Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Presenting baby momma number 4!

It appears that the MLC is pregnant. That's right! The hobbit is now on his FOURTH baby momma!

It must be pointed out that this could be a big ol' lie like last time because frankly she spends more time trying to fake her life than she does actually living it. 

Moving forward as if she's legitimately pregnant, it's an embarrassment LMFAO. Little Hobbit Appleseed sperming his way across the country.

How many times do you even hear about Cobie? I'm positive some people don't even know who he is because he's treated like daddy's black sheep. Dakota is on the radar because he was on the CMT series with Dog and Beth, as well as DTBH. Had that not happened, you'd probably still know about him because the family posts about him often. Daddy and 'step mommie dearest' don't, but grandparents do. Sweet little Leiah is all over her mom's IG. She has play dates with Cecily and Dakota and to be honest... it speaks VOLUMES that his kids have more of a relationship with the Hobbit's exes than they do with his current.

The bottom line is that the MLC is 50 shades of psycho and the hobbit is so self absorbed that any baby brought into that situation is going to be living in a nightmare. That being said, if this is for real, I hope they get their act together. Kids aren't disposable. You don't push them aside until it's convenient. We genuinely feel bad for Dakota, Cobie and Leiah. They don't deserve to be pushed aside.

Everyone fawns over his kids except for him and his 'wife'. That tells you everything you need to know. As for her being pregnant? Time will tell. 

Monday, April 24, 2017

Makeup advice

If you're interested in makeup advice, check out Megan Willey Hannigan on FB. She's live daily (right now actually!) and I tune in every single time. She's a very classy, beautiful and drama free MUA who will have you looking fabulous instead of looking like a clown.

The MLC and Hobbit show

We thought that since several people have said that MLC and Hobbit need a TV show of their own that we would help them out and pick a theme song. See guys, we are nothing but nice here at Unofficial Dog News. I personally think this song is PERFECT!

Monday, April 17, 2017

Truth on Abuse

Before Heidi and the rest of the stooges get started on this blog being old news I want to make something clear. We had emails asking about the "abuse" MLC was arguing about with Dog. I felt as well as Duck did, that this topic needed to be revisited. People deserve to know the truth, and if I don't have a clear cut answer one way or another, I will tell you. I think you will see what I see and know.

 Over the last few days, I have sat here and watched this poor excuse for a woman TRASH her beloved husband all in the name of MONEY. It's pathetic and frankly Jamie what he did is NOT ABUSE. This woman is the reason that really abused women do not report it and just endure. Her and her history of abuse with partners goes BEYOND Leland and we are going to let you know ALL OF IT. The truth is what really needs to come out and it is far from what Jamie says. Ya know Jamie if YOU and YOUR FATHER really loved Leland so damned much, you never would have made the abuse public. It is just another step in you ruining him. She's ruining him so that he will NEVER leave her, but I'll get to that later.

This episode of her crap happened the last time they broke it off with her. Now, I will be the first to say we have gotten conflicting reports on the reason this fight started. One source told us the fight started over MLC and her internet crap that she likes to start. Another person has said that it was over another woman. We don't know which and frankly don't care what started it. It really doesn't matter how it started in my opinion, just that it started.

Leland had had enough...he was done and the fight quickly got heated. Let's be clear here at this point IT WAS NOT PHYSICAL. The MLC of course was mad. She attacked Leland like the psycho that she is. She can scream abuse all she wants but the fact is THE NUTJOB WAS ABUSING HIM when SHE attacked him. He did what he is legally allowed to do and that was defend himself. He is a trained MMA fighter, yet all the marks she got on her was what was in the picture above. She's claimed she was scalped by him too. The bald spot is not from anyone yanking hair out of someones head. This is a bald spot from hair falling out, most likely from malnutrition or her pulling it out.

