Monday, August 31, 2015

Nice try, Leland

Leland posted an interesting picture of himself, Dog and Dakota on his instagram a few days ago. We feel the need to clarify that Dakota still has NO contact with his father at this time.

They've had no contact since Leland PHYSICALLY removed Dakota from his house (making him walk to the airport), and took away his college fund. All because Dakota refused to dump his girlfriend, a lovely young lady that he loves.

Most parents support their children, especially when they're furthering their education. But not Leland. Leland takes away college education from his children. Normal parents take away TV privileges. But then again, nothing about the Chapman family is normal.

You can't dictate your adult children like you're Hitler, you hobbit. If you want to control something, how about you control your whoring ways. Control yourself from sticking your teenie little dick into anything with a pulse.

Oh and we love your pictures with your new ho. You know, the one you're so ashamed of that you blurred out. And nice try with the bs explanation. Anyone with even a half a brain could see through that. Dumbass! LMAO

Friday, August 28, 2015

Zero tact

Leland reached a new low. We reported the news of Dakota being removed from the show and the reasons why long before the season aired. We knew Leland was going to twist it to his advantage to some degree but even we didn't think it would be this classless.
On Saturdays show, you initially see Leland putting down his own son just because he couldn't say a fugitives last name correctly. Leland, you said that Dakota doesn't respect you? Respect is earned, not given. And you, asshole, never did respect your son. He was in college furthering his education which is something you never did.
As for your snarky comment "he ran off with some young girl", he's a grown ass man who can do what makes him happy. And Arvie makes him happy. If you don't like it maybe you should have been a real parent who was more focused on his happiness than yours. Need I remind you that you ran off with a girl when you were younger. You stole your mother's car, took her and ran. So before you start pointing your finger at your son (who you should SUPPORT), you better make damn sure you're perfect.
In regards to you saying that you loved Myk and wanted to marry you, I'm calling straight bullshit. You loved her so much that you cheated on her many times. You're also an Internet pervert. How do you think the woman you claim to have loved felt about all the online whores you were staring at daily?
I'm not trying to defend her, as she isn't any better than Leland. I'm simply pointing out that Leland is a lying piece of shit. Lying about his own child on national TV to make himself look better is really low. I'm not easily shocked when it comes to the Chapman family but this did shock me.
We're all behind you 100%, Dakota. It doesn't matter what your sperm donor says. He and the rest of that family are beneath you. Built your life with your sweet and beautiful girlfriend. Stay strong!

Thursday, August 20, 2015


I found this little tidbit on Leland's instagram and it made me question something. Question... since this quote says children why doesn't Leland mention Reina and Maui in his callout to his baby mamas? Maui has an instagram account. Sounds to me like a good example of Leland's stupidity and Chapman selective memory...

To me it goes right along with the fact that Leiah seems to be the only child of Lelands that matters to him. The number of pictures of each one really tells the tale. Don't worry guys we will be getting into that later.

So guys tell us what you think about this little tidbit... I know it is enough to make me question. What about you?

Sunday, August 16, 2015


Many people have emailed asking the status of Lynette and Leland. Well here is your answer guys. His name is Jason and yes he is her boyfriend. She has been protecting Leland the loser for awhile, probably for Leiah's sake which I don't get. From what I have heard about the way Leland treats women now, he doesn't deserve his daughter or any woman for that matter. He deserves to be lynched for his mouth and mouth alone. It's sad that a man who is supposed to be a hero to people is really a jackass. SMH you truly are an idiot!

Ill get more into his treatment of women later...His list of women he has mistreated is like a phone book. His bitches as he calls them are worthless to him. Maybe Leland you should learn, we bitches keep you in money and on air. Your crap smells. You are truly a lost cause that just needs to go away.

Friday, August 14, 2015


I wanted the world to see this because it is clear that someone possibly Leland favorited what I was saying about him. He did fav it if it was Leland. If you wanted me to speak the truth about you Leland I can do that. It isn't hard.This is just more proof we are getting someplace with the Chapman machine. Did I hit a nerve Leland???

If you wanted to know MY opinion since I was the one that knew you come ask. I don't run and I won't back down. I didn't run from you before. You did the running like a little girl. I'll be the first to tell you, I am not hard to find.

To be honest, a Mother would protect what someone thinks of her child's father. Her Dad is a role model for the men she will date later in life and frankly Leland is NO ROLE MODEL.

The only thing I have to say is Leland what the hell are you doing!! I'll get into that more later.... It's really clear to me things are unravelling. It is sad to see what is going on.

It is sad to say that Leland is getting to be just like Daddy and I am sure it is going to get worse.

Monday, August 10, 2015

CMT playing games

I'm sure you may have noticed that Dakota was in an episode of D&BOTH but then suddenly wasn't. CMT has decided that due to Dakota being removed, they had to stretch out his episodes to make it look better.

He'll be in future episodes but spread throughout the season. Based on this, it's safe to say that CMT is starting to play games just like the Chapman's do.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Dakota and Arvie truths

I know that you all have figured out by now that we are pro Dakota and Arvie and anti Chapman by now. I make no bones about the fact that I feel that all The Chapmans are bottom feeders. In my personal opinion new lows are being sunk to. Lies are being told, and I am rather sick of it.

We had a blog commenter say some trash about Dakota and Arvie. I'll admit I removed it because of its content. I have tried to keep sexual innuendo out of this blog because frankly it is no ones business but Dakota and Arvie's. Certain idiots who shall remain nameless, but you know who you are decided we didn't know what we were talking about. Let's make things clear I do know what I am talking about. Alice is NEVER a reliable source for information for just about anything. She would lie to keep her cracking lifestyle from falling apart. Sadly, for a bounty hunter she SUCKS at it.

First of all the commenter I mean idiot said Arvie was only 16. Well check out the handy little screenshot below. This came directly from Arvie's twitter.

This was posted earlier this tear when SURPRISE Arvie turned 17. Not only did she post Happy 17th Birthday to herself but a friend of hers in Oklahoma said she was 17 there. Evidently the commenter doesn't read or get the fact that very few update their age on Social media. Maybe this was a well composed lie done by Arvie and her friend to be used later...UM NOT!

Arvie and Dakota have a 2 year age difference. Dakota just turned 20 this year, and his birthday is common knowledge. If you can't do math go back to preschool and start over again. You evidently missed a basic math lesson.

My biggest issue with the commentor was that the fool said that Arvie and Dakota had been having sex since she was 15. First of all, AGAIN if that was happening that is NO ONE elses business but theres because technically Dakota would have been 17 at the time which is underage for Hawaii. Leland was even having sex at 17, remember Dakota was concieved with Reina when he was 17. Unlike his father, this wasn't happening with Arvie and there is a very simple reason.

DAKOTA AND ARVIE had not met when she was 15. It wasn't until afterwards but they did talk. Arvie never got to see him until AFTER Dakota graduated and then they started dating. Last time, I checked consensual sex does require 2 people being in the same room LMAO. If you don't know that by now, there is something seriously WRONG WITH YOU LOL.

 I would say it is a much different story than the commentor attempted to push. Evidently she did not know what the hell she was talking about.

My goal with this is to end the Dakota Arvie lies and I hope this ended at least one. You got anymore bring em because I will shoot them down as fast as I can. I am tired of BS and will defend the two of them till the ends of the Earth

Let the games begin? Shall we?