Tuesday, May 16, 2017

To the trash

It's quite funny that all I see today is trash everywhere I go. The Queen of trash is on Instagram. She sits there rambling like a 2 dollar hooker needing to score because of her serious need to have her utter existence validated by ONE WORD and that is ACCEPTANCE. She can't get over the fact that no one wants her or cares that she even exists. After all, the MLC only gets on live like she did today to validate her existence. She has to be totally secure in her own existence. You couldn't even get Beth and the rest of the family to accept you. Remember strike one MLC?? You couldn't even get that right LOL.

You have ruined your husband just so you can keep him and that's a fact. It is illegal for you to go on bounties, yet you have popped up in pictures on 2 of them. You risk the arrest being there you idiot and realistically they could charge you with kidnapping in many states. His instagram is for BUSINESS, yet your ass is on there HAWKING yourself and blocking people. Don't say it's him doing it because it is not. He had Lynette and Myk running the page before you. Your ugly ass shouldn't be on there at all, it's not for personal use. You don't have the minimum IQ to run it. After all, you were the one that told me you ran the page because the Hobbit didn't really know anything about social media per you.

Ya know every word that comes out of the MLC's mouth is a fucking lie. After all she publicly bashes her husband with fake abuse that she provoked. She says they don't drink anything but blue moon beer occasionally, yet we have all seen him in some stages of being messed up. You said several times Dog loved you, which he clearly did not. Lets not forget your EPIC relationship with the three step kids NOT. YOU DONT HAVE IT!

You keep talking about the truth, MLC. Really? You are the biggest hypocrite on the planet, yet you want to scream everyone lies. You are the queen of lies. Really the truth is in our little screenshot. It may not be big, but it says everything. Those were HIS WORDS, not yours, not Beth's, not Dog's. They were all his! He was glad your psychotic drama filled lopsided ass was gone. He was rid of his SUCCUBUS and that is the truth. Go fuck yourself!

So much butthurt!

The MLC's minions have been in a frenzy since our mother's day blogs. Rant after rant on all the blogs. 

There are times when we're left to wonder if one of our blogs has gotten under everyone's skins so it's always nice when they broadcast it on a billboard LMAO. 

Let's get something straight, dumbasses. You're sheep. The MLC could tell you the sky is purple and that she shits gold and you'd believe it. 

I know there's a lot of big words in there but take your time and sound them out. Whip out those calculators and do the math. It turns out that at 19 years old she had the heart and instincts to be a good stepmother. She didn't force herself into Dog's life and alienate him from his children. She treated them like her own and included them every step of the way. It seems like she knew what to do from day one and the MLC will probably never figure out. 

You should probably be sure you know what you're talking about before opening your cock holsters next time. Grow up. 

Monday, May 15, 2017

On Mother's Day part 2

I am going to be honest with everyone on this post. It is a bad faced lie. She probably made that pic with her photo editing software that she does not own (Off topic this is what she told me herself) with pictures that she stole from someplace. I can guarantee she means none of what she said because she's trying to make it look like she has a relationship with all three kids, which she does not nor does she care to have. She thinks that the people that fall at her feet are ignorant, but I see through her bullshit that she shovels like its nothing. Sorry bitch, I know an idiot when I see one. I just never expected to meet their damned queen LOL.

Let's make this clear here. She has NO RELATIONSHIP with all three kids and I mean no real relationship at all. She is the bonus mom of nothing LMAO no matter how much you try to sell to the world otherwise. Neither MLC or the Hobbit give a fuck either. They are 2 trolls living under the bridge of life, hoping that no one will catch on to what they are. All I have to say to that is hope in one hand and crap in the other and see what gets filled first LMFAO!!

Lets start with the picture, shall we?? Hmmm lets start with the pic of Cobie you tagged to Maui's instagram. Why did you even bother dumbass? Maui has not gotten on her Instagram in forever so even you have to know she won't see it. You stole the picture of Cobie too. Why would you even include a child you have NEVER MET??? You have no relationship to Cobie or Maui, so why use him as a pawn in your garbage games. If you actually cared, you wouldn't. We both know you don't trashbag whore. STOP WASTING YOUR TIME!

The only thing I can say about Dakota is that you have met him once or twice. You and your hobbit picked him up a street or 2 over because Beth would not let YOU on the property. Before that becomes drama, MLC would not sign the confidentiality agreement that is pretty typical in the type of situation she married into. Beth would not allow her on the property because MLC runs her trap. As we have seen from her Dad making threats, Beth had good reason. During the public fight, Cecily put it all out there THANK GOD. MLC knows NOTHING about Dakota. This is public knowledge. It can't be denied at this point but Dakota is such a WONDERFUL person. You don't know him stupid bitch because you have no relationship with him. STOP LYING YOUR ASS OFF!

You have no relationship with Leiah either. This cannot be denied at all. One visit does not a relationship make. It takes time to know the depths of a child's heart especially when that child is more intelligent than you LOL. It is not easy to walk into a relationship like that, but you did your best to fuck that up. You had her on video with you coaching her to call you mom. Um bitch most stepmothers don't do that! A good step mother respects the child's mom and her relationship with that child. THEY DONT TRY TO TAKE OVER DUMB BITCH. You may talk to or with Lynette but I can bet she's tolerating you because they all know YOU will make the hobbit walk away from his kids. They know the way he is. YOU ARE A CONTROLLING STUPID BITCH. GROW THE HELL UP!

Now we all see the truth. it is not wine and roses in the Hobbit hole LOL. They are together playing porn star while the rest try to have a real life that the Hobbit is missing out on. The victims in this are the 3 wonderful kids that missing out on a relationship with their Father and being used like a pawn in the Mlc's games. It just proves to me what I already knew. They are both NOTHING...

