Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Original my ass

Boy oh boy.... the MLC tries to be Myk an awful lot for someone who claims to hate her. 

LMAO!!!!!!! You can't make this shit up! Everyone knows he hasn't completely gotten over Myk. That's probably why the MLC is trying to be her. They do have similarities but the biggest difference is that the hobbit was with Myk because he wanted to be. He didn't end that relationship, she did. Completely different scenario regarding the MLC. He wanted out. He ended the relationship and only came back because she blackmailed him. I'm sure it burns deep knowing the guy who sleeps next to her at night isn't there because he chose to be. I personally love to salt that wound every chance I get.

It also probably burns not being able to copy pictures like these:

These kinds of pictures will probably never happen for the MLC. Family typically has a problem with a psychotic person who forces themselves into their family. It's no coincidence that the MLC is the only woman the family has had a problem with. They know she's worthless trash. LOL 

The bottom line here is that everything about the MLC is a lie. She's so fake she has to copy everything from others. She's manufactured to the core. There is absolutely no individuality with her. None.