Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Chapman's continued insanity

We were talking our guy in Bama and got word of something beyond hysterical. Leland was thinking of putting together a false rumor and leaking it so that we would get a hold of it. I find this beyond funny. It proves to me that they feel threatened. It also fits with the behavior of that family!

When is this family going to learn that lies on top of more lies do not change anything!!!!

First of all, we have so many sources to run things by that Leland would have to lie to most of his family and friends. Secondly, someone he told about the false rumor got the information to us, and thirdly even Leland and the Myk replacement have said that this blog is the truth. You guys have so much intelligence that you should chuck it all and start a think tank. NOT!!!!

Grow up and try telling the truth if you know what that is. You are not what you want people to think that you are. Try acting like humans and be real. I think we have more than proven that your lies are showing and we all know what you really are.

Ciao guys more later...We have tons more to give you. There will be more tonight -LBCP

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Leland is giving JD the short end

We came across this today and I have to admit even I was a little bit surprised.

The Chapmans are now calling JD a phony and a coat tail rider. This is typical Chapman behavior when someone stands up to them. To be honest, I would bet Leland put Beth up to this. It is the way that he works. He gets ANYONE he wants to do his dirty work so he can look squeaky clean even though we all know he's not. This is all just Leland screwing over yet another friend.

See guys, this is the way that Beth treats anyone she considers a stooge. Hey Beth, you have forgotten that you really aren't famous at all. You're famous for jumping on a fugitive that the FBI was going get hours after Dog caught him.YOU didn't do anything but ride coat tails to get there. Dog is famous. YOU are just infamous and there is a HUGE difference in both.

JD is a hero though. He served his country and tried to help your STEPSON. We all can see Leland needs a lot of help from looking like a fool. He was his friend in some way. You should be ashamed of the way you treat people, because you were treating Areli the same way you are treating JD now. There is one thing Leland has forgotten. JD has seen a lot of what Leland does and you're treating him like crap. Don't wonder how your secrets get out because of the way that you treat people. If you treated people right, things wouldn't get out and you wouldn't have a long string of exes either.

As a personal note to Leland, you ain't Elvis baby. You are just a crybaby! People need friends that they trust. You don't trust yourself. You gotta grow up sometime and face the music. JD even told you that. You would think you would've learned that by now. Sadly, I don't think you can learn anything. Frankly, my dear YOU ARE JUST A DUMBASS.

JD, I am sorry that Leland the dumbass is treating you this way. YOU don't deserve it. No one really does. You are seeing how much of a fake fuck Leland is. We all see it. He sees it to, but doesn't really care. Just be careful for the knives in your back. It is going to get better before it gets worse. The best thing to do is move out of the room you rent from the Myk replacement and walk away. You will be better off in the long run. I know I was....

Ok guys..more a little later..... Trust me The idiots, I mean Chapmans are in their full glory of being stupid. You haven't seen anything yet!

Friday, January 29, 2016

Leland Chapman and JD France

We got an email today that added to something we already knew was going on. There seems to be something going on between Leland and JD France. It looks to me that the bromance is over! They are not getting along now from what we are seeing.

As you can see from the picture Leland posted from his hunt in Miami, JD did not go with them. If you are wondering we know why and that reason is Areli. JD and Areli do not get along. I may not agree with  Leland and JD , but I do know one thing. If a military man hates you, they have very good reason in their mind. I believe more than that is going on with the two of them, but I do know that Areli isn't helping the situation.

From what I hear, JD is tired of being Leland's errand boy and general bitch runner. I can't say as I blame him though. Leland treated Dakota like that too. It is something that gets really old really fast. Leland has a tendency to treat any person like his personal bitch. He uses them for what he needs and then ignores them when they do something wrong or get on his nerves

An emailer brought to our attention today that Leland and JD don't even comment or chat on social media now. It will probably change now that we are pointing it out, but again it won't be real. It sounds to me that JD has had enough of Leland in general. He is hunting with others now. To be honest, I hope that he finds something better than dealing with Leland but he won't. The attention Leland gets is addictive and you just can't walk away. He probably will deal with it as long as he can. We hope Leland changes his mind for you JD and lets you back into the fold. He changed his mind on Areli Spades so he will change his mind about people. Leland forgets good friends are forever because he doesn't know how to be one.

