Tuesday, September 29, 2015

To our fans!

I know that there are a ton of you from across the globe that wait for our next blog. We have lots of things that would work for one, but cannot really decide which one to do first LOL. Leland by himself gives us plenty to work with.

I want to give our fans and watchers a chance to point us in the direction you would like to see. This is your chance to speak out with anything you would like to know. You can email us at unofficialdognews@hushmail.com. We also take any tips there as well. Any information on The Chapman family is greatly appreciated.

Also, I wanted to say this. There were issues with the women that we showed on this blog. It is not our intention to cause the women ANY issue or to make it look like we were speaking badly of them. We wanted to illustrate the point that Leland is not who he says he is. We started this blog to show the truth, and we will continue to do that. The truth sometimes is not a pretty sight and Leland is no exception to the rule.

I, myself want you all to see the truth as I have seen it. Make your decisions for yourself, but let the truth be your guide. We all see what we want to see, just let this blog show you what you need to see to make your decision for yourself.

We look forward to hearing from you all soon!

Saturday, September 26, 2015


I wonder if your new GIRLFRIEND knows about all your girls Leland . Did you tell her about Juliana, Jenna the porn star, Alexandria, Kimberly, Justine, Jessica and the countless others? You are beyond irresponsible...just saying. You don't need a girlfriend. You need mental help.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Update on Tim Chapman

We have had a request on the status of Tim Chapman. I figured I would fill you guys in what happened to him.

He and Davina divorced in 2009. The rumor was that Davina had an affair and got pregnant by the other man. I cannot confirm or deny this rumor at all. Tim at that time took a break from bounty hunting to deal with raising 4 kids and with the fall out from his indecent exposure charges which he was found not guilty.

He did show up on the season seven episode titled Mister Mom on the A&E tv show. He explained then he was taking care of his kids and dealing with the arrest. Tim later retired from being a bounty hunter to be a stay at home dad to Thunder, Autumn, Storm, and Summer.

Sorry guys, he got smart and got out. You probably won't see him on any shows anymore. We wish him well and all the happiness in the world. Being a good Father does that....

Monday, September 21, 2015

Dog's stepdaughter arrested

We've just been notified of the arrest of Nicole Gillespie, the stepdaughter of Duane 'Dog' Chapman, for bank robbery. The family has released a scripted statement basically saying that they haven't seen her in a long time and blah blah blah blah.

Nobody is buying it. Dog and Beth have a criminal record the size of California. You add Baby Lyssa's drunken outbursts, Leland's whoring, Cecily harassing minors, and you have one large fucked up family. What few normal family members they have (DL, Dakota), they ran off!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Oh Leland

This shout out goes directly to Leland today. You truly are dumber than you look.  You keep spitting game at all these girls and we know it's far from the truth. This song is perfect for you because it fits you like a glove. Loser! If it was true Leland, you wouldn't have to tell them it was. Real women don't need validation from a jackass. Wasn't it you that told me that you had nothing to prove to anyone? Why don't you try proving you are a real man. You can't do that because you aren't.

You collect women like Pokemon cards. It's sad and pathetic. You can't lie to save your own life. You never have been able to and never will. I even told you that once upon a time. Just like I said, you don't have your Dad's skills either.

 Baby, everything on the blog is real and you know it. You have been caught in all your BS. I hope all the whores tell you off. You deserve worse than that. It wouldn't matter to you anyways. You'll just go down to the local bar and pick up yet another whore like you always do.

Ain't sad Leland, your life is a mess. You have written off your family. You have more whores than Heidi Fleiss and you don't know what's going on. You have made your bed baby, now you have to lie in it.

The one thing you havent learned little boy is that when you hurt women, they will believe each other. Your lies are showing. Try the truth, it increases your face value. The problem is you don't know what the truth is. You have lied to yourself so much that you believe your own BS

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Lets be clear here

Many are up in arms over what we have said about Leland. He has his privacy. It's not right blah blah blah. I felt I needed to clarify something. No one should get their panties in a bunch over what's been said on the blog because of the way we chose to handle this blog. Let's get this clear right now so the drama stops before it starts

NOTHING and I mean nothing we choose to put on the blog is unverified. We confirm things through several sources before a blog is even thought about. I have pictures and physical proof where possible. I also have several very credible sources as well. I have talked to MANY of Leland's exes for example. You would be shocked how many women come forward to tell the tale of their dalliances with Leland. They are all EXTREMELY similar. They are so similar you would think that they were copied in a copy machine to be brutally honest. I'll be the first to say you spit good game Leland, but you need a new one. The good old country boy crap only goes so far. Get a new line LOLOL.

