Saturday, April 30, 2016

Make up your damn mind

Everyone has noticed that the midlife crisis has gone back and forth with the privacy settings on IG. Whether it's open or private seems to be depend on us. LMAO

She was open, closed, then open and closed again. The most recent change came after the babysitter blog.

The hobbit gets off on control. He had her go private initially in a lame attempt to shut us up. He also wanted to limit who could see her many posts of him so that his conquests might not see them.

He underestimated her desire to piss on him. She also underestimates the way he intentionally avoids saying anything about her. Even the picture of the older couple he posted had no mention of her. It was simply posted without a caption and SHE commented on it saying it would be them. I'm positive he'll be forced to appease her by posting one after this blog, though. LOL

The hobbit has always been big on privacy. It isn't because he wants a private life, it's because he doesn't want women to know if he's in a relationship. So he might be able to get her to lock down her profile for a short while, she won't keep it that way very long.

It's no different than the 'breaks from social media'. She needs the attention because he neglects her emotionally and she needs as many people as possible to know she's his girlfriend.

She's private right now but I guarantee you that by this time next week she won't be. There's also the possibility she'll go longer just to prove us wrong, which is something she's done before. She goes to a lot of trouble to do that while insisting she doesn't read this blog nor does she care about it. LMAO


As you can see by the pictures, Leland is doing his best to ho himself out in Oklahoma City. He's done news, radio and talk shows trying to push his agenda. He screwed up cancelling the first one, now he has to push the second one hard to get a response. Leland has forgotten one thing. Fans remember when you screw them over. His meet and greets are not getting a lot and I would bet it would be the same in this case. I'm guessing Leland has not gotten them memo that no one cares about him anymore with the exception of the War Widow and his whores. His fame is pretty much done LOL. Maybe he can try a real job like um BOUNTY HUNTING???

As you can clearly see from the pictures, the dear widow is babysitting vidently Leland cannot even go to his "appearances" by himself. Is it just me or are you waiting for her to pop a binky in his mouth LOL!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Leland's babysitter

I'm sure everyone remembers Myk, the Hobbits previous relationship. He cheated on Myk so much that we all lost count and she quit her job to travel with him to be sure to limit his opportunities to cheat.  It didn't stop him but it slowed him down and made it much more difficult.

We broke the story of him canceling the Oklahoma meet and greet recently. He had originally planned to go on his own and as soon as the midlife crisis made comments that she was going to tag along, he canceled it. He said it was due to weather but even his fans called him out on that lie.

The hobbit met the MLC prior to a meet and greet. She stalked him after meeting him once and then subsequently met up at a meet and greet and went to a hotel to have sex. She was still living with her husband at the time.

So it's no surprise she doesn't want him to go to those events without her. He already had to cancel it once because she was going to ruin his romantic plans and it probably won't be the last time either.

What she fails to realize is that no matter how short she keeps his leash, he WILL find a way. It'll give him a lot more adrenaline on getting away with it too. Myk babysat full time and he still cheated numerous times. When the relationship implodes (and it will) she will have no income to fall back on. LMAO!

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Dakota Dakota Dakota

Dakota, Dakota, Dakota....where the HELL do I begin? Oh yeah, I know. You really are a self centered bastard! Do you not get that OTHER people have feelings? No, of course you don't. It is all about you right? Not even close!

You are worried about us trashing your reputation? Maybe you shouldn't act like your idiot Father? You going on MeetMe is like him and his Tinder account.  You texting other girls talking about how you wished you had met them first. Sorry, little boy but that is CHEATING. It is sad that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. You are soooo like him that that picture of you that I have could be him. You have SNAPCHAT and he has FACETIME for debauchery. HMMM aint the similarities SHOCKING? NOT!!!

Ya know what I'd love to know? Why hasn't Bonnie been yelled at and Arvie apologized to for that attack that shows us all how trashy you are? I know why. Because this is about us trashing your reputation. After all, Arvie's feelings don't matter to you at all. It is all about you, but you seemed to enjoy hurting Arvie from what I can see. We know how many times you have been caught cheating....SAD. Real men are loyal to their women Dakota. Again, it is clear that you are not a REAL MAN

You really need to apologize to Arvie and so does Bonnie and her friend. The attack wasn't right. Honestly, I do not believe that you had nothing to do with it and neither does anyone else. You lie like cheap lineoleum and not well either. I can see through it from where I am. You aren't a man. You are a little boy trying to play like Daddy and you don't have the tools. This is why you posted that picture of yourself. You missed him, and being that person.

