Wednesday, December 30, 2015

I'm glad Jamie took our advice and started straightening her hair! She finally looks more her age and less of a hooker. Good job, Jamie!

As for the bathroom selfie........WTF? Your bathroom looks like a truck stop and nobody with class has their plunger displayed in the open. Are you people ever going to stop embarrassing yourselves? LMAO

Monday, December 28, 2015

Again, I want to say Happy Holidays to all of our many readers. The holidays have kept us both busy and I felt something needed to be said right now.

There is no other way to say it without just putting it out there. Leland is lying. We saw some more texts from our text source. Leland says he never cheats which is a lie in itself. Leland you ALWAYS cheat!

Lets start with our text source. You were with Jessica Nicole at the same time. We confirmed that on the blog. She knew it! Meanwhile, you were keeping Jessica Nicole around for sex only. If I remember correctly, you called her ugly.

You cheated on both Reina and Maui and Lynette. You admitted in a public interview that women had been a part of the reason for the divorce. Lets not forget the others: Juliana, Justine, Alexandria, jessica, Kimberly, Micayli, and the many others that are too numerous to mention. You cheat on every woman you are with. We have caught you cheating on Jamie twice!

Your fans have even caught on to it. There has been more than one comment about it. Your facade of a good man is slipping. Face the facts Loverboy, you have been figured out.

We have even had 2 different girls come forward that you cheated on Myk with. I can't count the numerous times you have said Myk was the love of your life. You don't know what the word love means. The sad thing is you told me, you had had your heart put in a blender more than once yet you don't get that you have done it to yourself

You will not keep a good woman until you keep it in your pants. You will not keep a good woman when you have to control her and you definitely won't have a good woman with what you are trying to date now. Frankly, you are destined to be the one thing you cannot stand to be and that is ALONE!

Friday, December 25, 2015

Hello everyone! We have recieved some questions about the texts we posted concerning Leland cheating on Jamie. We were hoping to clear an issue up.

The girl who sent us those texts is only a source on this blog. At one point, she actually cared about Leland as I did. She as well as our other sources had been hurt by him very deeply and started talking with me. I do protect her identity from the rest of the world because she does not deserve the treatment she is getting now.

Let me make this perfectly clear to EVERYONE, she does not write on this blog at all. Leland and Jamie need to back off. You are barking up the wrong tree yet again. She does not write on this blog and does not know our identity either.

I know you are putting Jamie up to harassing her as you put Myk up to harassing Lynette. Its sad that you have to act like such a child and hide behind your girlfriend. GROW UP!


So funny! How can Jamie love a child she's never met? Why is Jamie always gushing over how much she loves Leland, yet Leland has NEVER reciprocated in public? I'm positive it has to do with the fact that Leland and JD are denying the engagement to everyone. I guarantee you that is the reason he never says "I love you". He puts emojis, or her name, but never anything even close to how he gushed over Myk. See pictures below.

I have a strong feeling that after this blog goes up, he just MIGHT change his ways just to prove us wrong. BUT, it's not real! If it was real, he'd have been doing it this whole time instead of waiting until we call him out on it.

Merry Christmas to all of our UDN fans!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Beth slaps Jamie in the face

Beth posted this picture today. It's from Christmas last year, and Myk is in the picture. It's a slap in the face to Jamie and we think it's hilarious!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Dakota and Leiah

It seems as if Dakota isn't allowed to see Leiah. He loves his baby sister, despite his father being a POS, and hasn't been able to see her. There are no recent pictures of them together.

This stems from Leland telling Dakota that if he didn't break up with his girlfriend, he was going to take away his car, college fund, and more. Dakota chose his girlfriend, and Leland followed through with it. They have been estranged ever since.

Monday, December 21, 2015

We have gotten word through our MANY sources that there are many more girls than the world knows about. Some of the things I have just heard are totally insane that Leland likes if you get my drift. Let's just put this the way that it should be put. DUMBASS, porn is not real life!

As I have been made aware, many of his girls are being blocked on Facebook if he slept with them, or attempted to. If you are one of those girls, we would be more than happy to talk to you. I know what it is like to be used and hurt by Leland Chapman. If you want to talk, tell your story, or get your story out there we are happy to listen. You can reach us at: or

Your email will be answered no matter what. We do protect the identity of our sources no matter what. I can promise you anonymity if you want it as well. And as it happened with the text messages, we didn't even release them until permission was given.

