Monday, July 24, 2017

Going green

When a picture is posted on the Hobbit's social media sites, you never know who is responsible for it. She has taken over his accounts but he does still login and use it at times. The MLC is notorious for recycling pictures previously posted and trying to act like it's recent, or hoarding pictures and again trying to act like it's recent. 

Either the Hobbit has learned from her or she has struck again on his profile.

Look at the dates when both pictures were posted. What do you think??

A picture speaks a thousand words

As adults, we have all been put into situations where we had to fake it by being nice to people we don't like. We have probably mastered the skill, whether at the workplace or somewhere else. It's something children don't have experience with yet. They might smile, be polite and respectful but their body language will not lie.

Take a look at this picture of Beth and Leiah:

Leiah looks very relaxed and at ease. She genuinely appears happy to be with Beth. We certainly have our opinions about her but truth be told, Leiah couldn't fake this level of comfort. 

There's a big difference between that picture and this one:

You know what that face says? It says "Why are you doing this to me?!" She is uncomfortable and it shows.

And then there's this:

Leiah is smiling but it is a noticeably forced smile. "Maybe if I avoid eye contact, it'll go away!!"

This one is really bad:


Her head is turned away. Probably because she didn't want kissed by a mouth breather. Being sandwiched in a small booth means she had 
nowhere to go though. 

Here is Leiah looking at her dad for help.

Leiah is at the mercy of the MLC. The Hobbit has no balls and let's her do anything she wants, including ruining his reputation and shitting on his family. He allows her to completely hijack his social media accounts and verbally attack his fans. The MLC is the type of person who shouldn't be allowed to be unattended with children because she's a train wreck. I have no doubt he has allowed the MLC to be around Leiah outside of his presence and I also have no doubt he has allowed her to share parental decisions. I wouldn't trust the MLC to babysit a house plant, let alone a child. But that's the difference between the Hobbit and me... I have common sense and he doesn't. 

Sunday, July 9, 2017

To Our Haters...

I haven't done a post like this for awhile. I hadn't felt that I really needed to. We get daily comments from our haters that sound like 2 year olds throwing a tantrum. Heidi aka Righteous (which is her most recent profile) can't seem to have a cognitive thought without throwing in cursing or even the C word which I refuse to say. You accuse me of being immature? One comment alone proves how immature YOU are. Grow up or even better why don't you take the advice of the words of that email I sent you. You know those words LOL. Then there's stooge Auntie are an even bigger idiot lol. I wonder how Beth would feel about what you said about her LMAO...

See guys this is what the MLC has to align herself with. They are puppets, stooges and fools that she TELLS what to do. She has to have people on her side that stroke her teeny tiny ego because of her extreme insecurity. I know people are wondering about Shannon.. Shannon saw the light. She and I have had long chats both online and off and I see a lot of what is truly going on with the MLC. It is extremely clear to everyone that she was used. All those comments that were made by Shannon on any MLC profile were begged for by the MLC. She has to ASK people to defend her. I mean seriously WTF. To top it all off, she has to get idiots to try to get me to admit who I was....HMMMM I know a mole when I see one, MLC. Don't send in idiots to do a woman's job LOL. Grow a pair and do it yourself!

Let us not forget that she doesn't defend herself either. Her fans on her Instagram calling people meanies and defending her? Frankly, MLC is a big girl. She is the one that goes around making a spectacle of herself. Don't you think she should be able to handle it herself? This is the reason that social media has a handy little block button. I just simply don't get why people follow her flat ass so easily. She's an insecure fake woman who has to blackmail a man into marrying her. I mean seriously people JUST STOP. She won't get you any closer to the Hobbit LOL, not that anyone would want that LMAO. She has ruined any fame he had left. Remember, Beth said when that argument happened that MLC was ruining the Hobbit's career.....

Guys, this is the last time I will mention the haters. They simply aren't worth mentioning, which is why I never post their hate filled comments and won't. Oh and Heidi even went as far as sending Shannon a hate filled note directly to her Instagram. Why so threatened? It is amazing what thoughts cross my mind. Shannon has been quiet because of working... Why send threatening messages if you aren't feeling threatened?

Well guys thats all for right now...Another 60 hour work week awaits.

  To the stooges I have one thing to say.....

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

To Lelands "FANS"

Hi guys! Long time no see! There's been a ton of garbage spewing from the mouth of the Hobbit and the MLC for awhile. I've grown quite tired of it frankly. The audacity of these two idiots is beyond stunning.  It amazes me how the both of them use Dog fans for their wallets and nothing else. They don't care about them at all! the back by popular demand for the meet and greet was only a demand from Leland's wallet since he's broke. The only demand is his frankly.

I want you guys to read this email that was sent to us. It came directly from Leland's Facebook which I find very interesting. the person is talking about a "case" which would mean money to him. He blew that off! His opinion of his "fans" that gets me more. His wife is more important to him than his fans. I'm calling complete and utter bullshit on this!

First of all, what are you doing on social media if you aren't trying to use your fans? If you really didn't care, you would do what Duane Lee did. You delete everything and you walk away from social media. There's a simple answer to that question. You want fans to open their wallets and keep their mouths shut. Here's a tip to the dumbasses, if you are going to make a fucking spectacle of yourself don't expect people to not comment. People are going to say something when you act like a fucking train wreck! If The Hobbit and MLC are not a train wreck, I don't know what one is LOL.

Before anyone else says anything about it, my belief is that that email was written by the MLC. She would do anything to lock him away with her. We all know she is a pathetic trashy obsessed troll who would do anything to sink her claws deeper into him. I still wonder if he knew about the email we were sent or not. If he did know, he was trying to use the fans. If he did not, he is her victim, or it could be both in this case. To me, if he has any clue of what she's doing he is just as guilty as she is of doing it.

The one thing I do know is that I feel very sorry to ANYONE who has gone to the meet and greets to meet him. He doesn't deserve your worship or respect. He doesn't deserve your money either. He deserves nothing but pity. He is pathetic, pitiful and an insult to his Dad's good name that he shits on every time he screws around....

Bye guys, I will be back later... I am feeling chatty on the 4th of July!

                                        Ciao for now!