Monday, December 31, 2018

D.A.R.E. to keep kids off drugs

The hobbit needs to spend more time with his youngest son. He needs to pay more attention to him. Cobie posted this on his personal IG page-

I guess Dog's anti drug stance he pushed on DTBH doesn't apply to his grandson. Why is Cobie turning to drugs in the first place? Will the hobbit and his MLC care enough to find out, or will they continue to be completely self involved? The ball is in your court, hobbit.

Have a great afternoon, everyone! 

Muah! 😙

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Dog being sued

There are no words necessary. This speaks for itself. 

Dog Chapman Sued Over Portlock House Payments

Muah! 😙

It's all about me!

We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones! 

It's no secret that cancer sucks and that Beth has been dealt an unfair hand of cards. What we have noticed the most is the outpour of love and support she has gotten from friends, family and fans. Here is a few-

You see that and it's like... wow. People really
do care. Then you see a post like this and the words that come to mind are "WTF".

Everyone else is focused on Beth. However the MLC is only concerned about HERSELF as usual. She could have gone on the Hobbit's page to post a picture of them together or her, along with an uplifting and loving post about BETH but she didn't. She posted a modeling picture of HERSELF and wrote that long ass post all about how great she is. There's a word for people who try to act genuine (horribly btw) while putting themselves on a pedestal. It's called narcissism. The MLC is pathetic and selfish. She's not in denial about it either. She knows she's a piece of shit for that post, hence why she deleted it. LMFAO 

Additionally, there's something we'd like to clear up. There has been a couple of MLC cronies who have asked us to stop blogging because Beth is so sick. We have been and will continue to be respectful towards Beth during this time. We will NEVER stop blogging either. We might get caught up in life with friends, family and work. We may have times when we don't blog but the one thing you can always count on is that we will ALWAYS be back. ALWAYS. 

Muah! 😙

Friday, November 30, 2018

Prayers needed

Beth had to have emergency surgery for her throat cancer, according to Radar Online:

Guys, we don't like the Chapman family but when it's appropriate we need to do the right thing and pray for a speedy recovery and strength for this family to supptime of need. 

God please bless Beth and her family!


Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Inked cover girl contest

Women from all over are competing for the opportunity to be on the cover of Inked Magazine. These women are wholehearted, hard working and deserving ladies. The contest has rules. A code of conduct. And the MLC violated every one.


The MLC was bumped out of first place. Instead of showing integrity, her and her cronies began to stalk the contestant, Brandy, and started a vicious smear campaign. They even went after someone else. 

"I wish they just had rules and standards" LMFAO get the fuck outta here!!!!!! MLC wouldn't know standards if it embedded into her asshole. 

As luck would have it, the MLC lost to one of the women she was attacking and it was glorious! Karma rocks.

The MLC tried to fake a good, mature attitude but she's been petty as fuck. So let's discuss. 

"Dignity". That's in the same genre as "noble" and "honorable". She's none of those things. For the record, it's obvious your "WITH MY DIGNITY INTACT" rhetoric is a dig at the contestants. The fact of the matter is that by putting down Brandy you're putting down yourself. Her pictures are no different than yours and it doesn't matter if she's a 'cam girl' because you offer to pose nude yourself. 

So what makes you better than her or anyone participating in the contest? Spoiler alert- it doesn't. This is the standard you uphold for coworkers, fans and family:

So dignified, huh? You say "follow your dreams" amd you're living proof. You stalked your way to the hobbit. This is so classy:

"That thing". Let that sink in. John Buffam referred to a person as a "thing" simply because she won that round and the MLC was eliminated. Get it together, Petty Betty. It's hilarious that the MLC is talking about going by the popular vote only because she knows her roll. She won't admit it but she knows she isn't shit without the hobbit and what fans he has left. There's a reason why she mostly posted on the Hobbit's social media trying to score votes.

The devoted followers mentioned are devoted hobbit followers, not hers. If buying votes is such bullshit, why was the MLC pushing for paid votes herself? The paid votes were also going to charity. Are you against charity now too? 

