Monday, December 31, 2018

D.A.R.E. to keep kids off drugs

The hobbit needs to spend more time with his youngest son. He needs to pay more attention to him. Cobie posted this on his personal IG page-

I guess Dog's anti drug stance he pushed on DTBH doesn't apply to his grandson. Why is Cobie turning to drugs in the first place? Will the hobbit and his MLC care enough to find out, or will they continue to be completely self involved? The ball is in your court, hobbit.

Have a great afternoon, everyone! 

Muah! 😙

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Dog being sued

There are no words necessary. This speaks for itself. 

Dog Chapman Sued Over Portlock House Payments

Muah! 😙

It's all about me!

We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones! 

It's no secret that cancer sucks and that Beth has been dealt an unfair hand of cards. What we have noticed the most is the outpour of love and support she has gotten from friends, family and fans. Here is a few-

You see that and it's like... wow. People really
do care. Then you see a post like this and the words that come to mind are "WTF".

Everyone else is focused on Beth. However the MLC is only concerned about HERSELF as usual. She could have gone on the Hobbit's page to post a picture of them together or her, along with an uplifting and loving post about BETH but she didn't. She posted a modeling picture of HERSELF and wrote that long ass post all about how great she is. There's a word for people who try to act genuine (horribly btw) while putting themselves on a pedestal. It's called narcissism. The MLC is pathetic and selfish. She's not in denial about it either. She knows she's a piece of shit for that post, hence why she deleted it. LMFAO 

Additionally, there's something we'd like to clear up. There has been a couple of MLC cronies who have asked us to stop blogging because Beth is so sick. We have been and will continue to be respectful towards Beth during this time. We will NEVER stop blogging either. We might get caught up in life with friends, family and work. We may have times when we don't blog but the one thing you can always count on is that we will ALWAYS be back. ALWAYS. 

Muah! 😙