Thursday, December 29, 2016

You can't fix stupid

The MLC seems to LOVE looking like an idiot and we aim to please. I love this tweet! The irony makes it hard to believe its real. All we have to do is sit back and let everyone send us what we need. We don't even have to work for it.

The MLC spends all of her time on us. She stalks our fans and their families, creates fake profiles to talk to herself, sends the few people who can stand her to fight her battles for her and it doesn't stop there. For months she's said different stories about knowing exactly who we are and that the feds are coming for us and then turned around and spoke to others about trying to find out who we are.

Looking at both ends of the spectrum here, it's obvious we're the ones on her nerves. Each and every one of them! She'll open her mouth again because she can't help herself. We'll be ready to mock that when the time comes!

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The stalking continues!

The MLC is infamous for insisting she doesn't care what we say or what anyone says for that matter. We all know that's BS but it's always fun when she puts that in writing!

What you see here is something a fan of ours showed us. She has been a follower from the beginning. The MLC has taken the time to visit all of our social media accounts and scroll through all of them to doxx people. Some of you might not be familiar with the word 'doxx' so I have included that for your convenience!

Doxx- search for and publish private or identifying information about (a particular individual) on the Internet, typically with malicious intent.

An awful lot of effort into something she claims to not care about! LMFAO! As you can see, she sent this fans husband a friend request and subsequently a message. She admitted to getting screen shots of each comment for the purpose of "showing him she's commenting on our posts". The most hilarious part of all of this is that her husband knew! Seems like the  only spouse being naughty is the Hobbit! 

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all of our fans!

Today the 'Hobbit' put out a lovely holiday public service announcement. I put the word Hobbit in quotations because everyone knows he didn't post that. The person who did tagged herself of course. The 'bonus mom of 3' signed a 'family' holiday post with a picture that did NOT include any of those children. A person who genuinely cared about the children of a spouse or lover wouldn't exclude them at any time or for any reason. The issue with the MLC is that she doesn't care about Dakota, Cobie or Leiah. She wants the label of a stepmother, just none of the responsibility. 

Friday, December 23, 2016

Hi Heidi!

One of the stooges from the MLC camp contacted us a couple weeks ago trying to act like a gangster. The word here is 'trying'. Heidi sent a long rant to us basically telling us to shut down the blog. We mocked her of course and she didn't have much of a response to that. She sent another rant a couple days later so we decided to put a face with the stupidity. Say hello to Heidi, everyone!

Thursday, December 22, 2016

As promised!

We promised to post the email from a MLC stooge claiming she is pregnant and here it is! Interesting reading. The additional picture is from a follower. She informed the MLC we received the email and the MLC lost it. Lost it to the point of actually accusing her of being us. How many times have we personally told the MLC about something we have? ZERO! LMAO!

On a side note, the MLC and her stooges claim to not care about us or anything we say. They put in an awful lot of effort into something they don't care about, eh? LOL


Hello guys! I felt I had to say something because of recent events. We have been getting threats from stooges of the MLC. I have even had a few death threats which I find utterly stupid. If you are that passionate, that you have to threaten to hurt me over something said you really need some professional help and probably a day job. Making threats and calling names over something said on a blog, much less this blog is insane. You all know what the legal definition of insanity is right?

Some have called me obsessed. I'm not but you can choose to believe whatever you choose. Those pictures on the previous blog were sent to us from people and they were publicly posted. Obsession means I actually care what anyone thinks and I don't. Opinions are like assholes. Everyone has one.

You think calling me and Duck names actually hurts? No it doesn't, but it shows we have proven our point. If you feel you have to react with that much hostility, you have proven us right. The MLC likes to play games and hates it when she is caught. She has been caught again looking stupid, and with egg on her face. She calls out the goon squad to echo how butt hurt she really is. You can do that all you want MLC, but like all your former friends they will realize you are crazy as hell and run.

If the threats don't stop, I will just start publicly posting them. It's that simple. If you want to talk to us, be an adult but if you seem to think calling me and Duck names will get you far, it won't.

The truth is what is important not 5 year old bullshit games that the MLC and stooges are playing. Jamie is a big girl and can defend herself. I have the advil always nearby waiting for that migraine.

You guys haven't realized everytime she starts to act up, we have been quiet. MLC is an attention whore that is clearly missing something in her life. Baby, it's not all about you bitch. Grow the fuck up, dumbass.

Ciao for now guys!

Wednesday, December 21, 2016


We have received an email stating that the MLC is pregnant. The email will be posted at a later time. We do not know if the information is true yet, but we will be digging around to find out.

What we do know is that this picture that is clearly trying to insinuate she has a baby bump was taken on thanksgiving. I personally think it is another fake out, which is the favorite game played by the MLC and her hobbit. Notice the booze in front of the MLC at his birthday dinner and then notice that she was pretty proud of the heavily caffeinated Starbucks Coffee she was drinking very recently. Everyone with common sense knows booze is a big no no when pregnant and so is large amounts of caffeine.

