Monday, July 27, 2015

Justin Bihag

To be honest, Dog's nephew Justin has fallen off the radar and we completely overlooked him until recently.

To those of you who don't remember him, he was featured on Dog The Bounty Hunter in the earlier seasons. He was asked to leave after he was in a car accident after he drove under the influence, and subsequently lost his leg.

Let that sink in for a minute. Justin was asked to leave because of his actions surrounding his car accident, yet Dog and his wife are still around despite their actions.

Dog himself has a DWI on his record. 3 DWI's to be specific. As well as burglary, driving without insurance or registration, impersonating a police officer and a handful of other things.

As for Beth, she was pretty busy herself. Extortion, false imprisonment, forgery and obstructing government operations, and 2 assault charges. The assault charges were separate from the rest, and guess who was her accomplice for forgery and extortion? Moon Angell. That's right. Justin's mom. However, Beth cut a deal. Among other things, the one that stands out is that she surrendered her bail license.

So, after all they've done and continue to do, they think that they're still good for tv and the bail bond business but he wasn't. We don't know if he's on social media but if he is, some recognition for how badly he's been treated by his 'family' would probably be appreciated by him.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Why are you such an idiot, John?

You'd think that someone who tries to be an Internet gangster, such as John Buffam, would actually be smart. John seems to have enough Facebook profiles to fill an entire 3rd world country. He continues to change the name on them thinking it'll hide his huge ass from being caught. You'd think Boobs would find someone with a brain to handle their online crap. Then again, boobs is literally brainless. If you've ever been harassed or stalked online, I can guarantee you that it was John.

Here's the latest fake John profile.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Recap on Dakota being removed

We have had some questions sent on why Dakota is no longer on Dog And Beth On The Hunt. I felt the easiest answer was to try and explain it here. It seemed to me if one person was lost, there were probably more that were the same way.

Dakota was removed from the show because he chose to be the man that he was meant to be. Beth and Leland did not like Arvie. They felt he should date girls his age and older. In their minds, Arvie was too young. She's not for everyone's information. A 2 year age difference in a couple is NORMAL. Dakota is doing something that that family has no clue about, and thats being normal! A bunch of shit stirring drama queens wouldn't know about that at all.

They put pressure on Dakota and Arvie for awhile. They wanted them to be quiet about their relationship, saying the age difference would look bad. Yes, Beth and Leland being normal would look bad NOT! I have my opinion  as to why they wanted to keep it quiet and AGE had nothing to do with it, but that is another blog all by itself.

Beth was the one that finally did the deed though. It was put to Dakota either break up with Arvie or be removed from the show. Dakota being the man of morals and strength that he is, chose the one thing that could NEVER be replaced in his mind. He chose his WOMAN. He's moved out and on his own. He lives near Arvie now and is happy. They live and breathe their own love everyday away from the stress of the shit starting Chapmans.

Dakota and Arvie still fend off attacks from time to time. Cecily the Traitor seems to think that attacking Arvie and Dakota will solve anything. This is Beth's mentality. Don't get me wrong Cecily is an idiot, but Beth has Cecily doing it. Here's a tip Boobs, you fucked up. Dakota may be a Chapman by blood as Cecily throws around, but he is his own person. He's made his choice and he is happy with it. Leave the alone.

Everyone I suggest you DONT watch Dog and Beth On The Hunt, if you love Dakota like we do. It isn't the same show and I would never support any family who would toss their blood away like they did Dakota

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Drugs and stupidity

Oh Cecily.

You still think you're some big bad ass? LMAO! So big and bad that you are willing to bully a minor. I wonder what the police will say about that? I wonder how you will do in jail? Although you're so fat I think they'd be afraid of ya. LOL! I wonder what CMT would think of this.

I wonder what the police would think about the alleged fact that your parents' house reeks of drugs? Or that allegedly your parents have been documented on PHOTOS doing said drugs. We aren't going to post them here.  We're going to send them to CMT, the police and the enquirer.

Buckle up, idiots. It's going to be a rough ride for you. HAHA

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Dog and Andrew Luster

Before I start going through this, I want to make something REALLY clear. Dog, Leland and Tim did a wonderful thing by taking Andrew Luster off the streets of Mexico. I am not saying anything against the act of him doing it, except that he didn't have to. He could have save himself a lot of time, trouble and legal fees staying out of Mexico, but we will get to that in just a minute.

