Saturday, November 4, 2017

Mama B

You can tell a lot about a man by the way he treats his mother. 

There is a huge difference between the way the Hobbit treated Beth when he wasn't with the MLC as opposed to how he treats her with the MLC in the picture. 

There is no doubt that he had a mother/son bond with Beth. She was his Mama B! He clearly cared for and respected her like a parent.

Why did he go from lovin' Mama B to disrespecting her? We all know the answer to that. Silicone Barbie. There are a lot of running jokes about marriage which is probably why the Hobbit liked this: 

Deep down I think he knows she is ruining his life. The common denominator in this equation is her. Everything she touches turns to shit. 

A mother's love is eternal. Beth has been there long before the MLC came into the picture and will be there long after she's gone. The million dollar question is when will he finally grow some balls, bag up the silicone and take it out to the curb? The answer is never because pussies don't grow balls. 

Remember Lyssa's tweet that said any woman who marries a man without telling his family is trash? The Chapman's knew she was trash before they even knew her. Now that they do know her they're disgusted by her. 

Beth wouldn't even allow her on their property when they were in Hawaii. Why should she? The MLC wouldn't sign the non disclosure agreement. How shady can a person be to refuse to agree to keep certain things pertaining to their life and business private? And additionally, she blasted their financial information regarding their business to the entire IG community.

You think you love him, MLC? You don't. If you did you'd respect his mother and their livelihood. You'd stop and think about the ways you could mend the fences and earn their trust. You won't do that though. You'd prefer to sit around and pretend to be a victim because his Mama B doesn't respect you. To be respected you have to do something worth respecting. Own your actions and the consequences from said actions. 

I don't expect you to understand any of this because you're a narcissist. You had the audacity to say that Mama B wasn't his mom and you said that without even stopping to think about the fact that you yourself are a stepmother. You know..... bonus mom to 3? That's your motto though. Talk now, think later. 

A day will come when Leiah is older and she finds out all of this. Whether it's from her brothers, her grandparents or aunts and uncles. There's a good possibility that she will treat you and your Hobbit with the same lack of respect you show Mama B and her family. 

Blood makes you related but loyalty makes you family. The Hobbit and Mama B may not share DNA but she is, and will always be his MOTHER. 

Wednesday, October 11, 2017


I have been sitting here watching the lies and crap that have been flying around with utter disgust. The MLC can do one thing and one thing only and that's lie. She uses whatever is convenient to keep herself where she is, which is sooo damned hilarious. I don't know about anyone else, but I wouldn't like being known as a dumb broke ho lmao.

If MLC really wanted the family to be whole, the stepmother post would have NEVER been put up by Beth. After all, the MLC did say Beth had to respect her or her and the Hobbit would not be coming around. It shouldn't take an illness for someone to try to mend fences. MLC commenting on Instagram about hopefully we can now be whole wasn't even an olive branch. It was her way of making herself look good to the idiots that fall at her feet. She didn't mean it. She seems to think she's the head of the whole family. That's right MLC, keep lying and see how far it gets you.

Here's the thing with them continually pointing out to Beth that she is ONLY his stepmom. In the only way that the MLC knows how, she is trying to assert her control over the situation. She is usurping Beth's power. Before MLC, Leland thought of Beth more like a Mother. The whore comes and it all changes. Funny, if another woman has to come in and try to take power like that it makes me wonder 2 things. First off, she doesn't think that much of herself. Secondly, she doesn't think much of the relationship or have much control. Maybe the MLC should stop trying to sell us this sham and get into a real relationship.

If it was real love, the bitch wouldn't have to sell it in staged photos or shove comments that she wrote on his and her page down our throats. Love sells itself. Maybe if MLC didn't have to stand on a chair to raise her IQ, she would know that lol! She doesn't, we know that and the kaboom is just a matter of time...

That's all I have for now guys. Back in a few!


Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Pitiful 😂

Have you ever watched a movie about someone who wants friends and family to think they found true love even though they hadn't? They talk about how wonderful the person is, send themselves flowers and buy themselves gifts. 

The MLC has to write herself love posts on the Hobbit's IG because if she didn't, nobody would. Notice the similarities between her post on hers and the post she did on his. She should have just copied and pasted it. It would have been just as pathetic and humiliating as this is but it would have been faster. LMFAO 

Friday, September 29, 2017

You love us 💕

I have been sitting here quietly watching what has been going on and I am here to say there's way too much garbage coming from the whore house reject. Poor baby isn't getting enough attention clearly because she has to send her trolls over here to run their mouths for her. It's pathetic to say the least. After all the MLC tries to act like she ignores us, but we know better. You wouldn't be sending children over here to ramble on if you didn't love us. GAG! If I needed to vomit, now would be the time lol.

I am going to address the gift blog. Her tinker toy trolls came over here running their traps on comments that I will always hit spam on. They forgot to do something though. They didn't tell MLC they would handle it. If it wasn't real MLC, how'd you know which girl to block who sent it? Maybe you need to teach your trolls to coordinate with YOUR ACTIONS LOL. What an idiot!

Her trolls even came over here to defend MLC but it was at the Hobbits expense. Why would a good and loving wife have a troll post she had to force the hobbit to go see Beth and even said she paid for the ticket with her birthday money? It didn't happen thats why. First of all he didn't go see Beth and secondly the MLC would never let him go by himself. She doesn't trust him. Period. There's no real marriage there. It is a sham of epic proportions.

This has gotten bad. The children have been let out of the nuthouse and need to be quiet. I've been quiet, but no more. See MLC if you hadn't had your trolls running their trap, I would've been happy being quiet. I think I'm back to stay lol

Bye guys! I'm gonna try to get back on tonight!


Monday, September 25, 2017

A day late and a dollar short

Well actually you're several days late and a lot of dollars short. LMAO. Wow the Hobbit was very generous for his MLC's birthday. He's also a magician. Not very many people have the ability to turn back time.

I love those birthday flowers he took her to get... when they were in Nashville 2 weeks ago. 

And that cupcake atm video she posted yesterday? Check out the date on the last shot here. 

Who doesn't love s'mores?

I personally love brunch. I have never eaten at Biscuit Love but since I love brunch maybe I should give them a try! You know... in Nashville. 

When all else fails, hoard pictures to drop when a blog I don't like is posted so that everyone thinks life is great. So everyone thinks we're out doing fun things all the time instead of sometimes. So everyone thinks my birthday was a grand, royal gesture. It would be a shame if someone were to point out that my life was one big, fat lie. 


Saturday, September 23, 2017

The gift that keeps on giving!

We would like to wish the MLC a happy birthday. No birthday would be complete without a gift. We even wrapped it! I'm sure the suspense is killing you so let's do our big reveal. 

MLC- preach on, girl. Preach it! "My husband doesn't lie or cheat" LMAO!! I really hope you grow over the years because your lack of intelligence shows. You can tell yourself the sky is green as many times as you want but it won't change the fact that it's blue. 

As for the questions I'm sure you have about this, let your 'faithful' husband answer those. The person who he was hitting up is one of the women you have stalked. And once you get that information keep in mind that she didn't do you dirty, he did. We have edited out any identifying information to protect the privacy of the woman and was given permission to post it.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Cancer sucks

Yesterday Radar Online broke the news that Beth has throat cancer. That kind of news is scary enough to not only shell shock the person with the cancer, but all of their friends and family. Beth has always been the type of person who doesn't like to show her fear but she is still human and is bound to be scared of what she's been faced with. 

Beth does have a support system in friends, family and some fans. When the news broke yesterday, fans offered words of encouragement, prayers and advice on Beth's social media sites. Friends and family were finally able to speak openly about it since the news was out and they did just that. Even Myk, the Hobbit's ex posted about it on Facebook and IG.

