Monday, February 29, 2016

Leland and Amy

Leland and Amy have been conversing privately via IG. They exchange pictures and flirty messages.

In addition to that information, the hobbit (who denies reading this blog frequently), unfollowed the Candy Shop Mansion on IG after our blog pointing it out.

Putting together the big picture here, he unfollowed a trashy site to save face, yet hoped that nobody would find out about his activities with Amy. He swept her right under his midlife crisis' nose. LMAO

Sunday, February 28, 2016


We got an email and I wanted to clear the air. I want to make sure that why we are here doing this is known to the world. I can promise you it is not what you think.

Yes, I did know Leland or well I thought I did. The man I knew had a kind heart and would go to war for you if needed. I know now that all that was just BS to try to get me in bed. I was just smart enough to know how to say NO. Sorry Loverboy, after talking to your exes I have come to the conclusion that I was right to say no. It wasn't worth the minute or two in the sack. I probably would have fallen asleep LMAO.

I was told in an email that we screw with people for personal gratification. I'm going to be honest with you, that is far from the reason. Some of you are sitting there reading this going why are you doing this. I'll make it really easy for you to understand. 

The easy answer for it at first was revenge. He treated me like a piece of trash. I'm sorry I am not just some bitch he didn't pay enough attention to. I'll be the first to say that that pissed me off when that that got back to me. It then dawned on me that if he is talking about me that way, who else is he talking about like that. He is not the man who is "acting" like a hero on Instagram. He is just an asshole who thinks that he is God's gift to women. I sure hope someone kept the receipt because he is definitely a broken bitch.

As ex after ex climbed out of the woodwork to talk to us it came to me. Why is he allowed to treat women like garbage? Why is it allowed that he can treat his kids like crap? No one deserves to be treated like that. NO ONE! At the time, he was a "famous" TV star. This does not even give you the right to treat people like crap. People are people and should be treated with respect. No one deserves to be walked on like Leland does.

The fans don't seem to get it because they buy his "act" on TV or social media. They fall at his feet and hang on his every word. He's not worth it. Yet, some are beginning to question him. We have gotten emails on how he has blocked people asking about Shadow, Dakota or other things he doesn't want to talk about. They tell us he's not a man. He's just ignoring us hoping we go away. This is thing, they don't go away and neither do we. We are hear to get the story out and revenge some of the hurt and pain he has caused to every woman he has tossed away and his kids.

The one thing I do want to say directly to Leland is this. I am ashamed that I EVER knew you and you should be ashamed of yourself. Your Dad should be ashamed of you too. You have let your own life go to your head and you have forgotten how to be human.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Hello World Meet an IDIOT

The War Widow loves to make me laugh hysterically it seems. If it doesn't stop I'm just going to move to the floor LMFAO. This caption has to be the funniest thing I have seen in days. She really doesn't know him that well at all. Screwing him does not mean that you know him dumbass.

This man will go to the end of the Earth for me is complete and utter bullshit simple as that. The only way he would go to the end of the Earth is to push you off the edge of it. I cannot believe she even thinks this. She has confronted him about cheating once. We have caught him cheating on her three times but you think he's actually loyal. He is as loyal as an alley cat and that's insulting alley cats. He even told JD to get rid of you when you confronted him on cheating. SMH I guess unlike me, she has no pride in herself. No woman who has any self respect would allow herself to be cheated on like that.

Honestly, I still don't get why anyone would want him. I learned this a long time ago, ONCE A CHEATER ALWAYS A CHEATER. I guess she likes sharing her man with most of the women in the world. Hell Beth even called Leland a whore just like his Dad. Yet the Widow thinks he's going to be loyal to her? She's naive as hell. He isn't going to change EVER. I guess the Widow likes waiting by the window while her Man screws most of the countryside. I don't get it. I really don't get it.

I just don't get how ANYONE can be that fucking stupid?!? Leland tossed away all three of his kids! He tossed his blood away like trash and she thinks he will be loyal to her!!! It's laughable. She is that fucking stupid. She had to have been dropped on her head as a baby then again last week. Hey WIDOW, if he will toss away his kids, he will toss you away too.  Anyone who thinks otherwise is DUMBER than they look!

