Saturday, April 14, 2018

Look at me, look at me!

You can always tell who 'those' girls are. The ones who use social media for attention or to try to hook up. The MLC falls into one of those categories. Can you guess which one?

If you couldn't guess before, you know now! She's in it for the attention and ONLY the attention. She can never get enough attention, which is why she uses her hobbits IG to post and tags herself in... She gets the attention from the ones on her profile while leeching from the ones on his. 

It's why she tags him in everything as well. This could have been captioned as simply "photo taken by Leland or my husband" but it wasn't. None of them are. 

I'm sure a lot of our readers are married, engaged or in relationships. Do you tag your partners in every little thing? Because we don't do that and frankly we don't know anyone who does. You can be in love and show it without pissing all over them like a paranoid wild animal.

They say that you guard your most valuable possessions the most. You only share them with people you trust the most. It's why you lock your door at night, lock up your expensive jewelry and money in a safe. You're not as careful with a penny because it's basically worthless and you don't care if someone sees it and steals it.

That is how most of our generation was treat our bodies like a jewel. Treat it like it has value and only share it with someone special you love and trust. By not doing so, you're treating yourself like less than you're worth. 

What do these say about the MLC? 

Do those pictures exude respect? They don't. They say a lot but "respect me" isn't one of them.

MLC- we have had some pretty harsh things to say to you and about you on this blog but you're better than that. YOU are better than the way you portray yourself to be online. Your posts say you're cheap and have no self respect. Your parents taught you better than this but they have obviously learned to accept it because it's what parents their children regardless.  

The thing you haven't seemed to grasp yet, although you should have, is the biggest and most important part of this picture. The moment you married him you stepped into a parental roll. A step parent isn't a biological parent but they do play an important part of molding children into the people they'll turn out to be and they are a 'parent' regardless of biology when in your care. Even when not in your care you're still a 'parent' and have responsibilities. His children need to be comfortable with you and should look at you as a parent, not a piece of ass. 

Your husband's adult son is only 6 years younger than you. I don't like the idea of being crass in regards to any of his kids but I don't know of any other way to say it. Are you comfortable with the thought that he could have masturbated to those pictures and others? And his middle child is almost an adult and therefore doesn't need to see it either. Both boys are very important in his life, well they should be. But the biggest piece of the puzzle here is Leiah.

You openly admit you do nudes. When and how do you plan on talking to her about it? Doesn't it bother you knowing everyone, including his children have/will seen you that way? 

In your FB post (that we'll talk more in depth about in a separate blog) you stated "only God can judge me so sit down and enjoy the show"... well everyone is seeing your 'show'! Everyone. The only person who should see you that way should be your husband. 

It's time to stop playing naked games, grow the fuck up and be a RESPONSIBLE stepmother. Stop attention seeking and have some accountability for yourself. Stay the hell off of his IG.

Pretty obvious posting basically the same picture at the same time. If he hàs something to say about you or his 'love' for you let him say it! Don't hijack his and write love notes to yourself. It's weird and creepy.

As I already said, you're better than this and you should start acting like it. We're STILL waiting for that reality check and those big dogs. I hope they're cute!

Long story short- you're a stepmother now. Act like it.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Well Now

Hello ladies and gents, I know I don't talk much because of my busy life. HELLO MLC!!! I know you are watching. Please give the Hobbit my love since neither you or he knows what real love is. Yes, I am still here. You can't get rid of me that easily lol. Duck has been posting as of late, but I felt it was time for me to give my two cents on the filth that has been spewing from the Queen of lies.

I have to admit her biggest fuck up to date is her best! We got a couple of emails regarding her stalking post on Instagram, so I felt that it needed to be cleared up here. She lied her ass off.  You see everyone, MLC has to lie to get attention and to validate herself. She has to seem like a victim to the trolls that fall at her feet like she is worth something. I still remember when I talked to her. Her dumb ass tried to manipulate me from the get go. Her ex friends and co workers called her a master manipulator lol. From what I can see, she can't manipulate her way out of a wet paper bag. Needless to say, the MLC was fed her daily dose of sympathy from the masses so that she could get on with her day. If you guys haven't learned by now, DON'T FEED THE TROLL!