I know you guys are wondering about this picture. Yes, someone sent it to us but I will be the first one to say I have no idea of who the person was except for the fact that they got it from Jamie and as you can see the name from her Instagram page then is still there. I spoke to Jamie and she didn't deny she sent that picture to Dog and Beth. As I have found out, many people saw this picture so I have no way of knowing who sent it. It was taken 3 days after the fight. If you notice, the only thing you see is some minor bruising. There is no redness, no broken skin, no swelling at all. A recent "scalping" as she put it would have redness or even scabbing and this does not but as she said she was abused by him. NOT

MLC ran outside upset. She has told some that she had a bloody nose which would not be too surprising since she has the bruise across the bridge of her nose. A medical van saw her and called law enforcement. Huntsville PD did hit the scene and a report was filed. This is where I find a problem with the entire situation. The officer on the scene did not believe MLC at all. He sided with Leland, and nothing happened because of that.

MLC went so far to take the officer that was on the scene through internal affairs saying he did not believe her because he was a friend of her EX. We were told the complaint went nowhere and yet MLC goes on running her trap. She would rather have Leland with no career or anything because she would have him. After all MLC, I know hunters want to work with someone who you call an abuser. I know someone wants to buy the T-shirt you argued with Dog over royalties on when the person is an abuser. Oh this sooo makes so much fucking SENSE! NOT, after all it came from the MLC's mouth

It just shows to me she will do ANYTHING she can to keep Leland no matter what it takes. The MLC has NO scruples at all. She is sad. She is pathetic and contrary to popular belief she is FAR from inspirational.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Reality check

MLC's father-

Since you want to sling comments on Beth's FB post acting like the MLC is an innocent, sweet victim.......I think you're in need of a large, bitter dose of reality. And you're going to get it. 

Let's begin with the "it's sad that my daughter hasn't been accepted into the Chapman family" statement. Do you know why she's not accepted or do you know and you're simply burying your head in the shitbox pretending not to know or care? Your daughter is a blackmail bride. He didn't go back to her because he wanted to, he went back to her because she told people he abused her and she threatened to use that to ruin his life and career. She bragged about it as if it was something to be proud of. WTF. Your statement "nor has she even been arrested or been in prison" may be true, but it shouldn't be. She SHOULD be in jail. She's the reason TRUE domestic violence victims aren't taken seriously. What she did is a crime and let's not sit here and pretend that this is the first time she's done it. For the record, it's the SECOND time that we know of. 

"The two of them are only having some fun".... what exactly about that was 'fun'? All she did was scream at him and taunt him. She did stop that nonsense after Beth swatted her on the nose so thank you Lord for that LMFAO. He voiced more than once that she needed to hurry up and she blew him off and continued to cackle in the camera. So respectful and loving.....NOT! LMAO 

"I hope someday the Chapman family will realize what a wonderful person she is" oh boy LMFAO. They have definitely realized how 'wonderful' she is and that's precisely why they hate her. They aren't the problem in this situation, she is. I need you to stop and think about something. The Hobbit has three baby momma's. That's right. THREE DIFFERENT baby momma's. The family doesn't have a problem with any of them. He was married to one of those women for years and the family had no problems with her before, during or after. So they're three for three. That's what love and respect for a guy, his family and business gets you. You get what you give.

"Be careful of slander" okay, what about Cecily's comment is slander? It might not be an opinion you like but it's not slander. The fact is that she truly is immature. She acts far more immature than usual when performing for an audience which is probably a good thing for his sanity but it just proves she's as fake as a schizophrenic's circle of friends.

In response to the first half of your comment, please refer to the first paragraph under the first picture. Re-read it until you fully understand exactly how 'this got started'. In response to everything from "perhaps if you have a specific issue" and down, LMAO. Honestly! LMAO! What exactly would you discuss with your 'lawyers'? That your son in laws family doesn't like his blackmail bride and that they expressed their opinion about that on their FB page? At least now we know where your daughter gets it from. More than once she has said that her 'lawyer' was coming after us over this blog. She's tried to say more than once that the fbi has our information and would be in touch with us soon. We're still waiting LMFAO. The bottom line is that if either of you had a card to play, you'd play it rather than TRYING to sound scary and cool with empty threats. 

