Saturday, November 28, 2015

Yesterday's blogs seems to have created quite a stir. I must say that during all this time, I never looked at her twitter. People have referenced it, but I never paid attention. I read through it yesterday.

I don't really know what to say. Although Myk was put into some really bad situations, she was still crazy. And I suppose I put Jamie in the Myk category and ran with it.

But her twitter doesn't reflect that. Jamie is a young Bambi. Wide eyed and too trusting. She may be of sound mind, but Leland is still taking advantage of her. He knows she's going to put up with anything he does, so he does what he wants, with the assistance of his little friend.

Shame on you, Leland.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Jamie's list

Jamie's thanksgiving post earlier today was (to some, but not us) sweet. But the person on the top of her list changes frequently. She doesn't take marriage or relationships seriously, and neither does he. So this is a time bomb we're all anxious to watch play out. LMAO

The piss just keeps on coming! Jamie continues to piss on the little hobbit. LMFAO!

I often love these kinds of pictures when couples post them. But love is something you can't fake.

For starters, you can't marry someone who is already legally married. The romantic intention is void when your close up kissing picture shows that Leland missed the lips of his 'fiance' and kisses the area between the upper lip and nose rather than the lips.

It's easy to assume (IF the engagement is legit) that Jamie pressured him. But Leland isn't a stranger to pressuring women to marry him after only a short amount of time.

Also, Leland hasn't even hinted at an engagement via any of his social media sites, hasn't even liked hers and nobody in his family knows anything about this 'engagement'. Jamie was still with her husband aka the love of her life, 4 months ago.

There's a good possibility that Leland will change this behavior after this blog. LOL

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Engagement might be fake

One of our sources has said that Leland and Jamie are not engaged. We were told that the ring posted by her on IG wasn't a real diamond, and that the reason for the fake IG announcement was for one of 2 reasons: to piss Myk off or to mess with us. If we were the reason for this, that's very flattering!

What do you all think? Is the engagement real or fake?

Leland is engaged to a married woman

It appears that Jamie and Leland might be engaged. Remember that Jamie is still legally married. They've been dating for less than 2 months

For me personally, I don't care who he marries. But please don't reproduce! He doesn't care about the 3 children he already has, the last thing he needs is another one.

Congratulations, dipshit and fuckstick!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Oh Jamie.......

Another passive/aggressive IG post. LMFAO

Myk wearing the jewelry Leland bought her

Recognize that necklace? Leland gave it to her and she's still wearing it. Interesting, huh?!?!?!?!?!

IG war

There's been an ongoing war between Jamie and Myk for a while. They both post quotes for each other pretty frequently.

It also appears that Jamie has deleted a lot of pictures from her IG, and she's not posted anything since our blog thanking her for giving us plenty to work with. LMAO

How's that babysitting job going, Jamie? You can follow him everywhere and he'll still find a way to cheat. Just ask Myk how it went for her when she quit her job to babysit. LOL

This is total entertainment!

Sunday, November 22, 2015

What Jamie and Leland's pictures REALLY say

Well, for starters, they show that Leland isn't REALLY in it. Notice that he never looks directly at her, even when she's looking at him. He's almost always drunk in the pictures.

The biggest sign is that in every single post of hers, she writes an essay proclaiming her love for him. He never reciprocates it. Even in his post of her, he simply puts her name.

We all know he's not afraid to express his feelings for someone, because we saw him openly declaring his love for Myk all the time. There was even one time a female fan hit on him and he promptly told her that "I love my girlfriend way too much to cheat". We all knew it was bull because he did cheat on Myk often, and I still maintain that he doesn't know what love is. But it doesn't change the fact that her feelings aren't reciprocated.

I predict that now that I've pointed this out, it'll change. But it won't be real. And I would like to rewind to a time a year and a half ago, when Jamie said all of these things about Sabin.

Also, a year ago when Myk (a gold digger) actually dumped her meal ticket because even she couldn't take it anymore. And let's face it, Myk put up with a LOT.