Tick tock......

As we thought, Jamie is sticking by her 'man' even after seeing proof of trying to cheat. LMAO! We did email the unedited version directly to Jamie, so there was no question the texts were from Leland. You can lead a jackass to water, but it doesn't mean it's going to be smart enough to drink it.

Jamie also has a mouth on her. Talking up a big game about coming at us, yet can't even accurately name one of us.  This is one thing Myk had over Jamie. Myk didn't go on and on like she's some bad ass.

If you can't even tell us who we are, please shut that whoring mouth and go fight with your 'man' some more. Have a great day!

Sunday, December 20, 2015

After hearing from the right people, I do want to make something very clear. We do protect our sources of information. This is why the source of the texts will never ever be said no matter how much people ask. We will also not discuss her fiance either. He is not considered a part of this. We do not even know his name and really don't want to know it.

Leland and his treatment of women is the issue here. He is an ass and should not get a free pass for his behavior. In another words he needs to grow up and not act like he needs his diaper changed all the time

Sooner or later Leland needs to realizez you piss enough women off, it comes back to bite you in the ass.


I am sorry Jamie that you had to find out this way. This is the way Leland is and he will always be this way. He`s a jerk and an asshole. You can't change Leland. He doesn't want to ever grow up.

Leland, you are a grown man even if you don't act like it. You have 3 kids you barely see because you are an idiot. Don't even get me started on what you did to Dakota. It's wrong to do what you have done to all of them. You said you wanted to step out of your Dad's shadow and be your own man. You can't do that if you are exactly like him. Your Dad at least got back into his children's lives. A one week trip doesn't do it.

In regards to the texts, Leland will try to sugar coat it as he has before. He'll bring flowers and say I'm sorry baby. You are the only one for me. Don't listen he'll even say.

Women everywhere know that you don't hang out with an ex if you are engaged. You don't mess around if you are engaged and you don't treat someone like garbage if you love them. The Leland that everyone thinks is leland is an act. He's not a good man or even a decent man. He's just a pig simple as that

Texts from Leland trying to cheat

We have permission to post the texts from Leland trying to cheat on Jamie. Remember that Jamie is in Alabama and the hobbit is in Hawaii. Leland's phone number is blacked out for privacy reasons, but we are going to be emailing the non edited version to Jamie. The truth hurts, huh? Told you he is a pig.

Saturday, December 19, 2015


I have wanted to say something to Jamie for quite awhile now. I honestly feel sorry for you. I know how you and Leland met and a lot more. I also know how he can be too. You are probably feeling like you are in over your head and really you are. You do have my pity. You don`t deserve it.

You have given up the decent life you knew to be controlled by a jackass. It´s not easy to have your every move watched. It´s why you are posting everything you do on Instagram. He has to see it. We were also made aware you are only allowed to hang out with your sister. I think you know why though.

You deserve a lot more than being a puppet for his ego. Leland enjoys being in control, even he told me that himself. He´s a sad pathetic person that has to make his woman please him in many porn related ways. Ask him about him Myk and Craigslist. He may confess and he may not.

He's not the man you were obsessed with. Arguing with him all the time isn't love, it is torture. Leland will drive you to madness. Trust me I know. The idea of how close he and I got makes me ill. No one deserves to be treated the way he treats women and I think you know that.

You need to get out. He won't miss you. He's cheated on you more times than you probably know about or care to imagine. It`s not worth it. He`s not worth it

Old memories die hard and he always brings back a few. If you want to talk, you know how to find us. Just ask to speak to lbcp and I will be told.

Ciao for now guys. More shortly.

Paranoia paranoia paranoia

JD and Leland are constantly fighting because Leland is paranoid they're screwing, and they might just be! ;-)

It gets rather annoying that Jamie is constantly outside smoking her Camel Crush blacks and fighting with the hobbit on the phone. And that their 'carpet' is trashed and there's rarely any sheets on the air mattress they call a 'bed'. It's also annoying that Leland nags JD like a little bitch. Don't get pissy that JD actually buys furniture and you decide to live like a homeless teenager.