One more thing before I take off... Leland, you really need to stop the War Widow from posting any more pictures of you after drinking...Your booze issues that are legendary are showing!

Bye for now guys! More later guys

Monday, February 22, 2016

To Fate

I saw this and really had to comment once I got back in my chair from falling out of it LAUGHING. It is a small man's lame attempt at trying to make himself look brilliant. Trust me, stop trying to strain yourself. You may lose more IQ points that you can't afford to lose.

You really need to stop calling yourself a warrior. You are far from one. Warriors protect their children. You tossed Dakota to the wolves and you have pretty much abandoned Leiah and Cobie. Anyone want to scream LOSER besides me here??? Warriors protect their families not run states away like a little bitch and make a new one with a War Widow. who looks like the Joker.

Warriors do not get rid of their pets. Remember Shadow dumbass? Is Shadow the one you sold? Warriors stand and fight. They don't walk away at all.

You walked away. You walked away from everything including being human. You forget people have feelings and hurt when you put their hearts in a blender. You just think it is all about you and it's not. You are just a narcissistic rat bastard who probably doesn't have a clue what narcissist means.

Try calling yourself something new. Foolish jackass or rat bastard works for me.

Warriors have honor and that is one thing you don't have. You betray women, family, friends and children. It just means you will end up alone. Grow up and stop saying something you are not

The Warrior said to FATE...KISS MY ASS

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Where is Myk??

As we watch Xerox and the midlife crisis, do Vegas I thought I would answer the where is Myk question. As Xerox always does, he is taking the midlife crisis to the same places that he took Myk when she went to Vegas. I know I'm wondering what is going on with her like a good ole game of Where's Waldo.

She seems to be going more for Facebook now. HMMM wonder why. Could it be that she got sick of the Mid Life crisis copying her?? I know I would have been. The mid life crisis copies Myk just to keep Xerox'es attention.

As I keep saying to the midlife crisis, BORING BORING BORING. Well shes a dumb bitch, she wears enough makeup that Batman would mistake her for The Joker.

I am pretty sure Ben Affleck has been banned from the casinos so the midlife crisis may be okay for now. LOLOL

Bye for now guys Ciao

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Leland Chapman and the Candy Shop Mansion

We love our fans! We really do! We also love it when they send us in things and this is no exception. For the ladies that think of Leland as their hero may find this mind changing. Have you guys heard of the Candy Shop Mansion? Let me put it this puts the Playboy Mansion to shame when it comes to debauchery.

I've done some research and have to admit I am fully disgusted. Travers Beynon is an Australian playboy that has been blasted in the media for being a borderline cult. He walks his WIFE and other women on leashes and shares a bed with her and her best friend. You just need to look at his instagram account to see how low it goes. Beynon has even been called the Australian Hugh Hefner. I personally would consider that an insult to Hugh Hefner.

I know you are wondering why I am talking about this, or you may have have guessed. Yes, the hobbit follows The Candy Shop Mansion on Instagram. We have the picture to prove it! The website for the mansion to be invited is easy to find too. I would bet that Leland has tried or is trying to get an invite. To me, any man (and I use term loosely when it comes to the hobbit) with a daughter that gets off on a place like that needs his head examined. It is pathetic that Leland refuses to grow up. Even worse is that he got caught looking at it.

For a man that is or was a role model to his fans, this is saddening. You have kids that look at your Instagram and women for that matter and you just don't care. It gets me now that you have ANY fans anymore. No one wants to be a fan of a lecherous fool. SMH you are worse than your Father which is even sadder.

On a side note, I will be the first one to say that I am not a prude. I am actually far from it. Yes, I firmly believe handcuffs should be used for recreational purposes and in having a red room for the ones that get Fifty Shades of Grey. I would never allow myself to be degraded like some of those girls have been. I am worth more than that which is why I said no to the little hobbit. I have to admit I am so glad I did. No one should have to deal with him, man or woman...

