Thursday, March 31, 2016

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Not buying here!

Yeah sure, the Widow had a Easter brunch with her Love(gag) Leland Chapman. I believe that about as much as I see a pink pig flying by my window. I'm sorry but her lies are really starting to show fraying around the edges.

First of all, why do you keep saying Leland's name Widow? We all know you are screwing Leland. Why broadcast his name like a LOSER? You want to keep reminding everyone that he is with you, hopefully keeping him from cheating. Sorry baby that won't work because he doesn't care. In Hawaii, he would hop Islands to hide who he was screwing from Myk, Lynette, or whoever else he was with. Do you honestly think that he can't hide his many girlfriends from you? Do you honestly think the girls care? You are stupid too think yes. Having a baby with Reina, Maui and Lynette didn't keep him from cheating. Broadcasting his name on Instagram will surely do it, right? NOT!!!

Secondly, why no pictures? You post modeling pics that are at least 6 weeks old but no new ones. With this blog, you will post new ones now LOL. As I have said before, you are a predictable whore. You do what we say and what he says. Evidently, your Mama did raise a fool!

It was nice to spend it together? WTF, that comment tells me you haven't been with him much or even at all recently. You need to remember baby you can't kid a kidder or a con man. Neither one of them bluff. He's your soul mate so you say. I guess there's no passion that isn't choreographed in front of a camera LOL. You both are as fake as fuck. The world really isn't buying the BS anymore. After all Widow, you have what 3 fans commenting every word you say. I think that is the definition of PATHETIC, don't you.

Then... to the comment of the widow being a down to earth no bullshit type of woman. She doesn't know you very well. You ALLOW Leland to cheat on you and look the other way. The only thing you are filled with is complete and utter bullshit. No one will EVER take you seriously LOL.

Bye for now guys. Still not feeling great at all. Ciao for now! :)

A true whore

I am rather sick and tired of seeing people kiss this whore's ass. It is utterly ridiculous. It sickens me when I watch it from this side of the computer. The You're beautiful or you're gorgeous crap just powers her very tiny self esteem. It is why she is with the hobbit. She took this picture and posted it on instagram just to get and keep his attention. If you had a REAL relationship, you don't have to post pictures that are or look naked to keep his mind on you. She is just a trashy little whore who needs other people's attention to validate herself. If you take away the attention, she is NOTHING. Why do you think she starts trying to get our attention when we stop posting for a few days? WHORE!!

Before the Widow gets her panties in a bunch saying she is not a whore as she has before, I'm going to tell her to STFU. You are one. Showing your body does not make you a whore. You are Leland's whore. He is cheating on you and you know it. You look the other way and that makes you a whore. You post pictures half naked to keep his attention because you know he trolls the Internet for nude pictures. It makes you a whore.. You do whatever you have to do to keep him happy sexually, that makes you a whore. If you give away your own morals to keep him in your life. YOU are a WHORE!

Let's not forget how you "actually" met Leland at the meet and greet. We know about that day. Your friends gave you up on that. You were still married to your ex and sleeping with Leland. It makes you a whore. You whored yourself out just to get to Hawaii and Las Vegas. We know about that too. You are a whore plain and simple.

You are too young, naive and frankly STUPID to realize you have given yourself away to a jackass and that makes you a whore. You are way too obsessed with the hobbit to see the truth. YOU are a whore!

Friday, March 25, 2016

Happy Birthday Dakota!

We wanted to give Dakota a shout out because he just had his 21st birthday. Happy Birthday sweetheart! You are a good man and will do well in whatever you do. The important thing is that you are happy in your own life and with Arvie.

I want to add one thing Leland AKA sperm donor did not publicly acknowledge his eldest son's birthday. I don't care how much you want nothing to do with him. He is your baby no matter how old he becomes. Frankly, I wouldn't blame Kota for wanting to punch Leland in the mouth. He won't though because he wouldn't give his Dad the time.

Leland just argues with Dakota by phone. The best thing was to walk away, which is what he did. Dakota has his own life and own love. Something his Dad doesn't remotely know about or understand and never ever will.