We anxiously wait for Jamie to talk some more shit regarding the blog, just as she always does. HAHAH

Pet names

Jamie thinks she's so special with her nickname 'beautiful'. He had a nickname for LBCP, too. It was 'sexy'.

A guy who uses pet names with girls, only does so to prevent saying the wrong name. His nickname for Myk was 'Mykie', so at least he used her actual name in his nickname for her! LMAO

As for Jamie's IG post about haters, anyone can have what she has. Anyone can live in filth with a whoring, and controlling boyfriend and fake an engagement out of insecurities. Most people have better than that.

We've been asked numerous times regarding the text messages of Leland trying hook up with his ex. We don't have permission to post them publicly, however we're willing to give them to Jamie directly if asked for them. The content is pretty straight forward......he wanted to have sex. But I'm VERY confident that she won't be asking for them because she already knows what he's been up to. LOL

Friday, December 18, 2015

Look at me, look at me!

Look at me! I look like a vintage porn star/stripper! And I have to document every moment I'm out because Leland demands it! Leland is still in Hawaii fucking his ex(es) and hooking up with others but how dare I leave our trash apartment. LMAO

Trashy hair, don't care!

For a makeup artist (LOL) I sure suck at my own beauty habits. If I knew anything, I'd straighten my hair rather than look like I just stepped off a cheap porn set.

P.S. I claim there's no IG war between myself and Myk, but my posts prove otherwise! The reason I'm so worried about Myk is because my boyfriend is probably gonna fuck her again. LOL

Nice try

You're old enough to know better, Jamie. Once you put stupidity on the internet, you can't take it back!

Leland, when are you going to shock us and the world by dating a smart woman???!


Is this even English??? If you're going to try to insult someone, at least make sure the comment you make with the picture makes sense!!!

While we're on the subject of Animal Planet, let's discuss your living environment. Living in a filthy 'apartment'
above a bail office doesn't make you much better than the homeless. LMAO

Just an FYI, you can pretend your 'relationship' is perfect online, but we know what a train wreck it is in real life. LOL!

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Beth Chapman donated to Donald Trump

The Chapman's have never shocked us with their racism, because they make so many controversial comments. So it's no surprise that Beth wrote a big, fat check to Donald Trump.

Trash sticks together! I would say let's put a wall up around Hawaii to keep the Chapman trash there, but why punish all of Hawaii (Hawaii locals HATE the Chapman's) just to satisfy us???

Hey Boobs, if you can drop all that cash to support an idiot who will never be president, why did you and Leland take away Dakota's college funds? You can spend money on stupid shit, but not for education. What's wrong? Scared everyone will be smarter than you? Hate to break it to you, Bethie... a jellyfish is smarter than you!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Fake fake fake!

This is Jamie's wedding band set from her marriage. Does that ring look familiar? It's the identical ring Leland 'proposed' with. LMAO

Isn't it funny?

Isn't it funny that Leland took to IG to thank people for wishing him a happy birthday, yet didn't say anything about Cobie's birthday? And isn't it funny it was attached to a picture of Leiah and Cobie and posted after the previous blog?

The irony! LMAO

A message from LBCmanhoparody

As you know, there's more than one of us. And the only one of us who has actually known Leland in real life is the person who runs the LBCP account on twitter. She's very much in the loop but rarely blogs. You get a treat today because she asked me to post this blog. Enjoy!

I've been busy with my life and haven't had a chance to blog in a bit. I've been told what is going on. I know many have wanted to hear my opinion on the engagement and Jamie. I'm going to be as nice as I can but with the Hobbit that can be difficult.

Jamie, this is the one thing I am going to say to you clearly. GET OUT NOW! He is using you for sex and a cover for whatever idiocy he's doing now. Three of his actual friends (I say actual because Leland wouldn't know a friend if one bit him on the ass) came and told me that the engagement is fake. He is cheating on you end of file. I have seen the texts. He is cheating. Leland has a lineup of girls that he bedhops with when he goes to Hawaii. The story he's giving you about Myk is a crock. After all Jamie, how do you think I know he makes the woman do all the work :) and I'd bet he's made you watch porn too.