The truth is this blog is us exercising our first amendment rights. You don't have to like what we say, but we have the right to say it end of file. You know what's even funnier to me? The people who scream the loudest about this blog are usually the ones that read it the most. Please keep reading. We know that the MLC is glued to it like ooey booey trying to see what we are saying.

I'm signing off for now but Duck wants to add stuff. Be back soon guys! Ciao!

So my question for you, MLC, is now what? Your pathetic "first degree stalking" ruse was publicly called out and you ran away like the coward everyone knows you are. What....did you think if you went away for a few days then deleted the post everyone would forget about it? Aren't you humiliated for thousands of people to see you be proven as a lying attention seeking thumb sucker AGAIN? Your big dogs must have gotten lost LOL.

As Billy Madison would say-

"You got a pet. You got a responsibility. If your dog is lost you don't look for an hour then call it quits? You get your ass out there and you find that fucking dog!"

All joking aside, your true colors are REALLY showing to everyone, including your followers. You never fail to open your mouth and say something stupid so we can remind you of it for years to come.

In conclusion, I'd be honored to end this blog post how we have traditionally been ending it. We are still impatiently waiting for our doors to be kicked in. We're still impatiently waiting for you to pony up our identities since you claim to have them. Still impatiently waiting for that reality check. It should be here by now WTF. Now you also have us waiting for some dogs that will also never come!

It all makes sense now....all talk and no follow through. No wonder the Hobbit cheats. He's probably as unsatisfied as we are, our followers and yours. You're such a tease.


Wednesday, April 4, 2018


Little miss 'woe is me' has left the building! 

She had her ass handed to her in the last couple of blogs and apparently couldn't handle the embarrassment. Her IG has been deactivated. She wouldn't have this problem if she'd stop freaking lying. And that pathetic post yesterday.......LMFAO. Reminded me of the time a while ago she said she had our identities (for the umpteenth time) and to kiss our families goodbye.

She also locked down her Twitter and Facebook. People have been thinking it's a riot she tucked her tail between her legs and scampered off out of embarrassment and we do to! But the thing about the MLC is that she's predictable. She needs the attention far too much to stay gone. The Facebook she had locked down yesterday is already public again. Lasted less than 24hrs. LMAO 

Her IG will be back soon. Remember last time she took a hiatus and that lasted less than 24hrs as well. Until her hissy fit is over I'm sure she'll get by on what little attention she gets when she uploads pictures of herself on her hobbits IG with cute love captions she writes to herself. That'll only do it for so long before she reactivates her own to continue to cry wolf. Until then.....

And since you probably don't understand that reference because you're so closer to his older son's age than the Hobbit's (let that sink in for a minute) here is a guide.....

One last thing, you know how the MLC is always going on and on about her great life and how she just wants to live it? You'd think she'd take advantage of the social media hiatus and go live that perfectly flawless life. But do you want to know what she's doing instead? She's scrolling through YEARS of tweets on our Twitter accounts trying to report. She hit the year 2016 hours ago on one account so she's probably finally done there by now and has moved onto one of our other 4 accounts and has started that mission. 

So MLC......shouldn't your 'big dogs' be on the case like you claimed? They wouldn't be reporting anything. They wouldn't risk potentially getting evidence removed. Also, I hope you kept your receipt for your imaginary investigator because anything online falls into federal jurisdiction. 

You love making a fool of yourself, that's for sure. You're a glutton for punishment because if you weren't you'd actually stop and think before running that mouth. It seems to run faster than the speed of sound while your brain is on dialup unable to connect. You have been babied and catered to your whole life. Nobody has ever called you out on your bullshit or held you accountable for anything so now that it's happening you don't know how to cope. It's perfectly understandable but you should go ahead and suck it up because we are NOT going anywhere. 

Monday, April 2, 2018


Did we touch a nerve? Or possibly all of your 100 billion nerves?

Let's not pretend here... there is nothing illegal about this blog. You have already had your cop buddies look into the blog and we're still here, aren't we? Beth tried and tried to find our identities and shut us down when we first started this blog and we're still here, aren't we? Or are those details you don't want everyone to know? 

