Sunday, May 26, 2019

How to contact us

Hi guys!  I hope everyone is having a great holiday weekend. We haven't done a post like this in a bit, so I figured it would be a good idea to do it since we have come back to a more regular posting schedule. Occasionally, we get things through on comments that we would like to discuss further with the commenter.

Color Me Happy if you are out there and see this. Please email us. We will cover your identity and I can assure you, we will never use anything you tell us without your permission. We would love to hear from you. You will only talk to me. They call me LB or some have even called me Charley. I can promise you and anyone you know our protection.

Anyone who has any information about Dog Beth and the rest of them including the Hobbit and his MLC can email me at You can also email I do have access to that email and check it frequently.

If you have screenshots, we would love to see them. We do require proof if you have it. We go by what Tom Cruise says in A Few Good Men...It doesn't matter what I know. It matters what I can prove...  If you have nasty messages from any of them, please send them. If you would like us to post them, any identifying information will be removed... oh and MLC keep your fake ass outta there. I know about you talking to me with your fake ass email account. It's quite pathetic that you are so obsessed that you have to come talk to me. I mean you have been stalking us for 5 years LOL. Really, that type of behavior is straight from the trash...

I do have one question for our fans. I may be willing to bring back the anonymous messaging app if there was interest to talk to me directly. Lemme know in the comments if you guys would like that.

Oh one other thing...since certain people like to leave threats on our comments I have a few words for you. Kiss my ass and LOOK UP TOR BROWSER. Even the MLC is aware of that one lol.

Ciao guys! I will be back later with the drama that interrupted the other drama lol.

                Stay classy


Saturday, May 25, 2019

Like father like son

The hobbit has always been a cheater. Always. Turns out that his son inherited that trait. Dakota posts a lot about his girl Cheryl. He says she's "the love of his life" and if that's the case why was he texting his ex last month wanting to get together and have sex?


It astounds me when men cheat or try to cheat on good women. The hobbit has done it over and over again to ex's. Even the MLC doesn't deserve that. Cheryl might be happy to know that this woman said no. She took the moral high ground. 

He doesn't seem to have even a little bit of shame. He floods his social media with loving posts about Cheryl and their son knowing his own actions. You never intentionally hurt someone you say you love and he seems to be perfectly fine with it just like his dad. The apple didn't fall far from the tree.

The photos were edited to block Dakota's phone number for privacy reasons. If Cheryl wants to see the unedited pictures we would be happy to send them to her.

Muah! 😚

Sunday, May 19, 2019

More Drama!

Hypocrisy is running wild on the Internet these days. It seems to be especially think over with the MLC isn't it. Hi guys! Guess who has her laptop back LOLOL!! I've been tooling around trying to get my bearings and this was sent to us by multiple people. They were laughing at good old Granny MLC trying to impart her words of wisdom that she never follows!

Come on guys, we all have seen her song and dance on Instagram both hers and his. She spreads her BS like a farmer spreading manure. She hopes her insecurities will improve with the validation of her fans! Just like the shot I posted above, she's full of bullshit. I mean seriously how many times has the crybaby thrown a fit about us or anyone who has spoken out against her?

Just like right now, MLC is ranting raving and screaming over the beef going on that started wuth Ginger's Family Bonding in Centerville Tennessee and has continued further with postings from different people. We will be covering all of this in the next few days because frankly we get to the point that we think that it's calmed down to the point that we can cover it and it blows up again. Pardon us because it is enough to go over several blogs for several days. It is an awful lot and the MLC who thinks she is doing something good by defending her "Family" makes it worse by blowing up the internet with her ranting raving and yes lots of cursing.

Here's a pro tip for the family as well as the ranting raving MLC. There is a show coming on WGN at some point. There seems to be no clear answer on when its coming out. Allegedly, the show may be being financed on money from The Chapman's directly. YOU DO NOT WANT TO PISS OFF FANS OR THE NETWORK! If you don't think that the ranting and raving turns off fans, you are as delusional as we all see that you are. You are supposed to make a good impression to win fans over, not scream and yell to run them off. Why would ANYONE want to see the childish drama play out even though we all know the show is totally scripted and producers pick the skips.

Oh and MLC, we already have the screenshots so please dont bother deleting. You would be wasting your time!

It feels great to be back home guys! I'm feeling really rowdy! Back in a few