Saturday, February 24, 2018


Hello again on this wonderful day everyone. I thought I would give you the heads up on something you all should be aware of. Shannon is now being attacked by the MLC and her fucking trolls right along with me and the blog. MLC you can't spell for anything but I write run on sentences STFU.

The first 2 screenshots came from the page the whore and her trolls are behind. As you can see, they are similar but don't quite match in structure and linguistically. The third picture is from a conversation I had with Shannon this past December before Christmas, You see the time and date right? Well, the MLC and her gutter trash are trying to say that Shannon was a homewrecker. Um no, not even close. If you guys are wondering, even the picture was pulled from Shannon's instagram. You have to look, but it is fairly far down.

Shannon types fast so as you can see, she has a lot of errors in spelling and grammar for that matter. There is also a ton of text speak as well. Is it in the comments from MLC's page? The answer to that question would be NO. Also the picture that was supposedly sent to the Hobbit, don't you think she'd send something that was a little more seductive than that?? If the Hobbit was anything worth having, she would. We all know that he's not, but that goes without saying. Have any luck with him getting it up lately MLC?

Shannon and I went over all these messages after they went up. You see guys, the MLC has a bad habit of making fake profiles of people she knows and blocks the original profile from the fake so it cannot be found. Shannon found a fake of her Dad already I believe. She will send messages back and forth to the fakes and make fake messages to use as she sees fit. The problem with this batch is that they don't cut it linguistically. They are bad fakes period. MLC needs to go back to the drawing board and try again. In another words, the childish little girl sucks at talking to herself..

I do have a wonderful question though. Do you really think that the hobbit would be happy  with the MLC posting messages that look like they came from the Leland instagram that we all knows she runs or texts from his phone? Would Beth be happy? I seriously doubt it. I have a pretty good hunch the answer to that would be fuck no. After all, they aren't really happy anytime the MLC is behind any drama at all

MLC and her little whores with their hurt feelings. MLC, go try your tricks. Maybe you can get some from the Hobbit and be in a much better mood? I doubt you would get any lol. You may want to take down your phony ass messages though. Beth and the Hobbit find out and we all know there will be hell to pay.

Oh thanks MLC for proving you were behind that page LMAO. You are as dumb as you look

Bye guys! Back in a bit!

Addio per ora!

Angry as hell

You know guys it gets REALLY REALLY old coming on here to approve comments and seeing threats and BS from the trolls of the MLC. Piece of advice you all are a bunch of dumb cheap fucking whores seriously who don't know how to read. This latest piece of shit from Heidi's gutter mouth yes has pissed me off. I'll admit that. It did. Between the threats of her tearing us all apart and that I know nothing I've had just about enough of the lowlife street trash who MLC sends over here to run their traps. I don't even let their comments through because of their mouths. I wish blogger had a block button but it doesn't, so I have to deal. I see their name and I send it to spam. Sooner or later, blogger will kick in

Well, I have told you guys one of the Chapman family I have few issues with is Dog. Yes Dog, he is a good man who has tried to make amends for the bad things he has done. He owns up to what he has done unlike the Hobbit who as we all now know has shorted people for money, even his Dad. making amends does take time, sometimes LOTS of time. The wrong may take decades to be righted.

This wrong happened many years ago in a different time. Dog was living with Mama Lyssa, and for the record I'm calling her Mama Lyssa so their is no confusion as to who I am discussing. At this time, Mama Lyssa was very pregnant with Barbara Katie, Dog's first daughter. Everything was going okay until one night there was a knock at the door. Wondering who it was, the door was answered and there was a very pregnant woman on the doorstep.

This very pregnant woman was Anne Tegnall. For those that do not know who that is, it is Dog's wife that is Wesley and Zeb's Mother. She came BEFORE Mama Lyssa. Anne was very pregnant and came to tell Dog she was having another child of his. The child she was carrying at the time was JR. You see guys, JR and Barbara Katie are only a few months apart. Dog chose to stay with Lyssa and as we all know Lyssa and Tucker were born later on.

Dog met JR years later.  I won't discuss this because JR has a lot of issues since he is disabled. Frankly, it falls into the none of anyone's business category. I really didn't want to bring this information up, but as the comment said I know NOTHING......NOT. not even close to nothing.......

Now now, I know exactly what will happen now. If the Hobbit doesn't know this story, either Heidi will come over here screaming you know nothing like a fucking 5 year old. Please bitch go fuck yourself. Your mouth needs to be washed out with soap.