Bye for now guys! More tomorrow Ciao -LBCP

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Addition to the previous blog

The previous blog speaks of Jamie insisting she's moving to Hawaii when Leland is trying to get a TV show based in Alabama. This picture goes with the blog, but I wanted to put it in a new blog to ensure it's seen.

Get a clue, Jamie. You aren't moving to Hawaii with him, and although you insist otherwise......I think you know that too. LMAO

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Leland Chapman's new idea

We got this tasty tidbit from a source inside and I couldn't help but laugh hard. Leland is proving yet again how out of touch and delusional he really is now. He seems to think he can do things on his own including get his own TV show. When are you going to figure out Leland that no one wants to see that?

We have been told that he has shopped the show to Mtv, TruTv and VH1 just to name a few. The show would be based in Alabama which I really find even funnier. The Myk replacement has been telling anyone that would listen and posting it everywhere that she and Leland will be moving to Hawaii in a few months. How are she and Leland moving to Hawaii but his TV show idea is based in Alabama? It sounds to me like someone is telling a fib. Shame on you War widow! Your fibs are showing now! I ground you from using your camera for a month LOL. Most of the planet would applaud that grounding LOL

No one wants to see you on TV anymore. You blew that when DL left. People would have watched you and DL but not now. Between you being an idiot and all the crap Beth has pulled over the years, your time as being cough 'famous' cough is OVER. Just fade away!

Monday, January 25, 2016

The stench of desperation

Leland has been in Miami and Jamie has been so desperate to keep his attention that she's posted a handful of these pictures. Guess how many he's 'liked'? ZERO! He's been busy looking for other ho's.

This is why Myk always made him video chat with him and posted pics of the video chats. And even that didn't stop him from cheating while he was away. Another big difference between Myk and Jamie is that Myk met his entire family early on. They openly interacted with her in person AND on social media. They openly defended her against us on social media, too. Jamie gets NONE of this.

It might change now that we called it out, but it won't be real. It'll be just to 'prove us wrong'. LMAO

Jamie, your insecurities aren't just paranoia. He really is cheating and you know that. His family really doesn't give a shit about you and you know that too.

Another difference between you and Myk is that Myk actually came to her senses and left him. But don't worry. We don't expect you to do that. You are too dumb and have no spine. I fully believe that you will marry him to prove a point. Frankly, I'm enjoying the show! Keep it up. LOL


Sunday, January 24, 2016

A message for Leland Chapman from his exes

I have talked to a lot of your exes Leland and they all have a message for you. I could only give you the message in song LOL.

Rather sick and tired of being called a bully

We are not bullies here plain and simple. At least once a day, we get a comment saying we are bullying Leland, Jamie, or The Chapmans and I am rather tired of it. If that is the only thing that you can call us so be it, but you evidently do not understand what the concept of bullying really is. We are here to show you what the truth about them really is.Speaking the truth is NOT BULLYING. If you choose to believe the crap that they all spew through rose colored glasses as the truth, that is your problem. I want to see the truth about someone and I learned that when I got to know Leland. Reality TV is not real guys and neither is what BS the Chapmans spew.

We put the comments on approval because we actually got threats which is ridiculous. It is not unusual for Dog fans to go that far. We have gotten several emails from fans that that has happened to. If you can talk to me like an adult disagreeing with me, I'll post the comment. Most comments I have seen from Chapman fans are rude and childish. I even saw one one time where a fan said in a comment that I hope  your anus grows shut. Seriously, I don't know about you, but that is bullying and well STUPID.  I'm choosing not to allow that drama to start on this blog because their are people that comment that would defend us to the ends of the Earth. It would become a war.  I've been called an idiot, stupid, psycho and crazy. Funny, our guy in Alabama says that even Leland and Jamie have said the blog is the truth, but I am crazy. Go figure, we tell the truth LOL

If you have something adult to say, say it otherwise step the hell off. If The Chapmans have something to say, they know our email. If anyone else wants to tell us something, please email because I will answer it.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Leland Chapman and his false accusations

This has gotten back to us recently so I felt I had to answer. Leland, you are truly an idiot! You have been going around accusing people of writing this blog that are wrong. To me, it proves what you thought of me. You are pathetic. It proves to me how much you really SUCK!

This blog was started in 2014. The ones you have been accusing didn't know you then. Why would they have inside information about you back then if they didn't know you then??? Shall we say you are a fucking dumbass?? Oh yes, that would totally fit in this situation!