Seems like it wasn't bullshit until the MLC was knocked out of the running. LOL. And for the record, they don't know if Brandy won by buying last minute votes. Nobody does. But the MLC is going to keep talking shit because she's butthurt. So butthurt she's still stalking Brandy and reporting her IG. Is that what she meant by "dignity"? 🤔🤣

Let's explore those "devoted followers, shall we?

Brandy has more followers than the hobbit and the MLC combined. Seems like the one with the devoted followers is Brandy! Something else the MLC has probably not taken into consideration is the fact that all of the people she mass blocked from their accounts for no reason could have made the difference between first and second place. LOL. 

She says she feels like a billion dollars so the billion dollar question is... "how'd that loss taste?" I assume bitter with a pinch of salty but nobody knows exactly except for her. 

So... enlighten us MLC. I mean, you were doing something you knew was wrong and it wasn't going to be pushed under the rug forever. You may have gotten away with it at first but the day came when you had to pay the piper. You could ask for forgiveness but when you do something with intent knowing it's wrong over and over, don't ever think you walk away scot-free. Nothing ever works out that way. It's different when you make an innocent mistake and learn from it and do better. Yet this isn't that situation. So whatever fantasy you were living in, I hope it gives you eternal life because when the time comes don't be shocked to have to pay up! You reap what you sow, right?! 

How's it taste? It looks like it tastes like shit and it definitely stinks. Smells like disappointment, resentment and a nasty yeast infection. Yep, definitely your life in a nutshell. There's a saying about karma and it goes something like "karma has no menu, you get what you deserve" and you got everything you deserved here. Technically speaking you deserved much more but we're still satisfied with what you got served this time. We thoroughly enjoyed watching you eat it too!

Have a fantastic day, everyone! Life is definitely great from our perspective!

Muah! 😙

Saturday, November 10, 2018

For those of you asking

Just when you thought I could keep my damned mouth shut...Eh, that will never ever happen. I always have something to say no matter the situation. Hi guys, it's been a bit since you heard from me but since I found this little treasure and had to share the wealth! This is for EVERYONE asking the MLC for a wedding picture! Here it is! Not an actual wedding picture of course because the wedding revolved around lies. What picture would they use? The fake date or real one?

She is without a doubt happy in her dirty black tshirt that she still wears frequently. You would be ecstatically happy too if you had finally gotten the prey you had been obsessed with for years right...After all, the MLC told SEVERAL PEOPLE that he needed to come home and marry me or else...It utterly amazes me that the galactically idiotic run their trap to so many people...This is no exception!!

His face to me really tells the tale now. In my opinion, that is not a happy face at all. It is NOTHING compared to hers...

You can tell that this wedding wasn't thought out either. I mean seriously t-shirts? Leiah took this picture. Weddings normally share love with the rest of the world, NOT KEEP IT SECRET. Real love isn't a dirty secret you hide. You should want to share it with family and friends not hide it from the world after lying for about a month before that you were already married. 

I am just going to leave this here for the world to see. Maybe "fans" will stop asking her for a wedding picture because the MLC will never post a real one. They are expecting the pretty white dress and everything else. Well, maybe a different color because MLC can't wear white lmao. If you want to see REAL WEDDING PICS, look at the blog below and Lynette and Jason's..They clearly show what real love is...

Bye guys, I am going to try to get back on today and give you 2.


Thursday, November 1, 2018


We would like to offer our heartfelt congratulations to Lynette and Jason. They are now married! 

When you look at these pictures what do you notice, other than how beautiful the bride is? HER MINI BRIDE. Jason and Lynette included Leiah and made her as involved and important as the bride and groom. That's how it should be! 

Lynette and Jason always make Leiah the center of their worlds. She's their priority even when she's not with them. Can you guess who doesn't do that? Her dad and "bonus mom". She's nonexistent in their lives except for the few weeks a year she's with them. They don't even mention her.

There's a difference between fathering a child and parenting a child. Lynette and Jason are her parents imo because actions speak louder than sperm. Jason is the epitome of what a step parent should be. It's a shame the MLC and hobbit aren't the same way. Again, congratulations to the happy couple! We wish you a lifetime of joy and happiness! 

Have a fantastic evening everyone! 

Muah! 😚

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

oh how cute...

