Thursday, June 30, 2016

A fan experience

Several days ago we posted a blog telling you all that we'd post first hand experiences if you were blocked. I have been so preoccupied getting all of the information needed for us to drop our bomb that I haven't posted any.

This is a recent experience sent from a fan of ours. I'm posting it ahead of others because of the timing of it. Enjoy!


So, a little while ago I made a comment on a post that Beth and Lyssa
shared on Instagram, and I made a comment on one of the blog posts. Shortly after that, I was blocked from both the hobbit and mlc's instagram and
twitter. I really don't care, I think it's really quite funny that she is that insecure that she has to remove people from his social media. So, I sent her a little msg on fb, knowing full well that I would eventually get some sort of rise out of her and get a response! Sure enough, when she is
supposedly on the "hospital" in so much pain and asking for prayers, I get a reply! She started off by saying that she doesn't owe me an explanation as to why I was blocked from both but she'll be nice and give me one anyway. Oh how sweet of her! She then proceeded to try and make herself look sweet and innocent by saying that HE was the one that blocked me from both of their accounts. Yea, ok! Apparently I got my "panties in a wad"
that I was blocked. I DON'T CARE SWEETHEART! She wants all these people to mind their own business. Hmm, here's a thought, if you don't want people
all up in your grill then perhaps you should stop posting your damn life every second of the day! She's just in it for the attention.

I also love how I msg'd the hobbit as well basically telling him to grow a pair and take back control of his life. Do you think he cares enough to respond? Nope! Oh wait, that's probably because she read the message herself and blocked me right away. Again, no skin off my back that people are childish!

There's my little story for the day. Feel free to post if you like, keeping my info private thanks!!

Bitch Please!

Did you HONESTLY think we wouldn't know who really posted this? I mean seriously. Anyone with a brain in their head and has been around longer than 15 minutes knows that the MLC wrote this piece of rhetoric. It is just another way she is trying to piss all over him and prove that he is hers.

Many aren't aware that the Hobbit is not much for conversations. You get maybe 15 minutes out of him before he clams up. He isn't much for words at all, but he wrote that bs. Sure he did, and I am the Queen of England just celebrating my 91st birthday. Jolly good show! LMFAO!

You must truly think we are all idiots MLC!!! I mean seriously! Leland does not use punctuation or hashtags for that matter. "Love you to the moon and back"? The MLC uses that daily too LOL! Wifey? Men don't use that term usually much less the Hobbit!

The Hobbit has ALWAYS been a man of few words JAMIE.Why don't you get off HIS social media and stay on yours. Let him use HIS words for the 3 fans you haven't blocked or run off. People want to talk to HIM not you. Sorry not sorry but the truth hurts! The Hobbit is a big boy and can do things for himself. Why dont you let him do it or like most celebrities hire someone to handle all their social media!!

Quit trying to prove he is your possession. He is one man that hates to feel like a trophy, and it will blow up in your face!

Monday, June 27, 2016

Hi there!

Just a quick shout out to our #1 fan, the midlife crisis! She loves to pretend that she doesn't read our blog. However, every time she responds to a blog we post, she does so in less than an hour. This IG post was posted relatively quickly after the Unhappy Baby blog and is clearly a direct response to us. LMAO!

Unhappy baby

The midlife crisis posted a picture of Leiah and the hobbit in a western themed portrait. I'm unsure of whether or not it's a professional picture, therefore we aren't posting it here.

I have never seen Leiah that unhappy. She's a happy, healthy and laid back little girl but I have never seen her that unhappy in a picture in her entire life. She is in Alabama to make her daddy happy because she loves him.

The pictures the MLC posted on snapchat are very telling. They are attached to this blog. The first picture, Leiah is CLEARLY trying to avoid being photographed by the MLC. She was told to smile. A happy child doesn't have to be told to smile, they just do.

