Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Keep it simple, stupid

LOL I'm literally dying of laughter right now. We know who are stooges already so it's comical when they fuck up and tweet us from the wrong twitter and say the wrong thing. It gets confusing keeping up with numerous twitters and personalities, huh?!?!?! You know who you are. ;-) Now onto other things. 

I can't get that Dog Supporter blog out of my head. You know.....the one where they refer to us as the ones going after a minor child aka Dakota's girlfriend? Dakota seems to disagree.

We've refrained from posting texts from Cecily.....for now. But when we say that the entire family (Leland included) have all ganged up on Dakota and his girlfriend to make them miserable, we really do mean it. Leland has called her a 'little bitch' and taken away Dakota's college out of spite. Alice has sent in her bitch ass mini, Cecily, to stalk and harass Arvie. They've kicked him off the show, essentially taking away his income and his bond license too.

And for what? Because they don't want Dakota in a relationship. They want to train him to be a ho just like his Daddy. They want control over him. I have news for you, Leland. I am not LBCP. I have never spoken to you, nor do I wish to. I have no emotional attachment to you. I could care less if you tripped, fell and fucked yourself. 

I think you're a worthless piece of shit and wish I could turn back time and make your ugly ass father wear a condom. You don't deserve your kids. In my opinion, you don't deserve a good woman. You deserve that trash ass ho, Myk and she's even grown a brain and dumped you. What a fucking shock there!

I am telling you....you need to back the fuck off of your children. Let them make something of themselves like you never did. Let them get married, stay faithful and become a GOOD roll model for their future children. You know.....let them do everything you couldn't. 

Sunday, March 29, 2015


Ok guys....after seeing what I have seen today, PISSED OFF doesn't cover what I am feeling. Leland is the stupidest ASSHOLE I have ever known in my life. I mean seriously. He is STILL in love with Myk. I mean what the FUCK. Leland, she broke up with YOU! She used you, abused you, and took your money. She dumped your stupid ass when she had had enough of your CHEATING. HELLO IDIOT. You aren't going to keep any woman until you learn to keep your dick in your pants. How many women do you have to lose before you figure that out??? You've lost women as far back as MAUI and you cheated on Dakota's mother with Maui. When is your stupid ass going to learn something many men have learned? Women want LOYALTY!!! There are no good women that will look the other way on cheating like Beth does for your Father and she's a WHORE. Frankly, you keep fucking it up with women and can't get it right. SMDH, you are too damned fucking stupid to figure it the hell out. You were so stupid you walked away from me!

You're STILL in love with Myk? Explain to me why the fuck you are not in a straight jacket? Where the hell is Beth to kick you in the ass? Your fans have even figured it out per the telltale comment on Instagram. 

You are no better than an abused woman who won't leave her abusive husband. Myk is finally gone and you go back begging like a little bitch. What happened to the warrior that you used to be? Your DAUGHTER is stronger than you now. You are weak, sad and pathetic! You need to get a fucking grip, dude. MYK WANTED YOUR FUCKING WALLET AND THATS IT!!! And she got it, so now she's through with you. You wouldn't know a good woman if she bit you on the damn ass. You didn't see it with me, Maui or Lynette and you won't see it with anyone else. YOU are going to end up alone at this rate.

Your own SON has even taken off and you couldn't stop it. YOUR LIFE IS SELF DESTRUCTING!!! YOU are not fit to be a role model to a troop of baboons. Do you want your daughter to see you the way you are now??? I would bet not because you love that child more than you love yourself. She looks to you as a role model of how men should treat her. You want her to be with a lying, cheating whore like you? Keep up with the way you are going and that's what is going to happen.

Go to Vegas, get drunk ass you do so well and go to the Bunny Ranch and blow off some steam....AGAIN. Yes, ladies, he HAS already been there. Find a girl to distract you, if only for a little bit. Myk is nothing but trouble and heartache for you. You didn't give me a chance. Maybe you can give that chance to another or maybe I can help again. Just get up off your ass, change your life and MOVE ON.

