Saturday, June 27, 2015

Short and sweet

We thought it would be a good idea to go ahead and point out the obvious here. Dakota was so sweet to his mom on mother's day but didn't even mention his 'father'. I quoted the word father because Leland isn't a worthy father. 3 kids, 3 different mom's and all of them were raised by their MOTHERS not Leland. Leiah is still very young, but a time will come when he visits less and less, just like he did with his boys.

Want to make us look stupid? All that waould take is for you to find a respectable and appropriate woman. LOL I can't even type this with a straight face.

Friday, June 26, 2015

The desperation continues!

We heard about Dog in New York wanting to find the escapee for the reward money. LMAO! Are you worried about something, Dog? Your failing tv career, perhaps? Big bad bounty hunter Dog can't even handle his own fucked up family but he wants that reward money! Maybe next time, Dog. REAL law enforcement shot and killed your reward money yesterday. LOL maybe this is a sign you need to get a real job.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

On this Father's Day....

I'd first like to say that Father's Day isn't just about biological dad's. It's also about expectant dad's, stepdad's,foster dad's, pet dad's and also mom's who take the roll of both mom and dad. I hope everyone today has given them love and credit, as they deserve it. 

None of the above is in reference to Dog or Leland, as they're deadbeat.

I have a surprise for you all!!!!!!!!!!!!

I apologize for the long absence, but we've been busy. I spent some time in Hawaii. You know......making friends. And I am excited to announce that we have some newbies on board here at UDN! After hearing people talk about Dog's cheating and drug abuse, they went on saying Leland uses as well and has a drinking habit. I must add that this is all alleged at this point BUT they've agreed to send us pictures when the Chapman's are being naughty again.

As you like to say, Beth....."money talks and bullshit walks." And that's truth!

I'm planning some time in Colorado in the near future so I can make some friends there. With the new season set to air soon, it's time to start playing hardball. Hope you enjoy the ride!!!!!!!

Dog is a ho. He's fucked more girls than I can count. He's treated his kids like shit and also his fat wife. Leland is a whore far worse than Dog. He treats his like garbage. Physically armed Dakota and dates young women. Although his girl now is more age appropriate, she's a bar rat who swings off a pole after she's done taking nasty bathroom pictures in cheap bra's stuffed with veiny grandma boobs. Myk's tits were botched but at least she didn't look like raggedy Ann. LMAO

Friday, June 5, 2015

I don't forget

By now, I know people have wondered who I am. I've heard I'm Maui or Lynette or I am one of Leland's many whores which isn't the case either. Frankly, I know Leland doesn't remember me which proves a lot. To him, people are nothing. He uses them to get what he wants. Women are nothing to him without a doubt.. Leland is nothing but a cheap whore that most prostitutes would say no to no matter how much he offered. Hookers have standards as to what they will do. Leland on the other hand does not. He will do whatever he wants just because he thinks that he can. Here is a tip Leland, we all know exactly what you are and you can't fix that. You need to learn once a whore always a whore, just face the facts.

I know there are people that have made fun of me for days because of what I have said. Honestly, I don't care. Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one. I know what Leland and the rest of them really are. It is the reason most Hawaiians call Dog a joke and a sellout. It is the reason that A&E didn't show Dog The Bounty Hunter in Hawaii. It is the reason that The Chapman's make more money on a TV show than they do as bounty hunters. They are all a bunch of fake fucks that only see $$$$$$$$$$$$.

You really want to know what makes me sick? I've read Leland's instagram and all the other social media and watch Dog fans fall at their feet. The crap that they spew on them is nothing but utter BS. Leland doesn't get on those pages. HE NEVER HAS. They have someone such as John Buffam the hired stooge run them. Don't kid yourself, he's been with The Chapman's for YEARS, he gets paid. John Buffam is not just "a fan" like The Chapman's try to sell.  He's been with them forever. Don't you fans remember Bandit from the chat room?  Yep, that was him. He spews whatever Beth tells him to which is pathetic. Anything Alice says is a lie. Frankly, she wouldn't know the truth if it bit her on her fat ass. The entire family is FAKE as fuck.

None of them should be a role model to anyone. They barely run their own lives.  They ACT for a TV camera and when not on camera the debauchery would top any slut you can find. Dog has cheated on Beth for YEARS and she looks the other way. Beth only stays for the $$$$. Leland and Dog probably keep a tally sheet on how much they get laid. They are just a family of liars that shouldn't be on TV. They should be in prison. The religion is even faked. The prayer circle you saw on every show is total BS.

I see that season 3 is coming July 18. No one needs to watch that. People with morals should be on TV. Anything that family has done is to only benefit themselves. I'll get into the biggest case of that on another blog too. It deserves its own spotlight, because to many fans it will be shattering. Lies are showing and it is time I start to point them out. I'm just starting and I never ever forget.