Thursday, June 28, 2018

Dear John

Well I made the decision. I went ahead and ventured into the alternate universe that the hobbit and MLC live in. I actually took a peek at their YouTube channel. It was hard to stomach, not because they're the white trash people they are but because of her cackling like a hyena. If she could control that it would be tolerable.

The most interesting thing I noticed is that they completely sidestepped the question asking how he proposed and about their wedding. Why did you do that, guys?! It wasn't because the proposal was blackmail and you lied about the wedding date, was it?! It must be hard having to avoid talking about one of the most important days of your life because it was a sham. Your marriage is a fraud, the least you can do is own it.

Something else I noticed is the editing. They filmed themselves for more than a day and it was cut between each question. Preparing the dialogue, perhaps? The additional editing looked seemingly professional. The two of them combined barely form functional brain cells and have limited technology knowledge. This can only mean one thing... they didn't do the editing. 

So who could be behind that? That would be John Buffam. He has run everything Dog related online for years- website, Facebook, IG, etc. He was an admin for the Hobbit's fan group until we mentioned him the other day. At that point he panicked, put one of his fake accounts as an admin (along with the hobbit's Facebook he runs) and removed himself from the group completely. What are you so scared of, Johnny Boy?!

I'd like to point out that he has been known to harass and threaten people from his fakes. He doesn't do it from his own conveniently. He has many fakes sitting around to do his dirty work. Here is something he sent a follower.

The ironic thing is the porn remark. The hobbit is obsessed with porn. You think that's an insult clearly, but by thinking that you're insulting the person you work for. The person you say is your friend. Do you honestly think it's okay to go around threatening and intimidating people under aliases? You're a pathetic middle-aged man from Canada with too much time on your hands and many asses to kiss.. Even we have difficulty being consistently active due to life... work, friends, family and fun. Do the Chapman's pay you extra to be an asshole or do you do that for free? 

In conclusion, I challenge the hobbit and his MLC to broach the subject of the blackmail, fake wedding and real wedding. They won't by doing so means admitting their marriage was staged. It had nothing to do with love and had everything to do with control. She has exploited the hobbit, love and marriage.

John/Rufus/Mark, whatever you're going by this week- grow some fucking balls, dude. You scurried away like a roach when all we did was casually mention you. Maybe you can create an alias with balls next time. 

Have a good night, all!

Muah! ๐Ÿ˜˜

Wednesday, June 27, 2018


Ya know normally, I leave Leiah off limits unless there is a specific subject matter that her name gets pulled into for whatever reason. In this case I had to make a very large exception because this garbage is getting too old for me to not pop off about.

Am I the only one that thinks this hug looks forced????? It does in my humble opinion. I mean seriously, she is a child not a trained monkey for two supposed adults to pose for pictures with like she is a prop. The Hobbit doing that I get, he was a trained monkey for many years on the show and doesn't know anything different. It is pathetic that two idiots don't seem to fucking get it. I'm going to spell it out for the morons that have custody of this child for the summer.

I really wonder which one is the adult in this picture, the idiot hugging the child or the child. Leiah wants time with her Dad, but she has to deal with the other little girl calling him Daddy. I mean seriously what you call him in the bedroom is one thing, but when you call him Daddy publicly it's disgusting especially when his actual daughter is involved with the situation. Some things are not meant for public consumption and that's one of them. By calling him Daddy when Leiah is involved, it shows you are really jealous of Leiah's relationship with her father. You are trying to show possession of him. This idea that keeps creeping out in just about every post you make shows your insecurities. It shows that you don't feel stable in the relationship and insecure with yourself. In another words dumbass, your relationship isn't solid at all and you don't feel like it's solid LOL.

My biggest issue with this whole series of pictures is the fact that Leiah is being paraded around like a Barbie doll. It was the hobbit himself that said publicly on social media that Leiah is nervous around strangers. Anyone want to hazard a guess as to why? You are putting her face out there everywhere for the world to see and letting it be known that she is the child of someone that was on TV and is now a has-been. By putting her on Social media, you make her visible. PEOPLE WOULDN'T APPROACH HER IF THEY DIDN'T SEE HER FACE MORONS. In another words, just fucking stop with the bullshit delusional parents act because neither one of you know how to be a parent. The Hobbit hasn't had to be an actual parent and well MLC is too delusional to be a real parent. After all she's looking for a house big enough for a room for Leiah and the new baby. Funny, you can't get pregnant if hubby is neutered which he is LOL.

Ciao for now guys.....I have had enough of the indignation of the Leiah pictures for one day, if I missed anything please add it into the comments..

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Social media part one

Hello everyone! I know you don't get to hear from me very much, but you have me today. This isn't the original blog that I wanted to do. I may do that later. I felt like I needed to clear the air on a few things. There seems to be some confusion on who has control of what on Leland's social media and today is the day I answer that question for everyone. This becomes really telling because many of the answers came from the trash of Huntsville herself.

I am going to backtrack a touch to give you guys some history. I don't know if you guys are aware or not that 99% of the time when you see postings on social media on the Hobbit's pages it is not him. He goes on it occasionally but he does not regularly post at all. In the past, he has let his girlfriends/women handle it. If you go back you can see the differences, Lynette and Myk both did a lot of posting on it and really you cannot really tell that it is not Leland until now. Lynette and Myk had both very adult and professional looking posts with NO SPELLING ERRORS. You don't see that now at all.

His pages are supposed to be about him and his work. They are all about her now. Posts about her or pictures of just her really don't belong there. If you are wondering why she does that, it is because she has to feed her need for attention. You guys like and comment those posts and you are feeding her like the narcissist she has always been. Pictures of him and her together at functions for example are acceptable. Her wanna be modeling pictures are not. They do not further his professional life in any way so they do not belong there. Her pictures are only there to feed her addiction to attention. comments and likes are like crack to an addict when it comes to her.