Leland is known lie Jamie. He treats you like you are special and the only woman in the world to him but it isn't the case as I have said. Women are trash to Leland. We have already caught him cheating on you 4 times so far. What do you think he does when you are not around? He looks for anything he can screw around with. Why do you think he has a Tinder account? It sure isn't to look for friendly conversation! He won't marry you in the end. After all if he was really going to marry you, don't you think you would have met his kids and family by now? Don't you think you would have met his Mom? It won't happen doll, you need to face the facts on that.

Now for Leland, did you HONESTLY think your sweet talking would keep you in the good graces of every woman? We have figured you out as a collective and think that your man card needs to be revoked. A man treats his kids and a woman right. Yes ONE WOMAN dumbass. You need to be real with Jamie and tell her exactly how you are. She's gonna find out. I know why you like her so. You are making her into Myk. Anyone with a brain can see it! You need to be fair to her, but you don't know how to be fair. You are nothing but a user that thinks women are just like porn. You use it for your own pleasure until you are bored, then you toss em away for the next one. It's pathetic that you are this way now. I feel sorry for you. I really do. You are so screwed up that you will never have a real life and will end up alone. Frankly, you deserve it you POS. Get help and grow up!

That's all I have for now guys! I promise I will blog more very soon. I know your exes are reading this as I speak, so come talk and tell me your story. Maybe if enough of us get together we can start a fan club for him. This could go along with the angry mob chasing him with torches and pitchforks LOLOL


Monday, December 14, 2015

It must suck to be you!

Leland, Leland, Leland. One of your sayings is "you better be a damn good liar, otherwise you're going to get caught". You're a horrible liar!

Jamie must be paranoid as hell. It must suck being in a relationship where you have to babysit your boyfriend and spend every day worrying about who he's doing what with. LMAO

Wanna see something interesting?

I don't want to post the actual picture here for copyright precautions, but go to Jamie's twitter and click on pictures. If that doesn't work, go to the twitter account 'inkedangels'.

There's a picture dated October 6, and it's of Jamie butt ass naked. Her left hand/arm is covering her fake ass tits. She's wearing her wedding set from her marriage and the engagement ring is IDENTICAL to the one Leland 'gave her'. LMAO!

To Jamie from Leland

Hey was she??? Was she as good as when you were still together? Did you have any more problems getting that erection? LMAO!

We have to talk to the person Leland cheated with to get permission, but something tells me that she will have no problem with us sending the proof of his BS directly to Jamie.

Start thinking about ways to talk your way out of the shithole you're in, hobbit! LMMFAO!

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Leland doesn't want Jamie to meet his children

As we posted earlier, Leland is back in Hawaii without Jamie and trying to hook up with an ex. He's with his daughter today.

Jamie has no job or life. She's completely dependent on Leland to take care of her. So why didn't she go with him to meet his children and family. Shame. Not caring.

Enough children have been brought into this fucked up equation. If you are stupid enough to get married, don't reproduce 

Keep making out with your cat, Jamie. Leland has plans tonight. LMFAO


I'm sure all 3 of Leland's baby mama's will agree. Get a job, honey!

Leland never changes

We've gotten proof Leland is talking to an ex on Kona. But we cannot post the proof just yet without causing drama. If given permission, we'll post.

We aren't shocked by this. We all knew he'd go back to her at some point. While Jamie is in Bama trying to prove to us she loves animals, he's in Hawaii between someone's legs. LMAO

Saturday, December 12, 2015


Isn't it hilarious that Jamie is ready to jump into a marriage with a BOY when she hasn't even met his children or family? We sure think it's funny!

Nobody from the Chapman family even acknowledges she exists. LMAO! The people she knows/knew are selling her out left and right. She has nothing or nobody. It's just her and her horny hobbit. LOL

Friday, December 11, 2015

That didn't take long

Within MINUTES of our last blog, Jamie responded. The person who contacted us made a statement that she doesn't really love animals. So I guess Jamie had to try to prove a point. LMFAO!

The picture speaks for itself, and it's one of 2 posts. Nice try, honey!

