Tuesday, May 31, 2016

calling it like I see it

Hi guys! This is the LBCParody. I have been watching everything that has been going on and seeing one thing and one thing only. The War Widow needs to be muzzled and put on a choke collar. You are REALLY making yourself look fucking stupid with your rambling like a lunatic.

The War Widow has forgotten the key thing in a fight. We point out in others what we hate in ourselves. You keep calling Jenna a prostitute. Hmmm you are one to talk. I know your Momma taught you people in glass houses should not throw stones. Maybe you should listen to her because right now you look dumb as hell.

Hmmm, you were pretty much a prostitute to get your ass to Hawaii and Las Vegas. Remember what you had on your Instagram and Facebook for Inquiries? You had it so all the horny guys online could look at your nudes online anonymously like a common whore so they could "fund" you. You used your body like a prostitute to get your trips funded. This didn't work really well so you BEGGED people so you could be funded. Sorry stupid bitch, I have more respect for myself than that. I dont beg for money. I work my ass off to get it.

Your "modeling" pics were a horny photographer's workshop where people pay to get beauty shots.Really seriously, Ive seen your "modeling" pictures from a strip mall. Rachel Rampage and Kayla Baines have nothing to worry about LOL, especially since your tattoos um SUCK ASS. You should really take the public figure stuff off Facebook. The ONLY thing you do as a public figure is sell your dumb ass online. SMH I dont get why anyone would look at you. even dollar street walkers would say you're cheap looking LOL.

You stayed with the horny photographer and mooched off him. You slept on the floor or whatever you could. I wonder what you did there to keep the photog interested and to pay off your debts. Hmmmm inquiring minds want to know. I can imagine what a common whore like you did LOL. Wasn't it this photographer that said you had no ass on camera and he had to create one for you? No ass and no brains hmmm what a shocker there.

Maybe you should watch who you call a prostitute bitch. The dictionary has your picture next to the damned definition. Just go away and be quiet little whore, YOU are just jealous.

Check it out!

Oh hobbit! It sucks, eh? Everyone knows what an idiot you are!

I invite everyone to check out Jenna's IG again. There are many of you who have already seen one of the texts she posted but for those of you who haven't, check it out before the hobbit flags it again. She has posted more than one too!


If by chance you miss it, let us know and we'll send it to you directly.

Monday, May 30, 2016


This is not the blog we were talking about yesterday but this blog cannot wait.

Does everyone remember how the Chapman's got their fame? They nabbed Andrew Luster in Mexico. He was a rapist and they wanted to get him off the streets because they said wanted to protect the rape survivors.

These messages are really shocking and show just how messed up the hobbit and his midlife crisis are. The person who had this conversation with the MLC is a minor. She is a 13 year old rape survivor who will not be named. We'll refer to her as Jane Doe.

The MLC called her a liar and a whore and said that she "opened her legs to a stranger because she probably wanted drugs". A 13 year old minor.

Immediately following the verbal assault on Jane Doe, the hobbit contacted her himself. He went from someone who 'wanted a sexual predator off the streets' to threatening a 13 year old rape survivor.

You'd think that they'd have a few functioning brain cells between the two of them but obviously that's not the case.

Stay tuned!

We haven't responded to emails in a couple of days. We apologize for the delay and will get to those as soon as possible.

We have some information that we plan on posting here as soon as we talk to a couple of sources to be sure the information sent to us wasn't something that was sent by a mole.

The Chapman's have friends, family and fans who do their bidding. We make sure every source we converse with is vetted.

So please be patient and keep checking back! We're going to get those blogs up very soon!

Off the subject of this particular blog, some of the coworkers the MLC works with has said that she wants to have his baby.


Friday, May 27, 2016

Who wore it better?


I noticed several more emails asking for the disturbing information. I have answered everyone in one account and we'll get the rest tomorrow.

You are all wonderful! We are so blessed to have so many loyal readers!

If you haven't been emailed yet please let us know. With more than one of us answering I don't always know who has been left behind.

More paranoid than a schizophrenic!