If you are wondering why this blog post came about, it's because of emails we have received. Leland is running all over accusing everyone he can think of of being a blogger here. You are sooo far from right on our identities that it is insane. Would you accuse your Momma? Wait, I have probably given him an idea LOL. Our guy in Alabama contacted us about 2 people that Leland and Jamie have accused. He asked us to clear them because it has gone beyond the realm of reason. In another words, Leland is losing his mind LOL.

The first people you guys will find rather shocking. He has accused his best friend JD of writing this blog. He's wrong as usual on that. Again, do you think JD knows what a loser you are? He probably has figured it out because he's tired of being your bitch boy. You dog him out like you dogged out Dakota. He's an adult unlike you. He's not a puppy you tell to sit or stay. Frankly, he is more of a man than you would ever dream of being. He served his country and deserves respect. 

Now the second one bothers me the most. There was a woman named Jess that emailed us a long time ago. The shocking thing was that she emailed us to defend Leland. What a shocker here, defend Leland and get accused of blogging about him. She actually defended you, loser! We blocked her after it got really nasty. What do you do? You stop her from being able to work writing any bond and have gotten her blackballed. I mean seriously dude WTF! She defends you and you try to ruin her life! Sorry baby, it is not her. She actually thought you were a decent guy. You AND Jamie owe her a damned apology. People deserve a job! Who gives you the right to judge anyone! Sorry Loverboy, you are wrong as usual and need to crawl on your knees to ask for forgiveness. I know it is not much shorter than what you know now, but still. Frankly, she needs to give you a shot with a tazer. Maybe it would give your 2 brain cells a chance to work correctly again LOL?

Leland, why don't you and the Myk replacement act like adults and apologize. You don't have many friends so you may want to keep the ones you have. Grow up little boy and try being the man you wish you were and stop accusing people of being us!

I may be back later guys. We have something big brewing...Ciao for now from LBCP

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

VERY interesting!

We were asked to put this on the blog. More information was given, but they didn't specify for us to share the rest, but they did specify to share this:


You are getting under Jamie's skin. Now she's trying to show you she's been
to Hawaii before. You should remind her the only way she was there is
because she used to have (she took it off after putting she was "taken" by
Leland) just under her email address on her instagram and also on her
facebook.  That way all of the anonymous horny guys looking at her showing
her nudies online like the common whore she is, could "fund" her.  Please
remind her of this. This is FACT. 




It's funny that Leland and Jamie are STILL sleeping on that damn air mattress. The thing won't stay inflated. They inflate it at night and by the time they wake up, they're pretty much sleeping on the floor because the air mattress deflates.

Leland bought a bed, but they refuse to sleep in it because it's used. All that money you use on your hoes could have gone towards a new bed, hobbit. LMAO!

The money could also go to a decent apartment, but if you really enjoy living in that shit hole above the bail office who are we to question it? LOL

Everyone is selling Jamie out

From the moment we first started blogging about Jamie, every single person she knows or knew has contacted us to sell her out. We thought it would be a little treat for you all to be able to see one of the emails. The identity of anyone being mentioned here is edited out. Enjoy!


(NAME) works with Jamie and says she had taken vacation days
for after Christmas to meet Leland in California but that he called it
off.  She was supposedly boo hooing and trying to get everyone to feel
sorry for her saying she needed to work on her days off because she would
be moving to Hawaii.  On her instagram before she met Leland she said her
dream was to live there.  I guess he bought her a bed because she did nt
have a proper one and he got her to rent out a room to JD so they would
have a place to stay when they were working in the area. He just dropped in
when he wsin the area I guess. She has no friends and she asked for support
so some dispatchers said they were going to support her on her instagram.
She only has had the job since her husband got it for her and has had
leaves of absences to go model with her clotes off  She has no hobbies all
she does is lay on the floor taking pictures of herself. She watches a lot
of tv so all she has as tatottos are tv characters. But all of a sudden she
is trying to mention that she answers the phone and keep mentioning police
like she is one of them. If you notice they never were even on her
instagram before they are now getting all of this attention.  They are all
I guess in abuzz in the office about it and she cries spinning a tongue
ring around in her mouth every night when she comes in.  She is just a
really trashy girl who did nothing before she met her husband and now that
he got her this job she is trying to make it like she is a cop to Leland's
fans.  She has NO friends because she is such a head case.  Look at that
picture on her instagram where she is straining to get the right picture
where she is in that I hate people shirt. look at her face. the bottom of
her face straining. that's how everyone who knows her knows her  like
that.  she is nothing who wants to get a part of the chapmans tshirt income
to pay for her vegas strip trips. she loves the blog more than you


LMAO! Jamie, if you only knew just how many people you know are talking to us, you'd shit your pants. Every time someone sees you they immediately email us. How do you think we know everything? Everything right down to the cigarettes you smoke, conversations you have, and your nasty ass living conditions.