Bravo...Bravo.. Bravo... I have to seriously give the MLC and her band of trolls a thumbs up. If you haven't figured it out yet guys but the MLC has her own little hate page to try to rebuke everything we say. All I have to say to that is BAHAHAHAHAHAHA.. how cute...

She's on the damned page talking to herself. I mean seriously talking to herself. She is on the page more than her trolls are LMFAO. She tries to say Duck and I are one person. I mean seriously you stupid fool! She and I would go back and forth on Twitter with each other between the Beth page and my page LMFAO. I have known Duck for more than a decade. You wanna say it's another personality be my guest, I could give a fuck. Remember children, I know the truth and you don't know who we are no matter how hard you try lmao

See guys, MLC and her little trolls go on their hate page to dispute what we said here and that that nothing we say is true blah blah blah. Whatever...This is why at one point the Hobbit himself was accused of writing this blog to try to squeeze out a few more minutes on his dying 15 minutes of fame..This is why MLC was accused of writing this blog too. I'm sorry, but I sound more literate drunk on tequila than the 2 of them put together lmao. I don't go on pages to talk to myself LMAO.

See guys, the MLC and her hobbit believe Duck and I are the only ones that comment here. I know better and so does she. I refuse to post anything they say because I know the drama that would happen. I'll be the first to tell you, I am far from in the mood to clean up the mess that it would cause. In another words, the people that comment on the blog would shred them lol.

For those wondering, I will not give you the link to the page MLC started up for attention. It and she is not worth going there. I don't go there at all. Please send the MLC for the mental help she needs. From what I've seen and learned, she needs a straight jacket and meds. Hell, I even told her that LOL..

My word to the MLC and her trolls..Please keep falling on our every word.. Imitation is the biggest form of flattery after all...Oh and MLC, when I told Angela that we knew the real reason the Hobbit left Hawaii thanks for the response...Try looking up a psychological prompt...YOU verified what we knew then so thanks bunches!

I promise you guys this will be the last time I discuss the trolls and their page for now on. they have such sad small little lives that they have to try to guess mine! LOL and they are always WRONG

Bye guys! Ciao for now!

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

things that make you go HMMMMM

Hi guys! I really don't have a ton to say for this one. The trailer trash and the train wreck that is their marriage says enough lol. This goody we were sent and I figured I would just leave it here. It says a ton all by its little lonesome.

Now why in the world would any man want to post that LOL???

                                                 Ciao for now!

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Knock knock

Its funny. Whiny bitches run their trap comment here for attention and spam their instagram feeds hoping for a mention on the blog they chase after to take down. Its funny the brats couldnt find their asses with both hands and a flashlight. Road map may not be optional on this trip though. Might be helpful if you had an ass to start with to find one lmfao. Duck and I are quiet and dumb cunts try to throw stones. You wanna play? Okay, lets go.

Maybe Heidi and the white trash behind her will learn not to poke the sleeping animal

Im leaving this video here. Kinda says it all

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Stupid much?

It seems that stupidity is running wild in Alabama. Well, at least from the Hobbit's trap. Please you dumbass do not talk about things you know nothing about. Funny thing is no one would hear you speak again if you did lmfao.

This is not a racist comment. The hobbit should know that for himself because he looks at a racist every time he takes a look in the mirror. It does not reference Brett Kavanaugh's race, gender, or place of origin. Sorry asshole, not a racist comment. This comment refers to the fact of the accusations being lodged against him by 3 different women. it is actually a reference to his legal rights. Remember legal rights? Don't be that stupid! Quit playing! Oh, we all know the hobbit and his whore are as dumb as rocks. After all, they think his fans don't know a thing right?

We made a conscious decision to limit the amount of politically charged garbage on the blog. it wasn't the message we were trying to put out, until the Hobbit showed his stupidity. Geez hobbit, maybe you need some more of that fancy book learning you hate. Here's the first lesson for you though DONT BE A FUCKING IDIOT.

The Hobbit or his whore for that matter opening their trap about anything dealing with Brett Kavanaugh makes him a fucking hypocrite. This is a man who had a television show handed to him because of his Dad doing what? Oh yeah, going to Mexico and arresting a known serial rapist in Andrew Luster. As far as I am concerned anything derogatory he says about the Kavanaugh proceedings slaps rape survivors in the face everywhere and that does include Luster's victims that your Dad helped. In another words Hobbit, you are dumb as a post and a pussy but don't degrade your Dad's work with your lack of knowledge of the American political system especially since you voted for Trump and his trash.