One of the few fans the hobbit has left was blocked because they wanted him to post pictures of his kids on IG. Then a friend of the blocked person commented on the hobbits post asking for the hobbit to unblock their friend. It didn't end well. The MLC got in on the action and blocked the commenter because she used a kissy smiley face. LMAO

People have been turning on the MLC and her hobbit for a while now. I think it is hilarious!

Thursday, May 26, 2016


Where do we begin here?!! The MLC has never hesitated to let her stupidity shine bright like a diamond. This time was no different and the hobbit even swooped in to assist!

I should be impressed that the hobbit knows some of the Constitution. Although the second ammendment is one that most people know. The hobbit should learn how to spell AMMENDMENT prior to trying sound like he knows what he's talking about though. I'd be more impressed if he knew the fourteenth. The one that states that immigrants, even illegal ones, are protected constitutionally. And let's be honest here......everyone knows the stance the Chapman's have regarding immigrants and minorities.

It is really quite intriguing that his response towards someone having an opinion on something is by threatening gun violence. His comment, which is attached to this blog, basically said that if that person wanted to utilize their first ammendment right that they should do so to his face so that he can utilize his second ammendment right.

As for the commentary on that persons parents, that's rich. LMAO! Dog was an absent parent for how many years?!!! And to add insult to injury, the hobbit was so out of control his mother had to send him to live with the father that had been absent.

America really is the home of the brave. The reason for that is because of the MANY men and women who have sacrificed their lives for our freedom. A true patriot would hold veterans on a pedestal. And it is no secret just how much the Chapman's have shit on veterans. Dakota wanted to join the armed forces and that should have made his father proud. Instead he blew up about it because he didn't want his son to join.

In closing, I have also attached the comment the MLC made regarding her insisting that we posted her address on the blog. This will be the fourth blog we have posted asking her to put her money where her mouth is and provide that proof. This is not an issue we intend to back down from.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016


The emails asking for the 411 regarding the disturbing information are amazingly still coming!

This blog is being read WORLDWIDE!

The most amazing detail is that Leland is known as the hobbit around the entire world! Pretty much every single email referred to him as the hobbit. I'm sure that him and his MLC will think that's nothing but we had to keep deleting emails so that more could come in.

Congratulations, hobbit! You're famous! And in a 'not so flattering' way. LMAO

Sunday, May 22, 2016

The irony!

The MLC posted this on IG recently. This was a response to our disturbing information blog 

My initial reaction? LMAO! LOL! 

I could pick apart the MLC regarding her plastic surgery and weekly hair coloring but that's too easy and petty IMO.

The most obvious thing to point out is the fake breakup. Yes, the breakup was fake. They did that out of desperation to see if we would reveal ourselves. We played along. In the end they looked like complete morons because she went way over the top. She was trying to make people think he beat her.

There is a common theme with the young women he date has. I say young women because they are young enough to be his daughter almost. They are closer in age to Dakota than him. You know what the theme is? Insecurity. 

Looking at the two most recent actual relationships, Myk and the MLC, you notice they're almost identical. Both young and both struggling models. Both peed all over the hobbit all the time. Both insisted it was true love and that they were secure in the relationship but demanded passwords and trolled his social media sites watching every comment made. Both were cheated on over and over again and just turned their cheeks to it. 

Since the MLC is the current and she's the one who posted this fake quote, we should focus on her because Myk was never stupid enough to act like everyone was fake while actually being fake. Both Maui and Lynette are far more mature and confident and never played these kinds of games even when they were with the hobbit. LMAO

Getting back on topic, I am still waiting on that lawsuit that the MLC has said was coming TWICE. Fake threat. I'm still waiting on the proof the MLC said she had where we posted her address. Her statement, to be a little more specific, was "I'm sure they took it off the blog but that's okay because I have a screen shot of it". She knew she was bullshitting and after we posted two separate blogs asking for her to provide the said proof, she just dropped the subject altogether. 

Fake. Everything about you, your relationship, career and your social media accounts are fake.

So enlighten me, Midlife. What exactly was the point of making yourself look like a complete and total moron again? Do you enjoy it? 

Everyone is waiting on the proof you have insisted you have and to be honest I'm kind of enjoying taunting you about it. You know it doesn't exist. Okay, I lied. I'm REALLY enjoying taunting you about it.