Sorry guys, I promised that I would not discuss the hand maidens of the whore who do not think for themselves, but I am tired of them. People who come over here throwing tantrums on comments they know for fact will never get posted are trying deflect attention from the whore. She doesn't deserve the attention she gets because she gets off on it. She is a weak minded little girl who can't fight her own battles and makes empty threats. Frankly, both Heidi and the MLC need to go fuck themselves. After all, she tries every trick possible to get her hobbit to get it up and she still ends up disappointed, but that is another story LOL.

Okay guys, I feel better not as angry at least. I'll be back in a few everyone. I need to make sure that the poor widdle crybaby whiny whores have something to whine about right

If anyone wants to talk to me or has a tip they want to pass on...You can talk to me at Everything will be kept confidential.

Ciao for now guys!

Sunday, February 18, 2018


Well congratulfuckinglations to the dumbass hobbit! This is a little boy playing in Daddie's shoes telling the world he doesn't want to be the Father his Dad was and congratulations you are EXACTLY like him. Well, your Father is more of a man than you are. He has 1000 times more hunting skills than you would ever dream of having.  Your Dad has at least admitted some of his issues and tried to make amends. The Hobbit can't even admit his. The pathetic troll has written off one of his kids, just like dear old Dad. I told the whore when I talked to her to own what you do right or wrong. She can't do it and neither can he. Two fucking boils on the butt of humanity...

I know you guys are wanting to know which child has he written off. To be honest, we are getting varying answers on that. We are trying to nail down which one it is at this time but I can give you what we know and what we have heard.

One of my sources I have talked to has said it was Dakota. My understanding was yet again Dakota and the hobbit had had yet another fight. SMH sometimes I think the Hobbit is jealous of Dakota for whatever reason in his warped little mind. Before anyone steps onto the rock of they are still friendly on social media. This family is known to be friendly to the rest of the world, then stabbing each other in the back for sport. Both Dakota and the Hobbit would make the world think everything smelled like roses when it did not. Do not let anything said on social media fool you! It's all an act. As of late, the only Chapman telling it straight is Lyssa and that's because she is being shunned by all of them.

The running rumor when it was changed to Father of 2 was Cobie. He and the Hobbit do not have a great relationship, and I totally blame that on the Hobbit. I frankly wouldn't like you that much either if you kicked the crap out of me and threw me and my Mom out of your house that we had been living in. Those of you that have gone around saying Cobie is not the Hobbit's child really need to be quiet. Why would you say that about a child and why would you even go there? Cobie is ignored by his Father and Maui doesn't let the MLC be around him. Frankly, I wouldn't let any child near her dumbass. After all per her, her only stepchild is Leiah and if you notice she's even dropped that publicly.

It is beyond crystal clear that the Hobbit does not know how to be an adult. He's not a man and sure as hell not a Dad . I think we can all agree on that. He's not a Dad. He's just a Father, I mean sperm donor. He hasn't been to Leiah's birthdays for the last few years. He even has the MLC post the Happy birthday post for all those who haven't figured that out. He's a pathetic fool who can't treat anyone right.

In my opinion, he is the one that should be written off for his BS antics and lack of humanity. You don't write off children no matter what they do. They are a part of you no matter what. Sooner or later, the Hobbit may figure that out but then again he may not. It's sad though, we still have to deal with the fake ass pussy that he has become. My advice is to the Hobbit is to clean up your act and do the one thing you will probably never do, and that's grow up.

                       Bye for now guys! Ciao!

Wednesday, February 7, 2018


What comes to mind when you hear the word 'family'? For most people love is probably at the top of the list. Because there are so many different varieties of families. Big, small, and blended to name a few. Some are related by dna and some aren't. Some are estranged while others are very bonded. In families with children there are many different varieties. Natural parents, adoptive parents, foster parents and step parents are some examples. 

In most families with children, they are the focus and priority of the parents whether they are connected biologically or not. There's a reason why parents say things like "they are my whole world" and "the light of my life". But what happens when that's not the case? 

Can anyone tell us what is missing from this picture captioned "I wanted to wish everyone a merry Christmas from my family to yours"?

There are 3 very important people missing from it. Three people who should be the most important people in the Hobbit's and his MLC's lives. Dakota, Cobie and Leiah. They are his children and should be the his number one priority. So why aren't they even mentioned as family in this post? Maybe he only considers them family when in the same zip code or at tax time. 

I would bet anything that neither of those are the case. His issue isn't that he's a deadbeat dad, he's a selfish one. The Hobbit has his priorities and they aren't his children. His priorities have been and will always be women and booty. 

All 3 of his children have wonderful, grounded mother's and that is why they are exceptional people. In this particular case, biology makes you related and loyalty makes you family. The Hobbit is only loyal to one person... himself. And even then he sells himself short. His children may not be cherished by him and his MLC but they are cherished by many. Dakota and Cobie are old enough to know that their father puts himself above them and my hope is that it changes before Leiah is old enough to know it.