Oh and for those voting for MLC, don't buy a damned vote. Your votes do not count in the next round. You are wasting your money. You are wasting your time too. She doesn't care about you or anything you do. Vote for the girl in second place and show MLC that you can see what she thinks of you

Bye guys! I'll be back in a few. Au Revoir!


Monday, September 17, 2018

Coat tails

As most of you probably know, the MLC has entered a contest. A contest she has tried for years to win but failed. This time around she's not going for it on her own, she's riding on the Hobbit's coat tail. Her bio should be about her... just like everyone else's is about them. Her husband's name and previous job title on a tv show is relevant to describe herself how exactly? She's an opportunist plain and simple. 

We're advocating for Meagan to win this. Beautiful, humble and genuine. Let's all vote for her and get her to the finish line. Remember that you can vote once every 24hrs.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Some clarification

                                                   Hi guys! Today, I felt like I needed to clarify something that was brought to my attention. It needs to be cleared up today so that people that speak to us can be left alone by the MLC and her hobbit as well as the rest of the trolls who have it all wrong in this case. As usual, people jump to conclusions and get it wrong.

                                                   Duck and I started this blog a long time ago. I will readily admit that. I will also admit that I wasn't here at first. I stayed on Twitter mostly. I didn't consider this the best way to get the message out and yes my mind changed with time. I am here a lot now whenever I get a chance. Unlike the MLC and her trolls, I do have a real life.

                                                     I do not go on the pages of the Hobbit or the MLC at all. I refuse to. I simply won't because they bother me to no end. It bothers me that people blindly follow anyone so fake. They kiss her flat ass like it's nothing. I don't get it. I don't understand why anyone does it. She doesn't care what happens to you and frankly neither does the Hobbit. You are only a paycheck to them to push whatever BS they are doing at the given moment. They are using you to get what they want and it makes me sick.

                                                     If you are wondering what brought about this blog, someone showed me a conversation. I was shown a conversation that she had with one of them that basically said you know who is involved with the blog. Let me put this in words that even the biggest idiot on the planet will get THAT IS A BIG FAT NO. Did you get that MLC and everyone else get that? No one that has talked to us or ever will talk to us knows who we are.  This is done on purpose.

                                                     We knew that people would be looking for us tooth and nail, so the one thing we put into place was utter anonymity when we talk to anyone. I will talk to anyone but if you ask anything identifying I will tell you I cannot answer that. It is for your protection as well as mine. I never wanted anyone blocked or hurt by any of them to find out our identity. If you are saying right now that they wouldn't do that, you are deluding yourself. MLC would just about anything for my name. She's sent in several stooges to try, and failed. Never send in the legally stupid to play games. You don't win that way.

                                                   We want you to come to us and chat. This is why someone I consider a friend gave me the name LB. She doesn't have anything but that name for me. She doesn't know me from anyone else. Please just stop harassing people! There are only 3 people on the PLANET that know who we are and Duck and I are 2 of them. The third well I wonder how many people you will ask before you stop asking LMAO.

                                                    Our voices have a right to be heard, and we will continue to get our message out there no matter what. If you don't like it, don't look or invest in a blindfold because we are not going anyplace. It is just that simple!

                                                    Ciao for now guys!

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

You know what

I am doing this blog on the fly today because frankly I am just fucking pissed off beyond belief. I cannot utterly believe how fucking STUPID some damned people are.

We all know the MLC is sick in the head. Anyone that has a brain in their head can see that! My personal opinion is she is either bipolar or has borderline personality disorder.

Since Zach has nothing better to do but spam comments. Hopefully, google will start sending them to spam soon but until then. I am going to answer his dumb fucking comments. Calling a lesbian a carpet muncher is a slur and yes does make you discriminatory to gays. Sorry MLC has been heard to use slur like that regularly and yes as far as I am concerned makes a person a homophobe and racist. Sorry thems the breaks. It is the way it is end of file. Zach sweetheart that makes her homophobic. I dont care how you interpret it, she is. Maybe she has issues with lesbians? I dont care to be perfectly honest. 