The goofy picture they did is also attached. It was a really cute idea! The problem is that Leiah looks unhappy in that one too. Her tongue is sticking out but she has a face that says "oh God, ANOTHER picture??" That poor baby.

On a separate note, we have been looking into the information that was dropped into our laps. Everything we have found is incredible. I think it's safe to say that we will drop that bomb within 24-48 hours. We are fully aware that the MLC and her hobbit won't care about this being broadcasted because they have no morals. The sole purpose of posting it is so people will know exactly what kind of person the MLC is.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

You are that stupid

Hello guys! I have been sitting back and letting Duck run things for awhile because after the email we posted, I really wasn't sure what to say. I've been talking to an Ex. Sorry not saying who because then I would have to get really hot because she is a wonderful person. She's had to deal with the MLC or as I call her the Dog faced Gremlin too. I've come to a lot of conclusions on her, myself and especially the Hobbit.

My first blog back was going to be me and my 2 cents on that letter but that will be later. I think there are some things about the MLC and this SHAM of a marriage that in my opinion doesn't exist.

The MLC is the biggest fucking idiot I have ever seen and she's got the Politicians beat on the rhetoric bullshit that keeps spilling out of her mouth like verbal diarrhea. Let's make this CRYSTAL CLEAR so that the little girl who was threatening fans as his "wife" months before the marriage was released can even get it. I may have to break out the preschool blocks for her to get it but I will if I have to do that. SMH you look for the definition of dumb blonde in the dictionary and it says see the MLC. We have checked 7 states including Georgia, Tennessee and Nevada. I myself checked for a marriage license in Las Vegas and Reno and theres NOTHING THERE. Marriage records are PUBLIC little girl. Quit with the hinting of where you got "married". You document every time you go pee on Instagram. Your movements are easily tracked because you give anyone who wants to a fucking ROAD MAP. I'm far from a DUMB little girl unlike you. If this hurts your tiny little feelings sorry not sorry. You are a leech, like you take Leland's credit cards and spend half the limit. Dumb bitch, grow up and spend your own money, but WAIT you would have to work to do that and you don't know the definition of that word.

Do you want me to go after your makeup? This would be the easiest thing on the planet to do. Step away from the plastic surgeon and the lip fillers! Give Leiah back the Wax lips you have been playing with for weeks and step away from the mirror. You wear a mask. You are extremely insecure with the way you look so you overcompensate with spray paint. They don't have enough makeup in Ulta to cover your issues. You try to pretend you are so big and bad ass. Little girl I am a bitch in Beth's league. You keep playing in big girl shoes but you don't have the tools. You are mentally about age 12 and having to CONSTANTLY look for attention and reinforcement that you are a good person on INSTAGRAM for all places. It is why you constantly tag Leland in every single picture you can. You aren't comfortable in your own skin and aren't a real woman.

A real woman in a real relationship with a man doesn't have to hose him down saying mine mine mine. You don't have to show his daughter like a doll you are playing with. You don't have to prove love. You have to keep proving it because it doesn't exist. Leland and Leiah are just trophies that you are using to make yourself look better and get attention. You think this blog is even about you. Little girl its NOT. We were here before Leland met you and we will be here when you go poof dumbass. I already know what you are saying me go poof that will never happen. Let me tell you something little girl, I've gone up against Beth and won the war. You don't have the brains to get out of the rain, much less deal with Beth. In a war over Leland, I would bet on Beth 365 days a year and twice on Sundays. You see the Chapman name as an easy ATM bitch. You keep cutting Leland off from his family, and where do you think the money will come from. You may have to get a REAL JOB. LOL she is probably fainting in the horror of that thought.

Wait oh wait, the little girl will start yelling ahh I'm being bullied again by the blog WAHHHHH. We aren't doing anything you aren't already doing. we know what you are. You are the laughing stock of Huntsville Alabama. Women don't want to be you. They run from you like the plague. I'm going to give you a tip little girl because you need it. Grow up and get a real job along with serious professional help. You may wanna be really careful around Leland LOL, because the HUSBAND can have your bipolar ass locked away in a straight jacket like you need. It won't be pink or with fur trim either. You'll be bouncing off the padded walls like the nutjob you are and Leland will leave. I think it's funny you actually think you have a free ride now. Just wait LMFAO JUST WAIT.

