctly so you create a new one??? You seriously need some mental help! Your brain is CLEARLY not functioning properly. Let's see how bad this will get, shall we?

Did Myk tell you about Dale, Jarone and Eddie? Dale was the first in the pack of 3 men she used. She started off really sweet and nice but she went NUTS towards the end. Dale said she was CRAZY. Myk would get mad, scream, yell and physically attack him. His main issue with her was her extremely insane jealousy towards his FEMALE FRIENDS. His female friends were sick of her BS attitude and wanted to kick her ass. Just because she tried to get him to knock her up, but smartly he didn't do it and  broke it off with her. BOY, this sounds familiar! Can anyone say JODI ARIAS? Travis Alexander ended up very DEAD!

Are you missing any female friends Leland? I know so.You keep posting that you are doing just fine without the people leaving your life. It means you probably are not. Me thinks thou dost protesteth a little too much. Human beings are defined by the people that they have in their daily lives. I'm betting your pack of friends keeps getting smaller, right? Maybe you need to look at the signs of an abusive relationship. The biggest one is a partner that isolates the other partner from others. I swear for someone who tries to be the protecter for the abused, you do not see it when it happens to yourself.

Jarone was in the military. She followed him around the mainland like a lost puppy. Does that sound familiar, DUMBASS? CopyCat CopyCat CopyCat! I guess you changed your mind on liking sloppy seconds, huh? You are pathetic! You can't even be a fucking original! LMAO You told me several times how you had no issue looking a person up, but you are blind to Myk. Really for someone so bright, you are as dumb as a box of rocks. Maybe one too many hits to the head? Have you scrambled your grey matter?

Now lets go to Eddie! I really can't say PAST boyfriend because she is still talking to him LOL. I guess you don't mind being cheated on LMFAO. Myk was cheated on by Eddie and keeps going back LOL. Eddie bought baby mama Maile boobs so Myk felt he should do his duty and buy her boobs too. She kicked up a fuss and got the worst boob job I've ever seen. He cheated on Myk with Maile too and blasted it all over facebook. Funny, didn't she do that to you Leland when you fell on a new vagina? She just did it on Instagram. LMFAO. You have SERIOUSLY lost your mind!

I can actually point my finger at you and LAUGH. You are hoping to recreate what you had with Lynette. You can't, you screwed that up yourself. I don't care how much I hear about Dakota being glad Lynette is gone. You in your heart of hearts miss her. You miss Leiah's mama. Why do you think that Myk is gung ho to recreate that she is Lynette. She thinks a baby will lock you to her, but she doesn't think before she does. The problem is I know you. You will dump her and screw it up again. It's sad but true. You will never change. It will never end. I am just so sure I am glad I told YOU NO. And from the conversations we've had with a lot of girls you've had in your life (There's a LOT) they're just as happy they said NO. 

Even the more recent ones. 

Myk, you aren't the only one who has been busy on the sly. LMFAO

Monday, February 2, 2015

Did we hit a nerve, Leland?

Leland contacted us today via our @DogUnofficial twitter. He threatened us. Guess he doesn't understand that we're utilizing our first amendment right to tell the world the TRUTH about you. And by world, I mean world, as people from several countries have been reading us. 

Here it is:

And what surprise would that be?? Are you going to start acting like a real man, boyfriend and father? I'll believe that when I see it!!!! 

The little hobbit is obviously pissed we're letting their skeletons out of the closet. Well you better buckle up because there's many, many, MANY more we can and WILL let out for the world to see. You people don't own up to anything therefore it's up to us to let people know just how fucked up you people really are.

If it bothers you that much just go continue to put some more innocent people on your blog so we can point and laugh some more. LOL

Have a great night!

Who let the perv out?

The song 'who let the dogs out' and changing the words to 'who let the perv out' comes to mind as I write this blog. 

Leland has been perving on Instagram again.

And of course as soon as we started talking about it on Twitter, Myk had a fit and he unfollowed them. LOL

Here's one of the specific pictures he liked:

And I can guarantee he LOVED this picture because these girls actually have an ass when Myk doesn't. We don't call her Flapjack Ass for nothing! What a perv! Disgusting!