Wednesday, August 31, 2016


Going So Soon? I wouldn't hear of it. Why my little party's just beginning.
                                                                 -Wicked Witch Of The West
I find it comical that we were quiet. Duck and I have actual real lives that we were living while talking to some truly wonderful people that are fed up with the garbage that spews from the mouth of the MLC to RUIN the Chapman name. The MLC just couldnt leave it alone. It became clear by her actions that this witch had to hop on her broom and fly back into town to stir up the party LOL

Her inadequacies in her life made her have to provoke us. Her husband is off who knows where jumping on whatever he picks up. The MLC is all alone not having ANYTHING to keep herself busy. Her bedrolling pictures only go so far to get the hobbit's attention. This is why she posts the semi nudes of herself. She's gotta remind him she's waiting for him lol. Is it only me that visualizes her standing in the corner with her arm up screaming at the Hobbit PICK ME PICK ME?!? We all are bright enough to see he isn't listening. She has gone as far as logging into the Hobbit page to like her own photos. She's to the point that she's proud that she is called pussy lips face by her "loyal" husband. Platinum pussy my ass! Is that before or after he has blown the dust out with canned air? We all know she isn't getting any from the Hobbit because he isn't home. Kinda makes me wonder what she's really doing to get her rocks off when the hobbit is gone LOL. May explain why she doesn't give a furry rat's ass as to what her husband is doing. After all, he facetime's her 24/7, if you see the hobbit with his iPhone in front of him yelling MY PRECIOUS, you will know what is going on LOL

Well guys, I only have one thing to say to the MLC...  Go crawl back in your hobbit hole I mean basement and be quiet. The drama you create in your own life is pathological. Seek some serious mental help.....SHHHHHHH...adults are speaking MLC...

Tick tock!

The clock keeps ticking. We have refrained from blogging for a while. There's a specific reason for that. The last blog posted was to give the MLC the opportunity to share the information she claimed to have. She specifically said that she had a lengthy bio on us. We're still waiting for that and we won't hold our breath. We called her bluff and she looks like an idiot again. AGAIN!

The funny thing is that since we haven't blogged, she still craves our attention. No blogging means not talking about her and she still acts like we are.

Hey MLC- pick a personality! You deny blocking people but then turn around and post a video rant about you having the right to block at your discretion. You go on and on about the hobbit being a perfect spouse even though you have to go to great lengths to watch every move he makes because you don't want him to cheat AGAIN. You have the right to post whatever you want on your page and people are told that if they don't like it, tough shit. I agree with you on that one, however......everyone has the same rights. If you or your little ass lickers have a problem with what WE post on OUR blog, tough shit. Nobody forces you to visit our blog numerous times a day. My personal favorite is when you insist that you don't care what people say or think but you spend every single day going to different websites and social media outlets to read everything anyone says. Then you login to your many profiles to talk to yourself.

An awful lot of trouble you go to for someone who 'doesn't care' LMAO! I'm pleased to be the one who gives you the good news. You can stop begging for our attention. We're back!

PS- you bragging about having a big, loose vag isn't exactly something you should be bragging about. Dumbass.

Friday, August 26, 2016


There has been so much insanity surrounding the MLC lately. So much that I personally don't even know where to begin.

The funny thing about the comment the Save page made is that it shows just how crazy the MLC truly is. She is OBSESSED with us to the point of thinking about us nonstop.

Nobody is buying the shit stain you're trying to sell, MLC. There is a famous saying that everyone knows. "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result". What you keep doing is hoping that if you sprinkle enough sugar on that shit stain, someone will be stupid enough to buy it. You are the only person in this entire situation who has absolutely no common sense.

The fact is that you wouldn't know us if we pulled the stick out of your ass and hit you with it. You have a lengthy bio on us? Prove it. Let's see it. Put your money where your mouth is or STFU. Well, put HIS money where your mouth is because we all know you're unable to support yourself. LMAO

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Informant request

We haven't posted in a short while. I'm sure you're all wondering why. There has been so much chaos surrounding the MLC and we are enjoying the show! She's lost her mind. She didn't have much mind to begin with but she lost what she had. Every day is Christmas considering she gives us new gifts all the time.

We do have blogs to get done and posted. I don't know when that will happen because unlike her, we have a life. We have jobs and don't have the luxury of sitting on our asses on social media all day long. I don't want to give you guys a time frame and be wrong so I will say that it'll be in the near future. Just don't know if it'll be tomorrow or a week or two.

This comment was made on the save the hobbit page. I would appreciate it if the person who posted those screen shots would send them to us. If someone else has the shot, we'd appreciate you sending them to us. A quick reminder about how you can contact us:






You do not have to identify yourself. Anonymity is perfectly understandable considering the situation.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

What the hell?

The MLC posted the color picture in the last 24 hours and credited the hobbit. The funny thing is that the haircut was something her ex husband liked. She specifically said in the black and white picture (that's an old post) that she wanted to style it as pictured in the B&W one but Sabin wanted something different. He wanted her to grow it out and shave one side, which is exactly what she has done. LMAO!

Saturday, August 13, 2016


I wish I had known the Circus would come to town when we got quiet because I would have bought cotton candy and popcorn. Did the inmates think they could take over the Asylum??? Not so fast MLC. You need back in your straight jacket. The Warden has returned to take back over. You and your hobbit need to climb back in your hole. Do the world a favor and STFU. Your opinion is not desired nor required LOL.

