Sunday, July 21, 2019

Help Bonnie ASAP

Hi guys! This wasn't the blog I was planning but it fell in my lap and it is clear she is in need of some deserved attention. I think we can help with this one. Well, at least I hope so.

Bonnie is trying to get herself verified by Instagram, but they keep shooting her down. She needs to be well searched on Instagram for starters. I don't have much control over that one because I can't see Instagram's logistics but searching her cannot hurt. Several have said you need a minimum of 100,000 followers to be verified. Bonnie does not quite have that on her Instagram. She is at 95.6k followers there.

I am asking anyone who is reading this and has Instagram to follow her and show Bonnie some love. Let's get her that 100,000 followers for starters. Also, email and tweet Instagram and let them know that they need to verify @Bonniejoc because she is trying to protect you guys from scams. Hopefully, this will help get her verified!!!

Remember guys to help Bonnie follow @ BonnieJoc on Instagram. You can follow us on Instagram on @UnofficialDogNews too!

Thanks for listening guys! I'll be back soon with what I had planned. I may come back faster if you guys can get Bonnie to 100k. Just remember we love ya

                With love



Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Thank you!

I have to admit guys that there are very few times that I am short on words. This is one of those rare cases. I have been stunned by the utter outpouring of love I have seen with Beth's passing. It was quite amazing to be honest. She attacked life with a ferocity and did things her way until the end. She will sorely be missed by her family and friends.

I also want to thank the Dog Fans who are now reading us due to this and the several that did defend us when we defended Beth from a few idiots. I do see you, and ya know it's okay. We want to see the good in our heroes, but we really want to know as much as we can. It's cool that you read us and we are glad to have you. You may not like what we have to say sometimes, but we may be saying what you are actually thinking. I found this out by the emails, facebook messages and Instagram messages we have been receiving

That being said, Duck and I have talked and we are going to be making some changes. We have decided to make this blog a little more broader in message. In another words, we won't be trashing everyone all the time. If The Chapmans do something positive, it will be posted and discussed. We will do the same thing of they do something negative. Also, if they are lying, we will call that out too just like we always have with proof. We just want all of you to see the real story, not the cotton candy make believe you are being spoonfed.

I also want to let you all know that you can talk to me. I (LB) run the Instagram page @UnofficialDognews . You can talk to me there on private message. I do that quite a lot throughout the day. You can say thank you but I will not take abuse. I also post previews of things not on the blog yet there. You can get that preview and know before The same thing goes for our Facebook page. I do talk to people through there too. I would make one suggestion though, don't send a message then immediately block me. A girl did that and I was going to send her a tidbit that wasn't on the blog yet. You can even send us information that way..

We do appreciate all of you guys and I promise you will see the blog going to the newer format ASAP. You will see it shortly I promise ya. You may see more of my opinions on what I'm seeing. I want you all to think for yourself and you can only do that by seeing the entire story.

Again guys, thank you for the support and love. It is greatly appreciated here and we want to hear it. Just hit us up!

             Bye guys! Watch for the update!


Sunday, July 14, 2019

My condolences

Hi guys! I know you were probably expecting me to screech, yell, jump up and down and throw things about some of the utter garbage that has gone on. I will cover Jamie overstepping her bounds and attempting to put herself into Beth's position. She is also trying to narrate the story that she is a huge member of the family that is only real in her head. Right now, she isn't worth the attention she is getting. She deserves nothing because that is exactly what she is nothing. She's one of those rare idiots that doesn't get the idea that sometimes it isn't about you no matter how hard you try to make it that.

Today, is about about the Big Man in the screenshot above and with the words of that one tweet his world changed forever. He lost his other half. We all hope for a love like that. We want that person that gives us the reason to breathe and be there in the moment. We want that person that we love as much as we hope to love ourselves and yet his Beth is gone.

A great love changes you. You look at everything differently and leaves its mark in the places we don't discuss with anyone but ourselves. You are with the one person that sees you for you, and doesn't care about the damaged parts of you. They just want you for you and take away that pain. Beth did that for Duane and that's gone now. As he has said in interviews, she still comes to him and leaves her message. This doesn't surprise me at all. Two souls meant to be together always will find each other, no matter what.

I haven't said much about the memorial itself, because honestly I didn't watch. I just couldn't. Memorials like that are not about the person that is gone but the family and friends so that the world does not forget them. The problem is you can never forget Beth. She was a lioness protecting her children no matter what, and when she was healthy put you in your place. I can say she would not like some of the things I've seen go on so far.

Illness may have taken her energy and her life, but the thoughts she had before never change. You surrender your will to an illness like cancer in the hope of more precious time. You pick your battles and hope and pray to live to fight another, and sometimes you fight against the world around you when you can take no more. It kills your body, but not your mind making you more insane because it takes away your own freedom.

She has her freedom back now on the other side. Her pain and suffering has stopped, but she is still here. You can still hear her voice and see her on Youtube but she left her own mark on all of us. She spoke her truth like a hurricane coming through, and changed everyone she touched. She left this world the same way she always and she would want us to keep going like only she could, taking out everything wrong in our path.

