Sunday, July 31, 2016

Abuse BS

Well guys, we know the story that the MLC told. The breakup got violent and he beat her and broke her phone. Blah Blah blah and all that from her. It was all a big old act from her as we now know from the fake abuse message..

This message made everyone go hold up wait a minute. I will tell you one thing I do know Leland never hit her. He would not raise his hand to a woman period and all the Exes and I agree. He did not do it period

Honestly it made no sense anyways. The only thing on her bruised was her legs. I mean DAMN Leland is short but seriously he only bruised her legs?? I mean WTF. This man is a trained MMA fighter that can do serious damage if needed and has. Remember the fight at the Aztec hotel on an episode that he had to deal with possible charges on? The guy he hit had a fractured orbital socket, broken ribs and bruised lungs. He gets in a violent argument with Jamie and she has bruised legs.

Leland has a bad temper, we all know that. If he was in a nasty argument with her and was mad enough that he broke her phone, but he only bruised her legs. As you can see, the story doesn't hold water. It isn't logical at all. Hey MLC, learn to lie better so we don't catch you LOL. Oh for everyone's information on the "abuse" we have been told she even filed a police report on it. We cannot confirm or deny this but it supports her setting up an abuse history. She is doing what she can to stay where she is after all.

We then received something that rather surprised me. After seeing this from several people, I was in the mindset of what the fuck is this bitch trying to sell to people now.. She is really trying to sell that he beat her to the world. The only words that describe this to me is if you sold it any harder maybe you will even believe it.

She was telling people that he ripped out the handful of hair that is missing that you can see. She was also claiming he bruised her nose and covered her with cuts and scrapes. I am calling complete bullshit on that. Again a trained MMA fighter, did that little bit of damage to her??? Nahhh. Hell I'm a girl with some martial arts training and I can do more damage than that.

The hair being ripped out that she claims is not that type of injury. It would be red, extremely irritated or even bloody or scabby if he did that. The hair loss is she pulled it out or it fell out. In my opinion, it's a chick thing to go to the front of the head to rip out hair. The bruise on the nose doesn't work at all. Where is the rest of the injury? Little tip, MLC if he had hit you in the face your whole cheek and/or eye area would also be bruised too. He's not gonna hit you in the face and wow only the bridge of my nose got bruised??? NOT!

She was sending this picture to ANYONE that would listen to ruin Leland and get herself some poor me attention. What a fake bitch she is?!?The next day as @ bama said she acted like nothing had happened. this was probably because she had put her abuse blackmail into motion against him. Jamie and yes I mean Jamie, you should be ashamed of yourself. Women are abused and battered every day and this is your stock excuse to keep them. We know you faked abuse with Josh too Jamie. It amazes me the depths that this bitch will go to to keep Leland. You have ruined him and an entire family. The fans that you think love you should throw rocks.

You are truly a psychopath and frankly calling you Jodi Arias is too good for you but I can put that together so the world will get it but that is another blog

Bye for now guys. I hope that picture is a big enough boom for you with the explanation. Oh and MLC kiss my white ass bitch!!!

PS~ This blog was written by LBCP this evening and she wanted me to read it prior to posting it. I debated it and obviously decided to post it. I had to really think about it because I don't like to step on people's toes. There are several people who were very eager to read what she had been talking about posting. And that is why I decided to post it. LBCP wrote the entire blog and and everything after the PS is all me. 


Answers to porn spam from the Hobbit and MLC

Hi Guys, I wanted to get this out here as fast as I could because it seems to be happening to a lot of people. I am the techie around here so I started researching to see what I could figure out on how MLC is doing this that I thought was logical. I have come up with 2 possibilities and frankly I am repulsed at the idea of both. Either way MLC and The Hobbit have for any other way to describe it, sold use of their follower lists for cash. I have done a lot of things when I needed cash, but I would never ever do that.

I am gonna give a quick recap of what has been going on for those who are new to this. We have gotten numerous reports from fans and followers of both Leland and Jamie that on Instagram they are getting nailed in various degrees with spam from porn people there. Some have said it was only a few, while others have said they are getting nailed with it. There have also been people that have gotten nailed with it after being blocked by her, him or both of them. I went with that alone to try to figure it out as to what is going on and I think I have. Well at least it makes sense to me with what I have read and experimentation we have done with a few fans and people who know us.

There are several sites that I will not name that pay 1.00 an hour and up to use your followers list to spam them. It's called botting. Usually the spam is sent out frequently enough that followers get mad. This is what seems to be happening in this case! Many of these sites also have what they call black lists or white lists so certain people won't get nailed with the spam too. The MLC is just trash ass enough to pick one that bots out porn SMDH. Too bad she was rather dumb doing this because it has sent porn requests to kids. Hey DUMBASSES, no matter how much you try to sell that he loves and helps kids YOU DID IT!