With homophobic slurs coming out of her filty trap, it doesnt matter if he is her best friend. You are supporting her fucked up behavior whether it is her slurs to the nasty messages she would send Lyssa on twitter. For the record, I have seen a message where Lyssa admits that MLC was doing it.

YOU SUPPORT HER FUCKED UP BEHAVIOR! Deal with it. Clearly you are fine with it. 

I'm stopping now before my head explodes because it wont be pretty.

Ciao for now!

Monday, September 10, 2018

guess who Part 2

                    Well well just when you thought that it was safe to get into the deep end, I pop back up. I am so sorry that it has taken me so long to get back to you guys, but I have had some things going on. Between a badly sprained ankle and working doubles to pay the bills, I have been really really busy. I am going to try to better getting here from now on, but no guarantees. Unlike the MLC, I do have a real life that is not rolling half naked in the sand or telling people I am married to Leland Chapman.

                     I know you guys are wondering why that profile is significant and I will get to that as quickly as I can. the profile popped up roughly when the blog opened. it was just stupid and annoying. I just blocked it and moved on because it was a troll in my opinion. We got a lot of those in the beginning and that was what we did blocked and moved on. This profile was a little odd though since it was attached to a profile by the name of Daphne Martin. I wasn't concerned. I just blocked and moved on.

                     One day, I got an email saying I needed to look at the Sunny Summers profile. I was just told to look and I wouldn't be disappointed. Just a tip for everyone, if you send us something we ALWAYS look. I may not see anything but I will always try to chase it down. I looked and I wasn't disappointed. First thing, the person was claiming to be a Chapman insider. Ok, you have my attention. Then, as I checked further, one of the MLc's lingerie modeling shots popped up and then it was the tag on the picture " Jamie is a thing of beauty and grace". I'm sitting here going um no okay. Sounds just like Jamie doesn't it LOL...

                      If there is anyone reading this that talks to Myk and or Lyssa, this is where they were brought into this. There was a tweet on that page about Myk and Lyssa that was extremely explicit. If I need to say anything more, you live under a rock. I saw it and to be honest I as beyond not happy. First of all, it didn't belong on Twitter and wreaked of desperation for attention. Secondly, even if it did or did not happen it was between Myk and Lyssa and was NO ONE ELSES BUSINESS. I attacked that page and reported it to Twitter until the post was taken down. It was no ones business and frankly it was clear that the person was homophobic by the way it sounded. Hmmmm, wonder who that sounds like HMMM. Oh, I's the MLC and her open trap...I have already heard about the slurs she has called Lyssa. Before anyone asks, I do not have a shot of the removed tweet and if I did it would not be posted. As far as I am concerned, some things are not meant to be posted and that's one of them

                       Now, I know you guys have said things about the name spelling. At one point, there were posts of the correct spelling of her name on there, which would make it appear that there were 2 people on the profile. I have also confirmed with 3 different people that the MLC was behind that profile.

                        The other thing that I find significant is that last tweet that was made. The date is significant. It was the day before she went on her honeymoon in Hawaii. It hasn't been tweeted from since then. Funny, the MLC has what she obsessed over for years and she doesn't need a profile to stalk him and harass us GO FIGURE!

                         I have to admit even if she opened the profile or any profile, I'm not worried about it lol. She is nothing but a troll who thinks she has something worth a damn, Sorry sweetheart, he's not even worth a damn. She is a washed up FORMER model per him and you can't see her work anywhere she hasn't paid for or used his name to get votes for. In another words, she isn't special.

                         On an off topic side note, what is she a bonus mom of when she doesn't publicly mention Leiah's birthday on his or her profile. Oh yeah, she's the bonus mom of NOTHING. the only place MLC is a bonus mom is in her own mind.

                          Bye for now guys! I will try to do better and get on here


Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Guess who?

Guess whose profile this is? 

I'll give you two guesses but you'll only need one. LBCP will be on today or tomorrow to elaborate. 

Muah! 😚

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Clearing the air

                         Hello guys, something happened this morning that made me realize there was a need for this particular blog I am writing. I felt as if I needed to clear the air a little about us and our status.

