Sunday, September 30, 2018

Stupid much?

It seems that stupidity is running wild in Alabama. Well, at least from the Hobbit's trap. Please you dumbass do not talk about things you know nothing about. Funny thing is no one would hear you speak again if you did lmfao.

This is not a racist comment. The hobbit should know that for himself because he looks at a racist every time he takes a look in the mirror. It does not reference Brett Kavanaugh's race, gender, or place of origin. Sorry asshole, not a racist comment. This comment refers to the fact of the accusations being lodged against him by 3 different women. it is actually a reference to his legal rights. Remember legal rights? Don't be that stupid! Quit playing! Oh, we all know the hobbit and his whore are as dumb as rocks. After all, they think his fans don't know a thing right?

We made a conscious decision to limit the amount of politically charged garbage on the blog. it wasn't the message we were trying to put out, until the Hobbit showed his stupidity. Geez hobbit, maybe you need some more of that fancy book learning you hate. Here's the first lesson for you though DONT BE A FUCKING IDIOT.

The Hobbit or his whore for that matter opening their trap about anything dealing with Brett Kavanaugh makes him a fucking hypocrite. This is a man who had a television show handed to him because of his Dad doing what? Oh yeah, going to Mexico and arresting a known serial rapist in Andrew Luster. As far as I am concerned anything derogatory he says about the Kavanaugh proceedings slaps rape survivors in the face everywhere and that does include Luster's victims that your Dad helped. In another words Hobbit, you are dumb as a post and a pussy but don't degrade your Dad's work with your lack of knowledge of the American political system especially since you voted for Trump and his trash.

Oh and for those voting for MLC, don't buy a damned vote. Your votes do not count in the next round. You are wasting your money. You are wasting your time too. She doesn't care about you or anything you do. Vote for the girl in second place and show MLC that you can see what she thinks of you

Bye guys! I'll be back in a few. Au Revoir!


Monday, September 17, 2018

Coat tails

As most of you probably know, the MLC has entered a contest. A contest she has tried for years to win but failed. This time around she's not going for it on her own, she's riding on the Hobbit's coat tail. Her bio should be about her... just like everyone else's is about them. Her husband's name and previous job title on a tv show is relevant to describe herself how exactly? She's an opportunist plain and simple. 

We're advocating for Meagan to win this. Beautiful, humble and genuine. Let's all vote for her and get her to the finish line. Remember that you can vote once every 24hrs.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Some clarification

                                                   Hi guys! Today, I felt like I needed to clarify something that was brought to my attention. It needs to be cleared up today so that people that speak to us can be left alone by the MLC and her hobbit as well as the rest of the trolls who have it all wrong in this case. As usual, people jump to conclusions and get it wrong.

                                                   Duck and I started this blog a long time ago. I will readily admit that. I will also admit that I wasn't here at first. I stayed on Twitter mostly. I didn't consider this the best way to get the message out and yes my mind changed with time. I am here a lot now whenever I get a chance. Unlike the MLC and her trolls, I do have a real life.

                                                     I do not go on the pages of the Hobbit or the MLC at all. I refuse to. I simply won't because they bother me to no end. It bothers me that people blindly follow anyone so fake. They kiss her flat ass like it's nothing. I don't get it. I don't understand why anyone does it. She doesn't care what happens to you and frankly neither does the Hobbit. You are only a paycheck to them to push whatever BS they are doing at the given moment. They are using you to get what they want and it makes me sick.

                                                     If you are wondering what brought about this blog, someone showed me a conversation. I was shown a conversation that she had with one of them that basically said you know who is involved with the blog. Let me put this in words that even the biggest idiot on the planet will get THAT IS A BIG FAT NO. Did you get that MLC and everyone else get that? No one that has talked to us or ever will talk to us knows who we are.  This is done on purpose.

                                                     We knew that people would be looking for us tooth and nail, so the one thing we put into place was utter anonymity when we talk to anyone. I will talk to anyone but if you ask anything identifying I will tell you I cannot answer that. It is for your protection as well as mine. I never wanted anyone blocked or hurt by any of them to find out our identity. If you are saying right now that they wouldn't do that, you are deluding yourself. MLC would just about anything for my name. She's sent in several stooges to try, and failed. Never send in the legally stupid to play games. You don't win that way.

                                                   We want you to come to us and chat. This is why someone I consider a friend gave me the name LB. She doesn't have anything but that name for me. She doesn't know me from anyone else. Please just stop harassing people! There are only 3 people on the PLANET that know who we are and Duck and I are 2 of them. The third well I wonder how many people you will ask before you stop asking LMAO.

                                                    Our voices have a right to be heard, and we will continue to get our message out there no matter what. If you don't like it, don't look or invest in a blindfold because we are not going anyplace. It is just that simple!