Bye guys I promise I wont wait as long before I blog again. BYE!


Sunday, May 14, 2017

On Mother's Day part 1

Hi Guys! I first of all want to say Happy Mother's Day to everyone who is a Mom. I hope you had a wonderful day.

I wanted to bring these posts up because of MLC and her pathetic bullshit that she tries on a daily basis. You see she's been throwing Mother's Day around like a weapon to throw things in other people's faces. The MLC today posted a picture of her Mom and the Hobbit's mom Lafonda on her instagram page saying how much she loved them. Blah Blah Blah whatever... The only reason she did that was to throw it in Beth's face like a hand grenade, which is beyond wrong. Actually, it is beyond sad and pathetic that MLC has to resort to such juvenile and childish bullshit to try to pick another fight with her. How old are you MLC? I'd say 2 but that would be giving you credit. Childish little brats like you pick fights like that with Beth and frankly it is not something you will ever win.

As you can see from the screen shots we have, you can see what MLC really thinks of Beth. She point blank has said on NUMEROUS occasions that Beth is only a STEP MOTHER and has nothing to do with Leland's life. Hmmm as Dog said in the shot we have Beth is more of a Mother to Leland than the LaFonda. Beth has been in Leland's life since age 9 and he's now 40. Our opinion is Beth has long earned her right to say something about Leland's life. The problem is that Beth doesn't like MLC so she feels she has the right to separate him from his blood. Our opinion is MLC can go fuck herself. We know the hobbit has issues getting it up, so maybe that is the problem. Someone please take one for the team and help the MLC . LMFAO!

MLC said to me when she talked to me that she would respect Beth when Beth respected her. Hate to  burst the bubble of the MLC but she is totally WRONG. This is something your beloved Mother should have taught you. You have to give respect to get respect and she screwed that up ROYALLY. Once MLC blew it with Beth, it was DONE. She could forget changing Beth's mind LOL.

This is what we have to say to Beth. We are very sorry that MLC said that you had nothing to do with Leland's life. You are his Mother in every sense of the word. There is something that the MLC is too stupid to figure out. A Mother's love can grow under a Mother's heart as she gives birth, but that is not the only place that a Mother's love grows. It can also grow in a Mother's heart. Beth does what she does for Leland because she knows who he is in every sense of the word.

The thing is the MLC is a STEP MONSTER to THREE KIDS, but that doesn't matter. She doesn't care about anyone but herself. She keeps the Hobbit entertained so he has no relationship with anyone but her. A grown adult knows that a human being is not a toy to hide at the bottom of the toy box that has to be controlled.SMH she needs to grow the fuck up in every sense of the word...

As you guys can see, this is only part one of Mother's Day. Ive just begun.

                            Ciao for Now!

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Just a note

I know you guys have been wondering where we are since the MLC seems to think she rules the roost. Pffft whatever, she thinks she's something she's not and that's a good person. A good person does not separate someone they truly love from THEIR FAMILY and THEIR CHILDREN. A good person does not attack a man and say they were abused. FYI guys MLC has done that TWICE but I digress. Her stupidity is not what I am here to discuss on this blog. It would be bigger than War and Peace for me to even remotely cover that properly.

I am here to discuss the shot from the previous blog. Kaleo and his congratulations comments with Jamie running her trap insinuating she's pregnant. I have to admit that I found it odd to say the least. Kaleo and his congrats were a little strange, plus MLC and her 10 fingers and 10 toes comment was even stranger. Hell, anything that that dumb bitch does is strange, but is also very thought out. See MLC everyone calls you an idiot, but I know better. You are nothing but an opportunist who does what she has to do to elevate her status or at minimum keep herself where she is. She is a pathetic troll waiting under a bridge for a new ride to paradise. You would do anything you had to do. Anyone with a brain in their head and 2 eyes would be able to see that one.

With the insinuation of MLC being pregnant, I started looking around to see what I can find out. After some phone calls and emails, I do have an answer on that question. You all can breathe a sigh of relief because SHE IS NOT and not only is she not but as long as the Hobbit says no it will NEVER happen. You see guys, the Hobbit had a vasectomy after Lynette got pregnant with Leiah. Yes guys, I went out to verify what I was even told because any words out of the HOBBITS mouth you can be pretty well assured that it is a lie of epic proportions.

Come on guys seriously, Myk begged the Hobbit for a YEAR for a baby and he told her no. The HOBBIT is known to not like condoms and only uses them when asked."He can't feel it when he uses one," he says. Note to the Hobbit, it might help if you didn't have the penis of a ken doll lol, but that is another story lol. MLC has even changed her tune. She has said in her live feeds, it is up to Leland or we will let you know when and IF that happens. The dumb bitch got caught trying to start a huge rumor yet again...

There was actually a conversation I was told about that bares on this entire conversation. This conversation occurred before Leiah was born. DL and another friend was there with them playing around. Duane Lee started was picking at Leland about how Leland was going to have all these babies and baby mommas to match. Leland's answer was that he was getting a vasectomy because he didn't want as many baby mommas as his Dad. Hmmm um Hobbit I think you fucked that one up ROYALLY. Now, he has to deal with MLC the brat wanting a baby. Just a tip hobbit, keep telling her NO. You don't need anymore kids that you don't care about.

People please quit begging MLC and asking her if she's pregnant or when is the baby coming because if that happens I want to see a DNA test. I would bet it isn't the Hobbits then LOL. After all the MLC will do whatever she has to do to keep herself where she is. Hmmm sounds like a leech to me

Ok guys, I'm out for now. I have some things I need to do unlike the MLC who follows her Hobbit around trying to prove he's with her. I will be back later