                         If you haven't figured it out. This is LB writing here. I do run and talk to people on Instagram regularly. I also will talk to you on the Facebook page we have. If you are not aware of us on Facebook, search Unofficial Dog News. I am extremely picky who I add and who I even talk to for that matter. I will also talk to you on hushmail as well. I am usually signed into Just putting that out there for the world to see and know. I am always willing to chat

                         On Instagram, I had added a girl I was talking to and she had unsent the messages. Another one I sent a message to and she never answered. I blocked both of them because I normally do if someone does something strange. This is something you guys don't know. We have had to deal with Jamie for quite awhile. She has been stalking the blog and the Hobbit for years. She was stalking him before she met him legitimately. To be honest, that wasn't even legit. She paid a bartender to call her when the Hobbit's dumb ass came in. She stalked us with the same kind of fervor

                        She opened Twitter pages to taunt us before she met him for that matter. Yes, Sunny I mean MLC, we know that was you. She has talked to me through fake profiles. She emailed me the abuse picture where he "beat her". Shannon even knew about Jamie talking to me through 1 fake profile as well.

                        The other reason that I have to be careful is actually you guys. I know you are dog fans and yes that includes the Hobbit. I know you want to stay on their pages and if any of ours show up on your pages, she will block you from both. I don't want to be the cause of that and neither does Duck. Some have told us when I have sent them a message asking on social media that they don't give a rip. They know that they are jokes. If you do that, I have no issue but I don't want to make anyone upset for liking what we try to do.

It is why I still tell people get off their pages, go follow Dog, Beth, Lyssa or even Cecily to get your news about them. The only thing you get from the Hobbit and his cheap whore is a hard time and used for whatever she is trying to do. In this case, she is trying to use both pages to get on the cover of a magazine. I still find it funny that in the podcast Dog and Beth did with the Hobbit, he called her a former model and they all laughed at her...Oh thats funny

Bye for this minute guys... I am planning on blogging again today. I may be rambling but I hope you have gotten some kind of idea of what we are dealing with

                                                    Ciao for now!

Monday, August 13, 2018

There's no place like home

I have noticed a trend the MLC has been on recently. She continuously refers to Hawaii as "home".

Let's clarify something. The MLC is not a resident of Hawaii until she actually lives there. Until he puts her name on the house, utility bills and/or she gets a drivers license, she's not a Hawaiian resident. 

Visiting Hawaii once a year is not half and half. She didn't buy that house, he did. He bought it, decorated it and furnished it. The MLC is essentially the overbearing mother who swoops in once a year, takes over, rearranges everything then goes back home.

Again, the MLC does not own a home. That is the hobbits home. The MLC is an Alabama resident who visits Hawaii once a year when he takes Leiah home. 

"Brah" is a Hawaiian thing plain and simple. She can say "moo" as if her life depends on it but it won't make her a cow. The MLC has tried to portray herself as some 'southern belle' this whole time and now she's trying to be a Hawaiian. LMFAO! 

She's not even a real person, she's simply whoever she decided to pretend to be. Today she's a Hawaiian, tomorrow she might be a brain surgeon and the next day she might be a world scholar. She should try to be a human being for once in her pathetic life. 

Home is where you sleep every night. It's where you eat breakfast every morning. It's where you watch your favorite tv shows and movies. It's where you hang your stockings and decorate your Christmas tree every year. Home is in Alabama not Hawaii and saying "brah" isn't going to change that. 

And for the record I think it's hilarious she's still posting pictures from Hawaii she's hoarded. She's back HOME in Alabama. LMAO 

Have a good evening everyone! 