We then got reports that the fans she was blocking were getting nailed with porn spam too. This seemed to happening to certain people that MLC had run ins with. There were other blocked ones that got it too but the ones she had run ins with were getting it worse. Some of these sites have bot software you can download or is built into their program so that you can direct the bot to hit certain people as hard as you want. This one I can't prove for sure but it just seems a little to coincidental to me to not be happening.

Now, there has been some argument over The Hobbit's involvement with it. This is my opinion on that. It was on his page and he gave permission for it to be done so he is guilty as charged. He may not know the logistics of it, but he would be guilty as charged. Ignorance is not a good argument against this. He is as guilty as she is in it both of them should lose their pages as far as I'm concerned for it. By Instagram's rules, they actually could if reported enough.

The solve for this problem since the 2 dumbasses are not gonna stop. Our experimentation and research has said blocking the both of them is effective. Just unfollowing does not seem to work as well. It slows it down but blocking has seemed to stop it.

Every fan possible should block the both of them and totally walk away. The spamming is gonna get worse if they are both truly broke. I suggest that true Dog fans go follow Beth, Lyssa, Cecily, Dakota or even Official Dog news. SMDH, Leland and yes in this case I mean his name has lost his mind. It is pretty clear that the real Leland Chapman has been eaten by the Hobbit and we are left with this MONSTROSITY WTF

If anyone can get this information to Beth and Dog that would be great, because this crap from the Hobbit and MLC is ruining them too and that is not fair.

Ciao guys more later...I may just drop the other bomb I have today


Saturday, July 30, 2016

Recycling yet again SMDH

Well well well....The MLC must be extremely desperate for attention because she has to recycle to have something to post LMAO.  This is actually the 3rd time shes posted this because she had this on Snapchat and altered it to make it look different. The DUMB MLC didn't get quite all of the butterfly filter from her face LOL. I was told that she also rotated it to make it look like it was laying down.

You aren't on the damned couch MLC. YOU ARE OUTSIDE IN THE PICTURE!! Light would not be shining from behind if you were on a couch. You really must think people are stupid! You really wonder why people hate you! You are hurting The Hobbit and LIE LIKE A RUG!

Frankly as far as I am concerned that picture tells the tale. You are doing your damnedest to make yourself look good in this picture. Leland well he looks like Leiah hiding behind her Mom. You aren't his Mom and it really illustrates how she is trying to show dominance. It's pathetic and really degrading. You and the Hobbit are having such a power struggle over who is in control LOL. You degrade each other frequently.

Frankly bitch if my man called me a fucking cunt, I would have been done with the whole situation. Marriage is about respect. If you don't know the definition of degradation and respect, I'll post it for you. Marriage is about respect and neither one of you have it. You don't have it for yourselves or each other. 

You let him degrade you because you are that obsessed that you will take it. It is why your Co Workers say you live in the fantasy of a happy family with a baby.  Leland doesn't love you either and YOU know it. Quit trying to recycle or fake pictures to make it look like he does. 

Jamie, have some respect for YOURSELF! You are living your life on guard 24/7. It is why you isolate Leland. Grow up get some respect and do something for yourself. We both know Leland won't let you though.We both know like your BOYFRIEND you blackmailed, you are nothing but a hooked PUSSY.

Real life is over bitch. No friends no real life. It's why you strangle him with your prescence. You know if you don't you will LOSE him and you don't know what to do if you do. 

After all, he is telling his friends you are boring in bed LOL. Trust me baby, I'm better than BORING lmfao.... He IS a lousy lay LOL

I don't know about you guys..I find it funny when I laugh at her. She's just pathetic and really in over her head. It is pitiful and a really bad situation. She is too obsessed to get out and walks all over her..

Ciao guys....Someone said they missed the insider stuff. I do have one thing I may drop today. I've been thinking it is time to break the internet AGAIN LMAO. Keep your eyes peeled for it. I dont think the MLC will be really happy but Beth will

Friday, July 29, 2016

What a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive

I'm going to make this as brief as possible. Take a look at what the MLC's 'BFF' had to say a few months ago. Shannon is lurking around and waiting for sloppy seconds.

Everyone knows that if you make the decision to engage with us, we will dig. If something is found, it's posted. Shannon was trying to be ballsy with the comment and the IG posts. She even got cocky after the blog about her. But it didn't last. Her profile went private in less than 24 hours. If you can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen.

I think it's safe to say that the MLC is back to square one. No friends. Shannon isn't a friend, she's someone who is online friends with the MLC in hopes of getting at the hobbit.

With his pattern of cheating, there is hope for you!

Photo credit- @Btb6184

Thursday, July 28, 2016

SMDH at this

Really MLC, did you honestly think that I wouldn't saddle my horse and RIDE on this picture? You are dumber than dog shit if you think otherwise.

