Wednesday, September 28, 2016

You got me!

Who am I? A lot of guessing going on considering the MLC has said she has a lengthy bio on us. But someone (LMAO) has said they know exactly who one of us is. Chinchilla? Chachi? CHALCHEE? Chi Chi? Chocalochadingdong? Cheesy poofs? THE SUSPENSE IS KILLING ME!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

The sole provider

The amazing thing about Lynette is that she can school the hobbit and his MLC with poise. That is something that I can't even do myself. There is nothing false about the statement 'sole provider' either. Even when he lived in the same area code, she was the sole provider. He has always been more focused on himself than anything else. A person is entitled to a certain amount of selfishness because we are all human, not robots.

Take a look at of both parents' social media profiles. Notice the differences? Lynette is all about Leiah, even when she was with her dad in Alabama. The hobbit is the opposite. Even when Leiah was with him, his MLC posted the most about her. She did it for the wrong reasons but she still did it. Relationships can be complicated, especially when both people in one have emotional issues. But that has absolutely nothing to do with being a parent. Even if you host a brothel every single night, it shouldn't interfere with your roll as a parent during the day.

Leiah is lucky to have a mom who is willing to dedicate her life to her. Lynette is, and has always been the sole provider. That is obviously never going to change.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016


I have been informed of what is going on on the SLC page and I have to admit I am utterly disgusted by what I see. There are so many fools over there posting hypocrisy that it is completely out of line.

SLC changes her views more than anyone flips a damned light switch. It's because MLC comes in and manipulates her because she knows how to now. You wanna know the reason why we posted? It's a very simple answer! It's because YOU encouraged me not to. You posted what MLC wanted you to post because she stomped her feet like the brat that she is and you gave her exactly what she wanted.

There is something I learned a long time ago, sometimes you have to pick a side in something and stay there. It's why I rarely even look at your page. You don't stand for anything but chaos, threats, lying and general bullshit. Kinda funny isn't it? That the only reason you started that profile is because you looked for answers as to what was wrong with him and you found us. The very first post you made on IG was about the fake abuse. LMAO!

You do what you want to do on your profile. The MLC does what she wants on hers, and on his since he has no testicles. LOL! But don't tell us what to do over here. You aren't being forced to read the blog. Frankly, we don't have to identify ourselves. The MLC has a lengthy bio on us, remember!!!??? She says she knows who we are already so why doesn't she elaborate? It wouldn't be because she was talking out of her ass, would it? Surely not!!!!

Ask yourselves why the MLC gets so bent out of shape regarding the blogs. Myk ended up in an actual TABLOID and just brushed it off and went on with her life. Why doesn't the MLC?

Monday, September 19, 2016

Don't mess with Mama!

Anyone who has a functional brain knows that you do NOT piss off Mama bear. Lynette has always been anti drama so for her to put this on social media, the MLC must have really pissed her off.

The funny thing about this is that it is on point. The MLC had never really mentioned Leiah until right before the visit and hasn't mentioned her since. She acts like her 'stepdaughter' (LMAO) is a toy or a photo shoot opportunity. She wants the image of a caring stepmother but none of the responsibility.

Seriously LMAO!!!!

The thing you can always count on with the hobbit is no originality. We have referred to him as xerox from the beginning for a reason. I have had a hard time writing this blog because I was literally laughing my ass off the moment the MLC posted this. He cooked breakfast for you!!!?? How unique! LMAO!

The only thing that is just as funny as chef hobbit is that the MLC mentioned being able to cook chicken and dumplings and it is an interesting coincidence that Bree cooks that too. Very interesting indeed!

Sunday, September 18, 2016


Someone needs to get the MLC some ice for that burn. Taking a little stroll through memory lane here. We broke the news about the MLC hurting herself and using it for blackmail. She cannot deny that considering she took the picture and said what she said from her own account.

The reason we are refreshing everyone's memory is because she has been continuously trolled regarding the fake abuse. Myk posted the meme and Beth liked it. She liked it so much that she posted it herself.