No one should want to be like your Dad. He isn't a man or even human. People don't matter to him. Women are just a number to him. I thought you were more than that. The one thing I do know is that I am extremely disappointed in you.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016


With the turn of today's events the blog that I had in mind for this subject matter will now be totally different. I am giving you fair warning now. I am NOT going to be nice.

I want to be the first to confirm what you may have already guessed. Dakota and Arvie have broken up for good this time. I do want to make this clear before whichever Chapman that calls Arvie Dakota's child lover tunes up for me to step on. Arvie broke it off with Dakota and Dakota did not take it well. Tonight, he really really proved that.

Somebody evidently wanted to play some hardball so lets break out the bats bitch.

This is the most ridiculous piece of garbage I have ever seen in my life. If you guys are curious, this is from Arvie. It was sent to her by one of Bonnie's little friends along with many other generally NASTY messages. It was ridiculous that a stupid litle girl had to get involved. Secondly, it is ridiculous that DAKOTA was behind it.

Yes, everyone Dakota was behind it. He is being a CHILDISH little crybaby bitch like his Daddy. FYI guys he has ALSO crawled back to his family like a fucking LOSER. Dakota, does your diaper need changing? I mean seriously WTF? You can't handle your own damned business so you have to get a girl to do your torturing? If you aren't man enough to handle your own damned business, maybe you need to seriously GROW UP.

You aren't a man that's plain to see by the way you are handling this. I understand her reasons
 for dropping you like a dirty shirt. It is really clear to me that you didn't love her like you showed the world. It was all a fucking ACT! You do not degrade or control someone you truly love, you trust them and their decisions..You didn't do that! You just walked all over her trust.

YOU didn't defend her to your family. This is the one thing that gets me more than ANYTHING, and it says a LOT about you. You are nothing but a common little doormat that you would by at the dollar store.

You let your family walk all over you. How fun was it being Leland's little BITCHBOY? I guess you will remember it when you see him since you are following him on Instagram again. I guess you enjoy squeaking like a small mouse for crumbs. Your family isn't even famous for anything but being stupid. Go be on Leland's Youtube channel and go nowhere LOL.

Oh and since this blog has gotten back to Dakota and the rest of the rejects. I know about Dakota's dating app MeetMe and the cheating he did. For a little boy who didn't want to play in his Daddy's shoes, you really suck at it. Lets not forget Snapchat....I'll save it for later. I have to admit that one is too juicy to not share later LOL.

As Arvie has said...ONCE A FUCKBOY ALWAYS A FUCKBOY. Hell Kota you don't even make that

Caio for now guys...I'm dog tired Tahhh

Sunday, April 17, 2016

To the Dumb Whore

A fan of ours sent this to us to send to the dumb whore as a message. Maybe she will get the point with pictures? I HIGHLY doubt it. She is a true IDIOT.

I have to admit this is the whole truth!  Sad thing is a Jamie just won't ever get it because she is so pathetically obsessed with the Hobbit that she can't see the forest for the trees.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Who wears the pants in the relationship?

Who wears the pants in the relationship between the hobbit and the midlife crisis? It sure isn't the hobbit! He is a dickless idiot with no balls but his metaphorical balls are definitely in her purse.

With the show on CMT canceled, his only income comes from the bail bonds and meet and greets. The hobbit and MLC actually met at a meet and greet for the purposes of sex. She met him in Hawaii and proceeded to stalk him. After the event they went to a hotel and she was still living with her husband at the time.

The hobbit had actually met someone at a recent meet and greet and cheated on the MLC for the 100th time. So it's not a big shocker that she made him cancel the Oklahoma event. He posted that it was due to the weather and of course everyone knew it was not the truth. He was called out on the BS.

Her jealousy and paranoia has gone off the deep end. He's the only one bringing in the majority of the income and she can't allow him to do that unless she can tag along. She knows that every time he's not around her he's going to cheat. LMAO!