We will update you all with any new information regarding this and the aforementioned email will be posted at a later time.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Well well well

Here we are again guys with the diaries of the stupid, insecure, jealous and idiotic. Yes I am mentioning the MLC and the Hobbit. SMH, it has gotten to the point that the pathetic nature of the entire situation makes me ill. The Hobbit is nothing but a giant  PUSSY and won't admit the truth to even HIMSELF. The MLC? Well she would change her name to network news to get any kind of attention possible.

Her jealousy is rearing its ugly ass head again. You guys are wondering where I am getting this from I know and it came from some small comments

Yes yes, its small but it does say a lot with explanation. You see The MLC has reason to be jealous of Myk. We were told this by an extremely reliable source and I have to admit I find it to be something that REALLY comical. It is something I would never have had to deal with LOL and I wouldn't tolerate it. If I had good reason to be jealous of my Husband's ex, I would leave LOL. Oh trust me SHE has good reason.

You see this dates back to their honeymoon in Hawaii. Remember guys, MLC took off from Hawaii a week or so before The Hobbit. You were told she had to go back to work and MLC was scrambling around to get money together to get The Hobbit home with her and they were broke. Well, there was a fight between them before she hopped a plane and the fight well it puts a reason to why she IS jealous of Myk to this day.

It took place the night before she left Hawaii. The Hobbit was on Facebook posting and realized Myk had been blocked from his private page by the MLC.(Yes guys, he has NO PRIVACY). He had a fit that Myk had been blocked from his own page. HE had wanted to post things so Myk could see what was going on with him now and the MLC had blocked her. Well words passed between them and MLC called him out on the fact that he was still in love with Myk. He admitted he was. The next day she hopped a plane back to Alabama....

I don't know about you guys but finding out on your honeymoon that your new Husband is still in love with his ex is a kick in the face. Look at the MLC at this point, she and the hobbit are sooo in love. Well, in that case their love is a threesome with the third person not participating. I'm sorry but I would NEVER live like that. I have more respect for myself than that, and I would NEVER force anyone to marry me because of it. I would want it to WORK. SHE CANT MAKE HIM LOVE HER! Eliminating Myk from his life will not change that he has feelings for her. After all didn't she email HER Ex telling him she will always love him???? HMMM YES SHE DID. The both of them should have NEVER gotten married. It's clear to me!

Now the MLC is to the point that her jealousy makes her try to piss all over the Chapman name every time Myk surfaces on their pages or that she sees a comment of Myk. They like Myk. MLC, they don't like you! If you think they do, they are dumber than you look. They are playing nice to stay in contact with the Hobbit, and if you think otherwise you are a true idiot. After all MLC said she did not care whether he saw his family or not. They don't want to see MLC LOL.


Well guys, this is all for right now. I will try to be back later but for now


Wednesday, December 14, 2016


LMAO you dumb ass!

One of our followers has come forward and informed us that the MLC has been stalking her family. She tried to start drama and when that didn't produce results, she went after other people.

The MLC was bragging not too long ago that she knew our identity and that we were going down. We told her she was full of shit and waited. Tick tock!

Sandy's man was contacted by the MLC as you can see. We are told she was speaking to people about Sandy's nephew to get a reaction. It worked but probably not the way she wanted. For someone who claims to be all big and bad, you'd think by now you'd learn to STFU! 

Saturday, December 10, 2016


Hi Guys! I know we have been really quiet for FAR too long. Things have been really busy for the holidays and I don't want to forget our fans! Things are picking up with the trash that MLC and the Hobbit chooses to spew. Looks like it will be a very MERRY CHRISTMAS but not for them LOL.

So guys I know that you are looking at the BS that Jamie posted on both of their Instagram pages to make it look like they gave 2 cents about Leiah's birthday. We all know by now that it was done to make it look like The Hobbit was at the birthday party and as fake as always. I know you guys are thinking it's old news but really it's not. It's also not the thing I'm even questioning....

My question is WHY WAS THIS NOT DONE FOR COBIE??? Cobie turned 16 on December 7 and there was no mention no peep no nothing. This is a big birthday for anyone and Cobie's 16th went by without a mention from his Dad or the woman that married his Dad. It looks to me like the bonus mom of nothing only thinks she has one stepchild.  She has no relationship with Cobie and hasn't even met him. Maui won't let the MLC near him THANK GOD! WAY TO GO MAUI! The Hobbit has really no relationship with him either. Sorry Hobbit a picture or 2 with him does not make a relationship nor prove one. He sucks as a Father and a man. He didn't want to become the way his Father is with his kids. Congratulations THE HOBBIT is just like his Dad LOL!

MLC sweetheart you need to put out the effort on ALL the social media pages you run to accept ALL his family especially since you run all of his. You don't get to pick and choose stepchildren either. After all MLC, you were the one that told me yourself YOU didn't care whether he saw his family or not. This includes his kids dumbass. Leiah isn't the only stepchild either

They really need to stop pretending they really want a relationship with ANYONE in Hawaii.They aren't acting like it nor do they even care.

Sorry it has been so long guys.  I am going to try to make sure it doesn't happen again. I may get another blog up tonight guys.