Now now the bitch is on duty now and all bets are off. Ciao Ladies more tomorrow when the MLC has time to wipe the running mascara from her eyes and get her diaper changed. she has to come back with a LAME ASS response. SHHH little girl the big girls are being real here.

Interesting findings

We have received emails from people who are disappointed that we have 'gone soft' on the blogs. We haven't gone soft, but things were so chaotic and Leiah was right in the middle of all of it. They might not care about what she's exposed to but we do.

We have some amazing things that were dropped in our laps. The midlife crisis has some REALLY big skeletons in her closet and we can't wait to drop those right here on the blog. Nobody, not even her friends and family will look at her the same after it's out there.

We need you all to be patient for just a couple of days so we can be sure we have all of the information. I don't want to post it and have more information come in and then have to do another blog on it. It could create confusion.

I promise you guys that this will NOT disappoint you! It will be worth the wait!

Saturday, June 25, 2016

The floor is yours!

We thought it would be fun to give everyone the opportunity to anonymously share experiences you may have had with anyone from the Chapman family or the midlife crisis. We have created a third email address for this because the last time we gave the opportunity for people to email, we could barely keep up with the amount of emails received. Hushmail has a limit and if that is exceeded no new emails can go through.

You may send your stories to:

No names will be included when your stories are posted. If you have already emailed an encounter and want to have your story posted, please contact us and inform us that you want yours posted.

This is an actual email we received recently and this person already gave consent for us to share it. This email is what gave us this idea. Thank you, you know who you are!


Hello! I wanted to give my first hand account of being blocked by MLC. I used to love the DTBH show when it was on TV years ago and I've always liked the Chapman family for what I thought they were. I found Leland on Instagram years ago and even started following Myk when they were dating. I would frequently comment on Leland and Myk's pictures and I would sometimes get very sincere, nice responses from Myk. I am not a fangirl, just a married, mother of two who likes the title glimpse into someone's personal life that Instagram offers. I was a casual observer of the drama tit-for-tat that happened between their accounts when they broke up. 

Flash forward to him dating MLC. I began to follow her as well to see if her page was interesting enough to look at. I was unaware that this blog existed, so when the fake break up happened... I thought it was real. I felt bad for MLC and was one of the ones who offered genuine sympathy and hope for brighter days in the future to her. Then, out of nowhere, MLC started posting screen shots of texts and random attacks and I had no idea what was going on. I figured out from the comments that there was a blog people kept referencing. So, I googled "blog about Leland Chapman" and there it was... This awesome blog! 

I like to be thoroughly convinced of facts, so I actually started reading the blog posts from the very beginning! It has really been entertaining and enlightening to see the double life that is led. 

I read on here all the time how people are randomly blocked for the most ridiculous of reasons. Here is why I think I was blocked: I commented "amen" on one of Myk's pictures, and she started following me. 

I have never said one mean thing to MLC, mentioned Leland, asked an intrusive question.... Anything. But she is so obsessed with Myk that she couldn't handle it so out of 5k followers, she singled me out and blocked me. Now, I keep getting follow requests from Porn accounts and I have been reporting them all.

I just wanted to send in my experience because it is truly getting ridiculous. 

I do not mind if you quote this information on your blog, just please do not release any personal info you might see like my email. If anything else happens, I will pass that along too. Thanks!

Friday, June 24, 2016

A friend reaches out

A friend of the hobbit reached out to us. It isn't the first time a friend or family member reached out to us, but this one is different. They aren't giving us dirt. This person seems to genuinely be concerned about his happiness and we'll being. We have spoken to this person for several days and this was the very first email sent.