We love you Kota and so does your fans. Don't ever change who you are.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016


I know by now everyone has seen the War Widow's proclamation of being married to Leland the Hobbit. Sorry world I'm not buying the BS.  Sorry ladies, Leland doesn't marry his whores, so if you really think that man would settle down you need to think again

First thing ladies, marriage licenses are considered public record. We have checked both Bama and Nevada for a marriage license and guess what NOTHING! You have to have that to be legally married, so unless they ran to another state. It isn't real.

FYI guys Leland has tried to get married in Vegas before. I wonder if Leland even remembers Alexandria. He met her in Vegas, had some fun, and tried to get married. Luckily, she backed out. She is also the one that confronted Leland with a comment on Instagram a little bit ago. She is another good woman that Leland got rid of because his dumb whoring ass didn't get his way. Why go from a good woman to trash like the War Widow? It's as easy as pie to figure that the hell out. If he doesn't get his way, he can't control you. He controls the Widow's every move. It explains the old bathroom photo! She needed his permission to go LMAO!

Do you not think that Beth would not say something if her meal ticket Leland got married?  She would acknowledge it to Leland at least. She despises the Widow so she would NEVER say her name. There would be some kind of pomp and circumstance for it. What does that mean? No marriage that's what.

This is just another one of her little games to show that she is his woman. He doesn't care about her, that's crystal clear. Leland will never ever change, and the Widow can't change him.

We will see an answer on her instagram shortly LOL. She's not only a whore. She's a predictable whore after all she didn't correct the fan that said congratulations to her "marriage". JUST LIKE MYK!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

What a damned joke!

Good Morning everyone! I have to apologize for being gone so long. I haven't been well as of late and Leland and the War Widow have given us plenty to talk about LOL. I chose to start with the  garbage pictured above. I have to admit the idea of Leland writing a book with help is LAUGHABLE.

Well when I saw this I fell out of my chair laughing. The "with Brian Evans" under autobiography is their way of covering their proverbial asses. Leland is a man who you cannot have a conversation with for more than fifteen minutes but he wrote a book. I doubt he did any of the actual writing. This is the same scenario that happened with Dog's books. Dog did not have the education to write them either. It has been rumored since Dog's books were published that Beth wrote the books. She may have had some say in Leland's book too. Either way, why would you read it LOL!!!

I then wondered which section would they put it in. Would they put it in the biography or erotic book section? Leland hasn't done anything on his own that wasn't covered in his Dad's books. What's he gonna cover in it? Is he going to give detailed accounts on EVERY baby mama and woman in his life? HELLO EROTIC SECTION! Even then the book would be a snore! After all he is Leland Chapman One Minute Man...

All kidding aside, this is a man trying desperately to get his fame back which is sad. The show is gone, and you cannot get your own. Even if you did, it would be like the Anna Nicole show on E!. In another words, an instant train wreck.Hey Leland, maybe you and the War Widow should try Couples Therapy with Dr Jenn on VH1. You want publicity? It would get you exactly what you need and maybe someone could point out what you really are LOL.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

So many insecurities

I have never seen a more insecure little girl in my entire life. The midlife crisis has done everything except have a billboard made and permanently placed on the Hobbits head saying "MINE!"

The selfies- 99% of her selfies are conveniently taken with her right hand with her left hand right by her face. That's pretty self explanatory. She needs the world to see that ring. LOL

Her selling teeth whitening merchandise- that's not something new, but the way she does it has changed. In the past, she'd do it the way every other normal person did. She'd take a selfie using it, tag the company and post it with the promotional code. Recently, she began to angle the camera to show the hobbit in the picture. LOL! A natural whitening method would be to stop smoking but I guess common sense isn't that common.

Stalking older pictures- the hobbit spent Leiah's birthday with her and Lynette. Obviously pictures were taken and posted online. Someone who has the same opinion as a lot of people in regards to the MLC expressed that. The MLC was obviously offended. You can't act like you don't care what people think and then stalk our blog and older pictures and get pissy about what's said.

