Friday, March 31, 2017

Last war shots

It's been several days since the IG war between the MLC, Lyssa and Myk and here are the final shots of the war before it stopped. 

What's the point?

What's the point of lip injections?

Pretty pointless considering she paints her lips on anyway.......

Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Gonna be a long day!



Right about the time we posted the war blog Myk posted this:



An all out war has erupted between the MLC, Lyssa and Myk. It started when Myk began to mock the MLC's obsession with pineapples.

The MLC thought she'd attempt to retaliate but all she did was light up her stupidity like the 4th of July. She started by posting this picture with this caption:

It was deleted after a few minutes and reposted with a different caption:

That lasted a few minutes before the caption was edited to this:

That one is still up. It took her a few times to figure out how to respond but it's proof that if she's butthurt enough she'll keep at it until she's completely satisfied with her hand me down comebacks. Because that's what they were. The reason she kept changing it is because a couple of her online cronies kept telling her what to add. She can't even fight on her own. My favorite part of this war is the commentary between Myk and Lyssa: 

The shit emoji....LMAO! Lyssa just posted this: 

And Myk hit the nail on the head with this:

We'll be sure to update you all if there's anything else that happens! Myk and Lyssa are already wiping the floor with the MLC so she might just grow a brain and shut up. Doubtful but there's a first time for everything LOL.

Family trouble!

Last night there was an interesting change in the Hobbit's and MLC's IG. The family has been blocked. Lyssa, Dakota and Cecily are no longer following them and visa versa. If I had to put my money on it I'd say that she did it from his account and hers. Regardless, once again he's being alienated from his family and his OWN SON because of her.

"Bonus mom of 3. Wait. 2. No, no. Cobie who? Bonus mom of 1... only when I can benefit from acknowledging that one. Only when I'm allowed to see that one."

Friday, March 17, 2017

Another burn!

Myk strikes again:

The post was quickly deleted but I think it's safe to say that it's another shot at the MLC's pineapple obsession. It's probably going to kill the MLC to resist the urge to post a comeback. Maybe she should post it on the Hobbits IG like she usually does LMAO.

Attention whore

In our previous blog we said that the MLC wouldn't be able to help herself on not getting any public attention and would seek it out soon. WE CALLED IT LMAO!

Okay, for starters that's a selfie. The Hobbit looked over at that and had her take a selfie so HE could post it on IG? MY ASS LOL! Also, why tag the account she's trying to pretend not to use? She still uses it and we have proof but the point still remains. Why tag that profile? I'll tell you why. ATTENTION. The joint account is no good to her because it's locked. Nobody can like or comment. He didn't post that, she did. She can't stand to not have the attention so she's posting on his again to satisfy that craving. She's truly outdone herself on stupidity here and it's definitely our pleasure to highlight that. :-D

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Whose friends and family?

We've been quiet for a few days and the reason is because we've been waiting to see who followed the MLC's private account. It says 'joint' account but we all know it's all hers. In 3 days she's posted roughly 42 pictures and followed 31. She's had 15 follow back and none of them are his friends and family, only hers. That speaks volumes. I'm sure now that we've pointed this out she'll complain and he'll call Lyssa or whoever and ask them to follow. But in the end all that matters is that none of them has followed on their own. 

Side note- it's great to see her not getting any attention on IG from his fans! I'm sure she'll post on her public profile to get her attention fix soon enough. She can't help herself. LMAO 

Saturday, March 11, 2017

The hits keep on coming!

Less than 6 hours after announcing she was deleting the IG app and taking a break from it, she's liking pictures. She obviously still wants people to think she's on a break but as we called it, she's still there. Never deactivated and still scrolling through having another hard on for pineapples. LMAO

Busted again!

Oh MLC......

Unplugging and deleting the app, huh???!!!

She's already been posting on it. Guess who else ran off and got a separate account? Myk! Once again pulling a xerox. LMAO


The MLC posted this beauty on IG:

Bullshit. Complete bullshit. It's not the first time she's announced she was 'taking a break' and that lasted less than 24 hours. 