Everyone hates you. The 'friends' you wish you had, your family, and coworkers. They're all giving us the information. You never fail to embarrass yourself on a daily basis. Your obsession with our blog and Myk is HILARIOUS.

I'm sure it's hard being insecure in your relationship and worried about your boyfriends ex, especially knowing they were having sex while he was in Hawaii without you. But nobody feels sorry for you. You know he fucks around and doesn't REALLY care about you and you stay anyway. He forces you to document every move you make when he's away because he's sure you're going to cheat like he does. But you stay anyway. He refuses to let you meet his family and you stay anyway.

Myk met his family. Right away. She got to travel everywhere with him and his family. He flew her out to visit her family and flew her family and friends out to visit her in Hawaii every time she felt homesick. Hell, he has even flown his whores out to meet him wherever he was just for a booty call. And what has he done for you? Nothing. You're having to fake being in Hawaii and pretend you've already met his family. LMAO

Your insecurities are completely founded. Be worried. Everything he's had you do just to get to Myk (posting your 'gifts' on her birthday) is because he still wants her. If he didn't, he wouldn't care about getting to her. LOL

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

More lies from Jamie

We have gotten some comments about Jamie being in Hawaii. It is has taken a few days and some favors to find out the truth, but I have. Jamie is not in Hawaii now and NO she has not met the family yet. My opinion is she probably never will. Leland hasn't met her family either. Like we keep saying this isn't real with them.

There have been several people that have referenced the Black Pool picture. Frankly, it is an old picture and her comments show that. Everyone has gone with the belief that she is there now because of cngoolsby's comment Enjoy meeting the fam. Guys Jamie has been there before. Remember the old picture of her meeting Leland in a bar in Hawaii? She had no ugly neck tattoo at the time?If you read the comments by dagos.finest even Jamie says that she will be visiting again soon. She is saying that because she is not there. Sorry guys, you bought her lie. Jamie the picture recycler strikes again.

Also guys, think about this. Where are pics of her in Hawaii? She's certainly not in the Black Pool pic. Where is the we are having a blast comments? It's because they don't exist. Jamie is still in Alabama. I've confirmed it with our Bama sources too. She and Leland are there, not Hawaii.

Another thing, if Jamie had met the Family do you honestly think that there would be no pictures of them taken. Jamie rolls around on the floor taking pictures of herself or her cat, but nothing with Beth, dog, Cecily or Lyssa. Not only that, there are no pictures of Jamie with them on any other Chapman social media except Leland's. They put up pictures of them with Myk and Lynette but not Jamie. HMMMM doesn't that seem odd to you? It seems off to me. They would be plastering her all over the place if they had met. It says to me it NEVER happened.

Guys, the one thing I have always learned is to question everything. Honestly Leland is probably pulling the strings on this lie. Jamie has become the War Widow butt puppet. She barely thinks for herself. You have seen what this family is, don't stop thinking about what you see. We just want you to see the truth

This one is a little short for me today but I will be back later. Tahh for now

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Oh grandma

Posted several blogs today, so this will probably be the last one today.

Most women have to wait until they're 60 or older to get that 'salt and pepper' grandma look. Jamie did it to herself and on PURPOSE. LOL

Kudos to you for embracing the fact that you look at least 50 years old in the face.

P.S. I already know you're going to 'set the record straight' on the recirculating of the picture because we called you out on it AGAIN. Just know that nobody buys your bullshit.

More lies from Jamie

Jamie has been singing her tune of "I'm moving to Hawaii with my man" from day one. She's recirculated pictures to pass them off as new and pissed all over him like a dog.

So it's no surprise that she's now trying to act like she's in Hawaii right now when she's still in Alabama doing nothing with her life. LMAO

CMT canceled Dog And Beth On The Hunt

We have confirmation that CMT canceled On The Hunt. Beth made an announcement and made it sound like leaving was their idea, but they were canceled.