Well guys, I am out for now. More later. Keep hanging on with everything ya got and sending us stuff too. We are grateful for all your help!

Where is Dakota?

I felt we needed to address the emails and comments we have been getting about Dakota. We have been asked where is Dakota and is he okay. People were concerned since he has not been on Social Media very much. As I have ALWAYS promised, if you email or comment us we will do our best to get an answer for you.

After some confirmation, we are able to let you know that Dakota is okay. He is fine. I really refuse to give the exact reason that he has kind of taken a time out because we feel Dakota deserves some privacy after what Dakota has had to deal with. He is okay though, that I do promise

If you want my suggestion on how to help Dakota, send him your love on Social media and tell him you miss him. It always feels good to be wanted. As far as I am concerned that handsome guy needs a TV show of his own. I know I would watch it!

We love ya Kota and just wanted to let you know we were all thinking about you. You are a handsome guy and have a beautiful soul.  We all miss you!!

Fake profiles

Several of Leland's exes have brought to our attention that there is a very definite fake profile watching them. We know which profile it is but will not reveal it here, well at least not yet. We are not totally sure who is running the profile as of yet. One day we think that it is Leland and the next we think it is the War Widow. As soon as we figure out which one it definitely is, we will release the ID for the world.

If it is Leland's profile, he is proving the dog he is. He is watching his Ex girlfriends from a distance?? I mean seriously, that is quite pathetic. I guess he needs a selection on the side so he knows he has someone he can cheat on War Widow with. I mean it is a profile with his exes and his public profile on. If you are wondering we have even seen it comment on the War Widow's profiles too.

If this is the War Widow's profile, I can tell you why she made it. She is stalking his exes, and has been for quite awhile. She's stalked them on all forms of social media she can find, including Snapchat. She is so insecure that she checks his social media accounts when he is not in town to make sure there isn't someone there that shouldn't be. This would be very similar to actions that Myk took. Myk did everything from send nasty emails from Leland's profiles and hers to straight out blocking all the girls so that Leland could not get to them. On that, if you don't trust your Man (and I use that term loosely) you have no relationship. It is just that simple.

SMH no matter whose profile it is, they are both idiots and they are assuming that Leland's exes are idiots. You really need to step up your game children, your lies are beyond showing

Bye for now guys! More later!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

JD moving forward

I have to admit that this post kinda hit me funny because it really does prove a point. JD is trying to move forward from the chance he took being friends with Leland. He tried being himself and that chance really didn't work out. He is definitely better for getting out of the situation that is for without a doubt for sure.

JD has a lot of accomplishments on his own and it is my opinion he really did not need Leland to be a successful fugitive recovery agent on his own. I get his decision to walk away from that too. I have been told by several different sources that Leland controls the bail business in the Huntsville area, which still boggles my mind when he can't control keeping his dick in his pants. SMH. He blackballs who he doesn't like, so if he got pissy over something JD did there would be issues. It was probably a smart idea that he got out while the getting is good

He is more of a man than Leland will ever be and we wish him extremely well. He is definitely the wolf dealing with sheep especially when it comes to ANY of The Chapmans. Wolves trump alleged warriors any day of the week. Like we have said before to Justin, if you need anything we will gladly help you out.

Ciao for now guys more later!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Not long ago, someone sent us a screen shot of a remark the midlife crisis made talking about a new cyber bullying law and directly saying that her 'investigator' was looking into our blog. After we got done laughing, we began to discuss whether we'd address it or not. Because the midlife crisis seems to LOVE the attention she gets from us.

Obviously, since the blog is being posted we decided to go ahead with it. If you remember correctly, Myk sang the same tune at one point. Our blog has been here for years and isn't going anywhere.

The reason for that is because we have our own legal team. We know exactly what we can or cannot do. Laws, especially Internet laws, are complicated. There are no new cyber laws, and if there was we'd conform with it.

We scare the Chapman's. Plain and simple. We use facts against them and don't back down, which is something they aren't used to. Their desperation to get us to go away is strong.

