Friday, September 29, 2017

You love us 💕

I have been sitting here quietly watching what has been going on and I am here to say there's way too much garbage coming from the whore house reject. Poor baby isn't getting enough attention clearly because she has to send her trolls over here to run their mouths for her. It's pathetic to say the least. After all the MLC tries to act like she ignores us, but we know better. You wouldn't be sending children over here to ramble on if you didn't love us. GAG! If I needed to vomit, now would be the time lol.

I am going to address the gift blog. Her tinker toy trolls came over here running their traps on comments that I will always hit spam on. They forgot to do something though. They didn't tell MLC they would handle it. If it wasn't real MLC, how'd you know which girl to block who sent it? Maybe you need to teach your trolls to coordinate with YOUR ACTIONS LOL. What an idiot!

Her trolls even came over here to defend MLC but it was at the Hobbits expense. Why would a good and loving wife have a troll post she had to force the hobbit to go see Beth and even said she paid for the ticket with her birthday money? It didn't happen thats why. First of all he didn't go see Beth and secondly the MLC would never let him go by himself. She doesn't trust him. Period. There's no real marriage there. It is a sham of epic proportions.

This has gotten bad. The children have been let out of the nuthouse and need to be quiet. I've been quiet, but no more. See MLC if you hadn't had your trolls running their trap, I would've been happy being quiet. I think I'm back to stay lol

Bye guys! I'm gonna try to get back on tonight!


Monday, September 25, 2017

A day late and a dollar short

Well actually you're several days late and a lot of dollars short. LMAO. Wow the Hobbit was very generous for his MLC's birthday. He's also a magician. Not very many people have the ability to turn back time.

I love those birthday flowers he took her to get... when they were in Nashville 2 weeks ago. 

And that cupcake atm video she posted yesterday? Check out the date on the last shot here. 

Who doesn't love s'mores?

I personally love brunch. I have never eaten at Biscuit Love but since I love brunch maybe I should give them a try! You know... in Nashville. 

When all else fails, hoard pictures to drop when a blog I don't like is posted so that everyone thinks life is great. So everyone thinks we're out doing fun things all the time instead of sometimes. So everyone thinks my birthday was a grand, royal gesture. It would be a shame if someone were to point out that my life was one big, fat lie. 


Saturday, September 23, 2017

The gift that keeps on giving!

We would like to wish the MLC a happy birthday. No birthday would be complete without a gift. We even wrapped it! I'm sure the suspense is killing you so let's do our big reveal. 

MLC- preach on, girl. Preach it! "My husband doesn't lie or cheat" LMAO!! I really hope you grow over the years because your lack of intelligence shows. You can tell yourself the sky is green as many times as you want but it won't change the fact that it's blue. 

As for the questions I'm sure you have about this, let your 'faithful' husband answer those. The person who he was hitting up is one of the women you have stalked. And once you get that information keep in mind that she didn't do you dirty, he did. We have edited out any identifying information to protect the privacy of the woman and was given permission to post it.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Cancer sucks

Yesterday Radar Online broke the news that Beth has throat cancer. That kind of news is scary enough to not only shell shock the person with the cancer, but all of their friends and family. Beth has always been the type of person who doesn't like to show her fear but she is still human and is bound to be scared of what she's been faced with. 

Beth does have a support system in friends, family and some fans. When the news broke yesterday, fans offered words of encouragement, prayers and advice on Beth's social media sites. Friends and family were finally able to speak openly about it since the news was out and they did just that. Even Myk, the Hobbit's ex posted about it on Facebook and IG.

Can you guess who didn't say anything to Beth or about her? I'll give you 3 guesses but you'll only need one. That's right, the Hobbit and the swamp beast he lives with. Let that sink in. His ex girlfriend had more concern for Beth than her son and his wife. Pretty preposterous, huh?!

Yesterday the MLC posted this-

For starters, who can tell us when she has ever been quiet? The answer is never. "I'm going BACK on my quiet shit" LMFAO she talks so much shit she gives inanimate objects a headache. She has something to say about everything and everyone. So conveniently yesterday, after Radar Online, she wants to act like she's going BACK to recluse (LMAO bullshit) instead of saying something to Beth. Because to the MLC it's better to ignore someone fighting for her life instead of a simple statement like "my thoughts are with my husband's family". 

The definition of recluse is someone who lives a solitary life and avoids other people. Until she kicks out her 60th husband, stops leaving the house and stops taking her clothes off on camera, she's not recluse. And even if she was that isn't an excuse to be a disgraceful, selfish human being. 

In the end, Beth will beat this without the Hobbit or MLC. She'll keep going with her life and the Hobbit will still be the little lap dog doing what his master tells him to do. 😂

Sunday, September 10, 2017

We're back!

First and foremost we would like to tell people affected by hurricane Harvey that our thoughts and prayers are with them. We are also praying for minimal catastrophe as Irma has officially hit Florida. Be strong, be safe and God bless. 

We haven't been active with blogging because we have both had a lot going on at work. It would be easier if all we had to do was sit around and take pictures of random things like someone from Alabama. LMAO

The chronicles of Mr. & Mrs. Xerox continue. He's still repeating everything he did for Myk and the MLC is still copying her pictures. 

Here's Myk's-

And here's MLC-

"I love you so much, baby. You're one of a kind. Hey, let's go on a trip to Nashville and buy some boots!" He probably bought the MLC's boots at the same place he bought Myk's. Probably took her to the same restaurants too. 

In all fairness, the reason he doesn't have any originality is because he has already dated all of Hawaii and then branched out to the continental United States. He has nothing left. LMFAO