Friday, February 24, 2017

Nice try

The MLC was asked about the Chapman's on IG. This was her response:

What are you smoking? You can fly island to island for under $100. Flying to the mainland is much different. A flight from Hawaii to California is going to cost around $400 minimum. You can't fly directly to anywhere from Hawaii so you're going to have to factor changing planes into the cost. 

The statement that it costs the same to fly island to island as it does to fly from Hawaii to the mainland is beyond idiotic. LMAO 

P.S. Cecily looks super busy to me! HAHA 

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

I truly love you

The MLC added a really sweet Hawaiian phrase to her IG bio. 

As you can see, it says "aloha no au ia 'o" 

What she should have said was "aloha no au ia 'oe"

She can't even fake Hawaiian LMAO! Being in Hawaii with a guy who is a local, surrounded by locals and she can't ask someone how to say "I truly love you" so she doesn't look like a complete dumb ass again? Come on, girl! You're making it too easy!


Summer is just around the corner and that raises the question-  which anniversary will the MLC and her hobbit 'celebrate'?

One option is the fake one, which was in May. They had to pretend to be married so that Leiah could visit. Lynette's maternal instinct kicked in last May and wasn't wanting to allow her daughter to go thousands of miles away to be around yet another unstable relationship the hobbit was in. They decided to tell people they were married to ensure Leiah made the visit.

The other option is the actual date, which is in July. It was quick and dirty because they had to cover up the fact that they lied about it to everyone, including family. I don't think he counted on the dumb ass posting the marriage certificate on IG and basically announcing to the world they lied.

So which is it going to be, MLC? Are you going to go with the fake wedding date or the real one? I suppose we'll all find out soon enough. The suspense will be like anticipating Christmas!

Sunday, February 19, 2017


I'm sure that everyone has seen the picture the MLC posted titled with Bootylicious. She's trying to brag about something she does not have. Come on, we all know that she has no ass and anything shown on camera is created by photographers. Many people have already said and told us that. MLC is built like a stick because she lives on junk food and energy drinks. Sorry fool, it isn't genetic as you tried to sell me. You have to eat real food to actually look like something more than you do. Honestly knowing the difference between pizza and Mexican may also help. Off topic, the pizza with my wife post she did on his IG must be old or she's an idiot. There are chips and salsa on the table, which is not served at a pizzeria the last time I checked.

Now, lets get to the Zemunique comment shall we?? You all are probably rather curious about it because as always MLC can't defend herself. Awww poor baby... First of all before MLC, Heidi, Boston and the rest of the trolls crawl in. We are not Zemunique. Duck and I make our comments about the narcissistic MLC right here where everyone can see...

If you all remember very little got out about Lynette and Leland. They kept Lynette being pregnant secret for a very long time. We all know how that has ended up though. Leland hopped islands to cheat. He had his booze and BS and lost Lynette because he was a fucking dumbass. I digress, but it shows how hard it was to get information because he was protected from everything.

MLC is the total opposite. She proclaims her claim over the Hobbit to ANYONE and EVERYONE who will listen. It's quite pathetic actually. Anyone who is secure in their relationship would not have to go as far as she has to prove she has control over him. She even holds videos and pictures to show he is with her when he is not. Again PATHETIC as always!!! 

She does have a selfie fetish too. It is a clear sign of her being into herself. This is a stated fact by many shrinks. An overabundance of selfies is a sign of narcissism. She tries to say she is a MODEL. She is yet another Instagram model. Real models don't pay to be in publications. Real models don't pay for ANYTHING in her career, unlike what MLC believes. FYI MLC maybe you should try watching episodes of America's Next Top Model. Tyra Banks said that herself in her heyday on the show.

On her being a MIDLIFE CRISIS, why do you think we call her the MLC LOL. She'd be gone by now if she didn't have a penchant for blackmail and bullshit. The sad thing is she just has an old washed up hobbit to play with and NO ASS no matter what she tries to broadcast. She only broadcasts it because she's getting no attention from her hobbit and he has an ass fetish. Guys, remember the ass for days posts???

SMH they are truly stupid in every way. Zemunique was probably a set up to be honest. After all, MLC has to do anything she can for attention LOL. Fanning the heat doesn't keep you out of the fire. It just concentrates it and makes people look in your direction..

Bye guys, I'll be back later... I'm in the mood to talk

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Twitter follow up

Since the announcement of the MLC parody twitter account the MLC and a couple of her online 'friends' have completely lost their minds. We think it's hilarious.

The issue they're pushing is that we "told people to make fakes to follow the account". Nowhere in the blog did we say to make a fake profile. The exact words were "we don't suggest you follow with your main account". By following with the account with your friends and family on it you open yourself up to being harassed. You open the door so your loved ones will be stalked. The MLC has accused one person after another of being us. Their families were threatened. If making a fake profile protects yourself from that, make it! However we will always keep our accounts open so you can see without following.

MLC- get a grip! You comment on our blog nonstop under different accounts. Heidi has at least three different accounts. Boston is still lurking under different accounts. But thanks again for confirming we hit another big nerve!

Friday, February 17, 2017

Is that so?

This is one of many things the MLC said during a confrontational conversation on IG. She says "he's never been to Hawaii without me". I'd like to remind everyone of May. Leiah had an end of the school year celebration and the hobbit went to bring her back to Alabama. The MLC stayed behind, therefore her statement is a lie.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

New twitter

We have a new twitter account- @MLCparody

The sole purpose is to troll the ridiculous things she says and does. So check it out if you want a good laugh.

Just like the other accounts, we don't recommend you to follow it from your main profile. She's watching it pretty closely.

Friday, February 10, 2017

"Pizza with my wife"

I'm sure you've all seen this picture posted on the Hobbits IG with the caption "🍕 with my wife". 