Since some people have fallen for what they were trying to pull, I'm going to out them to be sure. The picture with the hat is the new picture. The hobbit has picked up quite a bit of weight thanks to the MLC. Here's the thing you may not be aware of guys, the MLC does not cook at all. They either end up eating out or eating junk. Sorry MLC, chicken and dumplings is not healthy food. He is not getting healthy food like he was before the dumb ho either. I hate to pull the Myk card because I thought she was as useless as you are, but it has to be said. She cooked and cleaned. I know you probably think you're some culinary genius because you can make an entree and work a microwave.

Leland is also not working out as much or at all. To me, it looks like he has surrendered to what he has to deal with and MLC has taken over. Leland clearly does not give a damn about Leland which is quite sad in itself. It is pretty clear he needs some serious help.

The first thing is he needs to get the monkey of ther MLC off his back and find the heart that he once had. He needs to find his spirit and frankly his spine. He has become a jellyfish. This may explain his shape in the picture with the hat too LOL. I learned a long time ago, you have to care about yourself long before you can care about anyone else. Leland has just given up on being Leland as far as I can see.

Oh and MLC, the picture with no hat? It really isn't a good comparison to the fat Leland anyways. I know exactly how he gained the weight back in that picture. It wasn't working out either. Why don't you ask him since Leland isn't allowed on his own social media? He had some help Little girl, you have no clue, but I do. Grow up, get mental help, and step away from the Chapman LOL.

If you loved him MLC, you would get him the help that he needs and not let him ROT. He once could have stepped out of the shadows of his father and helped a lot of people. You just bully him into submission now, and we all see that Leland has become a spineless jellyfish.

I hope you guys got my point. I'm doing the one thing I never wanted to do and that's ramble on. SMDH. It just sickens me that she has made him such a mess. How can anyone with a conscience tear up a family and destroy a person like that?

You're famous!

Congratulations, MLC! You're so starved for attention that I thought I'd give you a little gift. You're so desperate for fame and I am so tickled to inform you that you finally achieved that goal!

Someone commented on a previous blog and mentioned that Beth is following the Save Leland IG. I confirmed that statement. She really is! Beth is a loud and opinionated person, but she is very much anti drama. I say that cautiously because that IG profile isn't drama. The person who runs it is a Chapman fan and didn't create that to join us. She created it because she is genuinely concerned about the hobbit. Obviously Beth is too.

Anyway, it appears that the hobbit has been cut off from Beth. She is off of his profile completely and everyone knows that she is the top dog of the family. If she is against you, you're done.

It doesn't take a lot of thinking to understand who she's referring to when she posts these types of memes. Everyone knows she's talking about the MLC. The comments are hysterical!!!

You're everywhere, MLC! How does that notoriety feel? You're so narcissistic that I'm absolutely positive that you love it even though it's negative. I'm a people pleaser, so please enjoy these!

Message from our friends

Again, I'd like to point out that we have no control over the Save Leland Chapman profile. But we are friends with them now!

I love how a LOT of people use really awesome hash tags on social media. Spread the hash tags!

The tides have turned. A lot of people are fed up with them. She is insane.

But if you haven't checked out the page and you are a loyal reader, you should. We mave spoken to her and we're going LOL!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Shannon Nicole

We typically get a few comments from 'friends' of the MLC weekly. If we post a blog that pisses her off more than usual, they increase. I put the word friends in quotations because she doesn't have any. Her coworkers never did like her and neither does anyone in Alabama.

I suppose my statement is not entirely correct because there is Shannon Nicole. I guess she didn't appreciate being referred to as Jabba The Hutt in the blog LBCP did because she commented on the blog. It took an INSTANT for us to realize it was her and we decided to check out her IG. She openly bragged about it. She has been the one doing it all along by her own admittance.

I am personally amused by this. LMAO! The MLC tries to portray herself as some confident bad ass but what happens when something she doesn't like is said or happens? She sends Shannon to fight her battles. OR she logs into the hobbits social media to talk some mad shit as him. That's the opposite of bad ass. LMFAO!!!!!!

You want some kind of recognition for your interweb testicles? You are obviously some kind of Internet gangster. I strive to be as hard core as you. As a matter of fact, I'm going to find a blog right now. I can't wait. Then I'm going to post a screen shot of it on IG. I AM ANGRY INTERNET THUG, HEAR ME ROAR!




Faking it again MLC

Hello everyone!! I had a break from work so I figured I would shoot this off because it needed to get out there fast. As you can see many people have liked this post thinking it was from Leland, it is so far from being anything from Leland you cannot see straight.

MLC is yet again trying to sell to the world that she and Leland are happy. He is so far from happy it's nuts. He wouldn't be calling you a fucking cunt if he was. He wouldn't tell people MLC that you were BORING when it came to sex. If he was happy, his eyes would not look dead. If he were happy, you would not be trying to set him up for the abuse excuse to ruin him either. Grow up little girl, we all see the truth. This clearly is not working and you are doing your best to stay where you are.