I have one word to summarize this comment and it's a word you've heard me use a lot. BLACKMAIL. Did you guys go to a fuckin' blackmail convention? Some kind of learning seminar trying to strive to be a better shitbag? Do you honestly think these kinds of empty and ridiculously stupid threats is going to get you anywhere? I suggest you learn from her mistakes and shut up before you make yourself look ten times worse. But as one person said "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree" and you'll probably let that Worley crazy shine bright like a diamond. I look forward to it. 

Wednesday, April 12, 2017


The MLC has a fake profile to defend her lopsided lips and troll Beth's IG butthurt over Myk's baby being on it. She's had the lielabrewer profile for quite awhile. She attempted to troll Shannon and bash Beth too. Next time you talk about Beth and her fakes, you may not want to pull the skeletons from your closet MLC

The Lielabrewer account is the MLC in all of her white trash glory. One account isn't enough to contain all of her crazy. LMFAO! Apparently the only way she can talk shit about Beth as herself is from her main profile... the profile that has Beth blocked. I think she's made it abundantly clear that Beth makes her piss her crusty panties. LMAO 

May as well change the name to jamiepwhorely because you're busted, skanktits!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

War is on!

Hi guys! It's always fun and games till someone loses an eye or in this case their temper. The MLC clearly thinks she has EVERYONE snowed on how innocent she is blah blah blah. GAG! She's about as pure as YELLOW SNOW. I am so glad Mama Lion called her on the truth. Just so everyone knows we have the entire argument and I have every intention of correcting every little lie that tripped out of MLC's mouth. I never thought I would say this BUT I am siding with Dog and Beth on this one. We may even know a few things that Dog and Beth do not have a clue on. Pull up a seat with popcorn nearby because this is going to be a bumpy ride.

Oh MLC, even your BS statement under the screenshot was a complete lie. You knew exactly why Beth didn't like you, and frankly I CANT BLAME HER. I talked to you for 5 days and don't know how ANYONE deals with your psycho ass. You knew that that comment would cause a blow up and did it anyways. If you had any respect for your husband you wouldn't have done it, but you DID IT ANYWAYS. See little girl, sometimes dealing with people that you know don't like you means being the bigger person. You are childish, rude, dumb as a rock and a narcissist. Frankly, you are as crazy as everyone says you are.

Let's start with the biggest thing on the comment... Beth says "I'm ruining her son's career". Beth is 1000% right. MLC has ruined his career as a bounty hunter and bondsman. SHES TAKEN OVER HIS INSTAGRAM! His IG was to promote his business, um well it should have business pictures on it not pictures of the MLC for starters. This is why you have the private IG that you have NADA on, kinda like the joint profiles you had for you and Josh and with you and your 2nd ex husband. Frankly, you just deleted the 2nd one recently LMFAO.

Lets see hmmm... before you and he got married you called him every 3 minutes when he was hunting. It gets annoying trying to work when your girlfriend isn't secure enough with herself to let him do what he needs to do. No MAN wants to deal with that and neither did the Hobbit. Then, let's not forget your racist crap.. The Hobbit has been able to keep his wildly racist tendencies quiet, but MLC couldn't...Remember the racist cop picture... People now know about that, and from what I hear are losing his phone number when it comes to work. YOUR husband is a joke because of YOU MLC. Maybe you can get him a rubber nose and big shoes so he can be the ass clown we all know he really is.

Beth hasn't ruined the Hobbit's career MLC, you did...Beth has a brand and reputation as a hunter to manage. Her brand doesn't include a 40 year old man that acts like a brat. Her brand includes actual adults who know what WORKING is about. Her brand actually includes a man with morals that would not abandon his children because he's too busy chasing ass or having a good old time. Sometimes people have to grow up and the Hobbit has chosen not to because of the MLC. She needs to stop trying to ACT intelligent. She may hurt herself trying to do something she's not LOLOLOL.