A normal person would be ashamed of everyone finding out that they did something as disgusting as faking abuse but obviously the MLC isn't a normal person. LMAO


As everyone can see above, yours truly had a nice long chat with Shannon. I learned quite a lot over those few days of chat, including the truth on the "ABUSE". It sounds to me that her BS on snapchat with her bruised legs and BS over her phone was just that BS. Leland was attacked and not abusing her SMH. There is a HUGE difference between abuse and defending yourself.

It makes it even odder that she filed a police report. Yes, a real Police report!!!! It went no place luckily because she was not believed. We know why too and frankly I'm protecting the innocent on that one. Dealing with her is well difficult to say the least and I would never put ANYONE through that. SMH how can anyone deal with that??? She is truly BAT CRAP CRAZY!!!

Oh and for the record, nothing was changed in this email because the print on this email is not the same on the MLC's Iphone. We all know not everyone has the same settings on their computer as they are on the MLC's Iphone.

Oh and MLC, it sounds to me like you have pissed off quite a few people with your FAKENESS lol. Shannon said tons LOL

Ciao bella! I'm off for now!

PS- the picture attached to this blog needed to be redacted and the first paragraph seems to be weird after switching pictures. I don't have the patience to redo it so I would appreciate it if you could just look past it!

Rumors of our death...

Rumors of the death of this blog are greatly exaggerated...It's comical in my opinion that the blog is quiet, yet gets as much attention as if we were blogging daily. Well, after being told we were quiet because we ran everyone off, I had to step up and say THE TRUTH. We are still here and not going anyplace at all.

I'm sorry MLC , I don't have to make fake profiles to get attention. I don't have to lie to get attention and most of all I don't have to plaster my man all over the internet to prove I still have him. Yeah, I have to admit the 3AM shot on snapchat was a touch intrusive just like the nude picture. I mean seriously. You can't act like a damned adult so you run around like a little girl having a damned tantrum. Seems that that seems to be going around..

There is so much that I want to say that it is not coming out of my head like I want it to. I honestly cannot believe the lies SPEWING from the MLC's mouth as well as the hypocrasy flying around like WILD.... Just wait...I'm going to be breaking this down subject by subject. One thing though before I go.. MLC a screenshot from SOMEONE ELSE is going to shown to them by the settings on THEIR COMPUTER OR PHONE NOT YOURS. Unless YOU have sent us every single screenshot or the person happens to have the same setting on their computer or phone that you do, it won't look the same. Please stop saying that, it shows your ignorance

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The hobbit gets schooled

The 'world class bounty hunter' was punked by a fugitive. The post itself was hilarious but what I thought was hilarious is that he didn't make the arrest. Big talk from a tiny hobbit and in the end he had to get the guy delivered to him. LMAO

Wednesday, September 7, 2016


The hobbit and MLC must be telepathic. I mean, conveniently they typically post these kind of pictures on IG at the exact same time. He even uses words like 'wifey' when no grown man over the age of 19 uses that word. It's almost as if he tunes into her mind and uses her thoughts to post the things she normally would. It's a MIRACLE! LMFAO!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Oh really?

The 'hobbit' posted a picture of the 'happy couple' on IG today. I put those words in quotations because most likely it was the MLC who posted that.

The caption is disgusting regardless of who posted it. "Nowhere I'd rather be"? Not even with your child on her birthday? I personally hope this is a joke. I hope that you posted that for the purpose of hoping we'd take the bait. Because if this is not a joke, you two are the biggest low life pieces of shit I have ever seen.

You should stop obsessing over what is said about YOU and start caring about the child you claim to love. The fact is that if it weren't for the MOTHERS, those three children would be lord knows where. It takes a boy to create a child but only a MAN can raise one. Just because you have been alive almost 40 years doesn't mean you're a man. You're just a BOY playing dress up. 

Grow some testicles!

Right on!

This video has made its rounds and a lot of people have sent us the screen shot of the news link. Then someone sent us this shot of the comment Beth made about it and l must say.......HAHAHAHAHA!

Monday, September 5, 2016


To be fair, these threats most likely came from the MLC. The hobbit is an idiot but he's not a 'put threats in writing' kind of stupid.

Even if he really was that stupid, who the hell would be afraid of him? His gut resembles the Pillsbury Dough Boy. He isn't a lazy person. But it's hard to stay fit when your significant other can't cook.