The next time you think you're so cool that you want to put some clever little post on IG, ask yourself if by doing so you will end up looking like an idiot. AGAIN.


Please be patient

We have received hundreds of emails inquiring about yesterday's blog. We are responding as quickly as possible so please be patient. We will respond to every single email!

We are very touched by the responses. We knew we had a lot of loyal readers but seeing how many people have taken the time to email us to get the scoop on this dirt is so incredible!

Just more proof that we aren't the only ones sick of that deplorable family.

PS- THIS is why we are here. THIS is why we are 'hyper focused on the hobbit'. Has absolutely nothing to do with wanting him. Has everything to do with showing the world what they have never wanted the world to see......his true colors.

I'm heading back over to continue to respond to your emails now!

Friday, May 20, 2016

Disturbing information

We have received some really disturbing information regarding the hobbit. It is so disturbing that we are not comfortable posting it here on the blog.

If you wish to know, please contact us via email and we will explain the situation privately.




You do not have to identify yourself and you may use an alias. The majority of people who contact us do not identify themselves for obvious reasons and we completely understand the hesitation to reveal that information.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

The ring on Jamie's hand

Some people have commented on the midlife crisis' IG and complimented the ring she's wearing. That ring is not new and is not an engagement or wedding ring.

They are off each other's IG as of right now and his FB says single. Cecily removed her from IG after the Jenna debacle.

There is a reason behind the fact that the MLC is putting everything on Snap Chat. She thinks that by doing this, it will be easier to limit who sees what. The hobbit obviously likes that idea because he wants to keep the relationship on the DL. It is a win/win! LMAO

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Still waiting!

You keep insisting we posted your address. Now you claim we posted it, then deleted it, but that's okay because you have a screen shot.
STILL waiting on that proof! We won't hold our breath because because we know and you know proof doesn't exist.
As for the recent post you made and then deleted.....HAHA. I don't know if you were trying to insinuate you were in Hawaii with the hobbit when neither of you are or if you think J is in Hawaii, but neither of it is true. DUH
You have not been around for the entire duration of this blog. The only ones who have are the Chapman's. Why aren't they the ones running mouth? Why hasn't the hobbit ran his mouth? The only person who seems to be coming unhinged like a psychopath is YOU. While I personally think it is hilarious, you are humiliating yourself.
We can play this game with you until the end of time. Frankly I love it. You are greatly increasing our views and making yourself and that family look even more foolish than normal.
There is only so many irrational outbursts you can do to try to deflect from the fact that you have absolutely nothing. Your threats did nothing except make us laugh and that really pissed you off. You keep insisting your address was posted and still refuse to show proof of that.
So either put your money where your mouth is or shut up.


OMFG Jamie just stop. We have never posted your address or phone number. By now, you know what J did to top your DUMB ASS. Baby she won the internet and kicked your ass to the moon on it. JUST STOP! Yet again you are wrong. You have no idea what you are talking about.  We are not J but I am pr

Lets make something crystal clear to the world. We protect our sources! We do not post ANYTHING and I mean anything they do not allow us to post. J gave us total permission to post any text we post of hers. She LETS US DO IT! The only reason you know she is even involved with the blog is that she allowed us to post the texts that Leland was trying to get some. DAMMIT Jamie, I know your blonde but seriously you are ridiculous. YOU ARE MAKING A COMPLETE ASS OF YOURSELF!

Frankly those texts you posted from J, you got from Leland so really he again got you to do his dirty work. Plainly and simply, you are being used and disrespected by him! It is not a hard concept. HELLO YOU ARE BEING USED!!

You keep rambling on about being bullied. Well WTF do you think you are doing??You are being a bully. There is a difference in being a bully and saying the truth. It is clear why Leland went for you. You don't think before you do. You run on emotion and honestly after seeing some of the crap you are posting I think you need medication.

Slow your roll and calm the hell down. SMH

Ah, the tangled web you weave

I don't think this needs much explaining. This is the hobbit and J.

Prove it, Jamie!

I'd like to add one more thing regarding your tantrum. You have insinuated in this comment that you are validated to post personal information about someone because they posted your address.