Beth is running for PBUS, which is an elected official. Beth is the most hated bail bondsman in the business so this is going to be interesting.

At least they have come to the conclusion that no network will touch them and have moved on from it. Props for that. At least you don't live in denial like Jamie!


This is from the hobbits personal FB page. They've been 'engaged' for a while now, but are just NOW updating their relationship status? LMAO

It wouldn't be because people are figuring out it's fake and you're trying to make it look real, would it?!?!

That new ring looks an awful lot like the one Leland gave to Myk. LOL! And he gave Myk a watch pretty similar to Jamie's, too.

We're digging through our pictures and we have a LOT so it's going to take a while, but we will be posting a side by side picture of Myk's gifts and Jamie's.

Get some new 'game', Xerox! LMFAO


Remember the gorgeous platinum blonde Leland hangs out with, Taylor aka lil bit south? I guess Jamie figured that since she can't compete with her, she should try to mirror her.....of course in her 50 cent lipstick she uses. Big difference between you and Taylor, Jamie. Taylor supports HERSELF and you rely on others. Therefore Taylor can afford to spend more than 50 cents on makeup and she doesn't have to cake on 3 inches of foundation on, either.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Nice try, dumb ass

Fake is Jamie's middle name. Fake lips, tits, relationship, etc. Now she's faking her IG posts. LMAO

This picture was posted very recently. The quote with it is insinuates the picture was taken that day, and that her hair in the picture was colored the same day as well. Liar, liar, pants on fire.

Notice her neck. This picture was taken before she got her neck tattoos. It's NOT a recent picture. Her war with Myk (that she denies) is pathetic. Faking an engagement is pathetic. Faking a picture is pathetic. Maybe pathetic is her middle name.

Looking forward to Jamie back peddling. I'm sure she's going to say she that she never intended to make people think it was a recent picture and blah blah blah blah. Nobody is buying your bullshit, Jamie.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Gotta give Myk some props

We have our opinions on Myk, but have to give her props! She admits what Jamie denies. That Leland fucks anything that walks. Jamie talks all kinds of shit about Myk, but at least Myk has a brain here.

Jamie will never make it to Hawaii

I think it is quite funny that Jamie keeps thinking that she is going to meet the inlaws. Anyone with any logic or brains in their heads would know otherwise. Jamie will simply never figure it out on her own. Eve her friend that emailed us called her not bright and a headcase. Well HELLO, we can see why! There are 2 LARGE reasons that Jamie will never make it to Hawaii with Leland ever LOL

The first reason that Jame will never make Hawaii is that she will learn the truth. Anyone who knows Leland knows how much of a perv he actually is. He has fucked most of Hawaii after all. He may be crazy but he's not an idiot. He knows she will find out about all his girls. Every girl will come running to Jamie telling her the truth. "How can you be with him," she'll be asked over and over. He will never allow her to learn the truth so he can continue his fun and games. After all, where is Leland gonna go to "mess around and not get caught. Of course, he will go to Hawaii and leave Jamie miles and miles away to wait like a damned war widow.

The second reason is an easy one! Beth will never allow Jamie to stick around. Beth would spout off about Leland's girlfriends to the point she got banned from the salon down the street. Do you think she's gonna stop? HELL NO! She would never let anyone that trashy and old looking near Leland for any period of time. Beth ran off Lynette and did her damnedest to get Myk to vanish. She'd make Jamie run too.

I still haven't figured out what is sadder, the fact that Jamie is telling anyone who will listen that she will be moving to Hawaii or that she stays with him to begin with. Either way, it proves what her friends have said. Jamie is naive as hell

Monday, January 11, 2016

News travels FAST

Hi guys now that I will be around more I figured I'd give you some inside news. Leland has forgotten people on the island HATE him. They come talking to us just to let us know what he is up to. I love it! It's sad that many people have confirmed what we had already figured out LOL.

The only reason Leland is engaged to Jamie is easy! Leland has a pattern of doing things in revenge and this is no exception. He got engaged to Jamie just to throw it in Lynette's and Myk's face. It's sad to say but it's true. Honestly, I think that he is still in love with Lynette but she is still with Jason. She kicked Leland out protecting her daughter and told him he could come back when he got his life together. Years later...that still hasn't happened....and in my opinion probably never will.