I know several of you have emailed asking why we've gone soft on Myk. It's not that we're soft, it's that we didn't know the full score when they were together. After they broke up, we found out a lot more than we bargained for. So although we sympathize with her situation during those times, we aren't 'in her corner' or friendly with her, and never will be.

I'd also like to add that I've noticed a lot of haters commenting lately. It's comical to us! Jamie claims to not care about what others say, yet she's on our blog more than we are. She had that picture of Sabin deleted within 5 minutes of that blog going up. LMAO! If she doesn't care what we say, why does she have her friends and family bother coming to comment and try to defend her? Her 'best friend' found us on Twitter yesterday and that was fun.

Jamie- we've informed your BFF of some things you might be interested in hearing about. But I'm sure you already knew that. ;-)

Enclosed is the information from one of her modeling profiles. She couldn't live without Sabin per her, now she can't live without her hobbit. LOL

Both Leland and Jamie posted pictures of themselves on IG last night. Jamie looked like her usual grandma self, and Leland looked drunk again. He was barely holding his eyes open. 

I'd like to say thank you to both Jamie and Leland. When he was with Myk, they didn't give us enough ammo to blog every day. But since Jamie has been in the picture, they've given us plenty to work with. So much that we've been able to blog every day, sometimes more than once a day. Keep it coming, guys!

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Stupidity at it's finest

We've received emails from people informing us that Leland and Jamie has been blocking random people. LMAO! Hey Jamie, it didn't work when Leland and Myk did it, what makes you think it'll work now? Although we have a strong suspicion SHE did the blocking on his accounts, and there's a good possibility you're doing the same.

Blocking isn't going to keep his wanker out of people's vaginas, nor shut us up, but if it helps you sleep at night, more power to you! Anyone with ANY intelligence knows that blocking random people on a social media site that is PUBLIC us futile. LMAO! You can block everyone and it's a waste of time because anyone can see your shit, even if they don't even have an account!

Keep shitting on what fans your 'man' has left, dumb ass. He's already desperate for money because anyone who travels to do 'meet and greets' for money, but doesn't travel for an actual job is struggling. But you know that because you actually quit your pathetic attempt at a career to babysit your boyfriend. LOL

Andi- I don't know why you thought people would believe your picture, but that's not the case.

For those of you who didn't catch it, after the blog about her being with Leland, she changed her IG profile picture to a quote about being single. That picture was up for less than 48 hours before she changed it again. Leland is still in communication with her and will most likely see her again if Jamie crawls out from up his ass. He still follows her on IG, and I'm going to predict he probably won't change that because he knows it'll further prove his guilt.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

We called it!

Just as predicted in the previous blog, Jamie deleted the picture of her and Sabin. LMAO!

You people are as predictable puppets.

Oh, and has anyone seen Leland even think of or mention ANY of his children since moving to Alabama and dating the tattoo whore? He's again more worried about bars and ass than his children.

Jamie has a 'thing' for 'cop' types

Jamie's husband (Sabin Troncone) is a police officer. They're still married, and was still married when Jamie was stalking Leland. She obviously has a thing for guys with cuffs. Check out the comments that are under her profile picture on her FB that I've posted here.

I've also included a picture of Jamie and Sabin. The comments under the picture are interesting because people are talking about how great they are together. The picture is still on her IG. Go ahead and delete it now that we've pointed it out, Jamie. LMAO

Here comes the voyeur pictures

Remember the many pictures Myk posted of Leland, when he wasn't aware a picture was being taken? For example, in the car, kitchen, or outdoors? Jamie is doing it now, too. LMAO!

Give it time. She'll eventually start posting pictures of Leiah and his laundry, just like Myk. And let's not forget about the rose petals and bubbles baths.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Jamie stalked Leland

Jamie met Leland at a bar (go figure LOL) and then stalked him to try to see him again. At least now we know why they get along so well so far. It's because he can relate to the smell of desperation. LMAO

Recirculating pictures

Is Jamie so desperate for attention that she has to post the exact picture 5 weeks apart? Apparently so.