Where and when was that posted?

You have also made it sound like we have called you. Never happened.


Even if someone calls via a private number, all it takes is obtaining phone records to determine who made that phone call and where it came from.


PS- we have had almost 7,000 views since yesterday! Thank you!

The tantrum continues!

Yesterday the midlife crisis threw a series of tantrums because she threatened criminal charges regarding this blog and we pointed, laughed and told her she was full of it.

She posted 2 phone numbers on her IG yesterday and asked people to call her to harass. Either IG removed it or she did but based on her reported meme, we are assuming it was IG.

The MLC has continued the hissy fit and is trying really hard to look like a hard ass but every time she runs that mouth she looks more stupid than the last time.

This comment is on the most recent rant. I personally had to get my composure before blogging this because I was literally laughing my ass off.

She has finally admitted that she can (and will) be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. The fact that she thinks she has any leverage because of this blog is hilariously preposterous. The person she accused does not know who we are, knows nothing about any of us, and has no access to any of the accounts. If the MLC thinks that J (we will not disclose her name) is her smoking gun, she is dumber than she looks.

The Chapman's and their lawyer (who is a shark) has tried to shut us down for years. There is absolutely nothing illegal about this blog. Unless that changes we are here to stay and let me just clear the air here......we are very careful.

The only person who has broken the law is the MLC. It was a really ignorant move and to add insult to injury, it was an epic fail. J contacted us and 90% of the phone calls and text messages were very supportive. The majority of them are avid readers of this blog.

I know you must be bored with the hobbit out of town but if he can find someone to keep him company while traveling, I'm sure you can too.

We are all anxiously waiting for your next tantrum. Our views have increased from the free advertising you have been doing for us and we have been answering messages almost non stop since yesterday.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Jamie Jamie Jamie

I've been sitting here watching what Jamie has been doing, and SMH I cannot believe how utterly stupid she is being. The only reason that you are trying to act this way is that Leland is not in the area. Actually, I think it is funny as hell. Muahahahaha. I'm just laughing at your dumb ass because you are WRONG.

You're so sure that J runs this blog. You have NO PROOF except for Leland's intuition. I'll say it again, J is just a source on the Hobbit. My phone has been quiet tonight with the exception of people telling me you look like an idiot yet again LOL. Like a neutered dog, you just don't get it LMFAO. You listened to Leland and that was the biggest mistake you could ever make.

On posting the phone number, and your smart retort was a PHONE BOOK. You posted a cell phone number, those are still considered a piece of private information in every state in the union. You posted private information online. Way to go! LMFAO! If you were more than a file clerk in Alabama PD you would know that.. You got yourself into some trouble. Way to GO!!! Hahahaha, SMH what an idiot.

I can't help but laugh. Leland and you are wrong and you got a lot of people in trouble tonight. Hahahahaha..... A dead light bulb has more intelligence than the both of you together LMFAO

I've got my popcorn and my beer here waiting for the next tantrum from a 2 year old. MUAHHHH


You never fail to disappoint! I love that! Consistency!

You think that text message is some bombshell? That is part of text messages we posted on this site days ago. The only difference is we redacted the phone number.

You really can't stand to be made to look like a fool, eh? You should be used to it by now.

You made yourself and your boyfriend look stupid by lying about him being a woman beater. You made a hilarious and empty threat for the SECOND time. Then you proceeded to throw a tantrum on IG because you were called out on it.

Did you know that it is against the law to post personal information online and encourage people to harass them? Your boyfriend is a bondsman and you know a lot of police officers so you should.

We have been here for years. The Chapman's have done everything they can to get us to go away and have failed. They have accused everyone of being involved here and eventually they got tired of looking stupid and just said to hell with it.

There is nothing illegal about this blog and you know it. It's why you're so angry. LMAO

The person who sent those texts to us has a case against you. So go ahead and continue to post about her on your websites and asking people to contact her. Make her day. LOL!

I am really looking forward to your next tantrum. It is very obvious that you wear the pants in the relationship. The little hobbit is enlisting the little woman to do his dirty work.

Next time you try to sound like a hard ass who has a lawyer on standby, try to spell the words LYING and BULLYING correctly.