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Thank you!

I had to put out there a HUGE thank you to the Hobbit and the War Widow for proving our point. You illustrated it quite effectively and I have to say a bravo for making our lives so much easier! You have proven by your little BS spat 2 things. One is that you are so scared of what we have to say that you have to fake a large fight to ATTEMPT to make us look wrong. Secondly the Hobbit yet again proves that his nickname of XEROX fits him so well.

Let's hit the first thing hard shall we? You and your fake fights SMDH. Both of you could not lie your way out of a wet paper bag. Honestly, we just believed that the Widow's break and deleting the engagement crap from the Instagram profile was a childish brat's way of just throwing a tantrum. We were right on that note. She was editing and deleting comments without posting a word. Thanks Widow for giving away your stupidity. You have a knack of doing that! Just like when you recently commented the blog under an unknown poster. On a side note, kid yourself all you want Widow that note is real. You need to remember Leland is a serial cheater all the way back to Reina, which is Dakota's mom. If the shoe fits, better tighten up those laces and wear it bitch. Just another illustration of your delusion LOL. Maybe you can try emailing and being a grown up? I know its REALLY hard for you. You are just so scared of the truth that you have to play the games of a young child. Frankly, Leiah is more intelligent than you are.

You all must be wondering why he's earned his XEROX nickname yet again?Once upon a time there was another girlfriend named what? Yes, you guys guessed it, MYK!!! Every time Myk had a bad time, a tantrum or we ran her down on the blog Leland took her to some fancy expensive motel to take the pain away.....TEAR. Leland doesn't have an original thought in his head. He has long sense met the legal definition of insanity with his actions. He keeps doing the same thing over and over expecting a different response. Shockingly, NOT he never gets a different one!

Me, well all I do is point and laugh because it is the one thing that we all know it is. INSANE!!!! Buhahahaha, the 2 idiots deserve each other. The little idiot and the male whore that will stick his dick in anything with a pulse.... Anyone wanna take bets on the widow going to the Oklahoma meet and greet??? Everyone would bet she is going to babysit.. I know I would LOL.

Well guys, I gotta take off for now. More later, lately they have given us plenty to work with. Tahhh for guys

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Social media break my ass

Yesterday the midlife crisis posted this on IG announcing she was taking a break from social media. We predicted it wouldn't last even 24 hours because that was the case last time she did it.


This person left this comment on the midlife crisis' post. It was there for several hours yesterday and sometime between last night and today, it was removed.

Since when does a hiatus include monitoring your accounts and censoring content? Your boyfriend is so distracted by being a manho that you have to resort to pathetic tactics for attention. Because announcing a hiatus and then watching people comment on it is really quite pathetic and hilarious.

Nobody feels sorry for you. Nobody. You know he cheats on you every time you aren't around and contacts other women online while laying in bed next to you to secure his next conquest. You choose to look the other way. That's your choice and if you continue to make that choice, at least be woman enough to defend it. The cries for attention would be understandable if you were 12, but you're not.

Grow up.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

We told you!

We've blogged over and over about the hobbit and his cheating and attempts to cheat. If you look back to our blogs when he was in Hawaii and the midlife crisis, we said he cheating as well as trying to cheat. We have proof of it!

We have exposed his ways over and over again and she continues to look the other way. Shows you just how weak and foolish she truly is.

She has posted on IG that she's taking a 'break' from social media. Last time she did this, the 'break' lasted less than 24 hours. This probably won't be any different. LMAO!

I fully expect for her to disregard this information, as she always does. This is a probably a big, salty dose of KARMA. She cheated on her husband with the hobbit and now she's getting what she has already dished out.

Leland Chapman - caught cheating AGAIN! LMFAO

Monday, April 4, 2016

The things that make you go hmmm

Let's take a walk down memory lane, shall we? What we have here is one of the many times the hobbit publicly proclaimed his 'love' for Myk. I put the word love in quotations because he doesn't love anyone but himself and even that's sketchy. Whether he meant it or not, he still said it frequently online and even featured her on the show. How many times has he done that with the midlife crisis? A big, whopping zero!

She posts about him all the time and proclaims her 'love' for him. I put the word love in quotations because she doesn't love him. She stalked him while she was still married and is obsessed with him, but doesn't truly love him.

