Monday, April 29, 2019

The sound of silence

After our blog "for the record" was posted the MLC attempted to be witty and think. She tripped and hurt herself trying both as usual.

Does she not grasp the fact that silence means saying nothing? Announcing that you're saying nothing about whatever has her panties in a twist isn't silence. Additionally, having her bootlickers spamming us running their mouths isn't silence either. That's sending in said bootlickers to fight her battles because she has never been able to do anything on her own. There's a word to describe all of these things. A word that captures the entire essence of the MLC. Butthurt. 

Muah! 😘

Saturday, April 27, 2019


Hello guys! I know you have been watching the crap spewing from the mouth of the MLC. It's quite comical. She is lying her ass off and she knows she is. I sometimes think she forgets that people actually have some intelligence and can smell a lie like a fart in a car. Come on MLC we aren't stupid! Anytime you come on and say it is a lie we know you are lying your ass off!

She's going around today they aren't having issues, Someone else commented that the rumor is funny that he unfollowed her. I sometimes wonder if maybe I'm not understanding things or going blind or just lost my damned mind because something magical happened. The Hobbit and all his lack of intelligence refollowed the MLC on Instagram this past Thursday. See screenshot of the refollow below! Yet she thinks people can't see that! Hmmm

Oh MLC when you put out a lovey dovey BS picture, you may want to use a current one. The one above is from the trip to Arizona.
Ciao Bella!

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Attention whore

Hi guys! I really have to apologize we have been having technical issues that have slowed us down. Right now, I am without a laptop. Yet again, it is on its way to Dell for yet another repair SMFH. I am of the opinion they can kiss my ass frankly, but that is enough of that. In the meantime, Duck will be posting what I email to her lol. Again a pain in the ass lol

There has been a boatload of BS flying around and it starts with the MLC and her constant need for attention. Is anyone that insecure in their lives that they have to get on Instagram and beg for attention? Yes, she is. Is anyone that insecure that she would spam her Instagram feed so that a blog that she utterly despised will wake up and pay her attention? Yes, she is. Is anyone so utterly immature that they measure their worth by the number of likes they get on Instagram? Yes, she is. She is so bad that she has to pimp out the dog for likes. Is anyone so insecure in their relationships that they have to be up their spouses ass 24/7 and have to know what he or she is doing at all times? Yes, she is.

It gets to the point that when you have to post half nude pictures on your and your husband’s Instagram in the hopes of being noticed that you wonder how can you degrade yourself to just reinforce your own self worth. Frankly, the MLC will do almost anything for the attention to feed her lack of self esteem and worth. She just doesn’t care anymore. She’s a freaking narcissist in any sense of the word.

FYI MLC since I know you are glued to my ass trying to figure out who I am, here’s a tip you need to hear. There are hundreds if not 1000s of Instagram models looking for their break there. Ever wonder how many actually got one shot for pimping out their pics? I’ll tell you because I looked it up. It’s 3, a whole whopping 3. 3 models out of thousands were discovered on Instagram. What does that tell ya? Hell will probably freeze before MLC gets that shot! She will keep degrading herself just to get that fix.

Hobbit made the recent post above. Attention is the root of all evil when it comes to the MLC. You feed someone with that ego the attention they feel they deserve and it’s a recipe for disaster. The MLC has only has one priority... herself. She wants what she wants and doesn't care who she has to step on or smear to get it. That includes her own husband, who has become so submissive to her that he doesn't care what she takes away from him. 

Respect. That's a word that's nowhere to be found in her life. She has no respect for anyone or herself and she's ridiculously shameless about it. Think about it. Shell goes on his Instagram and posts photos of herself with captions talking about how great she is. 

"LOOK AT ME. I'm so hot, perfect, amazing, smart, caring, wholesome, incredible and the best person who has ever existed in all eternity."

LMAO. Everything she pretends to be is what she knows she's not. She's 100% aware of her endless shortcomings. Nobody is going to talk about how great she is so she has to pump herself up. MLC isn0 't an educated person but she's a calculated one. Every single move she makes has been thoroughly thought out and planned. Everyone can see right through her, with the exception of a few bootlickers.


Tuesday, April 23, 2019

For the record

Some people have apparently thought it would be funny to start a rumor that Beth died.

It's quite frankly disgusting. We don't like the Chapman's but would still never do this. Death isn't a joke and the ones who started this hoax are pathetic. 

Beth is still very much alive.

On a side note- we know we have been seriously lagging behind on blogging. We just get so busy and keep having the intention of blogging but it slips our mind. The MLC has been pretty cocky lately and obviously wants some attention. We're happy to oblige.

More to come, we pinky promise! 

Muah! 😘