Friday, March 27, 2015

To Dakota's fans

We felt that Dakota's fans would want to know what is going on. We love him as much as you guys do. We think he is adorable and has a bright future in front of him. He just needs a chance.

We do know why Beth kicked him off the show. This will be discussed in a future blog. This was too big of a bomb to lay everything on you at once. I suggest that fans ask Beth why he was kicked off the show. I doubt she will give you a straight answer. Everything coming out of that woman's mouth is crooked. Try asking and see what you get. You won't get much, that's for sure.

I don't doubt that Dakota's fans are as loyal as Leland's. They will let everyone know what they think and feel. Show Dakota the love that they do deserve and ask Beth why she is destroying the team that has worked so well. She is creating major family drama. Let her know what you think! And while you're at it, ask her why she so strongly disapproves of Dakota's relationship but supports Leland's. 

Enjoy the new season, it'll most definitely be the last. 

For Dakota's Birthday

In honor of Dakota's birthday yesterday, we thought we would say something to him. We love you but things are going on that we do not like. We had to express our opinion of the things going on because frankly we are concerned, just like everyone else is including your family. Neither Duck or I like what we see, so I am going to let our opinions be said here and be done with it.

You are 20 years old and think you are old enough to take care of yourself. You really aren't in this case. You're no longer are a bounty hunter. Your license went bad as of March 16. You are no longer on Dog and Beth On The Hunt. You aren't in college either. Your life as you know it was pretty much taken away. We are both so sorry that Beth did that to you (as we were told), but now look what you are doing. You are playing house with your girlfriend. It is not the life you are meant to have. You were not meant to be your father either. There is always another way.

You don't seem to be willing to restart everything. You, yourself are a smart guy and can figure it out. It's hard being cut off from your family. You at least need to talk to your dad if you haven't already. I get that you do not want to talk to Alice. I wouldn't if she was my STEP grandmonster. Your dad does care. He tried to stop you at the airport. CALL HIM! He loves you and doesn't want to you to make mistakes like he did. This is the problem with leaving to be with Arvie. Running doesn't solve problems, talking does. Adults solve problems not run from them.You are hiding with Arvie, that's all it is.

The one thing that we want, Dakota, is for you to be happy. In the end, you will be happier with your dad in your life. There is one thing I learned a long time ago. He is your father. He may not like your decisions, but he does loves you. Beting upset with him does not change how you feel either. Remember one thing, women come and go, but parents are forever. You can replace a girlfriend but you cannot ever replace a parent. He loves you. Be the bigger person, and talk to him.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Once a manho, always a manho

A lot of people have asked us about the status of Myk and Leland. We've contacted our sources to try to get this information. While we're waiting for a response, we did some digging.

The first thing we noticed was how flirtatious Myk has been with Eddie.


As controlling and jealous as Leland is, I don't think he'd appreciate this very much. Remember, Leland is allowed to flirt and cheat but nobody else is. And please remember in previous blogs we did mention that Myk and Eddie were still texting, talking and hanging out. Leland made the decision to ignore our warnings and not believe us. Still stand behind that decision, you little hobbit? LOL

Remember Bree? The young girl (recently turned 23) who referred to her relationship with Leland as a 'year long one night stand'? Leland recently started following her again on IG and she followed him in return. Myk would never tolerate this. She'd wait until he was asleep or in the shower and take his phone and block her as she always does. With some digging we found her talking about Leland in an old post. 

It's evident that they still care about each other. He ran right to her and although she referred to their relationship as a 'year long one night stand' she still never talked negatively about him. 

So, we don't know for sure yet about Leland and Myk but the signs point to them not being together. But nothing is confirmed yet. And if it is confirmed, Myk, we told you. You weren't the first and won't be the last. HA! That's the same thing Cecily said to a certain someone recently. ;-) Guess she said it to the wrong person.