Hey Jamie!

Let's discuss your hilarious post on IG. You have no idea who any of us are. You honestly think that you are big and bad? LMAO

I'd like to remind you of Myk. She sang the exact same tune as you are. We blogged about it then too. This is the SECOND time you have sang this tune. We blogged about it at the time.

The fact is that none of you have the slightest clue who any of us are. Not even ANY of the people who send us information. Many people who contact us use an alias rather than their real name and we NEVER give any information about any of us to informants, even ones we have been talking to for years.

The fact is, had you REALLY known who any of us are and you were REALLY in a position to 'sue' someone, your lawyer would have told you not to say anything about it on social media. That is the golden rule that you are told from the get go.

As for you and your hobbit, faking your breakup is as hilarious to me as your empty threats. You made everyone think he beat you. You went so far that you had to delete posts and write a diary daily on IG trying to undo what YOU said.

The Macayli blog upset you and you had to stalk her online. You were pissed off about us exposing the Cody profile so you had to turn into a little Internet gangster. Your games have made you both look dumber and dumber and you'd think you'd learn by now. LMAO

We all look forward to your next ridiculous move!

Friday, May 13, 2016

Jamie stalking Leland's lovers

There is an IG profile under the name Cody and it follows several women the hobbit dated or slept with. Initially we thought it was the hobbit himself but it turns out it was his midlife crisis.

This particular IG requested to follow Macayli only AFTER our blog about her. The interesting thing is that the Cody IG and the MLC IG requested to follow her at the same time.

The IG is still there and it is still open to the public.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Not everything is about you

Last night we posted a blog with screen shots of fans of the hobbit that made comments about him being a playboy. We talked about him getting into relationships with young models and a Hooters girl. That blog is still there, right under this one.

Jamie read the blog and immediately defended him. I am suspicious that she was bullied into that but I have no proof of that so it is only a hunch.

Jamie- nowhere in the blog was anything even mentioned or hinted at you being a stripper or porn star. That is something that YOU said on your IG. That is in the screen shot we provided in this blog. Nowhere in the blog did it say that YOU were a Hooters girl. What was said is that he was with a Hooters girl. Her name is Bree and she lives in Oklahoma.

You know the saying 'quality not quantity'? Doesn't apply to the hobbit. Rather than dating a handful of women in search of the right one, he chases anything with a pulse. He wouldn't know if one was 'the' one even if she jumped out and bit off the nub between his legs.

Jamie can back pedal as much as wants but even a blind person can see that she's just trying to prevent people from seeing him as the piece of shit that he is.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Fuck you, Leland Chapman- greatest hits

Since the breakup between the hobbit and Jamie, fans of his from all over the world have started a revolution against the playboy. These are some of the comments.

As for me personally, I have made comments on this blog about Jamie being stupid for staying with him knowing his ways. I still have that opinion. The difference now is that I acknowledge she's not the first to stay with a pussy and won't be the last. At least she finally had the backbone to leave, which is something not everyone does.

Hobbit- only a pussy would blame someone else for their actions. You were annoyed Jamie because she called you all the time when you were gone and did everything in her power to go with you to as many appearances as possible. YOU cheated over and over again. YOU created the paranoia and then had the audacity to hold it against her.

YOU have been a shitty and absent father to ALL 3 of your children. It is YOUR responsibility to be involved in their lives regardless of who you're dating and where you live. So to blame an ex girlfriend for you being a worthless parent is a new low even for you.

Right before the breakup we were getting ready to do a blog about how horrible Jamie was looking. Really pale, skinny and her hair was thinning out. You know what causes all of that? Illness or stress. Unless something has changed regarding her health, the only possibility here is stress.

You and everyone in your family is toxic. You're OLD. You've had relationships with several models AND a Hooters girl. ALL young. Something old guys everywhere dream about. You shit on every single one. Stop and think about that for a minute, dumb ass. LMAO

You try to act like some badass bounty hunter but you are the biggest pussy I have ever seen. You're too cowardly to take responsibility for anything. You're the type of coward to fart in a crowd and blame it on someone down the street.

Leave the adulting to men whose balls have actually dropped.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

He Had It Coming!

