Friday, November 30, 2018

Prayers needed

Beth had to have emergency surgery for her throat cancer, according to Radar Online:

Guys, we don't like the Chapman family but when it's appropriate we need to do the right thing and pray for a speedy recovery and strength for this family to supptime of need. 

God please bless Beth and her family!


Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Inked cover girl contest

Women from all over are competing for the opportunity to be on the cover of Inked Magazine. These women are wholehearted, hard working and deserving ladies. The contest has rules. A code of conduct. And the MLC violated every one.


The MLC was bumped out of first place. Instead of showing integrity, her and her cronies began to stalk the contestant, Brandy, and started a vicious smear campaign. They even went after someone else. 

"I wish they just had rules and standards" LMFAO get the fuck outta here!!!!!! MLC wouldn't know standards if it embedded into her asshole. 

As luck would have it, the MLC lost to one of the women she was attacking and it was glorious! Karma rocks.

The MLC tried to fake a good, mature attitude but she's been petty as fuck. So let's discuss. 

"Dignity". That's in the same genre as "noble" and "honorable". She's none of those things. For the record, it's obvious your "WITH MY DIGNITY INTACT" rhetoric is a dig at the contestants. The fact of the matter is that by putting down Brandy you're putting down yourself. Her pictures are no different than yours and it doesn't matter if she's a 'cam girl' because you offer to pose nude yourself. 

So what makes you better than her or anyone participating in the contest? Spoiler alert- it doesn't. This is the standard you uphold for coworkers, fans and family:

So dignified, huh? You say "follow your dreams" amd you're living proof. You stalked your way to the hobbit. This is so classy:

"That thing". Let that sink in. John Buffam referred to a person as a "thing" simply because she won that round and the MLC was eliminated. Get it together, Petty Betty. It's hilarious that the MLC is talking about going by the popular vote only because she knows her roll. She won't admit it but she knows she isn't shit without the hobbit and what fans he has left. There's a reason why she mostly posted on the Hobbit's social media trying to score votes.

The devoted followers mentioned are devoted hobbit followers, not hers. If buying votes is such bullshit, why was the MLC pushing for paid votes herself? The paid votes were also going to charity. Are you against charity now too? 

Seems like it wasn't bullshit until the MLC was knocked out of the running. LOL. And for the record, they don't know if Brandy won by buying last minute votes. Nobody does. But the MLC is going to keep talking shit because she's butthurt. So butthurt she's still stalking Brandy and reporting her IG. Is that what she meant by "dignity"? 🤔🤣

Let's explore those "devoted followers, shall we?

Brandy has more followers than the hobbit and the MLC combined. Seems like the one with the devoted followers is Brandy! Something else the MLC has probably not taken into consideration is the fact that all of the people she mass blocked from their accounts for no reason could have made the difference between first and second place. LOL. 

She says she feels like a billion dollars so the billion dollar question is... "how'd that loss taste?" I assume bitter with a pinch of salty but nobody knows exactly except for her. 

So... enlighten us MLC. I mean, you were doing something you knew was wrong and it wasn't going to be pushed under the rug forever. You may have gotten away with it at first but the day came when you had to pay the piper. You could ask for forgiveness but when you do something with intent knowing it's wrong over and over, don't ever think you walk away scot-free. Nothing ever works out that way. It's different when you make an innocent mistake and learn from it and do better. Yet this isn't that situation. So whatever fantasy you were living in, I hope it gives you eternal life because when the time comes don't be shocked to have to pay up! You reap what you sow, right?! 

How's it taste? It looks like it tastes like shit and it definitely stinks. Smells like disappointment, resentment and a nasty yeast infection. Yep, definitely your life in a nutshell. There's a saying about karma and it goes something like "karma has no menu, you get what you deserve" and you got everything you deserved here. Technically speaking you deserved much more but we're still satisfied with what you got served this time. We thoroughly enjoyed watching you eat it too!

Have a fantastic day, everyone! Life is definitely great from our perspective!

Muah! 😙

Saturday, November 10, 2018

For those of you asking

Just when you thought I could keep my damned mouth shut...Eh, that will never ever happen. I always have something to say no matter the situation. Hi guys, it's been a bit since you heard from me but since I found this little treasure and had to share the wealth! This is for EVERYONE asking the MLC for a wedding picture! Here it is! Not an actual wedding picture of course because the wedding revolved around lies. What picture would they use? The fake date or real one?

She is without a doubt happy in her dirty black tshirt that she still wears frequently. You would be ecstatically happy too if you had finally gotten the prey you had been obsessed with for years right...After all, the MLC told SEVERAL PEOPLE that he needed to come home and marry me or else...It utterly amazes me that the galactically idiotic run their trap to so many people...This is no exception!!

His face to me really tells the tale now. In my opinion, that is not a happy face at all. It is NOTHING compared to hers...

You can tell that this wedding wasn't thought out either. I mean seriously t-shirts? Leiah took this picture. Weddings normally share love with the rest of the world, NOT KEEP IT SECRET. Real love isn't a dirty secret you hide. You should want to share it with family and friends not hide it from the world after lying for about a month before that you were already married. 

I am just going to leave this here for the world to see. Maybe "fans" will stop asking her for a wedding picture because the MLC will never post a real one. They are expecting the pretty white dress and everything else. Well, maybe a different color because MLC can't wear white lmao. If you want to see REAL WEDDING PICS, look at the blog below and Lynette and Jason's..They clearly show what real love is...

Bye guys, I am going to try to get back on today and give you 2.


Thursday, November 1, 2018


We would like to offer our heartfelt congratulations to Lynette and Jason. They are now married! 

When you look at these pictures what do you notice, other than how beautiful the bride is? HER MINI BRIDE. Jason and Lynette included Leiah and made her as involved and important as the bride and groom. That's how it should be! 

Lynette and Jason always make Leiah the center of their worlds. She's their priority even when she's not with them. Can you guess who doesn't do that? Her dad and "bonus mom". She's nonexistent in their lives except for the few weeks a year she's with them. They don't even mention her.

There's a difference between fathering a child and parenting a child. Lynette and Jason are her parents imo because actions speak louder than sperm. Jason is the epitome of what a step parent should be. It's a shame the MLC and hobbit aren't the same way. Again, congratulations to the happy couple! We wish you a lifetime of joy and happiness! 

Have a fantastic evening everyone! 

Muah! 😚