Monday, October 26, 2015

Leland and Cobie

I am sorry you haven't heard from me in awhile. Sometimes everything with Leland just gets to be too much and I have to back off. His name can be enough to make me puke. After what I have seen today, I had to say something. It is utterly ridiculous. I'll explain as I go

I just don't get why Leland posted anything about Cobie. You all are going to say Leland is his Father, he has every right. Have you ever asked if he has a relationship with Cobie? He doesn't. He tries to call Cobie and Cobie doesn't answer the phone. He wants nothing to do with his sperm donor.  As of his last trip to Kona for Leiah's birthday, I think you pretty much trashed any chance of a relationship with Cobie. Maybe you need to be truthful about what you did then? You won't because you can't handle the truth yet again. What a fucking loser you are?!? I know insulting Leland's relationship or lack of one doesn't bother him, but fans need to know the truth. They need to know how much of a fake fuck he really is. After all, you can't party with a kid around, right Leland?

Have you guys ever noticed there are no pictures of Leland with Cobie only? Well there is ONE. It's pathetic because there are more pictures of Leland and Leiah than there are ones of Cobie and Dakota. For those not in the know this is the ONLY picture of Leland and Cobie together

If you are curious, this picture was taken when Cobie graduated the 6th grade. Pathetic in my book as far as I am concerned. I don't know about yours. With the four surfing pictures of cobie, that makes a whole whopping five. There are 5,000 of Leiah and as of recently nothing of Dakota. someone is picking favorites now, isn't he. I dare a fan to ask Leland for a recent picture of Leland and Cobie together. I doubt you'll get it because I'd bet it doesn't exist. He fakes the relationship.

SMDH Leland tries to give the good father act a good try, but really it doesn't fly. Anyone who honestly thought about it would see what I am saying. Leland is just as bad a Father as his Father is plain and simple. I don't think it would be as big a deal if Leland was up front about it. This is all I have to say except DONT LIE!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Myk is single again.

Myk and Eddie have broken up. Why is this Chapman related? Because this drunken fool actually left Leland a while back. HE wasn't the one who ended it with a GIRL who made racial remarks about his daughter and mother of his child, dressed inappropriately around his children, drove on a suspended license and drank like a fish. SHE left HIM for Eddie after she had been cheating on Leland for months. Now, Leland is not a victim by any means because he is a serial cheater among other things as well.

But these pictures are pretty self explanatory. Notice Eddie's comment as to why the relationship ended. LMAO

Dog being sued

We apologize for not posting anything sooner, sometimes life keeps us busy. Unlike the Chapman's, we actually have jobs. We don't have the luxury of running around on camera screaming profanities for thousands of dollars a day.

This article was shown to us by a fan. It's from July.  We are going to try to get an update on the story as soon as possible.

If the link doesn't work, just type 'Dog the bounty hunter sued' into your search browser and click any news article, there's several to choose from.

We are very grateful for our fans! As much as we try, we just cannot always catch everything. You all always come through for us and are our eyes and ears when we miss something. You're all amazing!

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Shame on You Beth Chapman!

A source sent this tidbit to us. It was on a Facebook page talking about the crazy moments of soldiers. I think this qualifies! This is truly another example of Beth Chapman's crazy behavior. It just goes to show that she thinks she is all that and hasn't gotten the memo of what she truly is...

This morning while our group of Junior Enlisted climbed KoKo head, Beth Chapman, From Dog the Bounty Hunter on A&E, was at the top filming for her workout video so she said. As we reached the top, she told the first few Soldiers up that they were not allowed to go to the top because she was filming. Claimed she had a permit and would not let us pass. After repeatedly asking to see the permit, she began yelling at the Soldiers. Her film crew was filming this the whole time.
“I didn’t have the pleasure of meeting her, but some Soldiers did, this is a recap of what happened.
“I had the very unfortunate experience along with many of my fellow Soldiers of meeting Beth Chapman from Dog the Bounty Hunter. Not only was she extremely rude and very immature while she expressed her opinion as follows:
“you stupid Soldiers are beneath me I’m a civillian”
“you are f*cking up my shot you need to leave. You don’t belong on this island. I live here this is my island.”
“you f*cking a**holes are going to pay for this shoot”
Mind you we were in a state park while this was happening. Great way to treat the very people who defend your freedom everyday.”
I will absolutely never watch that show or contribute to their “fame” in any way. It amazes me how grown people can act so immature at times. There was a better and more polite way of asking us not to ruin her shoot. I mean it was only one camera man…not that hard to go around.
-More to follow because when I left work I was told she had contacted CNN and was threatening to press charges of harassment.”

Soldiers keep this country safe Beth. They are far from below you. YOU ARE BELOW THEM! YOU ARE FAR FROM SPECIAL! They carry a gun, watch a line, and protect this country. They put their lives on the line day in and day out and you act like a jackass to them. I was utterly disgusted when I read this. It's beyond PATHETIC AND DEPLORABLE! It's no wonder the world thinks you are joke! You need to face reality seriously. What are you without a TV show? Nothing...

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Nice try!

The Chapman's and their cronies are continually trying to hack our blog. LOL! It's happened several times and this time it was someone in Florida. Just a heads up, we have everything VERY secure and locked down. So this is very comical.

Stay tuned, UDN fans! We have a lot of information we've been receiving and it's pretty crazy stuff. Leland, you are one sick fuck.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

To Leland and JD

It was rather interesting that someone asked had we been attacked in any way on the blog. I mean The Chapmans have many fans that have misplaced their trust in a family of liars and tellers of half truths. It's okay, I do get it. As people, we want to trust our heros and attacks from fans or alleged fans have been no exception. As of late, there is only one I'll mention, but we'll get to that in a minute.

I've been called one of Leland's tricks and a host of other things to say the least. They don't really bother me because I know the truth from my side. As of late, I have learned a lot of things that make me glad my time with Leland only went so far. I have more respect for myself to be treated the way he treats women, especially the way he treated Myk. You wouldn't have treated her the way you did Leland if you actually LOVED her. No one should be treated like that EVER! 

The one comment that caught my eye was that of Joseph France AKA JD. You guys know him as Leland's BFF, Leland's security and he's on Leland's crew. He decided to call this page names and act like a child making threats. He also said I should come out and reveal my identity so he could wreck my world.

Whatever. I'll reveal my identity when Leland dates one woman at a time and gives women in general respect. AND he publicly apologizes to DAKOTA, COBIE, MAUI and ARVIE In another words, it will never happen.

Oh and Leland & JD.... If you are curious I know why you need to apologize to Maui and Cobie. It proves to me that Leland does need serious help. Thats all for now guys. More to come soon

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Warning warning

We were sent this tidbit by one of Leland's many exe's. It sounds like Leland has pissed SOMEONE off. I can assure you all it is not us that did it. I have it from a knowing source that this is from one of Leland's friends that is sick of his crap and his degrading of women. It sounds to me like Leland has screwed someone over YET again.

Woah, Leland this really shows you know how to win friends and influence people! You really need to watch your back from the blades coming evidently. As they say, keep your friends close but your enemies closer. Your friends are even now going for the stab LOL. Maybe you need to learn one girl at a time dumbass.

That's one thing I doubt you will ever learn. You are too dumb to figure that out. I wonder if they all know that Kimberly is still your bottom bitch