We fully expect a reaction to this blog. Probably more threats. But maybe this will embarrass her enough go back to just running her mouth and posting more trashy pictures. Either way, ignore it. She thrives on the blog and will say or do anything to get the attention she doesn't get from her boyfriend.

We aren't going anywhere. So never allow them to make you think otherwise.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Leland Chapman the QUITTER

I saw this on Leland's Instagram and honestly thought this was one of the biggest lies he has EVER told. Leland has never fought for anything. If something doesn't go right for him, he runs to Dad to get him out of it. Leland himself has NEVER entered the ring.

Leland is the type of guy that plays with his toys, until they break. He then walks away when he or Dad can't fix the problem. This is how he treats women. He simply doesn't understand that love and relationships take work. He fought constantly with Myk and he loves her. Any woman after that, he just uses and dumps. Look at Justine, Jessica, Jenna, Juliana, Shanice, Alexandria and Micayli just to name a few. His heart has been put in a blender and dumped out on the counter before so it is okay to do it to every other girl. UM NO, it isn't. It is no wonder you pick the girls you do. You do it so you DON'T have to fight in the ring. You do it so you can stay in control, and that is what you like.

You really fight for the things you believe in, don't you. You fought for Myk so much that you ran to Alabama. Wait even better, you gave up everything right. You gave up Hawaii, your kids and your pets right? NOT!!! We know what you did to Dakota and Cobie which is utterly ridiculous. Leiah you have walked away from. A month together does not a Father make. To most, it makes you worse than your Father. He got back into the lives of his kids. You simply don't care.

You are just a selfish asshole who thinks its his time to play. No Leland it isn't your time to play. You just chose TO QUIT

Leland Chapman LOSER

I have to admit that I saw this post from the hobbit and I was at a loss for words. The guy I knew would have NEVER publicly said this because he cared about what other people thought and his own image. You could tell by the comments that many people were stunned by it too. They didn't know what to say in some cases. It took me some time to get my words together and it only ended up in one word that summed it all up. This word would be LOSER.

It's funny. I was going to go into how his mental growth stopped at about age 16 but I won't. It's the truth, but its what he wants too. Then, I realized the slew of insults really wouldn't cover what I was feeling, so I will just tell the truth as I see it. It seems to me that it is what you guys want to hear so I am gonna give it to ya. That comment sums up everything Leland has done to himself.

Let me tell it so that even Leland will get it. HE HAS DONE IT TO HIMSELF. Women like that you get when you purposely date women who have to stand on a chair to raise their IQ. You get women like that when you date women who have less mental acuity than your daughter. You get women like that when you date ones who are not comfortable in their own skin. Women do not have to run around in pictures naked to show they are secure with themselves. They do not have to prove to the world that you are there's either. They know it and are proud of it. If he dated intelligent, mature and sexually aggressive women who didn't take his crap, he wouldn't be making posts like that. Frankly, he'd be handcuffed to a bed and not needing to prove his masculinity by trying to control what is an illusion, and that is his life. He would never try an intelligent woman though. He couldn't handle it. It's why he drove Lynette away, gold digger or not.

Leland needs to grow up, stop dating school girls who are below him and try what your family suggested. Date women your own age. It's that simple. A little girl needs to be reassured that you are there man. A little girl has to post things to get your attention. A little girl stays when you want them gone, and deals with you cheating like a cheap whore. A woman doesn't need all that crap and would actually handle it with you. I said it a long time ago Leland needs a partner not a brat to lead around. He's not man enough to try it though.

Bye for now guys! You'll get some more today because I'm gonna do some talking today. Ciao

Sunday, February 14, 2016

In honor of Valentines Day

In honor of Valentine's Day, I felt I should discuss a real man, not a train wreck. JD is clearly trying to be positive and move forward with his life without dealing with the Chapman drama. Looking forward is always the best thing. Sometimes we all need perspective and change.

