Sunday, January 28, 2018

An interesting Update

Hello guys, I told you I was going to start at the beginning and this picture started it all. Now before the idiot trolls try to say this is old news blah blah blah whatever. We know that the Hobbit was defending himself from an attack from the MLC because he was breaking it off. This is a given fact. I am not rehashing that autopsy. I am going to discuss how I got the picture and the interesting update around it that I honestly wasn't expecting. I can't figure out whether her dumb ass underestimated me or not.

It is not unusual for us to regularly get emails of pictures, comments from fans, messages wanting to talk to us or even a hot tip or 2. I got this email from a girl who said she was a friend of Leland's from Hawaii. To make a long story short, she gave me a very detailed email explaining she was friendly with both MLC and Leland and was concerned that MLC had lied to her. To be perfectly honest with you I didn't really care about her details, I never would have used them. They did set off a red flag with me though. If you are sending me an email, 3 pages of details that don't add anything to what you have to give me it signals to me you are covering your ass big time. In another words, you are lying to cover yourself on something. I'll get to the lie in just a second.

Whoever it was stopped talking to me after a few emails and I wasn't really worried about it. I had the picture and I held on to it for a long while. To be honest with you, I wasn't completely sure how to  use it. I made the decision to use it and let the chips fall where they may. During this time, I talked to MLC and she accused me of being Beth, and accused me of getting that picture from Beth. I am not Beth Chapman. When I couldn't deal with a little girl trying to manipulate me, I removed the app. She's not worth talking to honestly. I've been told she's a master manipulator. Here's a tip MLC YOU SUCK AT IT.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago, a friend got a message got back to me that Beth had said that MLC had sent that picture to everyone and anyone that would listen to her. The first words out of my friends mouth was, could it have been her? I hadn't thought about checking the IP. The girl said she was in Hawaii. I had the picture and honestly it hadn't crossed my mind to check location. It didn't take too long for me to check it and guess where the email was not from...HAWAII. I'll give you 3 guesses what state my IP check went too. If you guessed Alabama, you would be right. It came from Huntsville.

This is all I can say to this. At the time the email was sent, the hobbit was not with MLC. He was done with her. Several people have told us she said that he had better come home or she would ruin him. She had nothing to lose and people do crazy things when they have nothing to lose. He out of the blue came home and surrendered like the pussy he is. I only came to one conclusion

Why would you attempt to destroy someone you claim to love so much? People are not possessions that you break when you can't have them the way YOU want them. Only a selfish, spoiled child would do that. I guess that is really how I see her. She is a selfish, spoiled child who wants to control everyone and everything around her. Guess what, that's not how life is. maybe the MLC will figure that out sooner or later, but I doubt it. Brick walls have more sense than her.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

And the story never changes...

I know that our wonderful fans will find this as hilarious as I do. MLC has all of her trolls do her work for her because she can't have the Hobbit know what she does. We can add Dog and Beth into that equation too. After all, MLC wouldn't want them to be mad at her because she did something stupid. Problem is, you can time her stupid stunts with a freaking stop watch. SMH she's never heard the phrase it is better to be thought of as a fool and keep your mouth shut, than to open your mouth and erase all doubt.

I know you guys are wondering why this blog. Well, we have already received a comment from Heidi the Troll. Of course, MLC knows nothing about it. Sure she doesn't and I'm the Queen of England. I think they forget I have had long phone conversations with Shannon. I know about MLC having to get Shannon to make comments to stroke her teeny tiny ego. Can't be that insecure, can you MLC?? Let's not forget the numerous times that Shannon attempted to defend her. Shannon saw the light and came to the dark side LOL. Heidi on the other hand was sent in to figure out who I was. Freaking morons.

Per Heidi, we are some jealous, thirsty bitches. I couldn't stop laughing at that comment by itself. MLC has her lips filled because of her insecurity and acts like she's age 5. She is a jealous, psychotic crazy bitch who has a washed up husband. He's fucked everything nailed down in Hawaii and has cheated on her. He looks like he's drunk or high many times in pictures, but per what MLC said to yours truly they only drink an occasional Blue Moon beer at home. Sure, I believe that....NOT! MLC needs to remember lies make baby Jesus cry....

Please MLC send Heidi over here some more. She makes you look stupid and throws your own husband under the bus to attempt to make YOU look better. After all, you were the one who paid for the Hobbit to go see Beth right??? Funny, Beth has said publicly it was HER AND DOG...

It was the MLC that told me to quit talking about her. She didn't mention the Hobbit, Beth, the Kids, or anyone else. Goes to show what a horrendous, selfish, insecure whore she is right there. She LOVES him but all she's worried about is herself. This is typical of a true narcissist. It's all about her. After all the MLC has climbed through our twitter pages and said most of the comments are about you...Funny, most that she pulled was before she was even in the Hobbit's life...

Ok ladies and trolls, this is all for right now. I knew you would want to put your 2 cents in on what you think of the trolls and MLC. I won't speak of the trolls again because they aren't worth even discussing. We don't speak of people who follow fools blindly. I'm going to take the comment that someone left and try to answer the questions as much as I can. It will take a bit of backtracking.

Back in a few!!!



Thursday, January 25, 2018


Hello everyone, this song seemed to be a theme of tonight. I want to thank you all for the NUMEROUS emails we received asking where we were and when were we updating the blog. To be honest with you, we weren't sure we would even be missed. It was clear to us that we were. It was technical issues that held us up this time and they have been handled. I am still learning this laptop so bear with me on that. I am just glad to be back. HI MLC! I know you missed us since you have been glued to our every word. Make a note, bleach is required to get rid of such a bad fungus LOL.

We have been here the whole time watching and laughing at the stupidity from the MLC and everyone else. She honestly thinks they accept her which is beyond funny. I mean seriously...they didn't start "liking" her until the issues with Beth and Lyssa came out into the open. I will be discussing them in a separate blog because they go back further than this recent fight. After all, MLC has even put her 2 cents into that fight with one of her fake profiles that she trashed Lyssa and her choices. Did you not think we could see through all of your fake profiles MLC...

I know I am missing a lot but there's like a mega ton to go over. We were gone for far too long and have plenty to laugh at. It's funny.. I have errors MLC has made in the last 12 hours already in my inbox to blog with.

I do know one thing..I missed you guys and I promise I won't be gone this long again. Ciao for now guys! this laptop is still driving me nuts!