                                                    Ciao for now guys!

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

You know what

I am doing this blog on the fly today because frankly I am just fucking pissed off beyond belief. I cannot utterly believe how fucking STUPID some damned people are.

We all know the MLC is sick in the head. Anyone that has a brain in their head can see that! My personal opinion is she is either bipolar or has borderline personality disorder.

Since Zach has nothing better to do but spam comments. Hopefully, google will start sending them to spam soon but until then. I am going to answer his dumb fucking comments. Calling a lesbian a carpet muncher is a slur and yes does make you discriminatory to gays. Sorry MLC has been heard to use slur like that regularly and yes as far as I am concerned makes a person a homophobe and racist. Sorry thems the breaks. It is the way it is end of file. Zach sweetheart that makes her homophobic. I dont care how you interpret it, she is. Maybe she has issues with lesbians? I dont care to be perfectly honest. 

With homophobic slurs coming out of her filty trap, it doesnt matter if he is her best friend. You are supporting her fucked up behavior whether it is her slurs to the nasty messages she would send Lyssa on twitter. For the record, I have seen a message where Lyssa admits that MLC was doing it.

YOU SUPPORT HER FUCKED UP BEHAVIOR! Deal with it. Clearly you are fine with it. 

I'm stopping now before my head explodes because it wont be pretty.

Ciao for now!

Monday, September 10, 2018

guess who Part 2

                    Well well just when you thought that it was safe to get into the deep end, I pop back up. I am so sorry that it has taken me so long to get back to you guys, but I have had some things going on. Between a badly sprained ankle and working doubles to pay the bills, I have been really really busy. I am going to try to better getting here from now on, but no guarantees. Unlike the MLC, I do have a real life that is not rolling half naked in the sand or telling people I am married to Leland Chapman.

                     I know you guys are wondering why that profile is significant and I will get to that as quickly as I can. the profile popped up roughly when the blog opened. it was just stupid and annoying. I just blocked it and moved on because it was a troll in my opinion. We got a lot of those in the beginning and that was what we did blocked and moved on. This profile was a little odd though since it was attached to a profile by the name of Daphne Martin. I wasn't concerned. I just blocked and moved on.

                     One day, I got an email saying I needed to look at the Sunny Summers profile. I was just told to look and I wouldn't be disappointed. Just a tip for everyone, if you send us something we ALWAYS look. I may not see anything but I will always try to chase it down. I looked and I wasn't disappointed. First thing, the person was claiming to be a Chapman insider. Ok, you have my attention. Then, as I checked further, one of the MLc's lingerie modeling shots popped up and then it was the tag on the picture " Jamie is a thing of beauty and grace". I'm sitting here going um no okay. Sounds just like Jamie doesn't it LOL...

                      If there is anyone reading this that talks to Myk and or Lyssa, this is where they were brought into this. There was a tweet on that page about Myk and Lyssa that was extremely explicit. If I need to say anything more, you live under a rock. I saw it and to be honest I as beyond not happy. First of all, it didn't belong on Twitter and wreaked of desperation for attention. Secondly, even if it did or did not happen it was between Myk and Lyssa and was NO ONE ELSES BUSINESS. I attacked that page and reported it to Twitter until the post was taken down. It was no ones business and frankly it was clear that the person was homophobic by the way it sounded. Hmmmm, wonder who that sounds like HMMM. Oh, I's the MLC and her open trap...I have already heard about the slurs she has called Lyssa. Before anyone asks, I do not have a shot of the removed tweet and if I did it would not be posted. As far as I am concerned, some things are not meant to be posted and that's one of them

                       Now, I know you guys have said things about the name spelling. At one point, there were posts of the correct spelling of her name on there, which would make it appear that there were 2 people on the profile. I have also confirmed with 3 different people that the MLC was behind that profile.

                        The other thing that I find significant is that last tweet that was made. The date is significant. It was the day before she went on her honeymoon in Hawaii. It hasn't been tweeted from since then. Funny, the MLC has what she obsessed over for years and she doesn't need a profile to stalk him and harass us GO FIGURE!

                         I have to admit even if she opened the profile or any profile, I'm not worried about it lol. She is nothing but a troll who thinks she has something worth a damn, Sorry sweetheart, he's not even worth a damn. She is a washed up FORMER model per him and you can't see her work anywhere she hasn't paid for or used his name to get votes for. In another words, she isn't special.

                         On an off topic side note, what is she a bonus mom of when she doesn't publicly mention Leiah's birthday on his or her profile. Oh yeah, she's the bonus mom of NOTHING. the only place MLC is a bonus mom is in her own mind.

                          Bye for now guys! I will try to do better and get on here