I am sending my condolences to Duane through this blog. I hope that you do find some peace in this difficult time and that the good times will give you comfort. You deserve peace and comfort in this trying time and with time things do get better...

Guys, at this time I am trying to be respectful and appropriate to Beth's passing. I am not going to be like certain people and use it to make myself look better or to look like I am something I most definitely not. I am human and I do know what it's like to lose someone that close to me. no one deserves to have to deal with fools trying to improve their lot in life. The blog will go back to it's usual format and trust me you will know when it happens

Rest in Power Beth over us all in the way you only knew



Saturday, July 13, 2019


To those unable to attend the Colorado services for Beth there is a live stream on this website-

Again, we will resume regular blogging soon.

Muah! 😚

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Leland and Jamie

Ok guys...I was trying to hold this one off because I wanted nice things to be said before we started slamming those who really need it. We are human and humane. The entire family is hurting, yet there is a lot of question about Leland and Jamie.  I am going to answer it in this very simple blog.

No, neither Jamie nor Leland went to Beth's memorial service in Hawaii. The reason I am being told is that Leland is broke and no one bought his ass a ticket to be there. I find this funny for 2 reasons. First of all, I'm sorry I don't care what it takes ,you act like an adult and figure out how to get there. He doesn't know how to be an adult though. If you look at all the posts that Cobie, Cecily, Bonnie and the rest of the family have posted neither Jamie nor Leland are tagged in it at all. They aren't being included. The only things that Jamie and Leland are posting are things available to her on the Dog The Bounty Hunter Support pages. They are putting no thought or emotion into it. Even the memorial post that Jamie did  after Beth passed seemed phony and inauthentic. She's more worried about pimping herself out on websites than mourning a part of the family. She is posting extremely inappropriate photos on her pages while the rest of the family is still mourning Beth. What is Jamie doing? She posts comments on pages and gets no response too. It is clear when you look at Jamie and Leland's pages that the mourning is probably over.

I hope that the 2 of them decide to act like adults and go to the Colorado services but I am not holding out hope on that. She is way too busy setting up house and trying to look like she is an interior designer. She doesn't need to quit her day job lol. It's really not surprising since Jamie is using Beth's death to push her own narrative of their relationship and to get more likes on Instagram. Guess what, Beth didn't like her at all and I will discuss this in a more appropriate time. This is not time to stone anyone. The rest of the family needs time to mourn the loss of their Matriarch.

I actually want to apologize for having to do this blog, but I really have no choice in the matter. The whole situation disgusts me. Oh and Jamie, before you start crying and whining like the crybaby bitch that you are remember I don't say something I can't back up....Try being an adult...oh wait you aren't one yet

Bye guys...again I'm sorry I had to write this and don't worry it won't be long before they will be the Hobbit and MLC again.

                             With love


Friday, July 5, 2019

The bond nothing can break

In the sea of tributes for Beth a face from the past popped up.

The Hobbit's ex girlfriend Myk had a close bond with the Chapman's. She went on frequent trips with the family and went shopping with them. Her bond with Beth lasted beyond her relationship with the hobbit. They shared this touching moment after the birth of Myk's daughter. 

To be fair, we shared opinions about the kind of parent we thought Myk would be a long time ago. They weren't good ones. Admitting we're wrong is something we've never been afraid to do and she has surpassed everything we thought she'd be. As for Beth wishing Alexis was her granddaughter, I'm sure that's something that still touches Myk and I'm sure she'll treasure it for the rest of her life.

Muah! 😚

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Beth and Lyssa

Hello guys! I hope everyone is doing better. Beth has been gone about a week and it's just going to take time before it gets better. Just remember, that the ones that we love are never gone as long as we keep on loving them. They are always there in our hearts and minds. They leave their marks on our soul and it is something that we never ever lose.

I wanted to point out the screenshot I have posted above because there seems to be some thought still about the feud between Lyssa and Beth and that Lyssa was still in the wrong. Beth has passed, so just let it go. They clearly made their peace. In the first statement Dog made after she passed, Lyssa said herself she had been there all week taking care of Mom. She called Beth Mom in the end. I just ask for people to peaceful at this time. It hasn't been that long since she left this world, so be respectful to each other.

Just remember be truthful to yourself and each other and hug your loved ones a little tighter.

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Abundance of love

We have stepped away from most of our typical blogs out of respect for Beth due to her death. We will resume soon. One thing I noticed was that fans, friends and family around the world have been showing an outpouring of love for this woman. Here's just a few.

The entire family has posted at least one tribute. Here is one we find to be special because Beth and BL settled their differences before her death. Something to I'm sure BL is grateful for. 

Someone else shared condolences. Someone special. Remember Brittney Boesch? She appeared in an episode of On The Hunt. She had chemistry with the hobbit. A lot of chemistry. Beth loved her and she's tall, leggy and gorgeous. She made a touching post about Beth.

We have had our differences with Beth. Some pretty big ones. That doesn't change the fact that she clearly touched a lot of people. Our opinion about her didn't mean we wanted anything to happen to her. Some may not believe it but we were actually saddened by the news of her passing. 

Another blog is going up today.

Muah! 😚