I personally don't like to mention Myk in a way that sounds like a compliment because my opinion of her hasn't changed. Myk cooks. She cooks full, healthy meals. The MLC can fix a couple of things and can use a microwave. That is something that can be changed, but it is hard to find the time to do all of that when you spend your days doing this stupid shit.

You need to get a grip, MLC! Nobody is scared of you. There's a reason you're mocked and laughed at worldwide. LMAO! Dumb ass.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Give education a chance

The most grammatical error is the difference between 'your' and 'you're'. A lot of people struggle with that. But anybody who has a 3rd grade education knows the difference between 'heard' and 'herd'. Obviously Frick and Frack need help so I'm going to do my best and use small words.

Heard- I heard a noise
Herd- A herd of cows


The MLC seems to be struggling with the words 'our' and 'are'. Let's help her out with that.

Our- welcome to our home 
Are- how are you?

With the screen shot here, she said "the more we show ARE love....."

And the correct statement should have been "the more we show OUR love....."

I know you both think you're so clever, but in the future you should at least ask someone for help proofreading before you post a comment. LMAO

Obviously you realize your stupidity because after people mocked you, you removed the comments and corrected the error in the next post. 


Bravo, bravo!!!!!!!!

Thanks for playing, kids! I know you think you're cool and all but let's just talk about what just happened.

You spent weeks. WEEKS! Talking to us nonstop. This means that you spent a lot of time prior to that talking about us and trying to scheme up a way to woo us. You aren't the first to try it and won't be the last. So every single day was dedicated to us. A lot of time and energy and what did you accomplish? Nothing other than proving yet again that we're all you think about.

Shannon was called a rat directly and it pissed her off so much that she emailed a couple of times offended by it. LMAO!

You 3 and your brains combined and that's it? That's the best you came up with? With Jenna, you had conversations on the telephone while the MLC listened to the conversation with her phone muted. So you thought you'd do the exact same thing with us but with email?

We can play this game FOREVER. I like it. The last time this craziness happened our views more than doubled.

Let's get it popping!

Friday, September 2, 2016

Interesting. Interesting indeed!

We were really intrigued by this post made by Shannon. We have been talking to her for weeks and she has absolutely nothing good to say about the MLC or her hobbit.

In a previous blog we showed where Shannon was defending us and Jenna, while telling the MLC where to stick it. Right after that they were 'BFF'S' and we did speculate that she wanted the hobbit so much that she would use the friendship with the MLC to gain access. That might be the case and it might not be.

What you see here is that during one of the many conversations we have had with Shannon, she was very angry at the MLC. During the short time her IG was open, someone had left a comment that the MLC didn't like. She got a hold of Shannon to complain about it while she was dealing with her very sick mother. She thought it was a really selfish and disgusting move, and I absolutely agree with that feeling.

More to come, guys!

Thursday, September 1, 2016

I can't take it LMAO

I'm sure everyone remembers the blog we did when the MLC actually had someone else write her bio, as well as the loving posts towards the hobbit. She changed her bio after that blog but did not change his. The interesting thing about that is she put HIS kids in hers as if they are hers.

'Bonus mom of 3'

She isn't a mother. She isn't even a stepmother. A stepmother is someone who is very much involved in the children's lives and that is not her.

She didn't change his bio. She made sure she put herself in it but didn't mention his children. She wants to be sure he is claimed but doesn't care about the children. That is not something a stepmother would do.

As for the Hawaii/Alabama location, that's a whole different issue. She never lived in Hawaii. She went for modeling and didn't pay a single dime for it. It was a free trip and we have brought this issue up previously.

The reason the MLC is so insane is because she literally is nuts. A normal person would be ashamed of the entire world knowing what a piece of shit they are. She has no shame because she doesn't care who she hurts as long as she gets what she wants in the process. I never thought I'd sympathize with the Chapman's. I look through blogs where we actually defended them because of her and I start to wonder if Ashton Kutcher is somewhere punking us because this cannot be real life. LMAO!

It's all about perspective in the end and the reason we are as big as we are now is because of you, MLC. So thank you for that!

Stay tuned, guys!