Can you guess who didn't say anything to Beth or about her? I'll give you 3 guesses but you'll only need one. That's right, the Hobbit and the swamp beast he lives with. Let that sink in. His ex girlfriend had more concern for Beth than her son and his wife. Pretty preposterous, huh?!

Yesterday the MLC posted this-

For starters, who can tell us when she has ever been quiet? The answer is never. "I'm going BACK on my quiet shit" LMFAO she talks so much shit she gives inanimate objects a headache. She has something to say about everything and everyone. So conveniently yesterday, after Radar Online, she wants to act like she's going BACK to recluse (LMAO bullshit) instead of saying something to Beth. Because to the MLC it's better to ignore someone fighting for her life instead of a simple statement like "my thoughts are with my husband's family". 

The definition of recluse is someone who lives a solitary life and avoids other people. Until she kicks out her 60th husband, stops leaving the house and stops taking her clothes off on camera, she's not recluse. And even if she was that isn't an excuse to be a disgraceful, selfish human being. 

In the end, Beth will beat this without the Hobbit or MLC. She'll keep going with her life and the Hobbit will still be the little lap dog doing what his master tells him to do. 😂

Sunday, September 10, 2017

We're back!

First and foremost we would like to tell people affected by hurricane Harvey that our thoughts and prayers are with them. We are also praying for minimal catastrophe as Irma has officially hit Florida. Be strong, be safe and God bless. 

We haven't been active with blogging because we have both had a lot going on at work. It would be easier if all we had to do was sit around and take pictures of random things like someone from Alabama. LMAO

The chronicles of Mr. & Mrs. Xerox continue. He's still repeating everything he did for Myk and the MLC is still copying her pictures. 

Here's Myk's-

And here's MLC-

"I love you so much, baby. You're one of a kind. Hey, let's go on a trip to Nashville and buy some boots!" He probably bought the MLC's boots at the same place he bought Myk's. Probably took her to the same restaurants too. 

In all fairness, the reason he doesn't have any originality is because he has already dated all of Hawaii and then branched out to the continental United States. He has nothing left. LMFAO 

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Original my ass

Boy oh boy.... the MLC tries to be Myk an awful lot for someone who claims to hate her. 

LMAO!!!!!!! You can't make this shit up! Everyone knows he hasn't completely gotten over Myk. That's probably why the MLC is trying to be her. They do have similarities but the biggest difference is that the hobbit was with Myk because he wanted to be. He didn't end that relationship, she did. Completely different scenario regarding the MLC. He wanted out. He ended the relationship and only came back because she blackmailed him. I'm sure it burns deep knowing the guy who sleeps next to her at night isn't there because he chose to be. I personally love to salt that wound every chance I get.

It also probably burns not being able to copy pictures like these:

These kinds of pictures will probably never happen for the MLC. Family typically has a problem with a psychotic person who forces themselves into their family. It's no coincidence that the MLC is the only woman the family has had a problem with. They know she's worthless trash. LOL 

The bottom line here is that everything about the MLC is a lie. She's so fake she has to copy everything from others. She's manufactured to the core. There is absolutely no individuality with her. None. 

Monday, July 24, 2017

Going green

When a picture is posted on the Hobbit's social media sites, you never know who is responsible for it. She has taken over his accounts but he does still login and use it at times. The MLC is notorious for recycling pictures previously posted and trying to act like it's recent, or hoarding pictures and again trying to act like it's recent. 

Either the Hobbit has learned from her or she has struck again on his profile.

Look at the dates when both pictures were posted. What do you think??

A picture speaks a thousand words

As adults, we have all been put into situations where we had to fake it by being nice to people we don't like. We have probably mastered the skill, whether at the workplace or somewhere else. It's something children don't have experience with yet. They might smile, be polite and respectful but their body language will not lie.

