Sunday, September 8, 2019

Our Social Media

Since in the previous blog someone asked about our Instagram page and I couldn't figure out how to get the reply to work, I figured this would be a better idea. We have a number of ways you can keep up with us and even send in tips or screenshots.

We are on Instagram at UnofficialDogNews. There is another Instagram of the same name though. The easiest way to tell the difference is that ours is a private page and the 2nd one on the list. I (LB) run the Instagram. I will talk to you on private messages. Unlike some people, I am not hard to deal with. However, since MLC has sent in trolls to look at the page, I am careful who I add to it. If you think you will have any issues, message me first. I will talk to you and I promise I won't bite. Let me put it this way, I had a fool I did not add and I messaged them saying I wasn't going to and why. Well, they gave themselves away LMAO.

Our Twitter accounts that are most frequently used right now are @dogunofficial and @LBCmanhoParody. You are more than welcome to add us their. You can also search Unofficial Dog News on Facebook. We post links when new blogs go out on each of those pages.

Finally, if you want to send us information or a screenshot you can email us at or Any information you send us will never be used without your name or any identifying information. We will protect you no matter what.

 If you see anything or want to talk, just send a message and we will happily answer!!!

Bye guys! Talk to you in a few!


Hello! Hello! Hello!

Don't you have to have a crown to actually remove to do this LMAO??? Hello everyone! I have to admit I am sick and tired of the total BS that is being spewed! It has gotten so high that we all need waders to get through the muck and that still may not be high enough. Lies seem to be the stock thing still for the Hobbit and his whore as well as doing anything possible to get attention. After all, why do you think she posted the above screenshot.

Dog and Beth are getting the attention that they truly deserve. It is THEIR show! The hobbit doesn't matter. He doesn't have the skills that his Dad has. He couldn't find his ass with both hands, a roadmap and a flashlight. We all know he's kind of out of commission right now with his leg. He may redeem himself but I seriously doubt it. He's got more issues than the Trump White House and that says a lot. His biggest one is his whore...

We all know the MLC is one of his biggest problems with her attacking fans, ruining his social media and generally lying her ass off. You haven't got much of the MLC so you may want to knock that off. Beth did not like her. We all know that. Beth wanted peace because she was dying and knew it. We make lousy decisions when we know the end is near... A little bird has told me the MLC knows what I've got. You can push your Mothers Day card and your loving messages but we all know it's crap, and that I can prove. If you have been on our Instagram page, the proof is there. I will be posting it here shortly LOL.

I have gotten numerous emails from people fed up about the characterizing of MLC being a Beth replacement. MLC is not nor ever will be a replacement for Beth. She doesn't look like her. She doesn't have the intelligence or skills that Beth had. After all, I never saw Beth creating fake pages to catch Dog cheating, but MLC has lmao...MLC is a brat trying to replace Beth and anyone suggesting that she would be a replacement is speaking inappropriately. Beth has not been gone that long and to suggest a brat who looks like she's been scribbled on with sharpies needs to have their head examined.

Please don't like her pictures of her and the Hobbit on Instagram. She's just trying to be the attention vampire that she has always been. It's funny. I believe she has said she had 2 scenes in the new show, and she is trying to push to be at the head of the line. This is for Dog and Beth MLC. You trying to get attention is distasteful no matter how many times you #ThisoneForBeth Sorry brat, that means its NOT FOR YOU.

Ok guys, I'm done for now. Please quit feeding the troll. If her ego gets any bigger, her narcisstic ass won't fit out a door. Oh and MLC one more tiny thing. Several fans have said MLC needs to get up from the table and actually do something about her weight. As I said on Instagram, he has a good excuse, she does not. Every time you see the elderly pics she's posting know that's why.

Out for now guys!