Sunday, July 29, 2018

MLC and the Internet

Thanks so much for the reaction MLC! I still find it hilarious that she responds to every blog we post.She's an idiot beyond measure. A control freak with no bounds LOL, even though she will deny it to the end of time. She'd still love to find us, but trust me that will NEVER happen. She can't find her ass with a flashlight and road map.

See, here's the thing that no one seems to get. We don't go to any of her social media pages, including the Hobbit's. Admit it MLC, they aren't his anymore. THEY ARE YOURS. You have taken them over to feed your undying need for attention. You have to feed that addiction right? He is on there once in a blue moon but he barely posts and never comments. Anyone with a brain can see that it isn't his anymore. EVERYONE SENDS EVERYTHING TO US MLC BECAUSE THEY HATE YOU!!! She is too stupid to see that. Guess that English major in College didn't learn basic comprehension?

Us talking shit on the internet? Actually, that is her. She is so full of shit her eyes are brown. Every word that she posts is a way to spin anything and everything to make her look good. There is a problem with that though. She doesn't have the relationship with the family that the other exes have had.

Think back guys, you saw loving pictures of Myk with Beth, Lyssa, Cecily, Dakota and even Dog. Where are the ones with the MLC?  If you bring up that one picture with Dog and MLC, try again. Compare it to the fan pictures Dog has taken.They are about the SAME. There are no loving pictures of the rest of the family with MLC because they are tolerating her. The previous blog tells us that. They take turns on social media liking her posts, comments etc trying to make it look civil. The fact is they want her gone. It's why John Buffam was sent in. They have to control the damage her trashy ass does to the brand that is DTBH. She damages it every time she opens her trap to get attention. After all, we don't see anyone else really fighting verbally with fans on social media but her. They seem to get that the fans pay their bills while MLC just doesn't care. She is a succubus. Just another fame seeking vampire, trying to drain the Chapman's of what fame is left which isn't much.

The poor crybaby is trying to say we talk shit. Oh please, she must be looking in the mirror. She thinks of us quite a lot more than we think of her. This is why the post that is shot above appeared and was then deleted. She thinks of us daily if not hourly. Maybe, if she didn't believe her own hype, she wouldn't have all the problems she has...Actually let me correct that, she is her own problem. She needs to get her psychotic ass into therapy and quit making fake profiles to be in the mix of things..After all MLC, it was you that sent us the abuse picture. It was you that talked to us with a fake profile. It was you that stole a picture of a child to make a fake profile to go after someone. It was you that made fake posts on Craigslist about in certain sections that no longer exist. It was you that made a fake profile to go after certain people that you thought was us too.

 If you wonder why she does this, its called insecurity. She's insecure in her own body. This is the reason for the tattoos and her lips look like they were stuck in a pool drain. She's insecure in her own relationships. This is why she has no real friends and tries to sell so hard that she and the Hobbit are happy. If you have to shove it in people's faces, it's not true at all. It's also why she has to try to control everything and everyone around her, and throws a tantrum when she doesn't get her way. She's a 5 year old trying to find her way and can't because she doesn't know how. She's an idiot after all. She doesn't care about anyone else but herself.

Remember when you chatted with me MLC. You only wanted us to stop talking about YOU, not anyone else but you. A true narcissist in every away. Again, I say what I said to her when I spoke to her. Get a straight jacket and some meds ASAP.

Just a note to the MLC, the crap that you don't believe or take notice of on the internet starts with you. Try acting like an adult and maybe it wont be there. Problem is Leiah acts more mature that MLC does...kinda says it right there doesn't it....

 Just another  tidbit...all those screenshots you (MLC) shows people saying we were talking about you predate you.  Please keep proving that you stalking Leland long predates you being with him. Please keep playing the victim because the only place you are a legend is in your own mind!

Bye guys for now...I know Duck has a few things she wants to say. I may come back tonight but I may not depending on Duck....

Ciao for now!

Sunday, July 22, 2018


Good evening everyone! We know we have been slow on posting and we do apologize. We live busy lives and we get caught up in it at times. But one thing you can count on is we'll always be back!

I have been wanting to do another blog like this for a while now. I think the collages speak for themselves. 

It's a shame she'll never imitate pictures like this. She doesn't have time for that fancy book learnin'.

And we all know she'll never be able to imitate pictures like this. 

They say imitation is the highest form of flattery and the MLC clearly spends a lot of time trying to copy her hobbits one true love. I will say that although we don't think Myk was the best influence on the hobbit and his children, at least she didn't have to blackmail him to keep him. She definitely has one up on you!

Have a good night everyone! 

Muah! 😙

And the BS begins

Hello guys! I know you have missed me and my beloved trashy mouth! The level of stupidity has gotten pretty thick as of late so I had to take a break from what I was doing to put the truth out there. The whole family would not know the truth if it bit them on the ass frankly. This is no exception.

As you fans are fully aware of, Dog and Beth are in Colorado at PBUS. Well, at least they were when they did the question and answer in the above screenshots. It was that question that caught our attention for good reason. It really does show what Dog and Beth really think of the MLC being with the Hobbit.

I know we have a ton of long time fans that come read us for the truth. I want you to think back to interviews that Duane Lee, Lyssa and Leland did when the show was going on. They always asked the three of them what did they think of Dog and Beth. The answer they gave was well within reason the exact same answer that gave for the Hobbit and MLC. I don't know about you but I find that extremely telling.

Anyone who knows how this family rolls knows that the kids do not and did not like Beth. They wanted to see their Father happy, no matter how much they hated her. Remember the hobbit is the same one that only came to the cancer special because Dog and Beth paid after none of her kids showed at the hospital. For the record, Lyssa doesn't count in this part of the story. She's going to get a blog by herself at some point

The whole scenario is pretty telling in my opinion. MLC was saying how she was spending time with the whole family when she is going to Hawaii in July blah blah blah. Well, I hope are coming home soon so that they see LOL. I find it funny that the "vacation" was planned for when Dog and Beth would be at PBUS. Coincidence...I think not...

I know you are thinking they don't like her so why tolerate her trash ass. Well, there is a very simple answer and that is the hobbit. See guys, he's not the nice person you see on camera. He is a childish brat looking for attention. You need to think of him like a five year old wanting things his way. Duane Lee walked away from Dog and Beth. Do you think they want another son to walk away? Of course not.

I have heard things that I can't verify but I will tell you. Beth has known Leland has not been happy for a long time. She has said to certain people she just wants him to be happy. It was even said that he needed some professional help. I would agree with that. He married the whore of Huntsville at the lowest point of his life and he is still at the bottom. He married a brat! Anyone with a brain can see that. She meets the definition of a vulnerable sociopath and if you want explanation look it up. It would take a novel to explain that one LOL.

If someone is at the bottom, you don't throw the rope at them and join in. You leave the rope there and allow them to decide to get out. Well unless you are dealing with a piece of trash that has threatened to ruin his career...

Guys...I can't say enough when it comes to the MLC. DO NOT FEED THE TROLL!!!

Bye guys I know this one was rough and rambling but any Dog fan will see my point I hope. Back soon!