For the record, we agree with the common opinions. Lynette is drop dead gorgeous, eloquent and educated. There hasn't been many women the hobbit has been in a relationship with that are any of those qualities, let alone all of them.

All of the Hobbits children are very lucky to have the mothers they do. Their mothers are responsible for instilling respect and class in them. They're teaching them to be great people and how to treat people kindly. Remember that Dakota was disowned because he refused to be a manwhore. Worthlessness is common in the Chapman family, but thanks to the his baby mama's his children will break the mold.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Well well well

If you all have not seen by now, Leland Chapman was caught trying to get with a 19 year old girl and the Widow was confronted with it on Twitter. The first thing I do want to say is that we are in no way affiliated with the person that confronted her. It was out of the blue for us as as much as it was for you guys. I will be the first to say I am not shocked nor surprised by it. This is how Leland is. He is a pervert and letch. He was wanting to get in the pants of a girl that was younger than Dakota.

It is beyond ridiculous to me that he is acting like a child. His eldest son is more adult than he is. Leland is going to keep messing around with little girls because he feels he can CONTROL them. It shows what he thinks of himself. He is a tired old little man trying to relive his youth. He is sad and pathetic. Frankly, this is like beating a dead horse or an old whore. Either one would be totally appropriate!

As I have been told several times, he is the old pervert in a bar trying to pick up the young girls and really getting laughed at. This proves my point! Leland is 40 this year and he's still doing all this BS. He isn't a celebrity as if he ever really was. The show is GONE and his fame has been fading for YEARS. My opinion is he pushed Dakota off the show because he was jealous of the attention he got. Sorry Leland, little Dog is MUCH better looking than you LOL. He really thinks NO ONE would want him without it all. He is miserable in the way his life has gone so he wants everyone else to be miserable! He just hasn't figured it out SMH!

I'll put it bluntly because sugar coating it isn't getting the point through. War widow, get the hell away from that cheating low life whorish rat faced bastard. No one deserves the abuse you are dealing with. Also since he does not use condoms unless the girl asks, please go get tested. You never know.

As for Leland, I'm going to say one thing. GROW UP!! Stop playing with little girls. You will never be happy playing with the children you are playing with. At least now we understand why you followed Travers Beynon. You wish he had what he has. Although he's as nasty as you are, I'll go ahead and say that he at least looks like a man. The hobbit is shorter than 95% of the female population and thinks a manbun is attractive. 

I'm somewhat on the fence about the midlife crisis right now. I'm trying to figure out if she's whiter than an albino because of stress, health or just because she doesn't care about herself anymore. I'm going to go with option C because frankly someone who sees nothing wrong with plastering their flat ass all over social media obviously has image issues.

As for the person who confronted the MLC, thank you for standing up for that young lady. The MLC cowardly deleted her replies in an attempt to cover up her boyfriends behavior. You can CLEARLY see it's affecting her though. Her passive aggressive IG posts and insisting they aren't relevant to her are pretty comical. LOL 

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Not again

It looks like Leland the pervert is up to his old tricks yet again. He has cheated on War Widow once again and she probably is NOT aware of it. After all what happens in Hawaii stays in Hawaii right. Not this time LOL. I want to thank the tipster that sent this in to us. We love our tipsters and will protect them to the ends of the Earth!

This happened over the Christmas/New Years break that Leland had from the War Widow in Hawaii. We said he wouldn't go a month without getting a piece of ass and so he went out trolling like the troll he is. I wonder if Leland remembers going to Duke's? He was there acting like he was Brad Pitt or something. He thinks he is a big shot LOL. (On a side note to Leland, your Angelina Jolie dreams are not happening LOL. QUIT embarrassing yourself). He was making it crystal clear to everyone that he was single by the way he was acting. (HMMMM, yet he's engaged to the War Widow, hmmmmm).