Your fake pages are showing MLC. Guys, we have confirmed that the Paige instagram is The MLC. We also believe that the LexietheCreator page is her too. Oh Jamie we know about your 4 year old page that was made to stalk us and Leland as well. You stalked Leland for 4 years. LOL You went hobbit hunting LMAO. He's sooo not worth all that BS LMAO. If you think a page is Jamie, block it because her nosy ass doesn't get it LOL

Sorry guys, it has taken me so long to blog but after dealing with the laughing stock of Huntsville for 5 days on Cyberdust I had to have a break. She could scramble the brain of Mother Theresa. Don't worry I have every intention of discussing our conversations if you can call it that. Frankly, talking to her is like riding a psychotic horse into a burning stable. I ended up uninstalling the APP because of her and the email was posted to get her to stop. She even emailed me after I uninstalled it SMDH.

2 things I will say about it is this. First of all, I do not want the Hobbit. I dont date men that have an IQ lower than my shoe size and look like a hobbit.

Secondly and I wanted to tell everyone this. I was told by the MLC that God was causing my sickness. She was shocked when I told her God forgives and heals. He doesn't punish. Evidently, dumbass needs to go to church. Confession is good for the soul MLC. Just dont drive the priest nuts LOL. I know it's hard not to LOL

Well guys Im gonna go. Im tired and need some sleep


Thursday, August 11, 2016


Discussion is still going! All of the comments over this issue are completely legitimate. In response to one of the things tinydancerdoll said, she really doesn't have anything better to do. She trolls the Hobbits pages and everyone else's too. She is on this blog several times a day and although we have already established that she trolls, she relies on us to see anything and everything said about her. Not exactly the kind of thing a person does if they truly "don't care what people think or say" like she says she does.

Take a look at her social media accounts. Notice anything? How many friends does she hang out with? ZILCH! Her family is it. In older posts she took pictures of herself with photographers and other women who happened to be around for modeling purposes, but nobody wants to be around her unless it's absolutely necessary.

So she really doesn't have anything better to do.

One more thing- for someone who insists that her man worships her, doesn't lie or cheat.........why do you need to sleep with his phone? How's Myk BTW?


Still going!

You have definitely pissed off the masses, MLC!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Who the hell are you?

Hi there, MLC! I would really appreciate it if you could explain to people who the hell you are. You are so FAKE that you need help being fake!

You have people telling you what to put in YOUR OWN bio. It must be difficult being this stupid. You had to be TOLD to say you're his wife instead of his bitch. And TOLD what to say about Leiah. You remember Leiah, right? The little girl you claim to be smitten with. "The most beautiful girl in the world", right? That was obviously written for you too.

Do you write ANYTHING you post? Because the IG post attached to this blog wasn't. The picture was sent to you from someone you know and the caption you posted with it was too. The post was made on July 21.

We have said over and over that you don't love him. You don't love anyone, including yourself. If you love a person, you don't have to fake it. You can express it independently.

You shouldn't be wandering around without supervision or medication. PERIOD. You're a complete moron. You should stop spending money you don't have on tattoos and buy yourself a clue.


On Kayti

We need to set the record straight on something. One of Leland's exes is being crucified by the family because they think she is me LBCP. As I have said before you idiots should chuck it all and start a think tank because yet again you dumbass's are completely WRONG!

If you GENIUSES were so damned smart, you could do math. Leland met Kayti 2 years ago and the blog has been around over 4 Years. UM how is she going to be me 2 years before she ever met Leland??? #idiots smdh.

Why don't you try talking to someone besides Jamie and Leland for answers that isn't a cross examination? Kayti has offered the family her phone for them to look at but as Chapman's always do they are the jury with NO EVIDENCE.

They are nothing but bullies who never cared about their fans clearly. Kayti is the one that gave the MLC the suggestions to change her Instagram the way that you see now.

I am waiting for the lynch mob to start with the pitch forks and flaming torches to start. I guess the Chapman''s just love Jamie and her crap doesn't matter. This includes their fans and Leland's exes.

She is the fourth ex of Leland''s to be accused of being me. They cannot get if right if they tried. SMDH. #WITCHHUNT

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

A message for the MLC

I have returned from being sick and I have a message for the MLC. Maybe you will understand music since your MORON TRANSLATOR is clearly broken!!! Little girls and their little games they think they play so well. I can smell a lie like a fart in a car and you are stinking up the internet. Go back to the playground little girl you have no clue what you are doing as usual.This song says it all because it is all you are...

Monday, August 8, 2016

The comments continue

The post on Beth's IG is a week old and people are still commenting on it. LOL

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Too crazy to deal with

The MLC recently contacted us via email. A few emails were exchanged before she was instructed to download the cyberdust app and she did just that.

There was no intelligent conversation. It was basically her rambling like a lunatic for days. There is a whole new level of crazy with her. The app had to be uninstalled to make her go away. I have no idea how any sane person deals with her.

Her email address was not shown in its entirety for privacy reasons.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

The hilarity continues!

I have to give the MLC some credit. She is a tiny little psychopath, but she's definitely efficient! She's pissing off a LOT of people in a short amount of time. I'm pretty amused by it too!

An update

I do want to apologize guys because I have been fairly sick for the last few days. I was at the Doctor yesterday and I'm waiting on bloodwork and 5 prescriptions. I seriously feel like garbage. Im here for a few minutes to give you a quick update.

Jamie is back in Alabama and working. She has not given her notice and is continuing to work.This is confirmed with several coworkers. I knew she was on her way back to Bama when she was on the plane LOL

Leland is on the other hand in Hawaii doing what he needs to do. We are still investigating this since it is fairly recent and I am kinda out of commission for the moment. We also cannot confirm the rumor that her and Leland were asking Dog fans for help financially but we will keep you informed. He is probably having a really good time LOL

On a side note, certain people thinking they are being smart have recently sent in some fibs as tips. I'd call them a lie but they were not that brilliant. They were stupid actually. I can smell a lie like a fart in a car. You really need to chuck it all kids and start a think tank

Be intelligent kids, I do have ways to check everything LOL

Bye guys Im heading of to bed....Ciao