Now MLC, Beth is not Leland's mother. In title you are correct, Beth is Leland's stepmother, but that is where you being correct stops. Beth has been in Leland's life since he was 9 years old and went to live with Dog. A Mother's love can grow under her heart, but it can also grow in it. I get that you are too stupid to get that. I get that you have no heart too besides being a fucking idiot. You have NO RIGHT to say Beth is not his Mother. Frankly, you have no right to really say anything when it comes to being a Mother.

Right, bonus Mom of 3??? FYI, Shannon prefers you not use her lines LOL. You are the stepmom of 3 kids you have NO RELATIONSHIP with. Dakota has met you twice. Cobie you have never met and you know nothing about. Stooge Apryl told us that LOL. Baby, you know nothing about Cobie. We saw the convo. Everything you told her about Cobie was general. I could have told you more from the Hobbit's instagram SMH. This is the one that gets me most of all. Yes, that's right LEIAH. You tell anyone that will listen you love Leiah and Leiah loves you. It takes a lot more than one visit with a child to know that child and their heart. You got Leiah to call you Mom on video by prompting her to do it. She's a child not a trained chimp you moron. I dont care that the hobbit left you alone with her or not. THAT WAS HIS BAD DECISION! For those wondering, the Hobbit left Leiah alone with Jaime while he had to hunt in Texas BEFORE they knew each other well. Real bright, really really bright.

Over the next few days we will be going over this fight and correcting the lies of the MLC. I never thought I would be defending both Dog and Beth but it's what I am going to do. Trust me, its going to take some time LOL. Get ready for a bumpy ride and some reminders of things the MLC has done. This won't be pretty....

Night guys!


Thursday, April 6, 2017

What a JOKE!

The MLC has been doing daily live feeds and the purpose of it seems to be a make-up tutorial. Ridiculous considering she doesn't know how to properly apply make-up herself.

Can you see what's wrong with this picture? I mean, besides the fact that the hobbit is yet AGAIN driving without a seat belt on. Her face and ears are a LOT darker than her neck. It looks like she got a shitty Trump spray tan on her face only. LMFAO! Anyone who is willing to leave the house looking like that on any other day than Halloween should NOT be giving make-up tutorials. 

The bottom line is this:

Sunday, April 2, 2017


That's all the MLC thinks about. Herself! This week she changed her IG bio this:

No more bonus mom! She never gave a damn about his kids in the first place but she's obviously done even pretending to care. She blocked his family, including his kids, from his IG. 

Then she posted this as a comment:

MLC- If you blackmail a guy into a marriage and that guy has no kids, then that rule would apply. The spouse comes first. If you blackmail a guy into a marriage and he has kids, it doesn't. Get it? A parent puts their children above themselves. You know who has a ME ME ME mentality? A 3 year old. I know you despise Myk but she's a better stepmother than you are. A stepmother loves the kids as if they're their own flesh and blood. A stepmother would put the kids above herself. You need to start acting like a stepmother rather than the rent-a-ho or just release your hostage so a real woman can show you how it's done. 

Alienating him from his family and children is a level of psycho there aren't enough drugs for. A woman who doesn't give a shit about a guys life, career, friends and family isn't a wife. She's a side skank. A spread her legs, worthless skeezer who stump humped throughout the entire country in search of a guy who was bitch enough to put up with all her crazy. JACKPOT LMAO! Because only a bitch would allow this bullshit. Someone has to care about those kids since they don't.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

We finally figured it out!

We think we finally figured out why the MLC is so obsessed with pineapples. 

The hobbit is a dead fish in the sack..... makes the woman do all the work and is willing to receive but not give. It doesn't matter what she tastes like 'down there' because he's never going to find out. LMAO