Once a manho, always a manho. Keep spreading that nasty seed, Hobbit. 

Monday, March 23, 2015


I had to save what I was feeling for the truest idiot on the block. She is the one that is now sloppy seconds on Dog And Beth On The Hunt. You are truly a sad little bitch. How the hell does it feel to be a second choice? SMH! You are just a little dumbass who wants her 15 minutes. It took betrayal for you to get it.

You posted on Twitter about no ego, re-tweeting what John posted on Official Dog News.You have an ego that can fill a stadium. You are just like your mother. You are a fat whore with a huge mouth just like your mother. Baby Lyssa has more hunting skills than you and that's saying something. They will probably put you as mommy's little sidekick. Your mouth is as big as hers after all. I wonder how long it will be before a skip comes at you and Leland has to step in to take him down, Not long, I'd bet. Frankly, your ego makes you reckless and being reckless on a bounty can get someone seriously hurt.

Cecily, you need to just grow the fuck up. You are nothing but a common bully who is basic as hell. You have been that way since I talked to you the first time. The first thought that came out of my head when we talked was what a dumbass. You haven't changed at all. The only reason that you bully people is that you were bullied as a child. Does it make you feel good to be a bully now? I seriously doubt it. You are a pathetic weak little girl trying to look like an adult. You aren't even fucking original! You are trying to be a carbon copy of your pathetic mother. The both of you CLAIM to be Chapman. Sorry bitch, but a marriage doesn't make you Chapman. In your case, I'm guessing being an idiot does.

How does it feel to betray the person you are replacing? You may not think it, but it is. A normal family member would have said "I'm staying out of this". Not you though, I bet you said "Yes, mommy dearest." You're thinking you now have a shot. Well, be careful little girl because your chance can shoot you in the foot.

Does it make you feel big (literally) and bad to harass a minor because that person has a mind of their own and refuses to take your shit? That person is correct. You're not a Chapman and you need to sit down and shut the fuck up. You were schooled by a high school student who (unlike you and most of your family) has impeccable grammar. 

Are you and your family allergic to education? Dog's grammar sucks, his EDITED book sounded like a first grader wrote it. Both you and Leland can't seem to send a single text message with correct grammar and spelling. Your fat ass mom even struggles with it. Garry Boy can't even dress himself and needs a manny to make it through the day alive. What the fuck is wrong with you people? 

Oh Cecily, your're judgmental as hell about people's age and yet you proudly posted pictures of yourself drinking underage with Lynette on IG. And you have nothing to say about Leland robbing cradle after cradle for drunken bar whores. Nobody in your family is allowed to question anybody. You're a family of felons. And drunks. Drug addicts. Racists. Whores. Dog has how many baby mama's? Leland has how many? How many pills are Alice on nowadays? Not enough, obviously.

You better learn to keep your fat mouth closed, Cecily. You're already on the fast track to becoming just like your mother. At least save yourself the embarrassment of us pointing out your hypocrisy and stupidity. Learn from Alice's mistakes. Learn how to shut the fuck up.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Choices we make

We all have our choices that we have to make in life. Some we live with and some we can't. Leland I have to admit, I'm very disappointed in the choices you have been making as of late. You have let so much of yourself go. I just don't understand what it would take for you to run your life. You have become your own worst enemy. You are letting everyone push you towards self destruction. When are you going to stop them from exploiting you? You need to remember, you are more than Dog's son. You are just Leland. The guy with the huge heart that just wants to be loved for himself.

You don't think I remember? I remember every moment we talked. I always thought every one of your words could soothe a haunted soul. It definitely reached me. You were that safe place where I hid from everything. I miss that. I miss that feeling you took when you walked away. I never really knew why. I always assumed it was Beth and her selfishness that took you. You may have been with another cheap whore too. I was never that easy because I am the kind of girl you keep. You blew it once again. It's just another sign that you need to be saved yourself. I wish I could do it, but you took away that choice from me. Somehow I think you are just too stubborn to listen. You don't even listen to yourself. Your heart seems so dark now. I wish I could save you, but you're gone...