Brutal honesty

Someone Jamie used to work for came forward with some brutal truths. This person will remain anonymous. On a separate note, we're still waiting for Jamie to tell us all about us! LOL

** Email **

I read your blog about her must not have any friends.....your right!
She doesn't have anyone. No one gives a shit about her. No one in
Huntsville, her family, modeling people, NOBODY.  I despise her and always
have. She has always been a crazy manipulative bitch. She can't do anything
on her own. The whole "putting my career on hold" is bs. She can't afford
to go do gigs. All the gigs she has done....was paid for by others.
Including her tats, fake ass tits and her nasty ass lip injections. Also
the whole loving animals is bs. She got rid of her animals from what I was
told. All she is doing is using leland for his so called fame. She is a
attention whore that will do ANYTHING for likes on her pages. And that's
all leland is. A ticket for likes. She is a conformist, narcissist, and a
liar. Any trend, or any good thing online she is influenced by. Her tattoos
are all bs that she doesnt even know real origin. I can't wait for Leland
to dump her ass so she can remember how much of a piece of trash she sees
in the mirror behind all that makeup.

** End of email **

We had a hunch (as we've hinted before) that she had no friends and that her 'career' was over. Guess we were right! We noticed that the ONLY social media interactions she got was from what fans Leland has left. Without Leland she has nothing. LMAO

We'll be waiting for your twitter reaction. You never cease to disappoint us!


We have spoken to someone close to Sabin and it has been brought to our attention that we did not consider Sabin and his feelings in this. It is not our intention to hurt him at all. He was hurt enough by Jamie. We will not be bringing up his name again in this and his identity will be on our list of protected people. We wish Sabin nothing but the best. We hope he'll be truly happy in his life without her.

He didn't want or need this attention. All he wanted was out of the relationship. Anyone who asks for information regarding Sabin will not be responded to, per his request.

Our blogging will continue, but this is the last one that will mention him.

Good luck in finding REAL love, Sabin!

Still waiting

We're still waiting for you to tell us who we are! You know so much so please tell! What's our names? Where do we live? Where do we work? With your boyfriend being gone, you have some time off from babysitting so humor me.

I've heard nothing but crickets. LMAO


If Sabin was such a good man, why cheat on him and stalk Leland? LMAO

Oh and if you 'know so much about us', please elaborate! Tell us who we are, Myk. Oops, I mean Jamie. You both are like twins so we get confused sometimes.


Wait, I'm confused?

I thought Leland was the 'best part of her'?




Jamie must be bored! She's going nuts on twitter about our blog. We're aware that Leland is out of town, but don't you have friends??? LMAO

Nothing funnier than an idiot with no BOYFRIEND to babysit. HA!

Keep it coming, honey! You're helping our fan base.

A lesson in marriage

Jamie has stated that you can't use your maiden name if you're married. Being married doesn't mean you have to change your name. MANY people get married and don't change their name. It's a matter of preference.

Also, what's the point of posting a drivers license online? You do realize that you have to sell a lie, right? If it was the truth you wouldn't have to force it like an oversized turd. LMAO!

Still waiting for that wedding! We won't hold our breaths.

Still waiting

We're all still waiting for that marriage to happen. We know it'll be a good, long while considering Jamie is still married to Sabin.

Also, Jamie......are you really that stupid? Engagement and wedding rings go on the LEFT hand, not the right. Someone who was really engaged would know that. LMFAO

On a final note, whatever happened to the 'private relationship' you idiots were going on about? I assume you changed your mind because of insecurities. LOL

Still nothing!

No record of Jamie getting a divorce, and they obviously didn't get married. LOL

Jamie, if this is really what you want, why aren't you pushing for a divorce? All you have to do is to talk to a lawyer and get it done.

Despite our opinions on you and your hobbit, we really want to get married. We can't wait to see them implode. LMFAO

Well, we will be blogging daily. I'm going to call them out. Blasting you're fake engagement.  It's going to be hilarious

Thursday, December 10, 2015


You have to divorce your HUSBAND first! You claim to be divorced already? PROVE IT!

Go to city hall TODAY and get married. Show proof of it, too. Video, picture, and public records proof.

I'm calling your bluff. We'll wait. LOL

*******The post before this is blog, we had that email for a week. We have been trying to verify everything before blogging about it. So far we haven't found lies. Sorry we are behind but we alway try to verify stuff before posting about it.*****

We've been asked why the previous blog was removed. It's because we don't want to keep unverified information out there.