Sunday, August 12, 2018


Sometimes, it is amazing to me what idiots will say on social media and the MLC is no exception. Read the screenshot above please before continuing reading. I know many of you are saying what's wrong with that comment and are saying what are we trying to get at. For that answer, please read the next screen shot below for those who do not know the definition of the slang

MLC clearly thinks that peach as slang means ass and it does not. It is a representation of  the pussy as per the Urban dictionary definition. I would hope that the Hobbit did not pinch anyone on the female vagina at least in public. Lord knows, he does just about anything in private. Yes, I am referring to his large bag of sex toys since he cannot please a woman to save his tiny tiny ego lol. Maybe MLC was referring to the Hobbit pinching himself after all he is a pussy lol. Yes, I had to say it. I had to go there LOLOL

My issue with this whole comment is simple. Married couples do things in private and that's what they are PRIVATE. No one and I mean no one wants to see it on social media. It is meant to be kept private between the couple. I don't care what it is. I guess I am expecting the MLC to have something called modesty and class instead of being look at me look at me. I know you all are saying I am expecting too much. I guess she doesn't care about who sees it like her co workers who hate her, her parents or I don't know your step children. I know the idea of Leiah being able to see it at some point is something that hasn't crossed her empty head to start with. She never uses her brain and never will

As MLC said she may not be everyone's cup of tea but she hopes she is someone's whiskey. She couldn't be someone's whiskey if she tried. Whiskeys are smooth, hard hitting, and does have a smooth finish. She is not any of that. More likely, the MLC is nothing but a cheap beer that you get to just get drunk and that's about it. It is not something you enjoy drinking either.

That's all for the moment guys....I have to go vomit now after discussing MLC and where she was pinched...

Ciao for now

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Back that flat ass up!

I have been planning to write this blog for days but I had to finish vomiting first. Several days ago there was this exchange on the MLC's Instagram.

What ass are you bragging about, MLC? It definitely can't be yours. Yours is a disgrace! 

THAT is what you're proud of? THAT is what you're telling people to strive for? Your ass resembles an over easy egg AFTER the yolk is popped. 

It just hangs there like... slime.

If you want to change the shape of your ass you have to do something we all know you're familiar with. Plastic surgery. Exercising can make you firmer but it won't change the shape. Your ass is far from firm. Everyone knows it. You can put on your best poker face and like you're hot but you know it too. 

Have a fantastic day everyone! 

Muah 😘

Hypocrite much

He or she who lives in glass houses should never throw stones and we all know the MLC is the largest hypocrite that the world can see today. SMH, she should try to define professionalism without looking in a dictionary. Her lack of fancy book learning really shows yet again

You tweet AETV directly about them running reruns. Here's a tip geniuses since Rainy and Beth liked and retweeted. Unless, it is in a contract that they have to rerun the show they don't have to do that. They can rerun them kind of the same way that CMT reruns that train wreck. Oh yeah, they don't. From time to time crap pops up whether it is Brth and Dog or a fan saying something about bringing back the show or a show in some form. I know AETV will run to Dog and Beth with a contract after a file clerk from Alabama criticizes what they do on their network..YOU DO NOT BITE THE HAND THAT FEEDS YOU LOL. This is just another lame ass and stupid attempt for them to get attention. Nothing new from them LOL

Come on MLC, you really aren't that brain dead are you? Of course you are LMAO We all know that DTBH was fake as hell. Producers picked skips they thought would be entertaining and the inter office banter is scripted, DTBH was faked and so is the show the MLC is trying to criticize. the miracle of Hollywood editing.

TV shows are made to be watched right? This is why the banter between DL and Leland wasn't real. It's why speeches were scripted and the religious circle wasn't real either. ITS FAKE. It's as fake as MLC and her pool drain lips. It is as fake as her relationship with ANYONE.

The mid life crisis really should talk about things she knows about like rolling in the sand, looking like a fool, manipulation, and using your husband for what 2 drops of fame he has left. She couldn't even pass as a dispatcher. She passed the test for it finally but was forced out because they didn't like her. see a pattern here guys ? NO ONE LIKES HER LOL

Please someone explain to me why she thinks she has the right to criticize anyone LOL?!?

Ok guys that's my rant at idiocy for the moment. I'll be back in a bit!


Sunday, July 29, 2018

MLC and the Internet

Thanks so much for the reaction MLC! I still find it hilarious that she responds to every blog we post.She's an idiot beyond measure. A control freak with no bounds LOL, even though she will deny it to the end of time. She'd still love to find us, but trust me that will NEVER happen. She can't find her ass with a flashlight and road map.