Also I'd like to point this out:

LMFAO DUMB ASS! You don't intend to go anywhere and you never did. Just like last time you wanted people to ask you to stay. And hey, if I'm wrong going ahead and deactivate that account. But we both know that probably won't happen. LMAO 

And I'd like to touch base with the "there's so many amazing things coming up in my life" statement. I don't know if you're trying to spin our pregnancy blog but I'm going to go ahead and let everyone know that those were sent to us MONTHS ago. So don't be trying to insinuate it's recent. :-D 


Hi guys! At this point I am not shocked at the lengths that the MLC will go to to cover her flat ass. She has been LYING her ass off for weeks that she is in Hawaii. She hasn't been for a long while. Why lie I don't get but she has. Why do you think she hasnt answered anyone on is she still in Hawaii? Frankly the MLC is slipping. She was back in Bama weeks ago and called a photographer for a photo shoot. She told the person she was in Bama too. Then she told one of her trolls that she was in Bama 2 weeks ago even though I knew better and so did she. Hell she only had 2 weeks of paid vacation approved..WTF

I know you guys are wondering about the pics so I'll cut to the chase. You see the I miss Hawaii pic? This one was posted in January. It is clearly from her honeymoon. In another words, it is almost a year old. The I Miss You Hawaii picture dates it. It was posted this past January. The pic without the I miss Hawaii was posted this past week. HMMM in another words, shes lying to fans AGAIN! Why post a picture that is about a year old you ask? My guess would be it was to mislead people into thinking she was in Hawaii. She thinks people who like her are stupid, plain and simple. I don't think she cares about anyone but herself. She's nothing but a narcissistic LIAR! As someone said to me earlier... she's just a CRAZY BITCH.

Now, ladies the other picture is of MLC, Hobbit and their new friend Zach the groomer. It was posted this morning. This is quite hard to believe I know since the world on her IG still believes she is in Hawaii. Zach is in BAMA and so is she and the Hobbit....Maybe MLC you should try learning to lie better...We catch you ALL DAY LONG. We have known for weeks she was in Bama hiding out. If you are going to lie, you had better be a good liar, or you will be caught... In another words... BUSTED BITCH...

Well guys, I gotta go for now... Work and all that but I am going to be back later. I have some info I will be blogging about this evening about the MLC as well as Myk and Lyssa. Trust me, this may get interesting because the MLC loves to run her trap on people when she thinks her flat ass is covered. Stay tuned everyone and I will be back later.. If anyone wants to pass the info to Myk and Lyssa please do because to be honest, they need to know...

Ciao for now!

Friday, March 10, 2017


The MLC thought she'd try to put up a witty response to Myk's IG post.

The correct sentence should say "if YOU'RE so happy with......" LMAO! 

Only the MLC would mess up a comeback on the same day she and her hobbit were schooled for misspelling the word 'fugitive'. Another epic fail.

EDUCATION. Get one. 


This doesn't need much explanation. Myk slammed the MLC and Lyssa not only liked it, she commented! 

I must admit that I agree with Myk. The sudden pineapple obsession is just odd.

While we're on the subject of Myk and necklaces, the hobbit bought her some too. Necklaces seem to be his thing.

Get some new material, hobbit. And as for Myk- AMEN! LMFAO 

Hawaii's most successful what?

Have you recently misplaced a 'FUTITIVE'? Do you need help recovering that 'FUTITIVE'? Look no further than Hawaii's most successful FUTITIVE recovery agent! 

Come on, hobbit! I hate to give anyone in your family a compliment but who do you think you are? Because one of the most successful fugitive recovery agents in Hawaii is your dad. And I'm very certain he knows how to spell the word fugitive too! There's this thing called 'spell check' that will actually spell out the words. 

That's supposed to be a professional business page. I know those are words you don't know the meaning of but get out a dictionary and learn something new. LMAO 

Thursday, March 9, 2017


The title of this blog got your attention, didn't it? Because it insinuates she's pregnant and she's not. But that's exactly what she wanted one person to believe. 