It seems that the tables have turned on everyone's favorite hobbit. He truly had it coming! Women everywhere are rallying around Jamie and calling Leland the PUSSY that he really is. I have to admit I think it is truly beautiful that women are standing up for Jamie. Instead of yelling at each other, we are yelling at the cheating PUSSY. Comments like the one below make me giggle. I'm sorry but they do

I'm sorry but I am calling it like I see on Leland and he is a HUGE PUSSY! Karma sooner or later comes around and gets you one way or another. As much bad karma as the pussy I mean Leland has thrown out, it's come back to bite him on the ass. He is not a decent guy. He can't take the truth and really is just a pussy whipped short bastard who wouldn't know what to do with a real woman even with instructions. He screws young girls because he can't get anything else and are too much of a PUSSY to try LOL.

I'm just sitting back here watching and waiting for the lynch mob to form LMAO. I will be the one in the front selling the pitchforks and flaming torches to everyone that wants one. I will admit I am actually enjoying this. He is getting it the way it should be happening. I'm just waiting for the big boom to happen. I've got my popcorn and beer with my feet up. I have a hunch it's gonna get real good.

Ya know what is really funny? You never know how many whores will fall out of the tree. I learned a long time ago, when there is 1 whore there is 101.

Keep it up ladies! You are doing a good thing! Keep letting the pussy know whose boss LOL

If you are wondering about the video on the top. Take a listen as they say He Had it Coming!

MUAHHH bye ladies...I promise more tomorrow

Boycott the hobbit

The hobbit is going to be in Galion Ohio this week for a meet and greet. The fans he has left has turned on him. Guess they finally see him for the piece of shit that he is. The best way to prove a point would be to hit him where it hurts.......his wallet. If enough people boycotted his meet and greets he'd have no money since the show is done.

If you do decide to go be sure you bring your penicillin. He's been in more women than all the tampons in the world combined.

Monday, May 9, 2016

The Truth on the breakup

I know you guys are clearly wondering about what actually happened with Leland and Jamie over the weekend. It has taken some investigation and emails but we have what we believe is the truth on the breakup. For the record, since I am telling this as I was told I am reporting it neutrally.

We all know that she has caught him cheating several times and looked the other way or so we thought. Jamie went through his phone and found a phone number for Micayli. She called to confront her about the cheating and another girl named Gracelynn was mentioned. It wasn't the first time either on confronting Micayli. Gracielynn is 19 or 20 years old. As we had previously shown, Leland has been cheating with Micayli on Jamie for quite awhile. I don't have any detail on Gracielynn and the time that she has known him.  Jamie got pretty mad as you would expect.

Leland got pissed over this picture like an idiot.
Jamie chose to not correct anyone on this not being a photo of her previous wedding. Leland had one of his usual freakouts because of this. The picture and comments hurt HIS EGO. He doesn't like feeling like he was being pushed into something he didn't really want. Time and time again, he said he didn't want the engagement. He says he was pushed into the "engagement". In another words, as we said before it was fake. She pretty much gave up her job and as Leland says climbed up his ass to keep him from cheating. This of course was unsuccessful and annoyed the hell out of him as it always does. It didn't help her cause in this case.

As you can imagine, a 2 way fight on this one caused a huge KABOOM! It is pretty clear to me that they are done. He's not going to come back. Well, he has been known to do it to get a piece of ass, but that's it. SMH, I know you guys probably want my opinion on things. My opinions are going to come later. Trust me, I have plenty of them.

Oh Leland, how was dinner with Micayli on May 8. Was the delivery good?

Bye guys, more later. My opinions may make this really interesting! :)

Threats from the hobbit

One of the Hobbits many ex lovers has been threatened by him. Personally I like the "ugly ass bitch" comment. He didn't think she was ugly when he was with her. LMAO

Every step he takes he looks dumber than the step before.


The hobbit has ignored Leiah pretty much the whole relationship with the midlife crisis. They've been broken up for 3 days and NOW he posts about her.

Get your priorities in check.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Told you so!

Everyone knows that the midlife crisis and the hobbit have broken up. Many people have been asking why we haven't blogged about it yet. The reason is because we didn't know how to approach it. We couldn't decide whether to be blunt or finesse the subject.

