Monday, November 28, 2016

John Buffam

We haven't had a run in with John Buffam in a while. He scurried away into 'hiding'. He thought he was hidden, anyway. Dog never goes on social media. The Dog profile making all the comments on the MLC IG posts definitely isn't Dog. LMAO!

Chelsea seems to have talent with photography and I don't say that as a smart ass. She has the talent and enjoys it and she should be encouraged to follow her dreams daily. As a father, John should stop and think about how he'd feel if Chelsea was treated the same way as the hobbit has treated women. John won't respond truthfully if he responds at all. He won't bite the hand that feeds him. But he wouldn't like it and that's a mutual understanding regardless.

As for the paranormal business.....WTF! I'm speechless on that one and that never happens.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Learn your role

Blended families are common nowadays. Often times, the step parent(s) know their roles  and don't step on the toes of the biological parent(s). I'm sure you all know where I'm going with this, considering the MLC isn't normal.

The IG post attached to this blog isn't recent. Lynette posted it in September in response to the MLC acting as if Leiah was her daughter after meeting her ONCE.

The MLC posted on FB and referred to Leiah as her daughter. The post was deleted but it wasn't fast enough. Being a mother is about unconditional love and that's something that the MLC knows nothing about. Bonding with a stepchild takes time and patience.  

MLC- you are not Leiah's mom and you never will be. Lynette's IG is the opposite of yours. She has pictures of HER daughter, her and her boyfriend. When I say "pictures", I mean classy ones. No closeups of her ass or of her boobs hanging out. 

The third and final shot attached to this blog is by far the most hilarious and it goes along really well with the paragraph right above this one. The third shot is the video rant you did because of parents who had some harsh opinions about you. You were ranting about them teaching kids that's appropriate behavior. What does the hobbit teach his children when they watch the choices he makes? Leiah has a mother who is teaching her to have self respect since the hobbit doesn't. So thank you, Lynette. Thank you for raising Leiah right thus far.

Sunday, November 20, 2016


I love it how the MLC tagged Kailyn in an inspirational meme on IG. Every word of that is something she needs to strive for. Kailyn is smart and responsible. So she's basically the opposite of MLC.


Friday, November 18, 2016

Safety first!

I have noticed a trend when it comes to people with the last name Chapman- stupidity and recklessness. The seat belt law is there because it can save your life if you're in an accident. I think you're all pathetic people but I don't wish you harm. Buckle up, dumb asses.

Continuing the subject of automobile safety, keep your eyes on the damn road. If you feel the need to do a photo shoot or a video documentation, try doing that before or after driving. You are not only endangering yourselves, you're endangering other people on the roads.

Stop being scumbags. Have a great day!

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Teen mom- chapter two!

I'm sure a lot of you remember when we broke the news that the hobbit was talking romantically to a woman named Jessica Nicole. She was featured in the reality series Teen Mom because she was dating Adam Lind.

I bet you guys are familiar with Kailyn in the Teen Mom series. She has two adorable little boys and is very active in her son's lives. The reason I'm bringing this up is because the hobbit followed her. Immediately after he followed her, the MLC followed her as well. She was removed from the Hobbits IG and then she was subsequently removed from the MLC's IG.

Ordinarily this would be the moment when I'd add some witty insult regarding his perversions, but it doesn't work with this post. Kailyn had a baby when she was a teenager. She worked hard and furthered her education despite becoming a mother so young. The point I'm making is that in life, some people flourish and others flounder. Kailyn has really set a great example for young women everywhere, therefore any man who pursued her wouldn't be labeled as anything other than smart. 

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Two people, one brain!

The hobbit and his MLC have been posting identical things at the same time. We all knew they shared a brain but this just reinforces that. LMAO

Friday, November 11, 2016

Get a clue, Beth Chapman!

I'm sure by now that everyone around the world has heard that Republican Candidate Donald Trump won the presidential election in the United States this week. He was most known for his racial slurs towards Hispanics and Muslims. He was recently exposed for bragging that he could grab women by their p**** and force kisses on them whenever he pleased because he's rich and people who are rich don't need consent.

We have been here for around four years and this has never been a political blog. We did a brief one when Beth publicly endorsed The Donald and although the Hobbit voted for the Cheese Dick, he never endorsed him publicly.

The shot attached here came directly from Beth's twitter. What I find interesting is the 'Law & Order Family' reference. None of you people follow the law and you wouldn't know order if it cunt punted you so hard you burped for days.

So enlighten me, Boobs. What was the problem with what Hillary Clinton said? Because any person with common sense and dignity agree with Hillary. Since we all you don't have those qualities, we're going to have to help you understand to the best of my abilities. I can't use flash cards and crayons here so my advice is find someone who at least has a 5th grade education so they can help you sound out the words.

Hillary has condemned certain law enforcement officers who gun down unarmed young men. Mostly unarmed black men because that seems to be a common thing lately.

So what is your grand plan to resolve this matter, Boobs? Because everyoneml heard what Dog thinks about minorities. So is that what you want? For law enforcement to be given the green light to shoot people for no reason?

At this point, it's safe to assume that's exactly what you want. You're racists and have absolutely no respect for women. You don't even respect yourselves.

I have a really good idea! How about you get an education. Or maybe you should be more productive. For the safety of officers and the community, there is always room for more training.

The bottom line is get a clue!

Monday, November 7, 2016


We have confirmed that Myk is pregnant! Myk found a man who could give her what she wanted!

On an unrelated topic- Does any of you notice anything on Myk's IG? No getting drunk and partying. It can't be because of the pregnancy because it was going on before getting pregnant. For the record , she ditched the bad habits when getting away from the hobbit. Obviously he was the bad influence . 

Myk had pictures of the food she cooked on her previous IG. Scrolling through the current IG it's evident that she still cooks healthy meals. I (Duck) have not changed my opinion on Myk. It's a hilarious observation though! LMAO! I'm sure she'll post some pictures of food to try to prove us wrong. But when she does, you'll know she's only doing it because of us.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Not so fast!

Lets get this clear now. We have not shut up and will not be shut up. Anyone thinking to the contrary has no idea what they are talking about. We do have lives and do work long hours though. Unlike the MLC and her stooges, we are not on the internet 24/7 trolling. I don't have the time to go trying to pick fights and try to make someone angry by posting comments from social media that I don't like. Throwing someone elses words in their face hoping they look stupid is the arguing attempts of a child. GROW UP!

Frankly, the MLC has been trying to pick a fight with us or anyone she can since we have been quiet. Bored much MLC or is it the fact that you aren't getting enough attention? Go fuck yourself! Maybe you would get something you need since the Hobbit spends more time away from you than you have been married? Why don't you try his bag of sex toys LMAO? The poor baby doesn't have her husband to go play porn star with so she has to go bug someone on the Internet. The MLC is a fucking drama queen plain and simple that needs to grow up and be medicated. How many times did I tell the MLC to get a straight jacket and mental help? Oh I would say several. If you have to say that to someone numerous times that you have talked to for only 5 days. You know there's a problem. This is why she has no REAL FRIENDS! People try to be nice to her but in the end they figure out that she's fucking psycho.

We will be returning on a full time basis one way or another. Trust me we have more than plenty to say. Wait just wait. After all either the Hobbit or MLC is constantly screwing up. We have to be here to point and laugh!

I'll be back in a few guys. I've got errands to run and a few things to do. We also have to give the stooges a chance to scatter LOL.... Ciao for now guys!