Wednesday, October 11, 2017


I have been sitting here watching the lies and crap that have been flying around with utter disgust. The MLC can do one thing and one thing only and that's lie. She uses whatever is convenient to keep herself where she is, which is sooo damned hilarious. I don't know about anyone else, but I wouldn't like being known as a dumb broke ho lmao.

If MLC really wanted the family to be whole, the stepmother post would have NEVER been put up by Beth. After all, the MLC did say Beth had to respect her or her and the Hobbit would not be coming around. It shouldn't take an illness for someone to try to mend fences. MLC commenting on Instagram about hopefully we can now be whole wasn't even an olive branch. It was her way of making herself look good to the idiots that fall at her feet. She didn't mean it. She seems to think she's the head of the whole family. That's right MLC, keep lying and see how far it gets you.

Here's the thing with them continually pointing out to Beth that she is ONLY his stepmom. In the only way that the MLC knows how, she is trying to assert her control over the situation. She is usurping Beth's power. Before MLC, Leland thought of Beth more like a Mother. The whore comes and it all changes. Funny, if another woman has to come in and try to take power like that it makes me wonder 2 things. First off, she doesn't think that much of herself. Secondly, she doesn't think much of the relationship or have much control. Maybe the MLC should stop trying to sell us this sham and get into a real relationship.

If it was real love, the bitch wouldn't have to sell it in staged photos or shove comments that she wrote on his and her page down our throats. Love sells itself. Maybe if MLC didn't have to stand on a chair to raise her IQ, she would know that lol! She doesn't, we know that and the kaboom is just a matter of time...

That's all I have for now guys. Back in a few!


Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Pitiful 😂

Have you ever watched a movie about someone who wants friends and family to think they found true love even though they hadn't? They talk about how wonderful the person is, send themselves flowers and buy themselves gifts. 

The MLC has to write herself love posts on the Hobbit's IG because if she didn't, nobody would. Notice the similarities between her post on hers and the post she did on his. She should have just copied and pasted it. It would have been just as pathetic and humiliating as this is but it would have been faster. LMFAO