Oh and 2 things MLC!! Leland is not 12 years old. I know you have 100% control of his social media. We all know when it is him posting and liking pictures and you doing it. Just stop because you are helping no one including yourself

The other thing MLC, take that damned nose ring out and leave it out. It looks dumb as hell and makes you look like a bull from the looney toons cartoons. I keep waiting for Bugs bunny to start playing with it moving it up and down. Filters don't improve looks either MLC. Try something unheard of in this day and age. TRY EATING!!

Ciao for now guys! I'm planning a repeat of last night with some new players. This would include Shannon Nicole the hanger on. I call her Jabba the Hutt LMAO. BYYYEEEE!!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Myk Versus Jamie

Do I really need to say anything? It is really evident the MLC is trying to measure up to the MYK and it is not working in the least bit. I think the Hobbit even sees it too. Myk is 1000 times better.

He is taking her to the same places Myk goes and doing the same things to her and with her. The MLC can't dress like myk. Her hair is falling out from malnutrition, she's pulling it out, or it's falling out.

Myk has better style, more flair and generally even more class. She is prettier too. She can't be turned into Myk either MLC. Frankly, the MLC is just a replacement for Myk till the next replacement comes along. I feel a little sorry for her. She's so obsessed with him she can't face the facts..

MYK IS WHAT THE HOBBIT WANTS AND YOU ARENT IT MLC. Gain some weight, dress better and by god grow some hair. Stop looking like a streetwalker. PLEASE STOP COPYING MYK!!!


An interesting thing has fallen into my lap from an absolutely wonderful tipster who shall remain nameless. After all, we wouldn't want the MLC straining herself to find something since she can't find her ass with both hands.

Well, well, well lets get down to the brass tacks of it shall we?? Are you here MLC? Of course you are! You are waiting with bated breath to find out what we know.

Well we all know you are a fucking idiot beyond belief. You aren't called the MID LIFE CRISIS for nothing.

If you guys have listened to the video of him and her at the ocean, you may need to listen carefully to hear it but the hobbit said Are you done? video or picture? He then whispers "You fucking cunt, watch, show everyone the ocean..." I can CLEARLY hear it when I listen a couple of times.

I am not sure who is dumber, him for saying it on video or her for posting it. I was told that the MLC was drawing attention to it. It is again another way to make herself look like his victim

MLC give it up. It is a little irritating to him to have an idiot (you) videoing while he's trying to view the ocean. Grow up!

Oh Leland and yes Im calling you by name. It is what you get for getting involved with a child. Try women your OWN AGE. You liked it when I paid attention to you and only you MUAH. #youareadumbass


Another answer from the MLC which I find HILARIOUS. I give this answer my DUMBASS OF THE DECADE AWARD. Seriously MLC you honestly thought that this was an answer to your damned PANCAKE ASS?!? Well, consider yourself notified that its not, but YOU are the idiot who put it out there so it is fair game. It's time to take that ass apart LMAO.

I have 2 theories on this monstrosity! This is clearly not the same PANCAKE ASS that we saw on the Hobbit's snapchat.

Did she use a stunt butt LOL. It is not showing her face. Catfishing 101 tells me if you do not see her face (Like we want to see her mannish face LOL) it is not the person. How hard would it be for her to photoshop her tattoos on someone elses body? Not hard for the Queen of photoshopping right MLC?

My other theory would take a ton more work. First of all her bikini bottom could be one of those butt boosters. They cost anywhere from $100 and up. The bottom itself doesn't look right either. She may have shaved some fabric off the sides to make her ass look bigger. She also added weight to it that goes without saying. Also, she is shooting it from below and to the side to make her ass even bigger. SMH, because in the end all the MLC ended up looking like was WHAT an ass. Don't try to look smart MLC because you again scored an EPIC FAIL!

This is just the beginning of the hard talk tonight!  LBCP feels like talking really hard LOL

Ciao for a few

Monday, July 25, 2016

Thank you, MLC!

Shout out to the MLC! Thanks for responding exactly how we knew you would! LBCP called you out and you immediately posted a picture AND a video of you and your hobbit.

Please continue to tell people that you don't read this blog. LMAO!


Sunday, July 24, 2016

Scared much?

Everyone has been fronting theories on why the MLC has not been posting on Instagram so I think I'm gonna throw a likely log on this fire. She's too damned chicken to do it because she is scared of us. She's so damned afraid we are gonna get her pictures and prove the truth about their relationship that she figures she can have some control of it on snapchat. She's just that pathetic to think anything like that would work.

No one ever wants to see a pancake ass like that. Hell no one wants to see her like this at all lol. This is frankly vomit worthy, which is why she no longer models. No photographer would ever have her and they sure as hell don't want Leland. The dumb bitch can't cook and is fattening him up so no other woman will have sex with him.  SMH she's so sad. She couldn't hold onto a real man if she tried. After all, she has to fake abuse to keep one or should we make that 2.....