 I remember your depression too. It devoured you completely. It's when you told me you needed a new life. I told you then to walk away. You needed a change and still do. It's clear your life isn't working from what we all see. You cared what others thought once, and what you felt. Does being happy even matter to you now? Somehow I doubt it since you have been going through the motions for a long time. You need to feel real love and not just the sex that seems to fuel your addiction. I think you have forgotten what that feels like. You are just so lost...

How much do you have to lose before you see reality? Duane Lee is in Florida and Cecily is the replacement on the show. If this pattern doesn't stop, your worst fear will be reality. You will end up completely alone. Have you resigned yourself to that? Beth is driving everyone away from you. When are you going to say ENOUGH?? I wonder if you have it in you now to stand up for yourself. You don't have to let people go in your life because Alice says. It is YOUR life. You just have to decide to live it. 

Just live, I want you to be that person you had showed to me. I was able to help you once. Maybe I could again? It is up to you. Just remember that we all need to be saved from ourselves at some point. I believe you have reached yours. I hope you find a normal and respectable woman. It won't be me. You make me sick. But maybe one day you will. 

Friday, March 20, 2015

Leland the little bitch

Wow, all I have to say is WOW. You have truly proven how pathetic you really are. Is it hard kissing Alice's ass? Do you have a spine? I really doubt it. You do anything she tells you to do. Are you really a man or is your pantyhose on too tight? You swallow your own feeling just to keep Alice the heifer happy. The problem is where is she going to stop. It's sad she is going to destroy YOUR own life. You are nothing but a basic people pleaser trying to ride the wave. It's so sad that it will be your downfall.

So the replacement has been chosen, huh? You honestly think that Cecily will be a better replacement....I'd laugh in your face if I could. You have Big Mouth Beth to protect from her own trap. Do you think Cecily will be any better????? The answer to that is NO. Cecily is obviously uneducated considering she can't even formulate a grammatically correct sentence. And you want her to have your back on a bounty? Baby Lyssa has more skills than her as a bounty hunter. YOU are going to be neck deep in trouble with no way out. In some ways, I should feel sorry for you but I don't. You have made your own bed and now you need to lie in it. Maybe you will sooner or later figure out the concept of free will. How much do you have to lose to do that?

Maybe you should watch what you call people, Loverboy? Just remember we point out in others what we hate in ourselves. It is why you are just a little bitch. You are Alice's little bitch. 

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Someone is leaving Dog and Beth On The Hunt

Someone is leaving Dog and Beth On the Hunt, effective immediately. This has been confirmed! We knew it was coming so this isn't a big shock to us. I know there are going to be a lot of upset fans when this family drama plays out, and they did it to themselves.

This is the beginning of the end for Dog And Beth On The Hunt, and once it's over, no other network will touch them. FINALLY!!! It'll be great to not have to look at them anymore, and we didn't do it. This is one issue that we played no part in whatsoever, but I can guarantee you that when the departed party is finally announced by the network, they will be pointing fingers at everyone but themselves.

We've already been informed that there are talks about making fans think this relationship ended on a good note, but it did not. This person was kicked off for reasons we will be explaining in great detail in future blogs.  This person isn't talking to the family either. Sounds to me like the family thinks they don't need this person. but really they do.

The family is imploding and we will bring you all along for the ride. We've got our popcorn ready. Do you? It's going to be a hell of an explosion.

Have you guys figured out who it is leaving yet?? I bet you can't.....

Changes happening

It seems we have seen a lot of changes going on in the last few days with the Chapmans. Leland has announced he is single again and saying he broke up with Myk. He isn't the only Chapman making big changes but we will get to that one later. Leland is the only one I am interested in right now. He's the biggest trainwreck at this moment.