Most of the time he doesn't even acknowledge the posts. He occasionally likes them and very rarely comments on them. There's some occasions when he posts about her, one example being when she was bait for a jump. He mentioned her name but didn't say anything romantic or personal about her.

He's a serial cheater. He cheats a lot and attempts to cheat even more. The ones who contact us all say the same thing. They say he adamantly denies being engaged. A couple of them have said that he told them the engagement is fake. That she announced it on Myk's birthday because he wanted to make her jealous. Interesting, isn't it?  LMAO

Soap Opera on Instagram

Well well well, it appears a fight has occurred with the 2 lovebirds. Well guys, Im gonna give ya the 411 as I see it and well add a thing or 2 that I know LOL. Like the sands of the hourglass so are the days of these two dumbasses lives LOL...

It starts with this little jewel...

The War Widow chooses to open her mouth and screw herself at the same time LOL. I knew something was going to happen as soon as I saw this in my email. There is one thing I learned really fast about Leland. Don't tell stories like this especially if you are trying to pee on him like he's property. The only one he gives a fuck about is himself and he doesn't care who he has to use to stay pleased.

Let's set the whole wife thing straight right now. The Widow's divorce is not finalized and you cannot get married until it is. It wont be final till NOVEMBER guys. In another words, the Widow's pants are on fire for all her lying BS. Leland will only put up with so much before he clamps down on the whore. The word wife to him is as much of a 4 letter word as fuck and he in my opinion called flag on the play. It explains what I am going to show you later in the blog LOL.

Oh, you guys are wondering on the girlfriend comment? He's been scoping girls out on Facebook. We have talked to one that said he invited her back to Hawaii for a fun time.. Remember Leland is the creepy ass old man trying to pick up young girls at a bar. He also forgets we could be his best friend and he wouldn't know it. Loose lips sink ships after all LOL. Guys, Leland has more whores than a brothel.

Evidently the fight got rather bloody because...

She has taken off the engaged stuff. it is clear that she's pissed, but in my opinion, it probably won't stay gone long. She is still very obsessed with him and will foolishly take him back. She just likes to be used I guess.. I don't get it really. My self respect means more to me than anything, and that was why I said NO.

I will say this directly to the Widow. Leland is not worth it. You would be better off walking away. You wont. I will say this though. I do get why you have stayed this long, but you can do better. If you wanna know what Im talking about, you have to talk to me but I know that wont happen.

Enough of me being understanding! Frankly, I give it about 24 hours before they apologize...

Sunday, April 3, 2016


Little girl, let's make something crystal clear dumbass. I don't give a damned about you. I think of you MUCH less than you think of us. YOU have never been the issue. It is your cheap, trashy whore of a boyfriend that is the issue of this blog. YOU are just a symptom of a problem. His lack of using the 2 brain cells he has is the problem! You really need to grow up and become comfortable with yourself. NO ONE gives a damn about YOU! You are nothing but yet another cheap little whore that he hasn't gotten rid of yet, not like he hasn't tried LOL.

We don't troll your pages. We don't have to, and I have never even talked to you LOL. We sit and wait for the lies that you tell everyone. You just recycle old pictures and try to make people believe you and the Hobbit are closer than you really are. You haven't figured out what you are to him, have you. You are just a blow up doll with a pulse. He has a lot of those now LMAO. Check his social media little girl.

You are so dumb that you haven't figured out that you have been put on the back burner bitch. He did the same thing to Myk as he has done to you now LOL. You are sitting at home waiting for him to come back with your candle in the window like the War Widow you have become. Evidently, YOU are not bright enough to figure out what we already know. He doesn't love you. You are being used! When are you gonna face the facts? You never will probably because you cannot stand to be wrong.

You can just post your nude pictures hoping and praying that he notices you but he won't. He has already looking to trade you for a younger model. Think about it! Aren't you wondering who he's meeting at the meet and greets? Who is he trying to screw when you aren't with him? Your mind has to wonder doesn't it?

You just need to give up the dream of him loving you. It isn't gonna happen. You should just ride the pine like the War widow you are and look the other way for Leland's cheating. It sucks to not have a spine, doesn't it.