We have gotten confirmation from numerous sources that JD France and Leland are no longer friends. He had gotten sick of Leland's drama. I learned a very long time ago that sometimes you have to cut toxic people out of your life that drag you down. It will make you sick if you allow it.

I also have to agree with @divinemomma in the shot we have. JD is very handsome and could have ANY woman that he chooses. Leland on the other hand has the face of a weasel and picks girls with low self esteem and want him for his name. The difference is confidence

JD is a confident man. Leland on the other hand is not so much. JD has gone to war and has NOTHING TO PROVE to anyone!

Leland has always felt that he has something to prove. He has wanted to step out of his Dad's shadow for a long time. In my opinion, it will never ever happen. It is the reason we see the self destructing jackass that we see today. He will never grow up, and he is just a ticking time bomb waiting to blow. Can't you guys here the ticking clock? TICK TICK TICK

Friday, February 12, 2016

And the award goes too

The Kiss My Ass award of the day goes to Leland Chapman for his risque photo shoot. I hate to be the one to burst your bubble but you are in NO way Kim and Kanye. The comparison is an insult to The Kardashians. The two you more remind me of Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston LOL. You have truly lost your mind.

I pride myself on calling it as I see it and this is without a doubt how I see it LOL. No one wants to see ANY of that. We wish we could have unseen that!

No one who has any respect for their woman would NEVER allow their woman to be displayed like that. You are truly pathetic. The only thing you were doing is looking at a piece of ass like you look at 1000 other pieces of ass. The only person you are out for is yourself and it takes a photo shoot to see how you are still trying to figure out how to make your life like porn yet again. Life isn't porn and porn ain't real. I guess that shows you are as fake as you always were.

Ciao for Now guys!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

JD France

I do not know if you guys noticed, but we did. As you can see from JD's Instagram, he has taken fugitive recovery off his bio. This is just another sign that he is done with Leland and his BS. We had always thought that he was more of a man than Leland and this really proves it. It takes more of a man to walk away from a bad situation than it does to stay and take the abuse. He is no ones bitch boy. We wish you the best JD that is for sure. We never really had an issue with you, but I know Leland probably threw you our way. He isn't man enough to deal with us himself.

JD's fans are taking the hit for it though. Many people have emailed us saying that both the war widow and Leland are blocking anyone who is openly a fan of JD. As far as I am concerned, that is beyond stupid. First of all, just because you like JD it doesn't mean you don't like Leland. Secondly, it shows how childish the both of them are. After all, she is nothing but his puppet like all the others. Everything SHE does is because he told her what to do. It is sad that the breaking up of a friendship has come down to juvenile behavior. It shows who really needs to grow up...

Thats all for now guys. We are working on something fairly big..Ciao for now!

Xerox strikes again

Once again the hobbit is trying to fill the Myk void. LMAO

Leland was in love with Myk. He thought he was, anyway. When they'd have a spat and ended the relationship, he'd get depressed. So depressed that Beth took to social media to defend her. Has anyone seen Beth do that with his current relationship? NOPE!

It must suck to be in a relationship with someone who is constantly going back to their ex. LOL

Monday, February 8, 2016

Being stabbed in the back?

This is a touch off topic. We got an email the other day that told us Leland is afraid that anyone and everyone is going to stab him in the back. I wanted to say something about that. I felt that I really needed to, in this case.

We are not bullying anyone. We are pointing out the truth as we have seen it unfold. It is that easy and simple. You cannot go around treating people like garbage and not expect it to not catch up with you at some point. You should treat people the way YOU want to be treated. Leland has cheated, lied, cajoled, fibbed and any other word I can think of to describe it. Do unto others as you should have them do unto you! Maybe Leland should remember that?!?

You go into strip clubs and Vegas looking for women. You found at least one good one there but you blew that off like an idiot. The girl that gave us the text messages, she cared about you. You used her and trashed her too. HELL, you stabbed me in the back. You cheated on Reina, Maui, Myk and others. You don't need to get MARRIED. YOU don't cheat on those you love.