MLC has 100% access to his social media on her phone. She sleeps with his phone even. Yes, it is that sad and fucking pathetic. If you are wondering, that came directly from HER. The MLC doesn't care that she has ruined his career. Remember Beth and her on that live feed? Beth is exactly right. Why do you think John Buffam is helping MLC and the Hobbit? At least then, they have some control over his social media pages which isn't much. Dealing with her is like trying to have a philosophical conversation with a toddler, SHE JUST DOESN'T GET IT AND ISNT GOING TO. It has to be about her for her to even want to try to get it otherwise she simply doesn't care.

This is only part one of this long subject. I am going to give you my suggestion and my suggestion simply. You will never talk to him on his pages and being on hers is like riding a psychotic horse to a burning stable. Stop commenting anything to do with her and she will go nuts. Leave both their pages and she will go nuts. Stop giving the whore her attention and she will snap like a twig. She is already nuts. Her going crazy is like a long walk of a short pier. it doesn't take much. This is what I say though, I dare people to try it. Get off his and her pages or stop talking to them. Find something else better to do for a few days and you will see what I mean

 This is all for right this minute guys...I am going to be discussing Youtube and the Facebook group separately because there is so much to say there by itself.

                      Bye Guys CIAO!

Friday, June 15, 2018

Nowadays men lead lives of noisy desperation.

Someone made an announcement on the Hobbit's IG account!

I say "someone" because it wasn't the hobbit. Anyone who knows him knows that he never does long posts and he has the grammar of a 1st grade dropout. 

This YouTube channel is pure desperation. It isn't a "get to know us" channel, it's an "I need money" channel. Being a freelance bounty hunter married to a file clerk who failed her dispatch exam must not be paying the bills. Those White With Style posts mรนst be as worthless as the person who posts them. That person is the author of the post.

The YouTube channel is about the money. If it was about letting fans get to know them they'd do it on his IG or his public FB that already has a fuck load of followers. 

Imagine how many fans could "get to know them" if they did it there. It's time to be real here. He doesn't want fans to get to know him. He doesn't give a flying fuck about fans. He's after the money. 

I guarantee you that it wasn't his idea. He's like a child who allows other people to control his life, social media and probably parental decisions regarding Leiah. If he gave a fuck about his fans he wouldn't be allowing other people to control his social media, hijack it and block fans. Conveniently mostly fans that are blocked are women under 35 and pretty. If you're older or heavier, have no fear!

I thought we had seen the worst and most pathetic thing done by the hobbit but apparently he had a storage shed hidden. The shit bin he keeps his balls in. You know you've hit rock bottom when you decide it's a great idea to start a YouTube channel to make some spare change. LMFAO 

Until next time, guys..... enjoy your evening. LBCP will be blogging next. I can't guarantee a time but you know her blogs are always awesome so stay tuned! 

Muah! ๐Ÿ˜™

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Who finds this funny???

Hello everyone who is glued to this blog waiting for the next update on the idiocy that the Hobbit's pathetic life has become LOL. Well, this time I am not updating on the Hobbit's pathetic trashy existence. Today, this is an update on Myk and her changed life without the Hobbit. I just find it funny that Nashville is her choice. There are 49 other states to choose from and she's moving to Tennessee..... Nashville Tennessee. The exact city the Hobbit takes all of his girls. I'm sure that's going to be a big turn on for the Hobbit considering he never got over her. Unfortunately for him, the feeling isn't mutual.

Myk's life is better without him. So much better. She got what she always yearned for.... A baby. That's something the Hobbit never could have given her for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, his vasectomy. Then we have the issue of his erectile dysfunction. You can't knock someone up without sperm and you can't eject that sperm with a limp dick. She begged him for a baby for at least a year and he said no. It would help if he had the tools to do it with to start which he does not.

You can't even wave a white flag with that. All you can do is now in your head and admit you're not a man. A man can rise to the occasion whenever the time comes. Basically the Hobbit is a worthless sack of shit with no dick, a man bun and blue balls. He couldn't please a woman if he tried. He lays there like a dead fish and lets the woman do the work anyways. He just doesn't know how to please ANYONE ANYWHERE. It takes having a spine to please someone and all the hobbit is is a whining PUSSY. He's the moron I figured out he was that's for sure.

I'm no psychologist but I'm going to assume this is why he is the way he is. His womanizing tactics are basically him searching and hoping that one day he'll luck out. His choices are bad and still haven't improved. Nothing has changed, but will it ever? Your guess is as good as mine. This would mean that the Hobbit would have to be a man and grow up. He doesn't want to stand up and be a man. He prefers being a crybaby needing his diaper changed. 

It also gives us the answer on why he hooked up with a guy from Craigslist to watch him fuck Myk. He couldn't satisfy her so he wanted to watch someone else do it. As for his porn addiction, I imagine his obsession with it is merely him seeing what a real man's cock can do. Hobbit, they have toys for that. Oh wait..... You already know that because you have a whole collection already.

You are who you are, hobbit. Own it. There's probably money to be made as a spokesman for erectile dysfunction medication and blue balls awareness. Be proud of those little blue pouch potatoes. Of course, he would actually have to use medication to do that, and he doesn't. He just lays their like a dead fish and lets the woman do all the work...

As for Myk's announcement, we're wishing her the best with her move. We never thought she'd leave Hawaii so it's a surprise to us and the fact that it's the Hobbit's favorite getaway spot is fucking hilarious. Maybe she can finally have a good life with a good man who will love her and the baby for who they really are, and not have to deal with someone like the Hobbit that needs serious help.