Our focus is mainly on Jamie (who is still married) and Leland (who is committing a misdemeanor).

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

I'm sorry, Dakota

I'm sorry your father is a piece of shit. I'm sorry he took your car and college because you refused to dump the woman you love. I'm sorry he git rid of Shadow and moved in order to put his ho's above everything.

How fucked up is it that Leland tried to dictate a grown man? He punished his son for choosing a respectable young lady, when Leland himself bangs anything with a pulse.

He's 'engaged' (not LOL) to a girl who does nude photography and is young enough to almost be his daughter. Her ass (and more) is plastered all over the Internet. She's still married! He's abandoned his children for his midlife crisis.

Dog is not a good role model, but even he is ashamed of Leland. Can you blame him?

Leland, you have NO grounds to judge anyone. When you date an age appropriate, and respectable woman, then.....and only then can you have an opinion on someone else's relationship.

Leland could legally go to jail

Our bounty hunter friend came through again! In Alabama it is ILLEGAL to sleep with a married person and Jamie is still married.

Here's the statute:

ALA CODE § 13A-13-2 : Alabama Code - Section 13A-13-2: ADULTERY (a) A person commits adultery when he engages in sexual intercourse with another person who is not his spouse and lives in cohabitation with that other person when he or that other person is married.

(b) A person does not commit a crime under this section if he reasonably believes that he and the other person are unmarried persons. The burden of injecting this issue is on the defendant, but this does not change the burden of proof.

(c) Adultery is a Class B misdemeanor.
(Acts 1977, No. 607, p. 812, §7005.)
- See more at:

Hilariously petty

Throughout our blogs and tweets about Jamie and Leland, we haven't been blocked by her. We were blocked by Leland a long time ago, but not Jamie.

We decided to test just how much Jamie watched us. We weren't disappointed by the results. We knew she compulsively watched the blog because she responds to most of our posts either via IG or twitter.

We made the decision to block her from our UDN twitter just to see if we could get a reaction. We did! She decided that because we blocked her today, she'd block us in return. LMAO!

Honey, you are too predictable. The emails are pouring in. A lot of people are really disappointed in you and your 'man'. He's ignoring his children and you're encourage this. You act like you love your pets, but have no problem with the fact that he abandoned his pets in Hawaii.

How do you expect him to support you when he doesn't work? You quit your job to babysit him. Look at how well that worked out for Myk. LMFAO

What happened to Leland's dog?

Remember in past posts Leland would go on and on about Shadow? A beautiful Belgian Malinois, his name is Shadow.

He used to post abut his pets a lot, but hasn't in a very long time. We have some information from the family about his running away from his life.

Leland has gotten rid of his pets and has moved to Alabama, leaving everything and everyone behind. His hands are washed of Hawaii and his family.

Even DOG himself is ashamed of Leland. And Beth hasn't said anything about Jamie, either. LOL! Ordinarily the Chapman's (usually Beth)  expresses her opinions with zero fucks to give about who may like or not like. And even when she does open her mouth, it's probably a lie.

Remember Myk? Beth, Dog, and everyone had nice, thoughtful opinions on Leland and Myk. They kissed her ass big time. But soon as the relationship ended, her TRUE feelings came out and it was harsh.

The silence that's happening with Beth and crew is the calm before the storm. It's deadly. They aren't even faking the niceness with Jamie, they just pretend she doesn't exist.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015


I literally about died of laughter when I saw Jamie posted this! The irony here is that Jamie stalked Leland while she herself was married.

As for the wording on the meme, let's discuss this. Smarter than his ex? Which ex are you referring to, because he has so many? Leiah is smarter than Myk, so that's not an accomplishment. Bree and Koryn were bar ho's who made money off their tits. No accomplishment there. I could go on all day. But you honestly think you're smarter than Lynette and Maui? LMFAO! Look at Lynette's accomplishments alone. She's served our country. She doesn't make penny's posing naked in pictures like you used to. USED TO. You quit to babysit your boyfriend. LOL! Staying with a guy you stalked when you know he cheats is just ignorant.