There are a few things that led up to this and it's enough to be have blog material for days. It's an obvious fact that his lying and cheating has been the common denominator in all of his relationships. This relationship was no different. The other reasons will be discussed in another blog.

The hobbit has never taken responsibility for anything. He lied and cheated on Myk and when she finally ended the relationship he put the blame on her. His family (who defended Myk their entire relationship) also suddenly switched sides and made public comments about them being glad she was finally gone.

The midlife crisis has been a huge mess since the breakup. We have exposed pretty much every time he cheated or attempted to cheat on her and in past relationships. We posted proof here almost on a weekly basis and emailed proof to her directly once at her request. She chose to look the other direction over and over again. So I am personally baffled as to her being so surprised it came to this.

We said numerous times that he'd never marry her or anyone else. That she could chain his testicles to the wall and he'd still cheat. What was her reactions to those things? She mocked it, laughed and said she didn't care. She knew we were right but she buried her head in the sand.

You never knew him. You knew the TV personality. You stalked him while still married and when you realized he was a worthless human being you stayed involved in it because you thought it was 'love'.

Myk was a model too. She got likes and comments nonstop until the relationship ended and then she got nothing. The same will happen to Jamie. The next girlfriend will be no different. We'll expose his cheating on every relationship until the day he dies because he's old and will never change.

He's never going to grow up and his family will always be an enabler. As long as there are young and vulnerable women he will always be a playboy. Just say no, ladies.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Didn't take long!

The midlife crisis allowed the wedding rumors to fly all day. We made sure to wait all day before posting the blog. It was only AFTER the blog that anything about it was said by her.

It's really quite ironic that she's boo hooing about a wedding anniversary when she cheated on that man with the guy she's CURRENTLY living with. LMFAO

"For better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health until death do us part......unless the opportunity to stalk a bounty hunter until he agrees to fuck you in a cheap motel arises."


"For better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health until death do us part......unless you need a free ride to a Vegas photo shoot and you must fuck the photographer to do so."

Let's set the record straight

The midlife crisis has tried to make people think today is her wedding day with the hobbit. She posted a picture of herself in a wedding dress on the day she married Sabin. Several people commented "congratulations' and she didn't correct them. For the record, she is still legally married to Sabin and that divorce won't be finalized until November.

The MLC isn't a stupid person. She's very calculated, actually. She knew exactly what she was doing. She does the same thing with the photo shoot pictures they do together. Rather than post them when they are taken, she keeps a stash. Every time we post a blog she doesn't like, she posts a little something from the stash to 'prove' their relationship is perfect. LOL

If something is legitimate, it's not something that has to be proven. You have to sell a lie. The more she insists they're so much in love, the more it proves they aren't.

The hobbit has made it abundantly clear that he never wants to get married again. He didn't even want Leiah. He kept Lynette's pregnancy hidden for as long as possible because he didn't even want another child.

The thing that really matters here is that although he is a sorry excuse for a human being, he's always consistent. It doesn't matter if it's his wife or a $2 ho, he's going to be the same person he's always been. He's going to lie and cheat and there's nothing anyone can do that will stop it. The MLC knows this and that is why she's so insecure in the relationship.

When you have to save pictures of you and your partner to use later just to 'prove' your relationship, you have no relationship. Trying to trick people into thinking you got married today when you're still married to someone else is more COMICAL than words can express.

I look forward to seeing what else you have saved to post after you read this blog and get pissed off that once again you're pinpointed as the idiotic fool that you are.

As for me personally, I hope they do get married. That would be a complete and total awesome train wreck that I'd love to see. However, he has no business having ANY other children. He already has 3 and he literally doesn't give a damn about any of them. He hasn't even mentioned his daughter since the holidays when he was in Hawaii WITHOUT the MLC. He had plenty of time to screw around in Hawaii and still spent time with Leiah. In Alabama the little girl doesn't even exist to him.

While everyone is waiting to see how their dysfunctional relationship turns out, let's all sit back and enjoy the show in the meantime. I thoroughly enjoy watching her desperation to make people think they're in love and I know you do too! LMAO