Take a look at these messages and keep in mind they might be out of order:

Insinuation is her favorite thing to do. She can make people think her scenario is true without outright saying it. Remember she insinuated her hobbit abused her when he didn't. She keeps acting like they're living in Hawaii when they aren't. 

This brings us to the question of the day. Is there any subject she won't play with?

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Hawaii N-O

The MLC has been trying to insinuate she's still in Hawaii. She isn't. She's trying to insinuate they're now living in Hawaii. They aren't. But let's humor her delusions for a minute. What about her pets? 

A lot of people don't know about the regulations regarding taking your pets to Hawaii. They are required to be put into a 120 quarantine to ensure rabies isn't brought onto the island. You can take the necessary steps to have your pet immediately released to you at the airport or a 5 day quarantine but it takes a lot of preparation. It takes 90 days to be exact. 

She obviously never took her pets into consideration when she started to play out her Hawaiian fantasy. The pets were not in Hawaii- with them or in quarantine. As insistent as she is, it brings up the question of the day. Has she even started the long process? Doubtful. She's too busy faking her life. Even if she has, has the well being of the animals been considered? 

Traveling from Huntsville to Hawaii via airplane takes approximately 12 hours. Keep in mind that animals are considered cargo and are typically required to be stored under the plane. There's no temperature control down there. There's no food, water or comfort. It's loud and has a lot of turbulence. A lot of pets don't make it. That's what she wants to put her 'precious' pets through if they ever do move to Hawaii. 

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Is That So Part 2

For those of you that follow the instagram of the MLC, let me be the first to say she is LYING her flat ass off. Yes guys, she is truly like a Meghan Trainor song. For those of you that are not aware of the start of this lie, I refer you to the blog titled Is That So...

I first want to say that Angelise44 has nothing to do with us. Just a synopsis of the argument with the MLC is that Angelise saw the Hobbit with another girl in Hawaii and she wondered what happened to her. MLC denies the Hobbit was with another girl ever even though I know for fact she knows better. Maybe you should tell your trolls to not attack people on things that they don't know about. Never mind, you let them do that so you look like you are the victim.

MLC, you know EXACTLY who Angelise is talking about because we discussed her in depth. It was someone who was real with the Hobbit unlike YOU. The only thing she does to keep his attention is spread her legs or parade around half naked. Case in point, her INSTAGRAM. Everytime and I mean everytime the hobbit is out of town hunting, she throws up more scantily clad pictures than ANYONE wants to see. The MLC couldn't be real if she tried. Baby go play porn princess with your hobbit. Yes, I know about that too. Seriously, if your relationship with him was anymore fake, it would have MADE IN CHINA stamped on it.

I don't get why you had to lie about it. After all you lie about him cheating on you and we know he has. You remember Andi right??? The very pretty brunette that The Hobbit was seen with his hands all over her and is totally his type. You know her MLC, the one that makes you look like a troll??? You remember her now right? You went and confronted the Hobbit in Nashville. The Hobbit told JD to "get rid of the bitch", meaning YOU. I find it so comical that you try to whitewash it still. He's been with tons of other women and this was before you blackmailed him into marriage. After all, it was you that told me you had heard all the stories LOL. You probably haven't heard half of them. You should ask him about the thing Myk got him to do with someone on Craigslist.... ;)

Frankly, I know exactly what you will do after this blog posts. You will whine, cry, bitch and moan that you are the victim yet again and nothing is true that we have said when you know it is the truth. I don't think you would know the truth if it bit you on your flat ass. TRY TELLING THE TRUTH LOL. You might have a better opinion of yourself if you did...

Well, guys I'm done for right now. Don't believe the MLC and her lies. She's going to keep telling them. She has to give us something to laugh and point at so she can be the victim of her own stupidity.....

Ciao for now!

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Destination bullshit

The MLC has been busy. Busy trying to convince people the scavenger hunting was yesterday and that they're still in Kona.

We went on vacation today. Three different locations in less than a minute. Impossible you say? It has to be true because IG says so.

The MLC spends more time faking her life than actually living it. LMAO!