As for you thinking you're prettier than any of his exes......LOL! I'm not going to sit here and insult and tear you down. But honey, you're in your 20's but look 50. You're extremely underweight and appear sickly. Between you and me, we both know exactly why that is, don't we? And I have nothing against tattoos, but damn. There's something about the amount of them that is unattractive. Especially the location! Any tattoos from the shoulders up is gross in my opinion. No matter of age or gender, stay away from the neck and face.

Why has Leland stopped working? Why did Leland ignore Cobie on his birthday? Why are you encouraging this? I have debated informing people about the incident with Leland, Maui, and Cobie that happened not too long ago. It's the reason Leland and Cobie don't talk. We haven't decided yet if we're going to drop that bomb, but even if we don't people can still see what's happening. People can still see that he's ignoring his children to make more time for his ho's. THAT is what's important here.

** Blog correction **

In a previous blog , I meant to type 'irresponsible parenting' but it was auto corrected to something else.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Happy 15th birthday, Cobie!

Today Cobie Chapman is 15 years old. His father hasn't said anything about it, which is sad and pathetic. Although, he'll probably do it now because of this blog. The difference is he didn't wish his child a happy birthday on his own, but will do it because we called him out on it.

Leland, there's NO excuse for this. You aren't bounty hunting or going to meet and greets. You have time for your ho's but don't have time to wish your son a happy birthday?

You're a pathetic excuse for a human being and father. Get your priorities straight.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

The reason for Jamie and Sabin's marriage ending

We've been talking to several people who are close to Jamie and her husband. This information was given to us in regards to the reason they split. I must specify that this information is ALLEGED, it's not proven without a shadow of doubt. It's ALLEGED. Read the information and make your own assumptions.

Source email:

He had issues with how wild she was getting and using "modelling" as her excuse....travelling with other guys all over for "photo shoots"  that never helped with her so called career as plus her obsession with leland was making him look even more stupid.  It got progressively worse until the vegas trip with hugov. Sabin told her not to go because he couldnt go with her to keep an eye on her and she went anyway.  Sabin's family hates her so after the wild shit she did in vegas they finally convinced him to move out. He still wanted to work it out for a few weeks.  Rumor around here is that he got confirmation of her fucking a couple guys and another girl in vegas and soon after found out she had started messing with leland so he was done. I cant confirm that rumor but i do trust the person who told me because they are a friend of sabin. He has apparently been through hell trying to make a ho into a housewife.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

We're curious......why does Leland pay more attention to his whores than to his kids? Cecily posted a picture of little Leiah today. So she's spending time with his kids, but he's not.

He hasn't even MENTIONED his kids in ages. Cobie got a mention 6 weeks ago, and it's been much longer for Leigh and Dakota. Jamie gets more mentions than his kids, but even she doesn't get much.

It's irresistible parenting to bring in one lover after another, but to completely ignore your kids is deadbeat material. Not to mention faking an engagement to someone who doesn't even know your kids, and who is still legally married

I have to admit, I love this. LMAO! This is one train wreck I can't wait to see.

Jamie is still married, despite her statements

Jamie's husband only moved out around a month ago. Papers had not been filed then due to it possibly only being temporary. He just decided about 3 weeks ago he wanted a divorce. That's when she went public with Leland. It takes 30 days for a judge to sign an uncontested divorce after papers are filed and 45 days to finalize it after signed in Alabama. It's not a quick process.

Therefore, although she insists she's no longer married, that's obviously not true.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Interesting. Jamie is recirculating old modeling pictures as opposed to newer ones. And recognize the picture she posted of her and Leland in the car? You know who else was famous for that? Myk.

My previous blog has resulted in many emails asking why my opinion on Jamie had changed. My opinion hasn't changed. I was stating an observation. She's young and stupid. It's not an insult, a lot of people are young and stupid. It's people like like Leland, who prey on them, that are sick.

Jamie stated that she knows his flaws (being a serial cheater) and is determined to stay by his side regardless. That's craziness! Everyone says that with him, but with her I actually believe it.

As for the engagement, I still think it's a hoax. He's telling people it is and she rarely wears a ring. Engaged people don't just leave their rings inside with people so they can gawk at it.