Saturday, November 4, 2017

Mama B

You can tell a lot about a man by the way he treats his mother. 

There is a huge difference between the way the Hobbit treated Beth when he wasn't with the MLC as opposed to how he treats her with the MLC in the picture. 

There is no doubt that he had a mother/son bond with Beth. She was his Mama B! He clearly cared for and respected her like a parent.

Why did he go from lovin' Mama B to disrespecting her? We all know the answer to that. Silicone Barbie. There are a lot of running jokes about marriage which is probably why the Hobbit liked this: 

Deep down I think he knows she is ruining his life. The common denominator in this equation is her. Everything she touches turns to shit. 

A mother's love is eternal. Beth has been there long before the MLC came into the picture and will be there long after she's gone. The million dollar question is when will he finally grow some balls, bag up the silicone and take it out to the curb? The answer is never because pussies don't grow balls. 

Remember Lyssa's tweet that said any woman who marries a man without telling his family is trash? The Chapman's knew she was trash before they even knew her. Now that they do know her they're disgusted by her. 

Beth wouldn't even allow her on their property when they were in Hawaii. Why should she? The MLC wouldn't sign the non disclosure agreement. How shady can a person be to refuse to agree to keep certain things pertaining to their life and business private? And additionally, she blasted their financial information regarding their business to the entire IG community.

You think you love him, MLC? You don't. If you did you'd respect his mother and their livelihood. You'd stop and think about the ways you could mend the fences and earn their trust. You won't do that though. You'd prefer to sit around and pretend to be a victim because his Mama B doesn't respect you. To be respected you have to do something worth respecting. Own your actions and the consequences from said actions. 

I don't expect you to understand any of this because you're a narcissist. You had the audacity to say that Mama B wasn't his mom and you said that without even stopping to think about the fact that you yourself are a stepmother. You know..... bonus mom to 3? That's your motto though. Talk now, think later. 

A day will come when Leiah is older and she finds out all of this. Whether it's from her brothers, her grandparents or aunts and uncles. There's a good possibility that she will treat you and your Hobbit with the same lack of respect you show Mama B and her family. 

Blood makes you related but loyalty makes you family. The Hobbit and Mama B may not share DNA but she is, and will always be his MOTHER.