Back on topic, you would be surprised at how many blogs we table or even toss out because of very little or no proof. We do our best to be fair here plain and simple. This blog is here for you to see what the truth is about The Chapman's. It is up to you to decide from what you see. We just ask that you give it a fair chance and decide for yourself

More Cecily harassment

Remember the text messages between Cecily and Arvie that we posted a short time ago? The ones where Cecily harassed Arvie, a minor? That's not all she's done.

Who is familiar with Snap Chat? A lot of people have an account, including Dakota, Cecily and Arvie. Dakota posted a picture of his girlfriend on Snap Chat (as a lot of boyfriends do) and Cecily had some commentary. It's self explanatory.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Why does Leland get a free pass?

We have gotten a few comments about Leland and the talking about of his numerous women. I felt like something needed to be said before the Juliana blog continued on the page. It still exists. I did not delete it and it will go back up. I just felt I needed to get something straight about the DOUBLE STANDARD that is without a doubt going on. It makes no sense to me frankly.

People have said Leland has a right to privacy blah blah blah.Why does he get a free pass on bad behavior with women? If he was any Joe on the street and his girlfriends were talking like this, most would be going YAY WOO HOO tell us more. There would be a mob forming at the corner store with torches and pitchforks ready to crucify him for what he's done. Screwing 4 women at the same time is BEYOND bad behavior for a grown man with a daughter he supposedly loves more than anything.

He is not a good man by a long shot. A good man would not do this. a woman's feelings and heart are important to him. He is not going to purposely break it into pieces. It just gets me why do people think it's fine for him to be this way.

Women fall at his feet like he's a God. He's not. To me he is just a dog. I know he's already thought that I am some bitch he didn't pay enough attention to. It's not the case either. How many women have to get hurt by him before we stop rewarding his bad behavior? How many? 10-20-30? He thinks women are for him to personally use for sex and anything else he can think of. What is it going to take?

Okay, I'm done with my thoughts. Now lets get back to our next trainwreck.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Meet Juliana

This is Juliana Reese from Florida. She's a business owner and has a daughter. She also thinks she is the only girl dating Leland. I can tell you for fact that is the farthest from the truth.Anyone thinking Leland would be exclusive with them frankly needs their heads examined. It will never ever happen!! Stand in line Juliana. there are a minimum of 4 women ahead of you. You are the flavor of the moment since you are seeing him right now, but it won't last long. Leland gets bored and needs a new flavor to lay him since he wants the woman to do all the work LOL!

Juliana says she's 35 and edits all her selfies and pushes out her fake breasts. She probably does that because Leland loves that. Leland loves breasts. He is a giant boob and fake as hell after all LOL.

The picture above was taken by Leland when he flew her out to Colorado and she stayed at Dog's house for a week in early June .Juliana was shooting off Leland's gun at the time.  This is before he moved to Alabama. I have to admit staying at Dad's house had to be embarrassing for Leland. He had to take a girl to Dad's house to get laid. Really Leland, when are you gonna learn. He is just a little boy still trying to fit into a man's shoes. Give it up Leland! You will never grow up!!! YOU as usual are falling short!!

Juliana take my advice, run do not walk to the nearest exit AWAY from Leland. You can do sooo much better than Leland the loser! He's not worth the drama. He is only out for himself and you will get hurt. You are one of four girls now, probably more. Get out while the getting is good. Protect yourself and your daughter.  Do not believe a word he says. You are not the only one for him as he's been telling you the last few days.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Leland and his many women

Many people have emailed us asking about Leland and his women. Well, Leland thinks women are trash for starters. We aren't anything but a sex toy to him, and his recent behavior illustrates that. He is a selfish asshole who is only thinking of himself now. His family don't matter, nothing matters anymore but himself. He's such a good role model for his daughter he claims to love so much....NOT!

We have gotten word of him trying to hook up with 2 different women and right now he is dating at least 2 others that we know of. The first girl goes by the ID Sweet_Justine90 on instagram. She's young and got 2 small children. He's been screwing her for awhile and I really hope her kids haven't met him.  If you go looking on her page, she abbreviates comments for him as 4LC. He probably doesn't even pay attention to them. It's not something that will get him laid so he doesn't give a shit. You're hurting 3 people with this one Leland. It just bothers me that you go in and out of peoples lives without thinking. Have you no heart? It seems like you have lost that with your conscience.