Stalking in the first degree?! You're joking right?! You're a file clerk at a police department for crying out loud. You couldn't ask someone there to explain what a person has to do to be charged with first degree stalking? Let me educate you.

Nobody on this blog has ever threatened you or even hinted at it. You're not afraid for your safety, you're afraid of the truth. 

You're a liar and people have a right to know that. Nobody stalks you. You're a 'model', therefore considered a public figure. Your hobbit is famous for his role in 2, that's right TWO, separate reality series'. The rules change once you're in the public eye. Your buddies at the police department should have explained that to you if you had bothered to actually attempt to involve them AGAIN. Maybe they did the first time and you think you know more than someone with a badge. Let's also not forget about you running your mouth by threatening to bring the fbi into it. Did you ever make that phone call? How'd it go? LOL

Now that we've covered the public figure subject, let's move on. Things that are PUBLIC records, such as court records, are open to the PUBLIC. That's not stalking. Things taken from social media websites that are open to the PUBLIC isn't stalking. You blast your business all over online and then piss and moan when someone puts it on a blog along with an opinion or if what you're blasting is a lie, we correct it. That's not called stalking, that's utilizing our first amendment right. I know the word constitution is 4 syllables but you should familiarize yourself with it sometime since you're an American. 

As for these comments-

They're not only false but they're easily proven to be false. It's called phone records. Law enforcement can trace a number even if it was blocked. But if that had TRULY happened they would have been traced and dealt with by now. I say "they" because it wasn't us, dumbass. You already knew that though because the circumstances around that situation had nothing to do with us. But you being you, you have taken a completely separate situation and tweaked it to fit this scenario. There's a word for it. MANIPULATION. 

As I have already stated, you're a liar. You always have been and probably always will be. I think that sometimes you do it for no reason at all and other times you're trying to portray your life to make it appear different than it is. 

As for today, yesterday's blog embarrassed you. To be honest you SHOULD be ashamed of it. It was touching seeing the 2 families becoming one in such a beautiful way. But that brought back the memories of the way you EXPLOITED it and the 2 needed to be compared. You're lashing out due to your embarrassment and it'll end in more embarrassment when your followers are waiting for our arrest and arraignment that you know will never happen. You're also lashing out for attention and I can see it's working. The post went up 7 hours ago and it's still going strong! LMFAO! Your hobbit being in Florida leaving you behind needing the attention probably doesn't help.

If you're mad and humiliated by the truth, that's a good thing. Learn from it and change your behavior. Don't direct frustration at people for pointing out YOUR wrongdoings. Own it like we have. We have made mistakes on the blog and we owned it by admitting the mistake and making the correction. You may hate us but you could definitely learn from us. Just food for thought! 

One last thing before finishing up this blog. You say you feel threatened and scared, right? Even though you have never been threatened or intimidated you still feel that way? Because the only person making threats is you. 

Enjoy the attention while it lasts. Soak up every word of pity and playing the victim. It won't last and eventually people will want to know if they got us yet. Then what? LMAO

Father my ass

What is a father? That is a word that  people define differently but I think that most would agree with me when I say in general a father is man, biological or not, who helps raise their child. A father is someone who is there for their child physically, mentally and emotionally. A father loves his child unconditionally. Does the Hobbit fit any of those criteria? No he doesn't. He used to fake it better. Now he simply doesn't care what people think so he just worries about himself and only himself even if it means shitting on his own children. 

I'm sure you all remember this. We called him out on it not long ago. 

He has 3 kids with 3 different women but suddenly he didn't acknowledge one? We still don't know with 100% certainty which child he was turning his back on but we're very sure it's Cobie.

For the last month or so his bio is this.

We all know by now that she runs his IG. She made sure to put her IG username above that word. A word they don't know or care about. Because every decent parent out there knows that you're supposed to put your children above everyone and everything, including yourself. I guess he missed the memo while out fucking women closer to his young adult son's age than his own. He clearly relates more with immaturity than maturity.

The Hobbit is proof that no amount of notoriety or money can buy class, dignity and respect.