It's not a 'breaking news' blog, but it is hilariously ridiculous! LMAO

Take a look at this

You can see its Leland in the drivers seat. Recognize the shirt, ears and broad shoulders? Andi is 43 and looks younger. Jamie is 27 and looks 43. LMAO

We'll be anxiously waiting for another passive aggressive IG post and/or more documentation of your 'private' relationship. You'll have to be sure we all know you aren't leaving your little hobbit. LOL

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

As promised

As promised in last night's blog, here you go. As a struggling tattoo model, Jamie gave up this in order to babysit her boyfriend. A road Myk followed, too. She quit her job to follow the hobbit everywhere he went and he still cheated. LMAO

Leland is still dating Andi right under Jamie's nose. He did that to Myk with Mandy, remember? And we posted the proof of it right here on the blog and Myk turned her cheek just like Jamie. LOL

Monday, November 16, 2015

The stench is stifling!

What stench, you ask? Jamie's piss! Peeing all over Leland like an insecure dog. LMAO! Every female he has had a relationship with has done the same thing.

Everyone except for his baby momma's. All 3 kids' mom's kept their life and relationships with him private. Ever wonder why? Because they are closer to him in age, for starters. They weren't decades apart. They didn't have anything to prove, either. They were confident in their relationship with him. They're strong, independent women, something Jamie isn't. Neither was Myk.

In all honesty, you know who Leland reminds me of? The older, creepy, guy who lingers outside of the local high school trolling for young, stupid, and insecure girls. He's fucking one midlife crisis ho after another and doing it without a condom.

Jamie- you already looked desperate, but now that you're tagging YOURSELF along with him, you look really pathetic. We're going to show the world (and yes, literally the world, we're known worldwide) just how pathetic in the next blog. The blog will be posted tonight or tomorrow.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Jamie has been busy herself!

The first picture you see is from a dating site called 'Hot Or Not'. Picking them a little young, aren't you? His profile says he's 20, but he looks 12.

More of Jamie and Leland's 'private life'

Documenting their day earlier, and now their evening. She's already documented the cuddling, and next it's going to be documenting the 'weekend getaways' and the 'my man cooking me dinner' just like every girl before her. LMAO

The funny thing is that Jamie looks like the oldest person there and she has 80's hair. Between that and the fact that she's following her 'boyfriend' everywhere he goes so she can be sure he's not cheating again, her wannabe career is over. LOL

Jamie- the new Myk

Remember when we exposed Leland's infidelity and Jamie put on the big show saying "we just want it known we're taken, but want to keep our relationship private"? That didn't last long! And just like Myk, now that she's acknowledged he's a ho, she's traveling with him to keep an eye on his activities. LMAO

Andi's IG id

I've been debating whether or not to disclose Leland's side chick's id, and I've decided to do it.

Her id is:


Leland is still following her despite being caught dating her behind Jamie's back. We're told he has no intention of ending his relationship with either girl.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Meet Andi

Remember the woman who was on a date with Leland at the bar after the CMA'S? This is her! Leland is still following her on IG, too. His side chick is right under Jamie's nose while she's talking about spending the rest of her life with a boy (not a man) she's been dating for less than 2 months. 6 months ago, she was madly in love with her husband, and now she's madly in love with a hobbit. LMAO! Her marriage only lasted a year and she's burning bridge after bridge in regards to her wannabe 'tattoo modeling career'.

Andi is beautiful. Nothing like Jamie. Jamie is 27, yet looks 47......she's been driven hard and put away wet. Andi looks like Megan Fox.

Under Andi's picture is an example of the many posts Jamie made peeing all over Leland, before she removed everything. Everything except the 'bananas' post, that is. As Myk found out, once you post something online, you can't just delete it and pretend it never happened.