Trust is a HUGE thing with a woman. We want to know that we are giving our heart and soul to someone that actually cares about us. You are too damned busy looking at the next ass walking down the street to care about anything but yourself. I'll be the first to say I am a different kind of girl. I don't care who you look at as long as you come home to me but you can't even get that right. Tour bus one night stands, looking at everything and taking whatever you want simply does not work. You told me once you had had your heart put in a blender more than once. You seem to enjoy doing it to yourself. I see a man that is his own worst enemy. You destroy every relationship you try to have. Do you not want to be happy? I don't think so. I think it is that you do not know how to be with a good woman. Frankly, you wouldn't know a good woman if she walked up and slapped you. You didn't realize it with me.

You walked away from me for no reason. It always boggled my mind as to why you did it. Hate to tell ya, Loverboy, I'm the type of girl that would prefer to sit around the house with ya watching TV but YOU were the dumbass. You need to think about how many good women you have tossed away like a piece of garbage because you were bored and needed a new piece of ass. Any woman that is perfect for you would keep your attention and could satisfy your sexual appetite. If she was right for you, you would never get bored. Sadly, you never gave me that chance.

You need to learn something Loverboy. Your life isn't working the way it is so you need to change it. You need to go in a different direction or you will never be happy. The right woman will elude you and you will be alone. You have driven away many important people in your life. Get yourself straight before you screw up someone else's life. From what I see, you are well on your way to trying to screw up another life.

Leland, I have to admit from time to time you really do blow my mind with the stories you attempt to tell. You forget some of us know you well enough to know a fib when we hear it. I have confirmed with several known sources that Myk broke up with you. She couldn't deal with your cheating issue. This is something you are not able to get. No woman of any quality is going to stay with you because you can't keep it in your pants. You sit there and post memes on Instagram about wanting a woman to hang around the house with you. They don't want to commit unless they can trust you. 

It speaks volumes that Myk, a person with no morals, left you. Let that sink in for a minute. We'll be getting to the other big family changes very soon. ;-)

Monday, March 9, 2015

New blogs coming soon

Yes, we're still here! We haven't blogged because we've been spending a lot of time talking to our source and trying to get all of the information straight. There is a LOT going on right now with that trash ass family and we want to get a firm grasp on it before releasing the information. 

It's really very sad. But stay tuned.............

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

About Leland

I have kept quiet for a bit trying to get my thoughts together. There are a lot of things being said about Leland, and honestly I'm just confused. I really don't know what to say at this moment. It is pretty clear if half of what is being said is true, Leland is not who I thought he was. I think the only thing that describes how I am feeling is confusion and disappointment. I just don't understand what is going on.

The Leland I knew had honor and self respect. He had his dark side, but was generally a good person. I wasn't that wrong about him. I couldn't have been. Hurting someone wasn't his thing. He wanted to be a hero like his father. He wanted to save people from the dark side. I always thought his own dark side would be what destroyed him. It seems to be what is happening now. I just don't feel he could do what he was accused of doing.

Leland wanted to be truly loved for who he was, and not being Dog Chapman's son. It was funny. Everytime I talked to him we had one rule, no Dog The Bounty Hunter at all. It would creep in occasionally, but it was never a big thing. We talked about every
thing else, like his cage fighting, cars or even his dogs. Honestly, I thought he liked that I didn't care about that. It seemed new to him. He let me see the real him, and I wasn't disappointed by it. I miss that. I miss that guy that I thought cared. After seeing what has been going on, I wonder what has happened to him. The guy I'm seeing now, looks extremely battered, abused and used. I sometimes just want to give him a hug and tell him it is going to be okay.

Do you remember when you told me you wanted a new life, Leland? You wanted to escape from the drama and have a real life. It is still possible, whether you find me or with someone else. You have to think of yourself and your sanity first. In the end, all we have is being happy. You have to let yourself be happy. Happiness is the most important thing in the end.