Hello. First off I set this email up just to write this email. I don't want to give my name etc. just cause I don't want to be involved in all the drama but I feel compelled to write something. My friend Leland is a good guy and good dad. He loves his children. Jamie may very well be controlling his FB, etc. changing status to married. She prob. Has tracker on his phone and controls all of his social media. Jamie doesn't love him she is obsessed with him. She doesn't act like a woman, rather she looks at him as an object and she wants control over every aspect of his life. Think about it how did she end up at the bar the night they met. Did someone maybe call her and tel her get down here cause Leland is here. Did she put herself in that bar to meet him. She is very immature and may have deeper issues. He has so many things he can do with his life and really do well but she is holding him down. He wants a strong woman so bad and needs one, yet he doesn't have the confidence to obtain one. There are good strong women in his life and he knows deep down he belongs with one of them but his confidence keeps him with Jamie. Even if he tries to leave she will make his life hell so it's prob easier to stay. Did you ever think maybe he tired of the blog and answering people that maybe he has kinda given up. He don't know who he could trust etc. so many people have burnt him. I wouldn't want his life. I know one thing. I care for him a lot and he a good guy aside from the dumb things he does. I am concerned for him and about him. This woman virtually has blocked and cut everyone out of his life who really cared for him. This woman is told over and over to not put their business on social media yet she does it anyways. She is obsessed with letting people know she is dating him. Leland knows there another woman he belongs with. I said woman! The woman he belongs with is extremely private and doesn't want the limelight so she sits back and watches all this unfold. His girlfriend knows this too so she obsesses over him so that he don't leave her for An actual woman who actually legit cares for him for who he is personally not the one people see on TV. He don't have the confidence to pursue this woman so he settles. She knows this so she uses social media to build her confidence and try to make a point. but the point is he knows the situation he is in and how it's not easy to get out of it. He knows he needs a good woman in his life to push him to be the best he can be. A woman like his ex Lynette is what he needs and knows it. She's out there but Jamie will stop at nothing to prevent him from communicating with her. I will not be emailing any further I have enough of what need to be said. I hope he sees the light soon.

Thursday, June 23, 2016


A person who is married typically changes their name. Doing so is very easy. You show the DMV your marriage certificate and they issue you a driver's license with the name changed.

The MLC is traveling today. She's heading to visit her hobbit and his mother. She can't do anything involving the hobbit without documenting every little thing.

She took a picture of her plane ticket and she probably didn't expect anyone to notice that her name has NOT changed. I'm sure she will try to spin it by saying that the tickets were purchased before their 'wedding' on June 7th. Airport security requires that you have a government issued ID with your CURRENT name on it to get past the security checkpoint. The name on the ID must match the name on the ticket.

Her name hasn't changed. As obsessed as she was with the hobbit, getting her name changed would have been the first thing she would have done.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Same line, different girl

We have referred to the hobbit as xerox for a really long time. He has no originality, so he uses the same lines with every female he interacts with. These messages show exactly that. He said the same thing to both Myk and the MLC.

The rest of the pictures attached to this blog are unrelated to the xerox theme. The hobbit did romantic things for Myk often, whether it was a special bubble bath or rose petals. Even Beth encouraged it. I haven't seen him do any of that for his MLC.

A few of the friends of the MLC said things along the lines of "the hobbits smile shows that he's really happy". The smile he wears is the same smile he wore while with Myk. He isn't capable of loving anyone other than himself but in my opinion that has no relevance to happiness. A person can have no relationship and still be a happy person.

The point I'm making is that he seemed to go above and beyond to romance Myk. He hasn't done that for the MLC, not even during their 'honeymoon'. Why is that? He should be doing those things and he should be doing it often. He should also refrain from sticking his wanker in anything with a pulse, but one thing at a time.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Married my ass

In a previous blog, we said we'd get around to discussing some things that she said during the Q&A and this is one of those promised blogs.