P.S. Beth hated Myk, yet openly defended her. Beth doesn't even acknowledge Jamie. Let that sink in. LMAO

Friday, November 13, 2015

Updated information

I stand corrected! Jamie isn't a model, she's a struggling wannabe tattoo model. And she's still married. 6 months ago, she was happily married and wishing her hubby a happy anniversary.

Jamie was supposed to go to Atlanta with HugoV this weekend, but he's decided to go next weekend instead.....and WITHOUT Jamie. So her wannabe career is pretty much over.

She's always making statements about how she's judged by people, but to be respected you have to be respectable. And having your picture taken with your ass in the camera and on top of other women is pretty trashy.

On a side note, the person who gave us this information stated that Jamie's ass was 'deep and wide'. LMAO

Jamie, your attempt to make Leland jealous while he was on a date in Tennessee was pathetic. To be jealous, he'd actually have to care. And he doesn't.

Myk is back

Myk was following Leland on IG, then wasn't, but is now back on. The everlasting flip flopper returns!

A big thanks to the person who pointed this out. Again, it's impossible for us to catch everything. Our supporters are crucial, and are our eyes and ears when we miss something. Keep up the good work!


Oh wow! This is hilarious! Jamie is another Myk....the everlasting flip flopper. First she's peeing all over Leland, then she's removing everything Leland related, then (just as we predicted in the previous blog), both her and Leland are openly claiming each other. These people are so predictable! I LOVE IT!

Check out the bios on both Leland and Jamie's IG. And remember that we called it 24hrs before it happened. LMAO

Also, just like Myk, Jamie is staying by his cheating side......for now. Although she probably won't dump him at all, considering they've been dating less than 2 months and she's already talking about spending the rest of her life with him. LMAO

Jamie's married name was Troncone. We're told the divorce is very recent, but we still need to look into public records to confirm this. Stay tuned!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Leland caught cheating on Jamie

Last Wednesday, after the CMA'S, at a bar called The Stage, Leland was on a date with Andrea (aka Andi). She's a beautiful brunette, similar to Megan Fox, and from San Diego. They spent the evening together with a lot of pda, then left together holding hands. All of this was happening while Jamie was on IG doing her 'Leland is my man crush for the rest of my life', blah blah. LMAO

Andrea left a comment on his IG prior to the date saying she couldn't wait to see him and it was conveniently deleted.

Jamie, (who is divorced herself) removed everything Leland related from her IG, including from her bio. We can speculate on whether it's from the cheating or our earlier blog, but we don't know for sure.


Hey Leland

Since you removed Myk from your IG, it's evident you still read our blog. So hello! I have a question for you. Why is it that you are so vocal about your feelings for Myk, even when you weren't together, but you rarely even 'like' a picture Jamie posts? I'm sure that after we post this blog, that'll change but then it's going to be fake. LMAO

Jamie, how does it make you feel, knowing that you are forever going to be in the shadow of his precious 'Mykie'? How does it feel knowing that he blasted his love for her all over social media, but he never says anything about you? I'll wait for an answer. You always post some passive aggressive IG quote after each blog. LMAO

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Interesting turn of events

Myk has started to openly talk about the Chapman's and she is now following Leland on IG. Jamie- WE TOLD YOU SO! I can guarantee you that Leland and Myk are talking again. I can also guarantee that she's not the first and won't be the last.

On a side note, we were asked to add something to the 'Let Me Tell You Something About YOUR Man' blog. Rather than add to it and risk people not seeing it, we're going to put it here:

"YOUR man who took away his sons GRADUATION PRESENT (Dakota's car). YOUR man would rather worry about the chicks he fucks instead of how his kids are doing. YOUR man that took away his sons college because his son wanted to become the man YOUR man isn't. YOUR man that has no respect for women, in a few months you'll know what I'm talkin' about."

Monday, November 9, 2015

A message from Myk

Even with all of our blogs about Myk, she still has a sense of humor. And we are told that Leland and Jamie have been dating for around 4-5 weeks. Jamie is already talking about "spending the rest of her life with Leland" after a month. LMAO!

