Sunday, May 31, 2015

Dakota and Arvie have gone viral!

I've noticed the text messages between the awesome couple has been floating around social media for a while, but only just realized how viral it has gone. Check out this one (of many) posts by public figures:

Check out the numbers!

And Dakota didn't get his good relationship skills from his whoring father, that's for sure. Kudos to the power couple!@ Stay away from the Chapman clan, they'll only bring you down. NONE of the other Chapman's have ever been a power couple. Way to go, Dakota and Arvie!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Jessica Nicole

Sweetheart, you have a ton of fucking nerve, lets get that straight right here and now. You are nothing but a two bit whore looking for her 15 minutes of fame. You first were with Adam Lind and that blew up big per tabloid reports. Now, you post pictures of pictures of Leland and tell people you and he are dating? There are only 2 words for that insinuation. My ass. You post on Instagram that we need to get a life. Bitch, I have a good life unlike you that has to chase after two alleged celebs from two crappy reality shows that wouldn't know a true red carpet from the backside of a barn. You need to get a life.

I'd bet you have not even met him, but you're dating. Bahahaha, bitch that is not dating. You are probably getting dirty Dms and a phone call or 2. Has he offered a plane ticket yet? Has he told you exactly what he wants to do to you? I'd bet so on one or both things. I'd laugh in your face if you were in front of me LOL. It's what Leland does to make up for his lack of manliness. He talks on a computer or is drunk as hell to talk to women. How cheap do you have to be to fall for that shit?

Oh and Jessica, if you had wanted people to stay out of your business you NEVER would have posted anything about Leland on Instagram. If you had a true relationship with him, him being with Lynette would matter. Congrats on being added to the LONG list of women that have been used by Leland! At least you will get your 15 minutes from it LMAO. I hope it is worth it.

You're worse than Myk. You have a teenage son and you post nude pictures on Instagram. And I honestly never thought I'd ever be able to say that someone was worse than that worthless ho, Myk. Come on, Leland. Make my day. Make me eat my words. Find a nice, RESPECTABLE woman. 

Not this trash:

Honey, you wanted attention, and we're happy to oblige. 

Monday, May 11, 2015

One of Leland's new girls

Leland has been talking romantically with Jessica Nicole, a former girlfriend of Adam Lind from Teen Mom. And just like Myk, Jessica has blasted their relationship. Jessica deleted pictures of Leland from her instagram after she received negative attention regarding Leland and his cheating ways. We're happy that people are finally seeing him for what he is and are informing/warning all of his conquests.

You can visit Jessica's instagram at: Jessica_143_Nicole_

As for Leland and Lynette, we'll get to that in another blog.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Cecily harassing a minor

We've been promising to share the text messages between Cecily and Arvie (Dakota's girlfriend) and today is your lucky day. I must say, I personally find this hilarious. Not only does Arvie have better grammar than Cecily, but Cecily is straight up SCHOOLED by Arvie. 

Our apologies if they aren't in the correct order. ENJOY!

Hope you enjoyed these as much as we did! Go back to school, Cecily. Congratulations to Dakota and Arvie for having the guts to stand up to the trashy family. Dakota and Arvie are doing just fine without their influence. They're spending time together with their real family and Dakota's mom seems to like Arvie and is supportive of Dakota. Just like a parent is supposed to. Take notes, Hobbit. Being a parent isn't about what YOU want, it's about what's best for your children. 

Myk is pregnant

We had our suspicions but in a recent photo which showed some bloating:

And then Myk made this comment:

Your guess is as good as ours as to who the father is. Because Myk and Eddie were together when she was still with Leland. Eddie and Myk originally disagreed on children, as Myk was obsessed with becoming pregnant and Eddie wanted no part of it. Leland doesn't want more children either, he didn't even want Leiah.  She was Lynette's baby after all.

Our hearts go out to this unborn child. No child should have to deal with Myk as a mother. 

Monday, May 4, 2015

Dakota removed by producers???

I wanted to correct something with Dakota's fans. Many of the fans have said that Dakota was removed by producers and asked why to Dakota. My suggestion would be to ask Dog and Beth directly since they are both producers on the show. Below you will see the screenshot of the list of producers from wikipedia.  The same list can be found on IMDB too. The only difference you will see is that Beth's name on IMDB is Beth Smith.  Yes, Dakota was removed by his family that are the producers. Maybe you should ask Dog and Beth why he was removed instead of Dakota? Let them know you want him BACK!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Poor little betrayed Leland

I have to admit the word hypocrite isn't doesn't quite cover what you truly are, but it's damned close. I have seen your latest instagram posts and I have to admit betrayal is written ALL over them. This is one of the bigger issues I have with you. You cannot admit your OWN failings. Your quote, " I ride alone, if I let the gas run out it's my fault and no one else's" is actually hilarious. You ride alone because you are in a world of misery you created for yourself. You know about betrayal though. You have no true friends because you always knife them in the back in some way. True friends and true love require trust and we all know no one can trust you.

Look at what you did to DL for starters. You threw him under the bus big time and you two were thick as thieves. He grew a pair and left for Florida with Michelle. You kept on filming because you love your lifestyle. Maybe you haven't learned that family isn't replaceable. Money comes and goes so do women, but family will stay gone. I thought about that when you posted the Florida sign pic on your Instagram. If you went to see DL, I hope he tossed you out on your ass. You deserve it.

How does it feel? 

How does what feel, you ask? 


Knowing we told you over and over and over about Myk and Eddie being together behind your back and as soon as she was done milking you of vacations and shopping, she dumped you for him.

And this.

Knowing that your 'best friend' (that you betrayed numerous times) is hanging out with Myk's man. 

It must really suck being you. Knowing that your family only wants you for ratings and you have no friends. Sadly, it's nobody's fault but your own. You prefer being alone right?