This was not my point. My point is you walk around acting like everyone is going to stab you in the back. Well WHAT DID YOU DO TO THEM?? People don't go around stabbing people in the back without a reason. You have to treat people with kindness not deceit and hatred. You have to be a friend to have friends. It's called trust and it's clear that you don't even trust yourself. You need to love yourself too to love another. I don't think that you do that either.

YOU need to seek therapy, and talking to Tim Storey does not count. You need to see a qualified shrink and get mental help. Confession is good for the soul. You need to heal yourself. It's sad that you have lost your humanity. It makes me feel sorry for you.

YOU ran to Alabama to escape Myk but you are doing the same thing over again. Change is good for the soul but you haven't done any of that. Get your damned anxiety in check and try two little words

                        IM SORRY

The Chapman's racism never dies

Racist scandals are nothing new to the Chapman family. Everyone remembers Dog's racist rant while on the phone with his son Tucker. Beth has had more than one racist rant in her life time and she's also treated our veterans like shit on more than one occasion.

Unless you live in a cave, you all are aware that Donald Trump is a Republican presidential candidate. Aside from The Apprentice, Donald is known for his racially charged commentary regarding Muslims and Hispanics.

This isn't a political blog, but most Republicans are known for their blatant disregard for people in need. They slash into funds for the sick, poor, elderly, and veterans in order to give tax cuts to the wealthy. The reason I'm pointing this out is because although most Republicans are radical, even THEY are disgusted with The Donald. They want nothing to do with him.

That's not the case with the Chapman's, though. The Chapman's have endorsed The Donald. It shouldn't have been a shocker, but yet again, as soon as you seem to have witnessed all of the stupidity in the world, Beth Chapman comes along and takes the gold medal in ignorance.

Dog prides himself in being Indian. He flaunts his heritage, even having Indian beads in his mullet. Yet him and his family endorse a man who boldly insults ANYONE who isn't a natural born citizen of the United States. A man who openly talks about fucking his daughter, if they weren't related.

Beth Chapman. A racist endorsing another racist. She wants to be the next PBUS. She is a worthless piece of shit, but at least she's consistent!

JD France's answer to Beth Chapman

This was sent to us the other day from JD's Instagram account. It is hard to say exactly why he posted this but in our opinion  it was an answer to Beth's rant of stupidity. It appears he is being positive and moving forward with his life. I am thinking from other things going on that it does not include Leland or anything Chapman for that matter. It looks like JD got smart and got out of the situation. More power to him!

To me if this was his answer to The Chapman's and Leland, this was a very classy and low key way to let his opinion be known. Anything other than low key and quiet would have sent Beth on the path of revenge and that never leads to anything intelligent. He did the best thing he could and that was walk away. We will get into the other things going on in a few because they are developing at this time.

More later guys

Saturday, February 6, 2016

If you want to contact us...

We have gotten a few comments asking how they could email us privately to pass us along things that they have seen or heard. It is very easy to get in contact with us

You can email or

You can also reach us on twitter at @quackingwhore @dogunofficial or @LBCmanhoParody

All emails will be answered.

The commenters that have asked for emails we have answered but we would prefer you email us directly.

Thanks guys, any emails that are sent to us are extremely confidential. We protect the identity of our sources above anything else.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Unanswered questions

Leland has been avoiding the subject of his dog Shadow. He made the decision to move away from Hawaii and Shadow wasn't a part of that move. Shadow was expendable to Leland.

The Chapman's put out a persona of being animal lovers. Especially Beth. But this is about Leland. His midlife crisis posts picture after picture of her animals all over him all the time, yet he refuses to disclose what happened to Shadow.

True animal lovers treat their pets like their children. If you love your pets, how many of you would discard your pets like garbage just so you could shack up somewhere for a while and hide from your skeletons?

To be fair, if Shadow was temporarily re-homed until transport to the states could be arranged, that would be acceptable. But I highly doubt this is the case. Leland spent the holidays away from his midlife crisis so he could bang his way across the islands. In between, he spent time with Leiah and his family, but no Shadow.
The ironic thing here is that when he had Shadow, he posted more about the dog than he does about the midlife crisis. LMAO!