The newest one on Leland's hit parade is Kimberly Farnash. Heres a pic

I have to say Leland I want to laugh at you for this one. It's a coyote ugly moment if I have ever seen one. You were definitely intoxicated in that pic. I cannot believe that you have sunk this low. You have gone beyond screwing anything with a pulse. It's clear from that pic that you care nothing for her. She's got her arm around you which means she's showing you are her territory and we all know you aren't. You are beyond pathetic. How many people do you have to hurt before you get the point?

You are not a man anymore. You are a creep and scum. Women have feelings like everyone else. You need to think about the damage you do before you really hurt someone. Leland, where the Bible says go forth and multiply does NOT mean you! 

GROW THE HELL UP! Everyone seems to think that you are an angel but I know better. Seek help and hopefully wear a condom. Where the Bible says go forth and multiply does NOT mean you!  We don't need anymore of you!

Saturday, September 12, 2015

The golden child

How many of our fans have children? If so, do you play favorites? Because Leland does. Pay close attention to his instagram. Notice anything? Where is Cobie? The only picture of Leland with Cobie is when he was in the 6th grade. There's maybe a few more of Cobie with his siblings.

There's a surplus of Leiah pictures. Plenty of them. And Dakota? Not many of him either. Is Leiah your favorite child, hobbit? You sure act like it.

We've been given some information regarding a possible incident with Cobie, Leland and Maui. We promise to update as soon as possible. We cannot break the story until we investigate it further.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Congratulations Arvie and Dakota!!!

We saw this on Twitter and could not let it go past without saying something since we are totally pro Arvie and Kota

Congratulations to both Arvie and Kota for going the distance and staying together for the first year! You two are truly adorable together and clearly make each other happy. This is something rare and wonderful that we are happy that you have chosen to share it with the world., We hope that you choose to stay together for many many years and ignore all of your haters!

As for your haters, you have made them look like idiots. Leland was the biggest one. He is one to talk though.

Leland, this comment is for you! Your SON did something you can't even begin to get. He kept ONE woman happy for a year. It's what NORMAL people do. Your son  is a better man than you are. If you are not down with that, I have two words for you. SUCK IT!

Saturday, September 5, 2015

More on Justin

We thought you guys should be in the know when it comes to Justin awhile ago. He's had it rough for awhile and recently he did file a lawsuit against Dog and A&E alleging they stiffed him out of money and promises of a lucrative contract. Justin also made allegations that The Chapman family used his 2007 car accident that cost him his leg as a promotional tool for the show.

I won't comment about the money promises because I wasn't in the room when they happened, but the using of his car accident to promote the show is different. There were interviews galore with The Chapmans making comments about Justin's condition at any given moment. Don't you think it's more important that Justin survived the accident? I remember wondering if we were going to see his funeral on TV if he didn't make it. It was beyond ridiculous to me then and it still is now! To me, the only one that should have been saying ANYTHING about Justin's condition was Moon, his Mother.

What a way to use a "FAMILY" member Boobs! You again let the idea of TV over rule being human. In the end, what did they do? Justin was no longer useful to them so he was tossed away like a used tissue. It shows me what The Chapmans really think of people. If it is family, you help them not HURT them. I don't get why The Chapmans dont get that. They are supposed to be "heros" but really they are just losers.

Justin, I hope this gets back to you. We do wish you well. It's insane what your own "family" has put you through and you are better than them. You need anything? Give us a hollar! We will do anything we can to help!

see article for more info http://www.examiner.com/article/a-e-and-dog-the-bounty-hunter-sued-by-justin-bihag

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Lynette and Jason

I thought that y'all would love a little more. Lynette and Jason look great together and really look happy. It seems that she has finally found someone that will treat her right and love her daughter. This is just a glimpse of her happy!!! YAY more power to you Lynette!!!! Just read and you will see what I mean!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Leland's disrespect for the mentally handicapped

This is going to be brief. The Chapman's have been no stranger to racial controversies. But Leland has entered into a new form of shitty, derogatory controversy.

How many of you have or know of someone who has a child with a mental impairment? And if so, how do you feel when people use the other 'R' word in a manner that is disparaging?

Guess who did just that on his very public instagram? That's right. Leland Chapman.