Now now now...Myk is a different story. You would take her back in a heartbeat and from what I hear she turned you down LOL. Myk has a brain unlike Jamie. I mean Jamie is throwing around the picture of the Michael Kors watch and ring you gave her. Does Jamie know you gave Myk a similar present on the first Christmas you and her were together? SMH I should change Leland's name to Xerox LMFAO. You should really learn to be original. Giving the same thing over and over shows to us how fake the engagement really is

This is something Leland doesn't seem to get. Lynette and Myk call you an ex for a HUGE reason. You can't keep it in your pants. Does Jamie know about your TROLLING in Hawaii? I do :). Shameful shameful Shameful. Loverboy, you haven't learned that the more you screw around, the more you get caught.

Buckle up Baby, I have a feeling this is gonna be a bumpy ride. We are still open talk Jamie. You are the one who wanted it.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Hi Jamie!

Your 'friend' contacted us recently. We were informed of just how obsessed you are with our blog. This person said you spend more time on our blog reading than anything else. LMAO

Also, you asked us to contact you. We did just what you asked and contacted you and we never heard back from you. If you're this obsessed with us, go ahead and respond. We won't bite. And before you deny asking us to contact you, please be aware that we have screen shots of both times you requested it.

Have a great evening and hope you enjoy reading us as much as we enjoy writing!

Well what do we have here?

Look at who the hobbit is following again? LMAO

I cropped out her IG name on purpose. Happy hunting, Jamie!

P.S. Myk doesn't care about your fake engagement so stop humiliating yourself. Only a pathetic little girl would fake an engagement just to try to annoy an ex that your boyfriend has been fucking on the side anyway. LOL

Thursday, January 7, 2016


Just wanted to add to the previous blog.

Can't wait to see Jamie's next "I love you, baby!" post. We all know it's coming. She's got something to prove.


Face it, Jamie

I don't know if it is just me or not, but I wonder what Leland has been doing without his fiancée Jamie.. I have ideas but Jamie won't like it.

As the fans have all realized, Leland always has a new girlfriend. He hasn't been around Jamie for about a month. He even called off meeting her in California. War widow Jamie keeps lighting her candle waiting for Leland while he is living the good life in Hawaii. You can bet he's gotten laid more than a whore in a brothel.

He's not loyal. He never will be either. Jamie just needs to face the facts on that. He has his lineup of girls that he goes through, and if that doesn't work. He's got Tinder. How is Brittany by the way? LOL?

Sooner or later Jamie may figure that out, but I doubt it. She's telling her co workers she's working on her days off because she's moving to Hawaii. It will never ever happen. Leland wrote Jamie off when she didn't quit her job and go with him. He saw he didn't have complete control. She is also trying to act like she's a cop when she's not.

Jamie, go boo hoo and twirl your tongue ring in your mouth to someone who gives a damn. Quit the posts trying to get Leland's attention on instagram too. We all see you screaming "Hey Leland, don't forget about your girlfriend!" with your half naked pictures and tagging him every day. Word to the wise, Jamie. He already has.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Old habits die hard

Check out the page Leland has just liked on his personal FB page. Hurry up and make him unlike it, Jamie! You know you're going to! LMAO

A note to all men

I know that this is a touch off topic, but I felt as though I had to put this comment out there. Why in the world do men send dick pics? Listen up leland cause I know you do this too!

Women are not a visual creature like men are. Most women do not like porn or to get dick pics sent to them. Women as a rule prefer to be talked dirty to to get their motor running. Maybe if you guys and yes LELAND would learn this, issues wouldn't happen.

All I have to say is men and Leland. Hobbits are included in this thought. Keep it in your pants unless you are ready to use it and ask a woman if they want to see a picture of it. We have seen yours and unfortunately it cannot be unseen.


Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Jamie's reaction

Ain't it funny that after something is said in a previous blog that Leland and Jamie are not acting like they are engaged, she has to profess her love with something to prove. I find it rather strange in my opinion.

This is something that Jamie does not comprehend. She can post on instagram until she is old and gray. We get it Jamie, you want to profess your love to the world I get that. The issue is Leland is not doing the same thing. Like I said before, love us a 2 way street and she's the only one giving the road any action.