The midlife crisis said that the hobbit wears a wedding ring and that is a false statement. We received several emails after the Wyoming meet and greet saying there was no ring and the pictures from that event support those emails.

The MLC stated that they got married on June 7th. Even if they utilized common law marriage, they would have had to get a marriage license on or before that date for it to be legal. Our investigator has checked 7 states for a marriage license and there has been nothing found thus far.

We always double check any information before running with it, especially when it's something of this magnitude and our findings verify what our investigator said. We will continue to comb through public records until we have looked at all 50 states and will continue to update you all.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Another one from a fan

This is utterly perfect LMFAO. It was as if it were custom made for dumb and dumbass LOL

New way to contact

I had been going through the emails and I have to admit I am utterly stunned at how much love and support we have gotten. We really do love you guys! Duck and I talk about it almost daily because of our shock at the HUGE response we have gotten. We are so very happy our message is getting out there.

We decided that we needed new ways for people to find us and be safe about it. I wanted you guys to be able to come talk or give us tips without any worry of being caught.

I have added a new app called Cyberdust. It is totally free on both the Apple Store and Google Play. The beauty of this APP is that everything auto deletes within minutes and it will tell you when screenshots are taken. It is similar to snapchat but much more secure. Thank you Mark Cuban!

So guys, I'm giving you the option of directly interacting with me, LBCP. You can find me on cyberdust with the ID UnofficialDogNews. I hope I see ya there

Just a note, if you come claiming to be someone specific be ready to send me a selfie. I won't deal with games anymore. Also if you are someone I know already, ask me for a code word so I'll know who you are.

Thanks guys1 Hope to talk to you soon! Ciao!

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Where is Leiah?

The universal question everyone has is where is little Leiah? The hobbit has been busy with the meet and greet and trying to feel manly driving cars. The MLC has gone out some, but has been mostly alternating between social media and trashy selfies such as this one.

I have often wondered what Leiah thinks about women her daddy brings around. I know that we have agreed with the things Myk has said regarding the MLC but our opinion on her hasn't changed. Myk and the MLC aren't good for anything except walking around half naked and taking pictures. Thank God for Lynette otherwise Leiah would think that is appropriate behavior.

In all seriousness, they have handled Leiah the way most parents do. One stays with the child while the other does what they need to do. The reason they haven't posted pictures of her is because in a previous blog we said we'd prefer to see the three of them together doing fun things than to see the two of them together all the time. They care more about getting a dig at us than to show people what fun activities Leiah might be doing and that tells you everything you need to know about their priorities.

It is one thing for us to tell everyone that you're both complete idiots, but it is quite another for you both to prove it! LOL

Friday, June 17, 2016

The hobbit bitch

The midlife crisis did a Q&A today and some of her answers were ironic and comical. We will discuss most of that in another blog because this one is going to focus on the conversation that happened as a result of the hobbit.

He posted this foul mouthed meme on IG today. The meme itself isn't a crime. He's not the first person to curse on social media and won't be the last.

A woman made a comment on the post and politely disagreed with the strong language. She was blocked immediately and then subsequently asked the MLC about it on the Q&A post. Her question and the response from the MLC are attached.

Is the hobbit REALLY so insecure that he blocks anyone who doesn't agree with his every word? It would certainly appear that way.

The MLC was correct when she said he can post what he wants on his own profile. The same goes for Beth and BL and we all saw his tantrum about them posting what they wanted on theirs. Him and his MLC even blocked people who liked or commented on Beth's IG. So in all honesty it would appear that they feel as if they're the only ones who have the right to say what they please on social media.

Honestly, there's no way to know who exactly is doing the craziness. The MLC has proudly announced more than once that she has access to his phone, passwords and social media. He could be doing it or it could be her. We'll never know because she'd never admit it and he'd never rat her out.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

From a fan!