For those who aren't familiar, Andrew Luster skipped bail on a series rape charges and was convicted in absentia on January 23, 2003. Dog, Tim and Leland jumped the jackass in Mexico on June 18, 2003 and of course was arrested for deprivation of liberty since bounty hunting is illegal in Mexico. This is when we saw Bethie doing the talk show circuit and causing a big stink because of the arrest. It wasn't long after they were out of Mexico that the A & E show started . See what happens when you do a good deed!

The funny thing is none of it had to happen! My bounty hunter friends who WOULD know filled me in. The FBI was literally HOURS behind Dog in getting Luster off the street. Many bounty hunters knew he was in Mexico, but chose to not get involved because they knew the Feds were. Didn't anyone ever wonder why the US government did not step in to get Dog and crew out of Mexico back then? I know I did. It was kinda easy to figure out once I got the pieces of the puzzle. They made their bed so they had to lie in it so to speak.

Now, we all know what Dog said his reasons were for going to get Luster. He said he was doing it for the victims and that he hunts so he must go get him. Well, he said something along those lines. Him saying he was hunter and he must go get him I can't deny is the truth. The other things I really wonder about though. Take a look at this article. It is partial screenshots of it so you get my point. The link to the article is there as well so you can read the whole article

If you read the 3rd shot of the article, you will see what I am getting to. Question, why do you have a camera crew with you if you are doing it ONLY for the victims and possibly the bounty? The answer you would get from The Chapmans would probably be EVIDENCE but I disagree. If you look at the article, you will see the name Boris Krutonog. You are probably asking who is Boris Krutonog by now, and that is a VERY easy answer. He was listed as the co-executive producer of Dog The Bounty Hunter  from 2004-2012 when it ended per his IMDB page. He also sued Dog later, which was settled out of court. I find it funny that Dog was in Mexico capturing Luster with a TV crew that is including the producer of his soon to be show at the time. His A&E show premiered in August 2004.

His motives to me came clear after seeing the evidence. Really, I never had much of an issue with his true motives. It was the lying that got me. If you are doing it for selfish reasons, don't lie about it. Tell the truth. You wanted the bond and the glory that came from getting Luster and that's fine. Just be upfront about it.Dog is supposed to be a hero, but this hero has some flaws.

I know all of you reading probably have questions and I get that. Please email them to us at . I will do my best to answer

Just sit back and read everyone because this definitely will be a BUMPY ride. CIAO!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Leland and his hatred towards hos own son

We've already shared the news about Dakota being kicked off the show and why. And it has really pissed off what fans the Chapman's had left. Fans have been contacting us saying they've requested Dakota come back. Want to knows how Leland reacted to people asking about Dakota? He blocked them. 

What's wrong, Leland? Did you forget your fake 'I love you, son' Facebook post already? It's exhausting keeping track of lies, isn't it? You are so fucked up, I don't think there's enough medication in the world to fix you. Your women issues alone would drive Dr. Phil to drink. Add in that you're a worthless father and he'd probably quit. There's no hope for your pathetic ass. LMAO

My return

Hello everyone! This is the Leland Parody. Life sometimes gets in the way of what we feel we need to do. I am back to start showing some issues with Dog's stories that have endeared him to most of you. We also are currently working on something about Leland that involves Lynette. This family is sad beyond belief. I feel sorry for all of them. They are the authors of their own destruction. I do not see the TV show lasting past this season.

Wait! You have the FAN CLUB to keep your flow of income going. It's why you started it right Beth? After all you wanted a flow of money when the TV show was gone to pay for everything.

I figure the best place to start with issues in Dog's fibs is the beginning, so shall we get started?

"I hate Dog the bounty hunter"

For our fans,

We thought you might enjoy this. We sure did!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Leland and Lynette

We're aware of the rumors about Leland and Lynette circulating. While it certainly looks like they're a couple again, there's no proof of that. Although if it is true, it's a risky move for Lynette. However, it would be a step up for Leland. It would be a relationship we could not poke fun at Leland about because Lynette is a good and respectable woman. So if it's true, until he cheats again (and we all know he will) his relationship would be the only thing we couldn't diss him about.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

From a fan of ours

We received this gem from a loyal fan of ours. They've asked to remain anonymous.

Also, we're cooking up something great to post on here soon. That's a part of the reason we've been lagging on posts. It will be worth the wait. I'm hoping we can be ready to post by the time the new show airs. Thank you for your patience!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Too late, dumb ass.

We broke the news a while back about Dakota being kicked off the show. And here's Leland (this was days ago) thinking he was breaking the news! Just another proven act of falsifying actions to prove how 'Christian-like' they  are. Their family is a joke.