Jamie is 27 and a model. She even does nude modeling. Another great role model for his daughter!

And I have a message for the person who commented on the blog directly under this blog. I'm not 'butt hurt', as you implied. I'm the person who runs the 'Duck' account on twitter. I am responsible for this particular blog, the one before this blog, and many other blogs. I've never met Leland, or spoken to him. I have no attachment to him. You couldn't pay me to touch him, and I strongly recommend he be investigated by the CDC.

Good day, idiot, good day. :-D

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Let me tell you something about YOUR man

YOUR man is a ho. YOUR man bringing you flowers, gifts, vacation getaways, or promises is something he's done with every single girl before you. It's the same thing he's going to bring the girls he cheats on you with, too. And when you get tired of it, he's going to move onto the next one and give her the exact same thing.

YOUR man has 3 children by 3 different women, cheated on every single one of them, and then moved in someone else. YOUR man has gone from one girl, to the next and then the next, and so on.

You should ask YOUR man to tell you about the many disgusting, degrading things he made Myk do. You know Myk, right? The girl who is closer to the age of YOUR man's oldest child than YOUR man. The girl YOUR man wanted to marry, all while degrading her sexually, cheating on her, and doing all the things you think are so 'cute and original'.

YOUR man isn't a man. He's a boy. A lousy father, husband, and boyfriend. YOUR man only cares about himself. YOUR man doesn't even like white girls, and you think YOUR man will marry one? YOUR man can't hold a normal relationship, which is why he only goes after young, stupid girls, like yourself.

I have often challenged YOUR man to land a relationship with a woman his age, who is a smart, independent woman. As it turns out, those women are out of YOUR man's league. Are you touched by what fans YOUR man has left are so supportive? Myk got the same you're getting, and guess how many people support her now? You guessed it! ZERO!

No amount of pissing on YOUR man will keep his wanker out of another girls' vagina, ass or mouth. You are one of a thousand faces YOUR man has fucked. LMFAO

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Leland and his sons

I want to make something very clear so that everyone knows where we are coming from. I have been talking to a few fans and there are some things that need to be set straight.

Leland Chapman does not care a bit for his children period. In some ways he is WORSE than his Father. He has no relationship with either of his sons and his daughter is a prop to make him look like a good Father. There are even rumors of other children he does not publicly claim. I say rumors because no one has come forward with any proof one way or another. If I cannot verify it, I will say it is a rumor till proven otherwise. This is the case when it comes to other children.  One thing I will say is that he wants no kids around so he can party and mess around. You can't play house with a girl and your best friend and be a true whore with kids around right??

Dakota is a good man no thanks to his sperm donor. They have no relationship whatsoever. If they talk on the phone, all it is is an argument period. After what Leland put him through, can you honestly blame him? I don't. Living with Leland was pure torture for Dakota so I am told from a very reliable source. The best thing that happened was him getting away from the family drama. Dakota is happy and hopefully stays that way. Arvie is a great girl and she's lucky to have him.

Cobie is a different story. I will say it again because it bears repeating. Cobie had an issue with his Dad when Leland went back to Kona for Leiah's birthday. I do not have exact details as to what happened but I have the jist of it. It was ridiculous that an adult much less a Father would do that to his child. To be honest, I am also protecting Cobie and Maui from what I do know. The World doesn't need to know exactly what happened. Let's put it this way, I was utterly floored. Those of you who think Leland is a good man should have their head examined. Trust me, hes not.

If you are wondering why I am not discussing Leiah... Well, she is a blog all by herself and I'll save that for later. I'm sad for Cobie and Dakota because they deserve a real Father, not the poor excuse for a human that he is

If you want details, I will talk to people in private. You can hit up our Facebook page at You are also welcome to like the page and spread it around

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Leland's new girlfriend

We don't know much about her yet, but our sources are looking into it! She's pissing all over him a lot sooner and more than Myk did! She obviously knows he's a ho, but as Myk found out, no amount of pissing will keep his dick away from other women. LMAO