A fan sent this to us this morning. Whoever made this meme definitely did it with the hobbit and MLC in mind! LMAO

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Fans of Beth being blocked

We have been getting a disturbing amount of emails telling us that people who like and comment on Beth's IG are being blocked by the hobbit and his MLC. This is a dangerous game the hobbit is playing because without Dog and Beth there would not have been a show. The hobbit was the cash cow for a while when DTBH was a thing but the tides have turned over the last few years and the hobbit was overlooked for Dakota. However, even Dakota isn't even holding his own against Dog and Beth in popularity.

This blog is being viewed worldwide. People rarely refer to the hobbit and the MLC with their actual names. They refer to them as the hobbit and the MLC. Everyone has banded together to defend Jane Doe and Jenna. This is so incredibly beautiful. For once, people are holding a public figure accountable for their actions.

This seems like the perfect time to bring something up. How many times have you ever seen Dog try to prove himself? He's been in the bail bonds business for a very long time. He's had TV time for the same amount of time as the hobbit. He's had far more speed bumps than the hobbit. Dog is a humble man. You can question his worth and he let's his actions prove you wrong.

I'm bringing this to light for a very specific reason. I'm sure you all remember the meet and greet the hobbit did in Ohio a short time ago. We did a blog prior to the event and told people to boycott it because hitting him in the wallet would really piss him off. We didn't think there would actually be a boycott, we just wanted to see how he'd react if we questioned his worth. He didn't disappoint. Immediately following the event he posted on IG and did something he hadn't done previously. He made sure to post TWO videos documenting the turnout.

Give your dad a call, hobbit. He's a better man than you and he doesn't have to measure his own dick to know that. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The threats and harassment continues

It has been made abundantly clear that Jenna has absolutely nothing to do with this blog, other than sending us the things they send her. Yet they continue to harass and threaten her. Jenna is an adult and her dad is not in the best health. Even if she was a part of this, nothing would be able to be done to her family. There is nothing illegal about this blog. We have said that countless times and I personally don't understand why they still haven't gotten a clue.

It doesn't stop there. Nobody is going to forget about the drama between the hobbit and his family over his relationship with the MLC. His family has been very vocal about their disapproval of her. The hobbit reacted to our blogs yesterday by blowing up at Beth.

He has threatened to expose some of their skeletons if they did not stand down. That is why Beth made the comment about how she wouldn't air his dirty laundry because she hasn't. He should be very grateful for that!

Another blog I'm sure the MLC will love

A little bit of FB and IG activities. Everyone is having a good time talking about them being married. Different families and friends seem to be coming together to shun those ignominious people.

Hobbit- you are screwed. You can get an annulment if you fit the requirements but either way you really messed up!

Congratulations on being so selfish. There was no reason to be shady. Families need to be there. You have already pissed his family off. They can make you go away. I know the family pays for airfare when he travels. I think that should stop immediately!

Monday, June 13, 2016

A picture is worth a thousand words

I thought it would be fun to take a walk down memory lane. Let's look at a few of the hobbits serious relationships prior to the midlife crisis. Maui, Lynette and Myk.

His family likes all 3 of them and they enjoyed having them around, even on holidays. His family STILL spends time with them. How many pictures have his family posted with the MLC? They don't want anything to do with her at all. She's very insecure about herself and her relationship so I am posting this just to make sure she knows it is NOT just in her head. It is very real and very comical!

I'm just going to leave these here

I still cannot believe that we are siding with Beth. I never thought this would happen. Beth has been pretty vocal regarding her opinion about the MLC and her family and friends are following suit.

Beth posted this shoe meme and the comments were HILARIOUS! Then we noticed comments on another IG post and decided to make sure everyone sees them!



This is a blog we have wanted to do for several days but we have been preoccupied with the family feud.

The MLC posted this several days ago. Since then, she has posted a picture of Leiah in the dog filter. Bonnie, the daughter of Dog and Beth, also has pictures of herself using the dog filter on social media.

For someone who claims to be religious and a roll model, her online activities say otherwise.