So Hobbit........the question remains. What exactly did you do with the beautiful dog you claim that you 'adored'?

Dakota's Love

I felt like I had to post this to the blog. Dakota put this on Instagram and Twitter for Arvie. It is probably the most beautiful thing I have heard any Man tell a woman.To me, this is something EVERY woman should hear from the man that loves them. Dakota, you have more heart, soul and passion than your Father could every dream of having. You are NOTHING like him at all and you should be very proud of that.

Leland could take lessons from you on how to treat women but he has taken one too many hits to the head. You have a beautiful soul. Don't let your life change that either! Be yourself and allow everyone to see a little bit of that beauty in you. The world surely would be a darker place without it.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Here is your laugh for the day!

I've been watching for the last day just to see what would happen with the Myk replacement's social media "break".  I felt I needed to let the world in on a rather funny secret. You will probably laugh as hard as I did when I pull it all together and you see it too.

In our opinion, the Myk replacement was getting off on the attention we were giving her. She's a vapid, dumb blonde who is extremely naive. She was posting stuff that was beyond easy for us to use. I don't twist anything on her because I don't have to. She's that dumb.

Well, we had made a conscious decision not to use her name, hence calling her the war widow or Myk replacement. We were not going to talk about her as much as possible. The family never disappoints on giving us something after all.  I wanted to see how long it would be before she did something to get our attention. She didn't fail me. She started small with things to see what it would do. I'm not dumb since I knew what she was doing.

When the fight happened, I questioned it. I wondered if it were fake since Leland and Myk were known for them, but I said why not. The myk replacement didn't disappoint. Her crybaby act and calling out her chihuahua Rachell was quite funny. Thanks for the reaction girls! It didn't disappoint!

I think I may have to retire the name Myk replacement for her though. It is actually an insult to Myk. Myk has class and style in which the War Widow does not. She's also smarter because she got out and did what? Her ex ran all the way to Alabama. Enjoy being second best War Widow! Oh and quit stalking Myk. You copies of her pictures are really showing

Ciao for now guys!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Record breaking time

Jamie's 'social media break' lasted less than 24hrs. LMAO

She's also got diarrhea of the mouth. I'm going to give her the opportunity to stand down before I go ahead and post the screen shots of her asking us to email her along with us actually doing it.

I suggest you spend less time worrying about us and more time focusing on how to better stage a 'sleeping' picture of you and your boyfriend. I know you have a lot to prove after the public fight you had but that was shameful.

The Chapman's have had their asses handed to them because of us for years. Thank you for your contribution because you're literally the gift that keeps on giving. LMAO

To Rachel Jordan

I had been trying to be nice to Jamie's little idiot cousin Rachel Jordan Photographer but I felt since she keeps checking our blog on a daily basis and she likes to give me the opening to show her how ridiculous she is. Why not give her the option to look stupid as the war widow does?

First of all, our blog is far from a laughing stock. It gets 2,000 to 3,000 hits a day. Many people look to us as the true source of information on Leland and Jamie. Jamie, Leland and JD have all said this blog is the total truth. You again are an idiot to the ninth degree.

Secondly, why is it you are the only one dumb enough to come on here to defend Jamie? None of the dispatchers that Jamie tried to lead people to believe she worked with. One of her co workers has already ratted her out as not being able to pass the dispatcher training. Leland doesn't even defend her because he knows it's the truth. He's telling Jamie to ignore it and it will go away. We've been here over 2 years. Not going away anytime soon.

Oh and um Rachel, on your comment of us committing suicide over Jamie not posting. I don't need her to post ANYTHING. I've got so much in my back pocket that I could post for the next 5 years and still have plenty. I don't watch her social media. I don't hire PI's either. I don't do anything and the emails come in. Maybe Jamie needs to think about karma! She cheated on her ex in Vegas with 3 people and the emails keep on coming. I keep trying to say when you screw people over and it comes back to bite you in the ass. You really like to look stupid.