That's an interesting magic trick there. I'd love to know how the Hobbit posted that considering his phone is right in front of him. LMAO!!!!!!

Busted yet again pretending to be him on IG. Why is it that HE never posts about her? Every single post about her that goes up, she's the one doing it. She's the one raving about herself and the relationship on hers AND his. She's more focused on appearances than the actual marriage. So the question I have for the MLC is- who is the show for? Is it for us or for the many gorgeous women you know he's been with?

Have a great day everyone! 

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Lynette vs MLC

There's a lot of differences between Lynette and the MLC. Lynette has far more class and confidence. She also has more education and dignity. The biggest difference is that Lynette doesn't use the Chapman name like a life alert button. The MLC can't say or do anything without mentioning the hobbit. Right down to the teeth whitening posts, she does whatever possible to get him in it. It is all she can do to not put a camera in her face as well as his.

That's the exact opposite with Lynette. She didn't include the last name when Leiah was in a contest. The last name might have helped seal the deal in the contest but she obviously wanted her daughter to win it honestly. It may have also backfired. We know the Chapman name does not have the greatest rep in Hawaii too. Notice that nowhere on her birthday party invite does it say her last name either. It isn't in her IG posts. It's almost as if she doesn't need the Chapman name!!?? 

Jamie touts the name like a badge of honor, but it is really a badge of stupidity. We all know he's a whore and MLC is not accepted by his family. Anyone with a brain sees that. She uses him for attention and tries to hook on to the Chapman name for what fame is left because she is a back water piece of trash that stalked him for as long as this blog has existed. Hey MLC the next time you trash his family with a fake profile you may want to log into it after your HONEYMOON. We figured that one out ourselves dumb bitch.

Lynette didn't have to trash his family to keep him and we know YOU DID. Lynette didn't have to separate him from his family to keep him and Lynette actually is an adult. She acts like she is someone who matters unlike the MLC that throws temper tantrums like a crybaby whore. Grow up MLC! You and your HUSBAND act more like Leland did with Duane Lee than husband and wife LOL.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Catfish wannabe

I'm sure you all have seen the post the MLC made about the fake profiles of herself and her hobbit. We have a hunch she made those herself to get attention because she's known for making fakes for that very reason. But what we find hilarious is that instead of just reporting them to get them removed, she contacted Catfish. LMFAO!!!!!! 

Those of you who watch the show Catfish know that the show is for online relationships. It's there to help people who have been in a relationship with a fake profile for months, some even YEARS. It isn't there so attention whores can get on TV. 

MLC- the world doesn't revolve around you. You're a 'published model' in a magazine because you PAID to be. Nev gets hundreds of IG messages per day and he isn't going to give a damn about your self inflicted, whiny melodrama. You're a self proclaimed public figure and you beg for attention so grow up and deal with it. LMAO

Sunday, February 5, 2017

TV no chance in hell

I can see that I get quiet and the CLOWN MLC would try to enter the center ring in the circus. She thinks she's all that. Bitch please you have enough makeup on your face to cover most of a circus. Dumbass, evidently in all your trips to Ulta no one taught you that the best makeup YOU DONT SEE. I still wait for you to put on the big floppy shoes and red nose. Sadly, it is an insult to all clowns because we all know that the MLC is really just a huge joke trying to figure out a way to be taken seriously. Let me be the first one to say, IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN!

Well well well, the Alabama backwater white trash thinks they should be on TV. It kind of fits. The Hobbit has his fake Southern accent that is an assault on anyone's ears and the MLC with enough makeup on her face to cover the whole cast, crew and audience. Here is a tip MLC NO ONE and I mean NO ONE wants to see that. After all, wasn't it you on his social media trying to sell months ago that he had been turning down TV deals and would be filming soon. I haven't seen a TV show with his washed up old ass yet. It's because there never was one to start with. Your life is like a Meghan Traynor song "I know your lying because your lips are moving".

MLC, no one wants to see your washed up ass or his on TV. Leland doesn't exist anymore because you have made him a fucking hobbit. You have drained him of what celebrity he had left like a vampire. You keep shoving a camera in his face to prove that you have him. The only thing that is comical is that you think that you matter. Fans hate you and you ruined him. YOU blocked all his fans which is why he gets no likes anymore to speak of by himself. You are nothing but a vampire trying to make yourself important and pertinent  to the world.

Reality is bitch that ship has sailed off well into the sunset and you are washed up all because of your bullshit. The only reason we continue to see the Hobbit is that you shove a camera in his face in the hopes of someone giving you ANY attention. No one thinks you are good for him and we all know it. You're too stupid to even realize that HIS family takes turns dealing with you. It's because no one really cares. They are being nice because they know the Hobbit is really like a toddler. He doesn't get his way he will throw a tantrum and walk away. They care about HIM. You are just there being annoying as always. By now, I bet his family has stock in ADVIL lol.

Well I'm done ranting right this minute. I'm going to be back tonight with more, but I have things to do that are much more important than anything the MLC wishes she could do.

It feels good to be back guys...I think I will have a lot more to say....

                             Ciao for now!

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Friend no more!

Shannon has been speaking with us for a while now and she has a lot of information she's been giving us since ending her 'friendship' with the MLC. These messages were sent to us from Shannon a while ago and we have permission to post them. 

Her biggest regret is befriending the MLC in the first place and that seems to be a common theme with everyone who has been friends with her. There's a reason why she has no friends in real life. She has 'people she knew' that never responded when she tags them in old pictures. She also has an online friend that'll probably get tired of her just like Shannon did. 

This is probably the part where she tags a 'friend' in a picture and does whatever here to be sure they respond this time. While she's trying to set that up, enjoy these shots of Shannon telling the MLC where to go. LMAO

Have a fantastic evening, all!