After all the MLC gets so mad when she see me (LBCP) post anyways. She goes silent when I make her look like an idiot. It isn't that hard LMAO all I'd have to do is count to 10 LOL. She doesn't like it that I have her dumb ass all figured out LOL. You thought you got gold when you got Leland and you didn't LMAO. Blackmail only goes so far, and I know a few you things you don't know I have. :). There's one thing I know, you can't shut me up LOL.

Come on little chicken, post on Instagram I dare you. No one will like your pictures and you will truly see how hated you are because you have destroyed Leland. You are too stupid and selfish to get that. YOU have destroyed him with your selfishness and stupidity. More proof you NEVER loved him

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Jamie Leland and Porn Spam

It appears both Jamie and Leland have set it up so that they spam people with porn sites. I find it insane that he is doing it or allowing it. Jamie spams anyone she blocks from either page. Now it appears that they spam Leland's fans from his page too. The screen shot above sickens me.

They must be making some kind of cash from doing it. They are living on Jamie's income. Leland has not hunted for a long time. It was long before when Leiah was there. His meet and greets are pulling in not a lot of cash, and why would any business sponsor him at a meet and greet anyways. He has become a total train wreck. It is clearly the behavior of an addict out of control

I don't know about you, but it appears to me that he is spiraling out of control. Jamie is clearly enabling him to her best advantage. He is damaging the Chapman name worse than it already is. He is taking them all down with him.

I will tell everyone this. Our instagram @UnofficialDogNews got hit with a porn spammer. I messaged it saying Hi Jamie! I'm sorry but you are not getting in the door. Like magic the site was deleted the next day. What a shock Jamie and leland are at it again

My suggestion is if you are on either pages remove them. If you want to be a Chapman fan, follow Beth, Lyssa or even Dog even though it is not Dog there. He cannot run a computer. Sometimes with a true addict, you have to let them go before they see their problems.Lets just hope he doesn't do something that he will regret forever. Oh yeah he already has.....HELLO MLC!

Calvin Klein model, my ass!

Here is the midlife crisis' 'Calvin Klein model'. I remember a 'Brownie Hunter' meme years ago that referenced Dog's pouch. It definitely applies to the hobbit too.


Welcome to The Dirty

If you guys don't know about the site this came from, the web page is It is a globally known site for gossip. It was submitted a few days ago by Karma and I think the article says it all about the MLC and the Hobbit. He's washed up and she's a manipulative stalker who has her claws in deep and will do anything to stay where she is. Here's a tip JAMIE, if it was really LOVE you don't have to do anything to keep him. He would be yours. You don't have a relationship DUMBASS you own him. I honestly don't understand how anyone would want to live like that

Bragging you are Mrs Leland Chapman is nothing either. You have no money. You went to Hawaii in the cheap seats and the both of you are living off YOUR income. Sounds to me like you are living the HIGH LIFE now LOL.Like I said, I give it 6 months before this BS is over with. After all you have been stalking him for 3 years plus to save him right? Oh hell no, you are a money grubbing white trash whore who will do anything to save yourself. Leland slaps you during sex? You need a slap of reality bitch.

You are white trash and always will be. I hope you like being pissed off because it will be a really long day...

Bye guys enjoy... Go to and read all the comments. They are shredding the both of them LMFAO.

Ciao guys.. out for now! LBCP

Friday, July 22, 2016

Mrs. Xerox back in the game

The midlife crisis has been talking about going to Hawaii for months. She is constantly trying to copy Myk. Identical hats, identical Beetlejuice costumes and even photographing the luggage prior to a trip. Anything Myk did or does, the MLC must do it too. LMAO!

She has been in Hawaii for less than 24 hours and has already taken pictures of herself with the same flower (plumeria) that Myk wears. The hobbit probably should have mentioned that you are supposed to wear it behind the left ear if you are spoken for, but that might be the reason why he didn't.

I'm sure she will try to act like this is a coincidence, just like she did with the hat. She insists that people are jealous of her but she is someone who sits around trying to copy someone else so who is REALLY the jealous one here? LOL!

I am wanting everyone to know that LBCP will be blogging sometime tomorrow. I know she has some things she's wanting to post. I don't know if it'll be one big blog or a couple smaller ones, so I don't want to tell you guys the wrong information. So just stay tuned!

Have a great night!


Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Sunny Summers and some clarification

Ok guys, this one is gonna cover 2 things before I get into the real blog for the evening. Some of you have been asking questions so I figured I'd go back to basics. There are 2 of us, LBCP (that's me) and Duck. The names stuck because of when we started on Twitter in the beginning. We were LBCparody and duckfaceparody. It was a Leland and a Myk parody so the names made sense. After our twitter pages were suspended, we chose to redo them as the names we have now. Let me be clear MYK has NOTHING to do with this blog. She does not provide any information or anything else.