See baby I know JD was accused of writing this blog and Leland was too to help rekindle his fleeting fame. Like I said he'd accuse his Momma if he could prove she did it. Y'all are just a bunch of fools chasing your proverbial tails like idiots.

You all continually say how ridiculous we are, so if that's the case, why read us religiously and worry about who we are and what we know? LOL

Rachel go sit in the corner and be quiet. If I had wanted your opinion I would have given it to you.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Well Well Well War Widow Jamie and Leland

For those of you who missed what we didn't it appears that Leland Chapman is having issues with the war widow. Here's the visual for those that missed it last week
Yes, there was evidently a fight because they unfollowed and refollowed each other on Instagram. after all you can't be in love unless you are on each other's social media. NOT! Fuckboy even took her name off his engaged status off his Facebook. Pfft whatever, only 5 year olds fight that way. It shows to me their mental stability and maturity. Be adults seriously, after all you can only be engaged on FACEBOOK. WTF!
Now for those who are wondering a reasoning behind the fight. This is just me going on what I know from Xerox since his dumbass repeats the same thing over and over. My knowledge of him is following into that too. We have Jamie's most recent pictures of a flower arrangement her LOVE gave her...GAG
 The way Leland apologizes for cheating is with flowers. He did it with Myk and all the others so Xerox will do the same thing over again. I wonder if he bought a card too. He's done that when he's tried to get laid more than once. The thinking of you card or I'm sorry card helps him to communicate since he can't talk his way out of anything. He knows he's done wrong so he figured throwing money at a problem will make it go away. NOT Leland will go back to his cheating ways and the War Widow will be a doormat.
Then we get the picture that makes us all want to vomit explosively
This is the War Widow's way of convincing the world that everything is OKAY with them when it's not. Hey Myk replacement if you don't want the world to think that picture is staged don't make it look like someone else is their taking the pic. Can we say that pic looks stalkerish as hell?? I question whether Leland even knew the picture was taken??? Myk was known for doing that herself.
I think she is trying to convince herself and the world that their relationship is okay when it really isn't. Jamie is a headcase, and even her co workers have told us that she's very naive. She just doesn't get it. He will stick his dick in anything with a pulse. He's not going to stop and you can't change a fake fuck no matter how hard you try. Like I said, she is his whore and nothing else. She's the place he runs to for somewhere safe when he has screwed up. Maui was always his safe place, but he doesn't want to run to her anymore. why should he when he has the War Widow to service him until he gets bored. As you can see, two cheaters who are idiots...SMDH.
You need to be adults to be in love fools and neither of you qualify as that or human. GROW THE HELL UP!!!
That's all for now guys...Oh I've still got a few things I am working on but they will come later
-Ciao LBCP


Monday, February 1, 2016

Beth Chapman cannot leave JD alone

Well....well...well here is more proof of Beth and her bullshit. You can edit all you want idiot...we have the shot no matter how much you try to erase it. Give it up and own it Boobs as you love to say..You are caught. I wonder if it actually makes her feel more superior that she can beat up on someone like this.  In my opinion, you look more pathetic. You should remember you are pointing out in someone what you hate about yourself. You know what you are and that is a coat tail rider and liar

JD is more of a man than Leland will ever be. He served his country and made his own way. I'll give him that one. He didn't have to go running to Daddy to bail his ass out when he got into trouble or got in over his head. At Leland's height, he's always over his head LMFAO

I know Leland told JD to get rid of the war widow and JD told him no. I bet our readers can guess why the war widow would be getting in Leland's face. He's a pathetic loser and whore that even Boobs called a whore

I think they have forgotten that when you are not nice to people sooner or later they turn on you. It's why I have talked to Leland's exes. He's had good women and he gave them up for a piece of white trash. A wanna be model who is really to old for modeling so she settles for a jack ass that will pay for her strip trips to Vegas,  Two whores who got together lol or as Myk put it 2 CHEATERS.

Oh well, I will be back soon guys. I have some screen shots to collect and a few sources to email -Ciao LBCP