Take a look at this picture of Beth and Leiah:

Leiah looks very relaxed and at ease. She genuinely appears happy to be with Beth. We certainly have our opinions about her but truth be told, Leiah couldn't fake this level of comfort. 

There's a big difference between that picture and this one:

You know what that face says? It says "Why are you doing this to me?!" She is uncomfortable and it shows.

And then there's this:

Leiah is smiling but it is a noticeably forced smile. "Maybe if I avoid eye contact, it'll go away!!"

This one is really bad:


Her head is turned away. Probably because she didn't want kissed by a mouth breather. Being sandwiched in a small booth means she had 
nowhere to go though. 

Here is Leiah looking at her dad for help.

Leiah is at the mercy of the MLC. The Hobbit has no balls and let's her do anything she wants, including ruining his reputation and shitting on his family. He allows her to completely hijack his social media accounts and verbally attack his fans. The MLC is the type of person who shouldn't be allowed to be unattended with children because she's a train wreck. I have no doubt he has allowed the MLC to be around Leiah outside of his presence and I also have no doubt he has allowed her to share parental decisions. I wouldn't trust the MLC to babysit a house plant, let alone a child. But that's the difference between the Hobbit and me... I have common sense and he doesn't. 

Sunday, July 9, 2017

To Our Haters...

I haven't done a post like this for awhile. I hadn't felt that I really needed to. We get daily comments from our haters that sound like 2 year olds throwing a tantrum. Heidi aka Righteous (which is her most recent profile) can't seem to have a cognitive thought without throwing in cursing or even the C word which I refuse to say. You accuse me of being immature? One comment alone proves how immature YOU are. Grow up or even better why don't you take the advice of the words of that email I sent you. You know those words LOL. Then there's stooge Auntie are an even bigger idiot lol. I wonder how Beth would feel about what you said about her LMAO...

See guys this is what the MLC has to align herself with. They are puppets, stooges and fools that she TELLS what to do. She has to have people on her side that stroke her teeny tiny ego because of her extreme insecurity. I know people are wondering about Shannon.. Shannon saw the light. She and I have had long chats both online and off and I see a lot of what is truly going on with the MLC. It is extremely clear to everyone that she was used. All those comments that were made by Shannon on any MLC profile were begged for by the MLC. She has to ASK people to defend her. I mean seriously WTF. To top it all off, she has to get idiots to try to get me to admit who I was....HMMMM I know a mole when I see one, MLC. Don't send in idiots to do a woman's job LOL. Grow a pair and do it yourself!

Let us not forget that she doesn't defend herself either. Her fans on her Instagram calling people meanies and defending her? Frankly, MLC is a big girl. She is the one that goes around making a spectacle of herself. Don't you think she should be able to handle it herself? This is the reason that social media has a handy little block button. I just simply don't get why people follow her flat ass so easily. She's an insecure fake woman who has to blackmail a man into marrying her. I mean seriously people JUST STOP. She won't get you any closer to the Hobbit LOL, not that anyone would want that LMAO. She has ruined any fame he had left. Remember, Beth said when that argument happened that MLC was ruining the Hobbit's career.....

Guys, this is the last time I will mention the haters. They simply aren't worth mentioning, which is why I never post their hate filled comments and won't. Oh and Heidi even went as far as sending Shannon a hate filled note directly to her Instagram. Why so threatened? It is amazing what thoughts cross my mind. Shannon has been quiet because of working... Why send threatening messages if you aren't feeling threatened?

Well guys thats all for right now...Another 60 hour work week awaits.

  To the stooges I have one thing to say.....

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

To Lelands "FANS"

Hi guys! Long time no see! There's been a ton of garbage spewing from the mouth of the Hobbit and the MLC for awhile. I've grown quite tired of it frankly. The audacity of these two idiots is beyond stunning.  It amazes me how the both of them use Dog fans for their wallets and nothing else. They don't care about them at all! the back by popular demand for the meet and greet was only a demand from Leland's wallet since he's broke. The only demand is his frankly.