See, here's the thing that no one seems to get. We don't go to any of her social media pages, including the Hobbit's. Admit it MLC, they aren't his anymore. THEY ARE YOURS. You have taken them over to feed your undying need for attention. You have to feed that addiction right? He is on there once in a blue moon but he barely posts and never comments. Anyone with a brain can see that it isn't his anymore. EVERYONE SENDS EVERYTHING TO US MLC BECAUSE THEY HATE YOU!!! She is too stupid to see that. Guess that English major in College didn't learn basic comprehension?

Us talking shit on the internet? Actually, that is her. She is so full of shit her eyes are brown. Every word that she posts is a way to spin anything and everything to make her look good. There is a problem with that though. She doesn't have the relationship with the family that the other exes have had.

Think back guys, you saw loving pictures of Myk with Beth, Lyssa, Cecily, Dakota and even Dog. Where are the ones with the MLC?  If you bring up that one picture with Dog and MLC, try again. Compare it to the fan pictures Dog has taken.They are about the SAME. There are no loving pictures of the rest of the family with MLC because they are tolerating her. The previous blog tells us that. They take turns on social media liking her posts, comments etc trying to make it look civil. The fact is they want her gone. It's why John Buffam was sent in. They have to control the damage her trashy ass does to the brand that is DTBH. She damages it every time she opens her trap to get attention. After all, we don't see anyone else really fighting verbally with fans on social media but her. They seem to get that the fans pay their bills while MLC just doesn't care. She is a succubus. Just another fame seeking vampire, trying to drain the Chapman's of what fame is left which isn't much.

The poor crybaby is trying to say we talk shit. Oh please, she must be looking in the mirror. She thinks of us quite a lot more than we think of her. This is why the post that is shot above appeared and was then deleted. She thinks of us daily if not hourly. Maybe, if she didn't believe her own hype, she wouldn't have all the problems she has...Actually let me correct that, she is her own problem. She needs to get her psychotic ass into therapy and quit making fake profiles to be in the mix of things..After all MLC, it was you that sent us the abuse picture. It was you that talked to us with a fake profile. It was you that stole a picture of a child to make a fake profile to go after someone. It was you that made fake posts on Craigslist about in certain sections that no longer exist. It was you that made a fake profile to go after certain people that you thought was us too.

 If you wonder why she does this, its called insecurity. She's insecure in her own body. This is the reason for the tattoos and her lips look like they were stuck in a pool drain. She's insecure in her own relationships. This is why she has no real friends and tries to sell so hard that she and the Hobbit are happy. If you have to shove it in people's faces, it's not true at all. It's also why she has to try to control everything and everyone around her, and throws a tantrum when she doesn't get her way. She's a 5 year old trying to find her way and can't because she doesn't know how. She's an idiot after all. She doesn't care about anyone else but herself.

Remember when you chatted with me MLC. You only wanted us to stop talking about YOU, not anyone else but you. A true narcissist in every away. Again, I say what I said to her when I spoke to her. Get a straight jacket and some meds ASAP.

Just a note to the MLC, the crap that you don't believe or take notice of on the internet starts with you. Try acting like an adult and maybe it wont be there. Problem is Leiah acts more mature that MLC does...kinda says it right there doesn't it....

 Just another  tidbit...all those screenshots you (MLC) shows people saying we were talking about you predate you.  Please keep proving that you stalking Leland long predates you being with him. Please keep playing the victim because the only place you are a legend is in your own mind!

Bye guys for now...I know Duck has a few things she wants to say. I may come back tonight but I may not depending on Duck....

Ciao for now!

Sunday, July 22, 2018


Good evening everyone! We know we have been slow on posting and we do apologize. We live busy lives and we get caught up in it at times. But one thing you can count on is we'll always be back!

I have been wanting to do another blog like this for a while now. I think the collages speak for themselves. 

It's a shame she'll never imitate pictures like this. She doesn't have time for that fancy book learnin'.

And we all know she'll never be able to imitate pictures like this. 

They say imitation is the highest form of flattery and the MLC clearly spends a lot of time trying to copy her hobbits one true love. I will say that although we don't think Myk was the best influence on the hobbit and his children, at least she didn't have to blackmail him to keep him. She definitely has one up on you!

Have a good night everyone! 

Muah! 😙