HOWEVER, we have ways to get messages to people when we want to. People check things or verify things for us and we do appreciate them greatly.

In the words of Myk in this case, Sunny Summers does not know her ass from her head. She is as useless as a square wheel.  Her account has been around for 3 plus years, basically since the beginning. She knows NOTHING and frankly we blocked her and moved on. We find offensive her postings about Myk and Lyssa to the point that all of us reported it and anything to do with this blog until it was removed by Twitter.She is offensive homophobic and frankly a troll. she's not worth the attention she is being given and frankly has no clue to what is going on. In my opinion, she can't find her ass with both hands. SMH, she needs to grow up and stop looking like an idiot. It is why we stopped engaging her. I don't discuss things with an unarmed idiot, which is why Jamie is not on our list of people to talk to LMFAO

I will be the first to tell you I will talk to just about anyone until you do something stupid. Stupidity kicks in and I am done. I have no tolerance for it. If you want to come and talk to me or Duck please do.

We have several ways for you to find us. It is on the blog or leave us a comment with your email and we are more than happy to email you back. Several people on here have said they have things they would like to share. You can email us or just comment on the blog. I can assure you we will cover your identity to the highest degree. This is a promise I do make

Well guys, Im off for a few. Im in talks with a new source LOL


Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Informant request

We are asking for the person who took the screen shot of the fake abuse Snapchat post to contact us.

The MLC posted on Snapchat during the fake breakup. She showed injuries on herself and told people that the hobbit physically hurt her. For the record, he never laid a hand on her.

We need the person who actually took the screen shot to contact us. You can do so via email:

This is not a pro Chapman blog

With the amount of attention we are getting here, there has been some confusion. This is not a fan blog for the Chapman's.

I fully understand that it is easy to get that impression because there have been times that we have defended certain Chapman's at certain times. Nobody here blindly hates anyone. If something is wrong or unfair, we believe in standing up for what is right. Even if it means defending a family we dislike.

Mistakes are made in life. Nobody is perfect and anyone who pretends to be is a liar. That being said, you can't change what you don't acknowledge. People need to take responsibility for their actions and that is something that the MLC doesn't seem to do.

We have posted blogs that caused problems for informants and we took them down because it was the right thing to do. We removed blogs that seemed to upset people because it was the right thing to do.

The point I'm trying to make is that we dislike the Chapman family and that will never change. But we will always do the right thing, even if it means defending someone we don't like.

A quick note to the MLC- you talk about how much the hobbit worships you. If he did, you wouldn't have to blackmail him into staying with you. I hope you start doing the right thing. I pray for that. You have to start somewhere. An apology goes a long way when you have wronged someone you 'love'.

Have a great evening, everyone!


Monday, July 18, 2016

Here we go again

As you guys can see, this was Jamie's answer for everything going on today. Many of you called her answer lame etc, but actually it really wasn't. She was choosing not to answer. In not answering, Jamie gave us her answer and that was so what. She's admitting she did it and is basically telling everyone what the hell are you gonna do about it.. She has control of what she wants

Here's the thing guys, she feels she's done nothing wrong. She has no morals or soul for that matter. Jamie would rather destroy the Leland we all knew than let him act like a person. Seriously guys, why do you think she blocks all of you. She thinks he is hers and that's it. Everything Jamie does, she does for a reason in her own mind.

It is why she keeps Leland on a very short leash. She doesn't want her trophy to get away from her. He is nothing but a piece of meat for her to use as she sees fit for attention. She thinks she has a family which is even sadder. All Jamie has is a hostage and that's it. A hostage has nothing to do with love or family. Frankly, what is going on really has nothing to do with either. It has to do with what Jamie thinks about herself. She is nothing and she knows it. She has to have Leland to get the attention she craves because she feels she gets it because of him.

I will tell you what really bothers me is that there are Dog and Leland fans still talking to the crazy. Talking to her will get you no closer to Leland, and will feed her pathetic little ego. If anyone knows the diehard fans that are still talking to her, fill them in privately and send them to read the truth over here. Jamie needs to be alone on social media. Show her what we think of what she has said about Leland and her faking abuse to keep him. SHUN HER TOTALLY! Faking domestic violence should NEVER be tolerated ever!

Her crap about being permanent on some womans search bar is nothing but BS. Who would want to search a washed up tattoo model who was over the hill before she even got going as a model? I know I wouldn't and don't. Frankly, Jamie is nothing but a boring piece of garbage that Leland will get away from and replace.

After all,  Jamie was the one that was heartbroken that she couldn't stop him from cheating no matter what she did. Trust me, she will NEVER EVER stop him LMAO. The only thing Jamie will ever get from Leland is seconds....

Ciao guys... more tomorrow and show the dumb bitch who is boss. The Dog Pound has the power here and I know it does. Show her who is boss!