See heres the thing about Leland, he doesn't love anyone including himself. He is a user and a control freak. He doesn't love Jamie at all. He's using her for some reason in his own twisted mind. He's a pathetic idiot trying to be a player. It's too bad no one informed the hobbit that he's just a wannabe.

Trouble in paradise

We got some interesting information today from one of our many sources today that I find very interesting... To me, it is a true sign of their being trouble between leland and jamie.

I know you guys remember that Jamie went to California and she told the world that she was going to see her family. This was not the only person she was supposed to see.

Leland was supposed to meet up with her too, but he called it off...Hmmm I wonder why...NOT.

Leland probably gave her a bullshit lame ass excuse. Oh Jamie, I'm hunting and can't make it or oh Jamie things have come up. Oh Jamie, I'm busy. Blah blah blah.

Honestly, the only damned thing that came up was Leland was busy hunting in a strip club for his next piece of ass to cheat on Jamie with.

Jamie, many of your friends are worried about you and see that you are being taken for a ride. I'm telling you honestly. You need to leave him. He will never want you if you are just waiting for him under his control like a puppet.

You can do better. He's not going to fund your trips to Vegas for fun. He won't support your modeling either. You need to get out and do for yourself, because doll you will never live in Hawaii with him.

Monday, January 4, 2016

That didn't take long LMAO

Neither Jamie or Leland have mentioned each other in a while. That is until we blog about it. Having something to prove, Jamie just posted this. LOL

Thank you for proving our point. Your relationship is FAKE. You're not engaged. It's really quite pathetic.


I am sitting here tooling around on the internet and I find myself with a very large question. Why are Leland and Jamie not ACTING like they are engaged. Face the facts guys they simply aren't. Newly engaged people can't get enough of each other and they want to meet the family. They WANT to be together. Has leland met her family? Probably not. Frankly they come off to me as another Instagram couple looking for attention.

Jamie is posting pictures of herself in various stages of undress for 2 reasons. She's trying to get his attention and she needs to show Leland what she is doing and behaving properly. See guys, Leland is VERY controlling and he likes it being that way. Jamie is surrendering to her obsession because she is not thinking. If it were me, I wouldn't want to live under the control of a troll. HELL, Id tell him to go crawl under a bridge and wait for the next guy. Let me tell ya Jamie, he's cheating. I can tell you for fact he is. He treats girls like flavors of the month and let me tell ya. He gets bored really easy. The minuteman has his lineup of girls in the islands and where is Jamie. She's at home riding the bench waiting for him to come home. It's okay Jamie, he did that to Myk to when he was cheating. Just keep on checking his social media for girls that are not supposed to be there. Here's a tip Jamie, if you have to go through his social media and block girls you don't trust him. If you don't trust him you have no relationship. I'm sorry Doll but you can't trust him

Now lets get to the way Leland acts, he is on Instagram. He's hanging with Paul Rodriguez and William Shatner. Where's jamie? She's at home riding the bench waiting for her man with a candle in the window like a war widow. Don't get it twisted here. Jamie would have had to quit her job. She was smart to keep it because she's gonna need it. Leland didn't need to do the bending though. I didn't see Leland making accommodations for her job. No Jamie rides the bench and misses out on hanging out with the famous. HMMM how's it feel picking splinters out of your ass? Not good, I'd bet. He's keeping Jamie as his bottom bitch while he screws with the whores.

This is the one thing I do know. Love is a 2 way street and I dont see any action from Leland's side of the road. Sorry Jamie, but you are going to get hurt and it won't be pretty.

People are finally waking up

It seems like every day more fans are turning on Leland than supporting him. These are a few of our favorite comments and responses.

The Chapman's are always talking about their faith and desire to help people. Leland is always wearing a cross. Yet he has a new fetish lately. Posting pictures of his 'jumps' and publicly humiliating them. They are most likely at rock bottom so the thing to do is embarrass them more!!!!???

We have some reports that Leland and Jamie are having issues. We'll investigate this further and let you know. He's cheated numerous times, even while he's been in Hawaii and Jamie stayed behind in Alabama. Maybe she grew a brain? I highly doubt that to be honest. But with the reports and the fact that she was pissing all over him and has completely stopped even mentioning him, you just never know.

We are also told he has been canceling his meet and greets. Maybe he's finally imploding. Hope you enjoy the comments as much as we did! The Jamie and hatchetface comparison is my favorite!

Happy holidays to all!