He set his sight on 2 girls that came in together. She described him as acting like the OLD PERV at the bar trying to pick up young girls. (EWWWW grow up Leland act your age not your shoe size LOL).  I wonder if he remembers the girl with the black hair? He started by buying them a few drinks and then came over and sat on top of the table. He had his hands all over the black haired girl. His hand was so far up her leg that it was in her shorts. He was so AGGRESSIVELY  trying to get her to come home with him that they finally had to leave the bar to lose the loser. To add insult to injury for Leland, the girls did not know who he was till they were back at the hotel. OOPS Leland your fame is slipping too LMAO!

What Leland missed was the girl with the black hair was 2 things he was not ENGAGED and LOYAL to the man she loves very much. The girl came forward because she knows what it is like to be cheated on, and thought the Widow to know. No one deserves to be a doormat to Leland including the War Widow.

He was acting single and cheating. Putting your hands on another woman trying to take them home is cheating simple as that. The truth is hard to take even with the proof we have. Leland the Hero is a zero LOL!

We all now know what will happen. The Widow will post a we are in such love post and try to play it off. The fact of the matter is there is no relationship and you cannot sell it with what we know. No one can trust Leland because he cheats on anyone and will stick his dick in anything with a pulse. Widow here is our message to you, you need to run like hell from the Hobbit. He is not loyal and never will be. Remember this was only 3 months ago give or take. He will NEVR EVER change and you can't change him!

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Separated at birth

No words necessary here. LMAO

Same shit, different girl

Those of you who have been reading us from the very beginning probably remember Mandy. We broke the story when he was busted trying to cheat on Myk with Mandy via IG DM's. Just like Leland is doing now with Amy.
The moment we broke the story, Leland and Mandy began to spin their tires trying to back pedal and get themselves out of the situation. Mandy tried to flip the script and act like she was doing it on purpose and Leland and Myk played along with it. Mandy also began to defend their relationship and Myk responded appropriately.
A few days ago, we broke the story of Leland and Amy talking romantically in private message via IG. Less than 24 hours after the blog, Amy and Leland's midlife crisis had a brief conversation on his picture of the calendar Amy sent the hobbit. They both tried to act like the calendar she sent was for both of them.
Just another example of the infamous xerox. Does the same exact shit with every single relationship he's in. LMAO

Tuesday, March 1, 2016


I'm sorry guys that it took me a few days to get back to you. Life yet again has gotten in the way but now I am back and that is all that matters. Trust me I have PLENTY to say LOL.

I have thought about it and for once I am going to break my rule about talking about the War Widow. She has been responding to everything we post here for quite awhile so I figured I would finally answer her LOL.

This post is the biggest bunch of garbage I have recently seen. Who is she trying to fool by saying I am what I am BS? The only thing that she is is a sick twisted little copycat feeding off the attention she gets whether it be from us or from the fans. She can't do anything that has any original thought and she has to document any thought with a camera pretty much in her face. I mean how many photo shoots does this dumbass have to have to sell us her life?

She says she doesn't pretend to be anyone but herself? I'm guessing she's a damned doormat. We caught Leland cheating several times and she has caught him cheating too.  Leland told JD to get rid of the bitch and yet she bought his I'm sorry baby I'll never do it again crap. JD told her he is "famous" of course Leland is going to cheat. Well, he's not famous but he's still cheating. He's cheated so much that they are thinking of putting a golden arch over his bed that says one million served. Notice, I did not say happily LMAO!

I don't think she knows what she has gotten herself into. It's why she has to have up so many pictures of her with Leland in various states. who is she trying to SELL her relationship too? Her own friends have said that she is naive and I do get that.  I mean how do you allow yourself to screw the Whore of Hawaii the first time you meet him at a meet n greet. Seriously, you put up that you are so religious and so pious but you do that with him. Can anyone say hypocrite??? She is definitely one in my book!

She needs to grow up. Wash off the war paint that she calls makeup and realize what she has become. Being a doormat really isn't cool. I'll share a lot of things, but not my man. She must have no self respect. No woman who cares about themselves would allow the treatment she is allowing. I know I wouldn't.

Ciao guys. Tomorrow is another day and I always have something to say.