SaveLelandChapman Instagram

We were deeply moved by the reaction of the posting of Jamie's confession last night. I may not have been around during the day but several of my girls did let me know what was going on. I have to admit seeing the reaction on Leland's profile alone was touching.

It is clear that our message about what is really going on has gotten through and you guys are reacting to it.

I want to make clear that we are not affiliated with the SaveLelandChapman instagram at all. I do not know who is behind it at this time. I would love to talk to them if at all possible

You can reach us at, or

We are also on twitter at @LBCmanhoParody @quackingwhore or @unofficialdognews

instagram @unofficialdognews

We are also on the app cyberdust which is available on Itunes and the Google play store under the ID unofficialdognews.

Anyone who talks to us is totally private and will not be used without permission. We also protect any sources that come to us as well

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Blackmail with FAKE ABUSE

I think Jamie has just proven that she is nothing but a COMMON piece of trash!! Blackmailing a man to stay with you?? I mean seriously WTF you dumb bitch!! I think we finally see the reason that Leland married her. BLACKMAIL!!!

I was sure that she had faked the first abuse now I am 1000% sure she did. The Leland that I knew would NEVER lay a hand on a woman. Now she will fake abuse to keep him. I mean seriously you CRAZY PSYCHOPATHIC BITCH what are you thinking!!! You need a padded cell and a straight jacket. The man that I knew was a good man with a huge heart, and you are threatening to ruin his career with false abuse allegations. I mean seriously you dumb bitch buy a fucking clue. That is not love, that is a HOSTAGE SITUATION!!!

Women are abused every day and you are going to use that to keep him in line and make him marry you. Women like you are the reason that actual abused women are not believed and are put into more danger. You need some serious professional help!! You are no role model Jamie. You should not be around children. YOU should be put away and the key tossed away. I never thought anyone would make me feel sorry for Leland. Congratulations!! You have made that dream come true for sure!! You work in law enforcement and frankly should lose your job for it, I mean seriously faking abuse. I'm sorry I keep repeating that, but OMG what the FUCK!!! She needs to be committed for it!!!

Women everywhere I ask if you do not support this unfollow and block her psychotic ass. Show her that we don't take people who taken domestic violence lightly in this world. Dump her like the trash that she is. Show her we don't take this. She is ruining him!!

She is no role model to anyone!!!! If anyone can get this to the right place to actually help Leland, please do it

Well.. lying yet again

As you can see by this search done in the Pigeon Forge TN marriage records, the MLC and The Hobbit were married on July 8, not the June 7 date that the MLC tried to push on everyone during her question and answer she did,

The only thing the pathetic obsessed whore likes to do is lie and be a phony well it has been proven without a shadow of a doubt. Frankly, I don't give this "marriage" 6 months LOL. I guess the Hobbit likes to prove he is a gullible idiot as always LMAO.

What gets me is why hide the date and the wedding? Marriage records are publicly accessed. Anyone with any remote computer knowledge can find them if you know where to look. Why hide it all then? If you are truly happy, and ready to get married YOU WANT TO SHARE IT!!! I really wonder how happy he actually is since he is nothing but a piece of meat. After all he was the one that used to climb on a fake profile and tell me that the engagement wasn't real LOL. Ya didn't think I'd figure it out? I knew it from the word GO. 

I find it even funnier that NEITHER family was involved in the wedding. It tells me that nether family wanted it really. After all the MLC is a psychopath and the Hobbit is a known cheater and still is LOL.

As a bounty hunter and a man you really do SUCK. You aren't even half the man your Father is. FYI, you are nothing like your Brother DL either. He wasn't set up to get involved with a PSYCHO WHORE LOL. Michelle is sane so why don't you leave him out of it

Poor Little Hobbit trapped by the dumb whore. HMMM makes me wonder if there was a shotgun involved since we know that the MLC has had a pregnancy scare.

Ya know, I was gonna stay quiet because I'm still not feeling well. Maybe its time I start getting really chatty again!

Oh and MLC...if you think marrying him will stop him from cheating you are dumber than you look. He cheated on Maui numerous occasions. Maybe he can walk in on you with another guy like he did with Maui so he can get his lies going again.

There's something Leland said on DTBH a long time ago that he has forgotten. If you are gonna lie, you had better be a good liar or you are gonna get caught. This is why we keep catching you because you are both idiots LOL

Ciao guys... Oh Leland and MLC...why don't you EXPLAIN to your fans why you keep lying. After all, if you have nothing to hide why lie about it...LBCP

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Meet Josh

I would like to introduce everyone to Josh. The MLC and him were living together. They were engaged and pretended to be married. I say pretended because we have not been able to locate a marriage license or certificate.

We were told that the MLC caused him a lot of drama. She was obsessed with him from the beginning and was extremely paranoid about his online activities, as well as every time he was out without her. Sound familiar?

This seems to be her pattern. Obsessed from the beginning and in 'love' by the second date.