I want you guys to read this email that was sent to us. It came directly from Leland's Facebook which I find very interesting. the person is talking about a "case" which would mean money to him. He blew that off! His opinion of his "fans" that gets me more. His wife is more important to him than his fans. I'm calling complete and utter bullshit on this!

First of all, what are you doing on social media if you aren't trying to use your fans? If you really didn't care, you would do what Duane Lee did. You delete everything and you walk away from social media. There's a simple answer to that question. You want fans to open their wallets and keep their mouths shut. Here's a tip to the dumbasses, if you are going to make a fucking spectacle of yourself don't expect people to not comment. People are going to say something when you act like a fucking train wreck! If The Hobbit and MLC are not a train wreck, I don't know what one is LOL.

Before anyone else says anything about it, my belief is that that email was written by the MLC. She would do anything to lock him away with her. We all know she is a pathetic trashy obsessed troll who would do anything to sink her claws deeper into him. I still wonder if he knew about the email we were sent or not. If he did know, he was trying to use the fans. If he did not, he is her victim, or it could be both in this case. To me, if he has any clue of what she's doing he is just as guilty as she is of doing it.

The one thing I do know is that I feel very sorry to ANYONE who has gone to the meet and greets to meet him. He doesn't deserve your worship or respect. He doesn't deserve your money either. He deserves nothing but pity. He is pathetic, pitiful and an insult to his Dad's good name that he shits on every time he screws around....

Bye guys, I will be back later... I am feeling chatty on the 4th of July!

                                        Ciao for now!

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Poor CeCe

The MLC leaves a path of destruction whatever she goes. She destroys people's careers, reputation and families and is basically a one person wrecking ball. Nobody is safe from that sociopath, not even children or animals.

This picture was posted on her social media sites.

She clearly has no regard for the dog she claims to love because if she did she'd notice the dog's body language. CeCe is cowering away from the MLC while the MLC is invading her space to get a closeup. Her tail is between her legs on the full body shot. Dogs put their tail between their legs to make themselves appear smaller. It's a defense mechanism used when they're stressed or anxious. In the picture of the MLC holding her, the whites of her eyes are showing. Dogs rarely show the whites of their eyes and that is also a sign of stress and anxiety. 

CeCe is visibly unhappy and the MLC is having the time of her life taking pictures of it. It's abundantly clear that the MLC doesn't care about that dog. It is nothing more than another prop to play house with. She's self absorbed, ignorant and a pathetic narcissist. She needs to grow up and it probably wouldn't hurt to see a doctor. The thought of her walking around unmediated is horrifying. 

Friday, June 16, 2017


LBCP and I have been talking and have decided to do part 2 of the fake abuse and blackmail blog. We originally broke the story last year and posted a refresher blog after the MLC decided to use the fake abuse as leverage during an argument with Dog. The masses turned on the Hobbit because frankly, nobody likes a guy who hits a woman. 

The truth of the matter is that we don't have anything concrete on why they fought last year. We were told that he was simply tired of her by one source and he cheated from someone else. Honestly I don't care what caused the fight, what I care about is what happened during it. To be specific I care about what did not happen.... and that is he did not abuse her. They had a heated argument, she attacked him and he defended himself. 

The MLC sent a picture of herself with a bald spot and a tiny little bruise on the bridge of her nose to his family and friends. She told them he beat her. He was an MMA fighter and made a career out of taking down grown men but when he 'beats' her all she ends up with is a mosquito bite? LMAO 

Fortunately for him, she likes to run her mouth.

Yes you read that right. She openly bragged about hurting herself to ruin his life and bragged about the fact she'd proudly do it again if he tried to end the relationship. 

