Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Poor CeCe

The MLC leaves a path of destruction whatever she goes. She destroys people's careers, reputation and families and is basically a one person wrecking ball. Nobody is safe from that sociopath, not even children or animals.

This picture was posted on her social media sites.

She clearly has no regard for the dog she claims to love because if she did she'd notice the dog's body language. CeCe is cowering away from the MLC while the MLC is invading her space to get a closeup. Her tail is between her legs on the full body shot. Dogs put their tail between their legs to make themselves appear smaller. It's a defense mechanism used when they're stressed or anxious. In the picture of the MLC holding her, the whites of her eyes are showing. Dogs rarely show the whites of their eyes and that is also a sign of stress and anxiety. 

CeCe is visibly unhappy and the MLC is having the time of her life taking pictures of it. It's abundantly clear that the MLC doesn't care about that dog. It is nothing more than another prop to play house with. She's self absorbed, ignorant and a pathetic narcissist. She needs to grow up and it probably wouldn't hurt to see a doctor. The thought of her walking around unmediated is horrifying. 

Friday, June 16, 2017


LBCP and I have been talking and have decided to do part 2 of the fake abuse and blackmail blog. We originally broke the story last year and posted a refresher blog after the MLC decided to use the fake abuse as leverage during an argument with Dog. The masses turned on the Hobbit because frankly, nobody likes a guy who hits a woman. 

The truth of the matter is that we don't have anything concrete on why they fought last year. We were told that he was simply tired of her by one source and he cheated from someone else. Honestly I don't care what caused the fight, what I care about is what happened during it. To be specific I care about what did not happen.... and that is he did not abuse her. They had a heated argument, she attacked him and he defended himself. 

The MLC sent a picture of herself with a bald spot and a tiny little bruise on the bridge of her nose to his family and friends. She told them he beat her. He was an MMA fighter and made a career out of taking down grown men but when he 'beats' her all she ends up with is a mosquito bite? LMAO 

Fortunately for him, she likes to run her mouth.

Yes you read that right. She openly bragged about hurting herself to ruin his life and bragged about the fact she'd proudly do it again if he tried to end the relationship. 

Law enforcement was called during their fight and they saw right through her lies so did the Chapman's. The only people stupid enough to believe it is her family. They know that this is not the first time she's done this and yet they don't even question it. She could tell them the sky is hot pink and they'd not only believe it, they'd tell anyone who said it was blue that they were wrong. The MLC's dad went as far as to threaten Beth with lawyers because Beth had the audacity to express her disgust for the MLC and her bullshit. There is nothing rational about defending someone who brags about ruining someone's life. 

That notorious saying "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree" is very fitting here. Her parents are lunatics who raised a seriously crazy ass bitch. They know it, the Chapman's know it and frankly anyone who knows her knows it. The only difference is the Chapman's are the only ones with the balls to say it.

It is never okay to lie about abuse. It makes a mockery out of women who are truly abused and makes it more difficult for them to seek help. Often times they simply suffer in silence because they aren't taken seriously or believed. People like the MLC are the reason for that and her and her family should absolutely be ashamed of themselves. 

Friday, June 9, 2017

Ready or not

Well Well Well...Just when you thought it was safe to get back in the water the sharks return. Life changes, things happen and they take up your time. We all know MLC and her hobbit didn't miss the attention. She's been bouncing up and down on Instagram following any and all photographers screaming "look at me, look at me". Sorry bitch, hate to burst your bubble but people don't look for REAL MODELS on Instagram. They just go looking for something to point and laugh at. We laugh and MLC and the Hobbit daily lol.

Now for the Hobbit lol. It's quite funny. I Don't know if anyone has noticed but He's only really hunting in Alabama and the one time in Florida. Hmmm might have to do with the fact that He's a broke bitch or that people hang up on him when he asks for an escort. Minds are inquiring over that one. Dumbass and his queen doesnt give a damn about anything but their own selfish asses. It's so sad the Hobbit says he wants to be bigger than Dad but he hasn't got the balls for it. He has to hide like a pussy behind a skirt. Maybe we should all chip in and send him some pull ups. At least he will have some new clothes to wear lol.

Oh it feels good to be back. Unless something happens, I should be back on tonight to continue the saga of the dumb and the ignorant. LOL

Ciao Bella!