There was a lot of information given to us about her relationship with him, including how they met. This is the bomb we have been teasing you about. I want to confirm the validity before dropping that bomb. You have all been so patient and I am hoping that you enjoy these tidbits! The claims we have to verify are public records. So please be patient a little while longer.

I really don't know if the hobbit knows anything about this topic. Frankly, I don't care. When their relationship implodes, and it will, the next guy will probably Google her. I hope these blogs will serve as a warning regarding the train wreck she is in every single relationship. Every single one!

This is why I think that they are meant to be. I know that a lot of people are probably really surprised that I feel this way, but I do. Crazy ass people are toxic to normal ones. But two crazy people feed off each other. If they remain together, neither of them will ruin anyone else's lives. The hobbit will never stop screwing around, but that probably won't affect the side lays long-term.

The shots attached are pretty self explanatory. Discussing their relationship, sex, engagement, wedding, and even children. He even mentioned her drama. It is all public. If we find anything out via public records, you will be updated.

Have a great evening, everyone!


I'm sorry

I want to apologize to everyone for the last blog post about Kaci. It wasn't the intention of the posting and I do want to apologize for it. I am here trying to clarify it

Many fans follow The Chapmans blindly. They assume what they see on TV and on social media like Instagram is real, when it really isn't. It is all smoke and mirrors put together by handlers and TV producers trying to tell a story

Lets look at the old DTBH on A&E. Producers picked skips and the office banter you guys loved so much was SCRIPTED.  Everyone follows them around like Gods and they really aren't. They are just people trying to make a buck. The problem comes when fans become obsessed such Kaci. They follow them around like lost puppies and fall on their every word. This is not something that is specific to Kaci. Many fans of any star do this. Dog fans just seem to be very extreme about it

The MLC is a big girl. Why is it that fans feel the need to defend her? It's not just the MLC too. I've seen it on Leland's instagram too as well as others. I've seen it on other web pages too. Dog fans telling commenters things like I hope your anus grows shut and other garbage along those lines. Why do it? I mean seriously why. Do you think it is going to get you the attention of Leland and the MLC? No, it won't. Leland used to care about what his fans thought, and now he barely cares about himself. Look at the recent pictures! I mean seriously LOOK AT THEM! He looks bloated, swollen, and frankly OBESE. You all bow at his feet, but if this was your brother or best friend you would be going WTF. PUT DOWN THE JUNK FOOD!

If you guys haven't realized, defending them makes it 1000 times worse. It blows it up like nothing else and escalates to drama to epic size. To me, it makes the defender look like the drama queen trying to cause issues. There's a difference in going what's wrong with you and saying MLC is in love and doesn't need the negativity.

YOU know her Instagram persona. You don't know she's happy and in love. Her friends tell us she's extremely obsessed with Leland and keeping the happy family together. Her email we posted said she is heartbroken. The last time I checked Jamie's hands aren't broken. She can defend herself.

She chooses not to because everyone else does it. She's developed Leland's disease. It's called apathy. She just doesn't care, because she's too busy trying to keep her fantasy life together that she really wants. She has insulted cops, housewives, African Americans and anyone else I have missed. People keep defending her though and they keep following her. What about her hatred of people and races? By supporting her, you are supporting hatred of everyone including herself. I've seen MLC's hatred towards other women eve, Trust me defending her is wasting your time. She just doesn't care, and probably finds it funny

Again, I am sorry  about the blog about Kaci. Bye for now guys. I hope you can forgive us and me. I still am dragging from feeling bad but I will try to be around more than I am.

ciao for now LBCP

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Everyone matters, eh?

The midlife crisis can't decide what opinion to have regarding discrimination. She goes from applauding cops who hurt people because of the color of their skin to "everyone matters".

I'm going to attempt to give you a clue, Midlife. I'll try to use small words so you don't get confused. If you need help, you should ask a grown up to help you sound out the words.

YES. Everyone matters. Doesn't matter what color someone is, who they love or how much money they have. Nobody matters more or less than anyone else. But when someone says "black lives matter" and you respond with "everyone matters", that is the equivalent to going to a breast cancer fundraiser and saying "ALL cancer matters!"

The black lives matter movement has nothing to do with anyone implying that people with different ethnic backgrounds matter less. It is about calling attention to discrimination and police brutality.

Let's get something straight. This blog isn't about insulting the men and women who wear a badge and keep the streets safe. They're on the front lines and have to deal with people who are rarely happy to see them. That takes a great deal of courage that I personally don't have.

So before you mouth off about the BLM movement, I suggest you stop and think about why people are upset in the first place. The same goes for anyone who wants to mouth off about all police officers because of a handful of bad ones.

Try thinking about someone besides yourself, Midlife. I know that's something that is probably really hard for someone as vacuous as yourself but maybe you could at least pretend to!

Have a great afternoon everyone!