Law enforcement was called during their fight and they saw right through her lies so did the Chapman's. The only people stupid enough to believe it is her family. They know that this is not the first time she's done this and yet they don't even question it. She could tell them the sky is hot pink and they'd not only believe it, they'd tell anyone who said it was blue that they were wrong. The MLC's dad went as far as to threaten Beth with lawyers because Beth had the audacity to express her disgust for the MLC and her bullshit. There is nothing rational about defending someone who brags about ruining someone's life. 

That notorious saying "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree" is very fitting here. Her parents are lunatics who raised a seriously crazy ass bitch. They know it, the Chapman's know it and frankly anyone who knows her knows it. The only difference is the Chapman's are the only ones with the balls to say it.

It is never okay to lie about abuse. It makes a mockery out of women who are truly abused and makes it more difficult for them to seek help. Often times they simply suffer in silence because they aren't taken seriously or believed. People like the MLC are the reason for that and her and her family should absolutely be ashamed of themselves. 

Friday, June 9, 2017

Ready or not

Well Well Well...Just when you thought it was safe to get back in the water the sharks return. Life changes, things happen and they take up your time. We all know MLC and her hobbit didn't miss the attention. She's been bouncing up and down on Instagram following any and all photographers screaming "look at me, look at me". Sorry bitch, hate to burst your bubble but people don't look for REAL MODELS on Instagram. They just go looking for something to point and laugh at. We laugh and MLC and the Hobbit daily lol.

Now for the Hobbit lol. It's quite funny. I Don't know if anyone has noticed but He's only really hunting in Alabama and the one time in Florida. Hmmm might have to do with the fact that He's a broke bitch or that people hang up on him when he asks for an escort. Minds are inquiring over that one. Dumbass and his queen doesnt give a damn about anything but their own selfish asses. It's so sad the Hobbit says he wants to be bigger than Dad but he hasn't got the balls for it. He has to hide like a pussy behind a skirt. Maybe we should all chip in and send him some pull ups. At least he will have some new clothes to wear lol.

Oh it feels good to be back. Unless something happens, I should be back on tonight to continue the saga of the dumb and the ignorant. LOL

Ciao Bella!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

To the trash

It's quite funny that all I see today is trash everywhere I go. The Queen of trash is on Instagram. She sits there rambling like a 2 dollar hooker needing to score because of her serious need to have her utter existence validated by ONE WORD and that is ACCEPTANCE. She can't get over the fact that no one wants her or cares that she even exists. After all, the MLC only gets on live like she did today to validate her existence. She has to be totally secure in her own existence. You couldn't even get Beth and the rest of the family to accept you. Remember strike one MLC?? You couldn't even get that right LOL.

You have ruined your husband just so you can keep him and that's a fact. It is illegal for you to go on bounties, yet you have popped up in pictures on 2 of them. You risk the arrest being there you idiot and realistically they could charge you with kidnapping in many states. His instagram is for BUSINESS, yet your ass is on there HAWKING yourself and blocking people. Don't say it's him doing it because it is not. He had Lynette and Myk running the page before you. Your ugly ass shouldn't be on there at all, it's not for personal use. You don't have the minimum IQ to run it. After all, you were the one that told me you ran the page because the Hobbit didn't really know anything about social media per you.

Ya know every word that comes out of the MLC's mouth is a fucking lie. After all she publicly bashes her husband with fake abuse that she provoked. She says they don't drink anything but blue moon beer occasionally, yet we have all seen him in some stages of being messed up. You said several times Dog loved you, which he clearly did not. Lets not forget your EPIC relationship with the three step kids NOT. YOU DONT HAVE IT!

You keep talking about the truth, MLC. Really? You are the biggest hypocrite on the planet, yet you want to scream everyone lies. You are the queen of lies. Really the truth is in our little screenshot. It may not be big, but it says everything. Those were HIS WORDS, not yours, not Beth's, not Dog's. They were all his! He was glad your psychotic drama filled lopsided ass was gone. He was rid of his SUCCUBUS and that is the truth. Go fuck yourself!